Cuckoldry, Spirituality, Family Ch. 06

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Four months and ten days, had said Abida.

It has been a very busy period of time for the three of us. Of course, my work as CEO kept me quite active. Apart from that, Master Faisal had asked me to help Abida with her preparations for the wedding as such and the banquet that was to follow. This was to be an “intimate” wedding, the number of guests being limited to Master Faisal’s family members and the imam. However, Faisal, after a few days of thinking, thought that it would be a good idea to invite the other vice presidents of my company along with their spouses. The two of us discussed the idea. His goal was to mark His superiority over me as the Master and owner of my ex-wife. I had some difficulties with that at first and asked to have some time to think the situation over. Again, I lived an ordeal of ambiguity and self- interrogation. In fact, the question was: was my submissive nature strong enough to outweigh the humiliation that my surrendering would imply in front of the vice presidents and would my professional authority be put at risk? After further discussions with Master Faisal and Abida, I finally agreed to His suggestion. That would be an opportunity for me to show my true nature to my colleagues, who would probably consider me as a genuine gentleman and an open-minded and progressive man.

Of course, I also had to make all the arrangements with my lawyer for a consensual out-of-court divorce. Abida wanted this to be settled as soon as possible, as all she was thinking of was to become Master Faisal’s wife.

The paperwork was indeed dealt with very diligently. Indeed, my wife and I signed the official divorce document only two weeks after she had told me about her decision. It was an easy job for my lawyer. Abida was to retain half of my assets, including the real property and all my financial holdings such as shares in the company, bonds, etc. Furthermore, despite the fact that we were now co-owners of the house, she and Master Faisal were granted the full use of the premises as if they were the only owners, and I officially assigned the Cadillac Escalade to them. For my part, I retained the ownership of the CL-class Mercedez and the right to keep living in the house. Those arrangements were satisfactory to the three of us.

Despite the turmoil, I had time to sit back and review my married life with Abida, as well as our journey into the cuckold lifestyle and her love for Faisal. I couldn’t even remember the last time that we had a complete sexual intercourse. We still loved each other but in a completely different way compared to our first years together. Our relationship was one of friendship, tenderness and mutual respect. And Master Faisal, bright as He was, maintained this relationship, always demonstrating respect, either at work or in our very special personal relations.

At the time being, I was forced to realize that we were at a turning point, and that there would be no coming back. I realized that I had lost Beth as a wife, recognizing that it was for the most part due to my inability to fulfill her sexual desires. Not only had she found a young Man who was able to satisfy her but she had felt in love with Him. All this made me discover my true submissive nature and that I drew pleasure from being cuckolded and made to submit to Abida and her Lover. What were merely fantasies at first now was a genuine desire to serve, being heightened by the sexual pleasure that this was giving me. My life – and certainly Abida’s – had changed forever. Thus, after thorough thinking, I decided to do everything to be kept by the spouses-to-be as their subservient life partner. I would find out soon that my submissive role would cover all aspects of my life: financial, sexual and ordinary daily life.

Time went by too fast for my taste; for Abida, on the contrary, it was like decades. With the help of one of her future sisters in law, she had finally picked a very modest and totally “orthodox” (Abida being now deeply involved in her Islamic faith) white wedding gown in a specialized Eastern bridal shop, to which was fitted an eight-feet train and a niqab [a veil which covers the entire face]. The veil’s purpose was to emphasize that the bride’s face was to be seen first and only by her groom – who would lift it to exchange kisses – and the imam leading the ceremony. According to the Islamic ways, after the ceremony, Abida would wear, at the wedding party, another white wedding gown then showing her face to everyone, without a niqab. The two women also bought a great quantity of jewels and accessories, including a beautiful pair of thong sandals adorned with high-quality rhinestones. Of course, I gladly, and excitedly, paid the bills. My reward for that was tender kisses on the cheeks from both of the two very excited ladies.

Two days before the big day, the house was full of excitement. Master Faisal’s complete family was there, occupying all the available rooms. So much that I was without urfa escort a room myself. Master Faisal generously invited me to sleep in their bedroom… on the floor at the foot of their bed. This made me very aroused and excited, hiking up my kinky submissive inclinations and my fantasizing potential. On the first evening of “room sharing”, I knocked on their door, waiting to be invited in. When I entered, I felt like my heart was going to explode. Master Faisal was sitting on the large armchair beside the bay window, wearing a full-length white djellaba. He was quite impressive, His black skin contrasting with the pure white of his robe. Abida was sitting at His feet, one of her arms holding His legs and her head leaning on His knees. She was also wearing a white see-through abaya [a full-body robe-like dress that covers the whole body except the face, feet and hands] with a hijab [a head scarf that leaves the face uncovered]. It was obvious that she was naked underneath. As usual now, she was wearing rings on every toe and finger, rows of bracelets anklets and large earrings. And the result of her lips augmentation surgery was now quite obvious: they were very pouting, like the lips of a good number of colored people. As for Abida’s breast augmentation, which I knew she had undertaken too at the wish of her Lover, I did not have the opportunity yet to see the change. The sight of my 45 years old wife sitting in a submissive posture at the feet of her 24 years old Lover and Husband-to-be sent shivers across my body and made my cockette throb. It was quite an impressive and arousing portrait.

“Remove your clothes, wayne, as a sign of your humility,” said Abida after I had closed the door behind me. “Later on, after we come back from our honeymoon and settle in our new life, you’ll be required to wear djellabas [long loose-fitting unisex robes] too, however humble style ones.”

I immediately obeyed her order, undressing and standing in the middle of the room, kind of embarrassed. My short dick was nestled in its steel chastity cage for some time now. This particular type of male chastity device enabled me to wash my diminutive penis thoroughly without the need to be unlocked. I still found it difficult not being able to masturbate, however this situation had the side effect of heightening my capacity to fantasize, which was certainly to the benefit of my Master and His queen as my fantasies were inevitably submission-oriented. I was gradually evolving toward mental sex as my chaste status was having the pervert consequence of increasing my urge to indulge in kinkier behaviors. My mind was busy with more deviant fantasies and I was waiting the right opportunities to express them verbally to titillate and please Master Faisal and Abida. I was in complete chastity now, Abida milking me on rare occasions, when she fancied it. This was somewhat disappointing, as she had said that she would milk me regularly.

“When my Master told me that He would invite you here, I was somewhat annoyed,” admitted my soon-to-be ex-wife. “But I understood that He just wanted to be thankful to you. He’s so generous, isn’t He?”

“Yes, Abida, our Master is a very bighearted Man,” I answered. “I feel very privileged to be authorized to sleep here, as the house is full. Thank you very much, Master Faisal.”

“You’re most welcome, cucky,” said Faisal, with a lusty voice, while Abida was still amorously keeping her covered head on His knees. “As a matter of fact, in two days from now, it will not be appropriate any more to call you by that name. I think that we will simply call you wayne. What do you think my love?” he asked Abida.

“Yes, my Adored One, just wayne. It will be more simple, and most of all very appropriate as he won’t be a cuckold anymore,” she added with a smiling voice.

“Please don’t stay standing up, wayne,” Master Faisal said. “You can sit in that other chair.”

I could see that Abida was completely under the spell of her Man, in a state of well-being that was transpiring in her eyes and gestures. Her eyes closed, it was like she was daydreaming. So I was not surprised when she began to express her overwhelming happiness. Hoping to entice her to talk more and wanting to show my inferior condition and dependence on them, I thanked them again for having kindly offered me to sleep in their room.

“Well, wayne, it’s the least we could do, given this particular situation,” said Master Faisal. “But it’s also a way for me to give you a ‘reward’. In our future life together, you will get some ‘gratuities’ once in a while for being a good, obedient and docile sub. So, tonight, you will have one… that is having the privilege to lick Abida’s anus clean of my sperm after I sodomize her. As my darling might not have told you, we always used a condom when making love since we met. We didn’t want to go bareback before our wedding, as a way to preserve her ‘purity’ balıkesir escort for the time we are duly married.”

I was overthrown by lust, contemplating my servicing of Abida’s now expanded rectum after she will have received her Lover’s semen in her colon. My tiny caged dickette was throbbing with excitement.

“Now, my love, please undress so that your soon-to-be ex-husband sees how beautiful and sexy you have become,” said Faisal.

Abida obediently stood up and began removing her hijab and abaya, wearing only her abundant jewelry. I discovered quite a different woman than the one I had seen naked a few weeks ago. Her now 36D breasts were obviously fuller and gently sagging, making her look a little plumper than her usual figure, which made her quite attractive. And her nipples were firmer and longer than before as well. But her waist had not changed; she was the pretty well-shaped lady that I had known, although sexier and more sultry. Her plump, pouting lips were for something in that. She now had what I called “let-me-suck-you” lips.

She kneeled in front of her seated Lover and raised His djellaba, uncovering His thick black penis, and began to kiss it tenderly then suck and lick it hungrily, her mouth opened wide to take it all, moaning all the while. She had been obviously well trained and had become an expert cock sucker. Our Master grabbed her head and made it move on His large shaft, fucking her gaping mouth. In a matter of minutes, His penis was like a hard long pole. He released His hold on Abida’s head, which meant that she now could position herself to be sodomized. She stood up and turned her back to her Lover, spread her legs wide and slowly squatted over His crotch and lowered herself on His huge pole. Although I could barely see as they were facing me, Abida’s loud moan indicated that her Man had begun to penetrate her rectum. She was now slowly moving up and down on His shaft while He was skillfully fingering her clitoris.

She let herself lean backward on her “love seat”, her head resting on his right shoulder. “Mmmm… My beloved Master… mmmm… I can’t wait till we’re married so that You can impregnate Your loving wife…” whispered Abida in her Lover’s ear loud enough so that I could hear. “I want sooo much to be Your true wife, foreverrr…” Hearing that, her Lover/Bull increased His rhythm in her anus, fully penetrating her up to the hilt now. She now had His full 9-inch phallus up her colon. I could see that my wife was now accustomed to accept her Lover’s massive prick in her rear end, fitting snugly but without pain. His testicles were hastily jumping at the door of Abida’s rear hole and her large breasts were oscillating and clapping on her belly under the power of His hard ass-fucking. He was caressing her torso and fingering her rapidly. At times, He would insert some fingers deep in Abida’s vagina, take them out and spread her juice over her face. She would then hungrily seek to loudly suck His wet black fingers. She was wet and ecstatic, moaning loudly, oblivious to my presence in the room. The view I had of her bright red tattooed heart above her bald pussy and the way she was making herself available to her Owner was making me extremely excited. Soon I saw and heard that our Master was close to climaxing, breathing and grunting loudly, similar to a male lion copulating with his lioness. A few seconds later, I could see some of His sperm seeping out of Abida’s anus.

The two lovers maintained their embrace, indulging in deep French kissing, Abida still leaning in her Lover’s arms, her legs still spread wide and now bent, her jewel-adorned feet resting on His knees. After a long while, Faisal took my wife by the waist with his powerful arms and lifted her out, letting his still stiff, glistening penis come out of her rectum.

“Are you hungry, wayne? Are you eager to enjoy your reward for being a good and obedient sub?” Abida asked me. “You can crawl over now and clean me,” she added in a stern voice which left no room for discussion. She kneeled in front of Master Faisal like she had done earlier, the difference being that she raised her rear end high in the air and spread her buttocks wide so that I could lick and suck her rectum, which I did readily. The mixed smells of Abida’s juice and Faisal’s sperm slowly running down her hole was intoxicating. I eagerly put my mouth and tongue at her service, kissing, sucking and licking her thoroughly, making her moan and getting my face all wet and sticky. Surprisingly, the taste of the mixture was good, a little salty and thick. At the same time, she was cleaning her Lover’s penis clean, yearning to gulp every drop of his sperm. This was an enormous gift for me to be able to service my wife while showing my submission and obedience to her and her soon-to-be Husband. So much that I was forgetting my tiny prick snugly imprisoned in its stainless steel cage.

Abida trabzon escort and I were like luscious slaves, involved one behind the other in our devious love, at the service of our Mighty Master.

Master Faisal was in a generous mood on that evening. He asked Abida to unlock my chastity cage. Still naked, she ordered me to lie on their bed and proceeded to free my captive dickette, which sprang up right away.

“I want to thank you very much again for having let your wife fall in love with me,” said our Master, now sitting naked in the armchair. “Thank you for having let her seek and find her true sexual self and fulfillment with me,” He added. “Thank you for having given me the opportunity to find a very rewarding job where I can put my knowledge and skills to profit. You’re a genuine gentleman. I like the way you progress in your subservience to us. I am very grateful to you for accepting to pay all the expenses of our wedding and honeymoon and book reservations for us at the most luxurious hotels. I know that your superior, Abida, expects you to deepen your servitude for the love of me. She wants you to be not only our servant but our slave. She wants you to do everything to please me and do whatever we ask you to do, whatever we think of to spice up our sexual life. The unlocking of your chastity cage is a reward that we give you tonight as a gesture of gratitude for having so obediently let Abida become my property. Of course, you’re forbidden to masturbate… Abida, your superior, will see to it that you release your weak milk either by stroking your cockette or by being so verbally slutty and kinky that you’ll come without being touched.”

“Yes, wayne, our Master is right,” confirmed Abida. “I am and want to be His exclusive property, I will be His obedient wife and remain prude and modest in the presence of other men. As a matter of fact, as a good muslim wife, I will never be alone in the presence of other males without Him or without being chaperoned by another man of our family, such as His father, the imam or you. At all times in public, I will wear an abaya and a burqa [an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public. The face-veil portion is usually a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth whose top side is sewn to corresponding portion of the head-scarf, so that the veil hangs down loose from the scarf, and it can be turned up if the woman wishes to reveal her face (otherwise the whole face would be covered). In other cases, the niqab part can be a side-attached cloth that covers the face below the eyes’ region.] covering my face, as well as elbow-length gloves. I would not want my beloved Husband to ever have the slightest reason to question my complete fidelity to Him and my modest behavior. That will not be a challenge for me but rather a fully accepted way of life. Master Faisal not only seduced me but He also made me a true and devout muslim believer. And this is the way a muslim wife has to be and behave.”

My wife’s new way of thinking was obvious to me after seeing her scrupulously obey the Islamic precepts in her everyday life. She would always do her five prayers a day, go to the mosque for the Friday prayer and wear the most orthodox Islamic feminine garments. Furthermore, she made a point of including a visit to the Mecca as part of their honeymoon in the Middle East.

“However, in our private life, I am already, and will be, my Master’s sexy, naughty and horny lover just as He has trained me to be,” Abida continued. “Whatever He wants me to do and be to please Him, I will do. I will be a proactive rather than reactive wife, lover, whore, slut, bitch if it’s that’s what He wants me to be. And I expect you to be the same with our Master and me. I can’t wait to be impregnated by my Adored One, to become pregnant at 46 years old for the love of Him, to bear and feed His child. I will proudly carry and deliver our baby, His baby, the concrete result of our deep love. My only goal in life from now on will be to love, obey and serve my Adored One, my Master, our Master.”

This had the effect of keeping my diminutive penis stiff. I was not on the brink of cumming yet but I knew that it would happen, whatever the way.

“wayne, I expect you to seriously consider your future life with us while we are on our honeymoon,” said Abida, now sitting on one arm of the chair where her Lover was. “I expect you to continue to be a proactive submissive and to increase your inferior status by becoming our slave. Whatever ideas that you have to make that a reality will be welcome. The more kinky your suggestions will be, the more frequently you will have the privilege of being unlocked and to come without touching yourself.”

“As a matter of fact, I came to realize that you’re way too busy as CEO to give us all the attention and devotion we deserve,” she continued. “During our absence, please think that over. When we return, I expect you to come up with suggestions on the way you can free yourself in order to become our full-time slave. This might sound extreme at this time, but knowing your kinky mind and your deep submissive inclination, I am sure that you’ll find a way and surprise us with your willingness to please and serve.”

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