Double Impact at the Pool

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The day was already hot when Sandy woke on Saturday morning. She turned up her air conditioner and took a shower, deciding it was a great day to swim at the public pool. She liked that particular location not only because it was very clean and well maintained, but also had plenty of young male lifeguards who were home from college for the summer.

She arrived at the pool around one o’clock and removed her street clothes, revealing a white one piece bathing suit. Sandy headed to the pool area, where she saw that one of her favorite lifeguards, Jeff, was on duty. It was definitely a perfect day; how many other chances did she get to look at man candy while doing some much-needed swimming?

Jeff was twenty and had the toned body of a swimmer, with strong arms, trim waist, and a firm ass. The perfect bulge between his legs didn’t fail to outline the red Speedo all male lifeguards had to wear. He enjoyed the perks of his summer job: gratification that came with saving lives, getting a nice tan, and – most important – checking out hot babes who wore bathing suits barely covering vital parts of their bodies, all while being paid.

There wasn’t a day that went by when Jeff and his fellow lifeguard and best friend Zach weren’t thinking about sex, and they often shared fantasies about women they’d seen at the pool while doing their lifeguard duties.

When women catching his interest were in his line of sight, Jeff would open his legs wider until his package was totally visible. If they glanced his way, he would wink at them with a slightly wicked smile. The move didn’t get him laid very often- plenty of females were usually at the pool with either boyfriends or family members – but it eased the boredom of sitting at his station for six hours.

Jeff had just finished “flashing” a coed who caught his attention when Sandy walked out from the changing rooms. He spotted Zach across the pool staring at her. Sandy was thirty-five, but she could easily hold her own with sexy curves among the array of coeds with tight bodies.

Damn, no wonder Zach’s eyes are popping out his head, Jeff thought. She’s fucking HOT for an older bursa escort chick!

Sandy didn’t notice the pair of lifeguards still eyeing her when she jumped in the pool. She enjoyed the water around her as she swam with ease, and performed a series of strokes before she swam toward a ladder at the edge of the pool. In the process, the top of her suit came undone and she held it up with one hand.

Sandy’s bathing suit malfunction didn’t go unnoticed by Jeff and Zach. It was as if they shared the same thought: “Wow, did you get a look at her rack?! Talk about making our day!”

Jeff had an idea. He gave his friend a knowing smile before he climbed down from his chair. He found a female guard to relieve him, and signaled Zach to follow him before Jeff headed toward the changing rooms not far behind Sandy.

Jeff felt the beginning of an erection as he spied Sandy adjusting her suit. “Don’t worry about fixing that,” he said.

She spun around, hand across her chest, and saw him standing a few feet behind her. Her eyes dropped to his hard-on, which was very apparent.

“I’m guessing you came to check on me,” she said.

“Just wanted to see if you were okay.”

“I’m fine.” She let her top fall, exposing her 38C breasts. “Like what you see?”

“Um…yes.” She was coming on to him. Talk about luck!

He stepped closer to Sandy and began roaming his hands all over her tits. Without thinking, she pulled his down his Speedo and he stepped out of it. She lay a towel on the floor, kneeled on it, and began jerking Jeff’s throbbing cock before she took it into her mouth, almost swallowing the entire shaft. Among all the sexual things Sandy loved, giving blow jobs was among her favorites.

She wrapped her lips around the head of Jeff’s cock and swirled her tongue around it before she sucked him again. He put his hands on the back of her head and started moving his hips, fucking her face.

Sandy was into giving Jeff the hottest blow job he’d ever had in his short life when she heard another person enter the room. Her mouth slid halfway off Jeff’s malatya escort shaft before he pushed her head back toward his crotch.

“Don’t stop, baby; it’s just my buddy Zach. He wants to join in the fun.”

Not bothered by someone watching her suck another man’s cock, Sandy continued blowing Jeff with abandon. Soon, she felt Zach’s hard cock press against her opening from behind. Zach pushed his throbbing penis into Sandy and started to thrust, never taking his eyes away from her getting off his best friend with her mouth.

“Dude, she gives a really great blow job!” Jeff said to Zach.

“You should have some of her tight pussy,” Zach answered while he pumped harder in and out of her. “I don’t think I’ve ever had any other chick who can fuck like this!”

It was the first time Sandy experienced sex with two guys at the same time. The feeling of one hard cock moving in and out of her while a second was in her mouth turned her on immensely. She was in heaven from having both her face and pussy fucked by the two young horny lifeguards, and the sensations triggered her first orgasm of the day.

Her body tensed and jerked violently in a series of orgasmic spasms. Her moans were muffled by Jeff’s dick, which she managed to keep in her mouth the entire time she came from Zach fucking her.

Sandy sensed Jeff’s own impending release when his penis swelled and quivered in her mouth. She slid her fingers under his balls and squeezed them, never letting up on her sucking. When he came, she swallowed his semen as quickly as he shot it in her mouth before his cock was completely drained.

Zach continued to fuck her violently from behind. He tangled one hand in Sandy’s hair and pulled her head back toward him to heighten their experience.

Jeff sat on a bench and watched his buddy and sex-starved Sandy go at it while he stroked his flaccid penis to a new erection.

“Fuck me…fuck me harder… that’s it…fuck me,” Sandy grunted and pushed back her hips to meet Zach’s subsequent pounding before they came in unison.

Zach shot his load in Sandy’s çanakkale escort pussy after a few more hard thrusts, then pulled out of her and sat beside Jeff on the bench.

“Your turn,” he said to Jeff.

“Let’s try something different,” Sandy said. She rummaged in her locker before finding some lotion. Both guys looked wide-eyed at each other when she sat the bottle beside them and sucked Zach until he’d achieved a second erection.

Sandy spoke again while she lubed Zach’s dick with the lotion. “Zach, I want you to fuck my ass while I give Jeff a good riding.”

Double penetration! The closest they’d seen such a thing was in porno movies, and now here was a real woman who wanted their cocks in BOTH of her holes!

Zach stared as Sandy straddled Jeff and lowered herself on him. She leaned forward and began to ride him, her full ass stuck in the air, giving Zach his cue.

Jeff squeezed her tits while Sandy slid her body up and down his stiff shaft. Somehow, Zach made it all the way into her butt, and the pressure of his cock in her asshole was almost too much to bear.

As the three of them fucked in unison, Sandy couldn’t remember when she felt a hotter sensation. She bucked and thrashed against the stiff penises that were giving both of her openings a workout. As Sandy increased her pace riding Jeff, Zach grabbed her hips and fucked her ass with a vengeance.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Both of you fuck me until we can’t take any more!”

Zach could no longer ignore the heat rising in his balls. “I’m gonna come, baby,” he growled in her ear while he continued to thrust in and out of her asshole.

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna bust my nut, too!” Jeff said, barely catching his breath.

“Do it, both of you,” Sandy ordered. “Do it NOW!”

Zach and Jeff grunted and Sandy felt them come in her ass and pussy, triggering her final orgasm.

When the three of them finished, they untangled from each other’s bodies and rose to their feet. They showered together in one of the stalls before retrieving their bathing suits and prepared to go their separate ways.

The two young men grinned at her while they put on their Speedos.”Thanks,” Jeff said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Zach added. “Will we be able to see you again?”

Sandy smiled and put one of her business cards she always carried into the waist bands of their Speedos. “If you boys are available tonight, maybe the three of us can pick up where we just left off.”

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