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Derek was surprised by the news that his mother was having another child. It didn’t bother him much that Tom, the man his mother had married, was ten years her junior. It didn’t even bother him that his mother didn’t wait more than two years after his father’s death to make Tom her husband. What did bother him was that he was no longer “the baby.”

After the announcement, his mother rarely spoke of the child that was growing inside her and wreaking havoc on her moods. Instead, she focused their talks on his college studies, his plans for internships and if he would make it home for fall break. Luckily for Derek, the baby was born a week before fall break began. Tom had phoned him to let him know his mother was in labor, but she insisted that he remain at the university and not miss any of his classes.

Because his mother spoke little of the baby, he had no idea until he arrived at home for fall break that the tiny bundle he held for the first time was going to be such a lovely little girl. Her weight seemed almost nothing in his strong arms. She was a blind wriggling little thing that made him feel awkward and in awe at the same time. Derek handed his baby sister back to his mother. As he watched the two together he felt envy invade his body. The way his mother’s face softened and her voice rose to a sweet octave when she spoke to the baby girl made him feel ill. He turned his attention to Tom and engaged him in a conversation about the ball game set to air the following evening. It was an effort, but Derek was almost able to ignore the gentle caresses and soft kisses exchanged between his mother and sister.

“I apologize, Derek. I haven’t had the energy to cook. I’ve been unable to prepare your favorites.”

“It’s fine mother.” Derek said without turning to face her.

“No. It’s not.” In a small space of silence he felt her gaze. When his eyes met hers she said, “But I promise for Thanksgiving. No holds barred.”

“It’ll be quite a spread,” Tom said. He rose to his feet and took their child into his arms. The baby made a soft cooing sound at the agitation. Tom exited the room, leaving Derek and his mother alone for the first time since he had arrived.

Without the infant’s weight in her arms, his mother allowed herself to relax on the cushions of the sofa. The image of his mother had always been that of a young vibrant woman. She was girlish and fresh of face with sparkling hazel eyes. Looking at her now he saw her as haggard and aging. It made him feel sad to see the way sleep deprivation was taking their toll on her beautiful face.

It was uncomfortable, this new association they now had. Normally he’d be next to her on the couch engaging in an animated conversation about school and campus life well into the late night hours. Now Derek watched his mother’s lids grow heavy and her head bob from left to right as she fought with sleep.


“Yes, Derek?”

“I’m going to go out for a while.” He walked over to the couch to stand over her. “Why don’t you lay down here and get some rest?”

“No. No. I wanted to talk with you. Catch up for a while.”

“We’ll have time for that. Here. Lie down.” He pulled the afghan from the back of the sofa and tented it over his mother’s body until she obeyed and stretched out. He covered her then tucked the edges of the afghan under her.

By the time he lowered his head to kiss her on the cheek, her eyes were already shut and her breathing was slow and even.

* * *

It was some time after three in the morning when Derek returned home. He slipped in through the kitchen door that let him in from the garage. Getting out of the house helped Derek’s mood a little bit. He caught up with some friends from the neighborhood. He allowed them to divert his attention from the strangeness that had befallen his childhood home. Derek hadn’t expected the arrival of a baby to change everything. There was no welcome home meal, the baby now occupied his old room and there wasn’t the warm comfort of his mother.

Derek made his way to the refrigerator, thinking that there might be some of his favorite ingredients for a sandwich there. A sliver of light from the baby’s room sliced down the dark hallway and caught his attention. He ignored his craving for a sandwich and walked down the hall, hoping his mother would be inside.

His mother was seated in the rocker with her feet up on an ottoman. She had apparently taken a shower sometime since his absence. Her brown hair was glossy and luxurious. It fell in soft waves, signifying a natural curl which he had inherited. Her legs were crossed at the ankles atop the ottoman but were covered completely by a fluffy turquoise robe. The fabric fell open at her naval to expose a very full breast at which his baby sister was nursing.

He stood in the doorway for a long moment and gazed at the pale flesh of his mother’s breast. He hadn’t taken notice of her breasts before, but then again they hadn’t been exposed in this Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort way until now. Her breast was pale and full and tremendously larger than it had been when he’d left for school that summer. His eyes moved over the surface of that breast. He wanted to see more, more of that lovely breast that disappeared into a round apex inside his baby sister’s mouth.

“Derek.” His mother’s whisper startled him. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

Derek stepped into the doorway. His eyes fluttered from his mother’s face, to her breast, to the girly décor and back to her breast. “I used the garage. I didn’t want to wake…”

“Oh. She’s divine. She wakes to be fed and goes right to sleep.” His mother caressed the dark spiral of fine hairs on top of the baby’s head. “So unlike you at this age.”

“How so?” Derek felt offended at the comparison. He walked further into the room. The new point of view confirmed his mother’s breasts had tripled in size. His baby sister’s hungry mouth pulled greedily at the nipple and made the engorged flesh of his mother’s breast jostle a little with every suckle she made.

“You were so needy. You rarely slept when you were supposed to. After nursing, you would lie awake in my arms for several minutes looking up at me before falling to sleep.” Derek’s eyes met hers. “Oh, how I loved nursing you. It felt so good.” His mother’s gaze fell away to the floor before she went on to say, “Well, to build that connection with you early on was very important.”

“Probably the reason we’re so close now,” Derek said.

He took a seat on the floor across from his mother. He tried to not stare at her breast and her almost fully exposed cleavage inside the robe. It was difficult but he managed to keep his eyes at the bottom of his mother’s slippers until he heard an audible suck. He looked up to see his mother disengaging the baby from her breast with her index finger. Derek’s gaze fixed on the glistening surface of his mother’s nipple. The areola was a dusty pink and it spread wide across her breast. As he watched, its surface grew taunt, undoubtedly from the coolness of the room. He didn’t know how long he was looking. He didn’t know if his mother was allowing him to look, but eventually she pulled the collar of her robe closed and tucked it further into the sash.

Once the visual stimulation was gone Derek’s eyes floated up to his mother’s face. It was placid but a slight blush warmed her face from her cheeks to her forehead. Derek wondered if his attention had made her blush. If it did she didn’t acknowledge in any way. She stood slowly with the baby cradled against her shoulder.

“Would you like to burp her?”

“No thank you.”

Derek’s mother paced a small square in the bedroom. She hummed some unfamiliar tune all the while patting the new baby’s back. Derek leaned back on his hands, closed his eyes and listened to the pleasant resonating melody. His mind drifted back to his childhood. His parents remained married until his father’s death. Derek and his mother spent the majority of the time alone in the house while his father was away on business. They relied on each other and confided in one another. Their bond extended past the womb and Derek missed their connection deeply. Though he would never want harm to come to the baby, he had to admit to wishing his mother and Tom had gotten a dog instead.

“Looks like it’s all of our bedtimes.”

Derek worked to open his eyes then stood. “You’re right.”

When his mother finished tucking the baby into the crib he made his way toward her. She held her arms open to receive his hug which was tight and lingering.

“Good night, Derek darling,” she said with a kiss on his cheek.

“Good night, mother.”

In the guest bedroom, Derek looked down at the folded linens on top of the bare mattress with disgust. Instead of spending the time to make the bed properly, he snapped the flat sheet on top of the mattress and curled up under the comforter. The moonlight shone through the window. The sheer draperies prevented the room from being completely dark, the way Derek liked. He tossed and turned because of it, but it wasn’t the only reason he couldn’t fall asleep. The vision of his mother’s breasts materialized behind his closed lids. He saw first one breast, peeking out from her robe and then the other became fully exposed. His mother caressed it with her long delicate fingers. Derek rolled onto his stomach. He squeezed his eyes shut and he tried to bring more detail to his fantasy. He envisioned the way her breasts would look if they were pressed together and how both nipples would look glistening with saliva.

His pillow became the fullness of his mother’s bosom. He stroked his face against it. He breathed in deeply to inhale her familiar scent. The smell of her hair, along with the scent of her bath soap remained on him from their hug goodnight. Derek brushed his face back and forth against the pillow, seeking the soft fullness of each breast, all the while he worked his erection into the mattress to ease a tension that had been building for weeks. The large milk filled rounds smothered his face and cut his breathing long enough for ecstasy to seize deep within his loins. A surge of pleasure flooded his body and left his boxers wet and sticky.

* * *

The next day Derek did what he could to avoid being in the same room with his mother. He volunteered to help Tom organize the things that were moved from his old room into the basement. They worked hard for a few hours before Derek’s mother called for them to come up for lunch. Despite the delicious aroma of his favorite casserole, he declined the invitation and kept working in the basement.

A small stack of boxes and plastic tubs were the final obstacles blocking a cleared path from the basement door to the farthest wall. Derek judged the weight of each box and container by restacking them on the floor. Their weight wasn’t overwhelming. He was able to lift all of them and carry them to a place alongside the Christmas decorations. Derek had almost placed the stack in its new location when the top box toppled over, spilling the contents across the basement floor.

He sat on the cold cement and scraped remnants of his childhood back into the box. There were Boy Scout patches, newspaper clippings and old report cards. He tucked them all neatly away. All that was left were some old muscle car magazines. He picked up the first handful of magazines. The cover slipped off one and out fell a March 2001 issue of Bazooms.

A sultry Ms. Alicia Kane stared up at him through false lashes. Her ample chest was running over the cups of her red corset while she leaned over the back of a railed chair. Her teased dark hair hid her backside which he remembered to be just as luscious as her breast. He flipped to the centerfold. Derek’s cock flinched with excitement. His mind reeled with every stolen moment he spent with Ms. Alicia Kane. There wasn’t a January and February issue. There weren’t any April to December issues either. Her sparkling hazel eyes and half dollar sized, dusty pink nipples were all he needed to covet. He flipped the page. Ms. Alicia Kane squeezed her large breasts together. Their fullness couldn’t be completely held back by her delicate fingers. He knew with clarity what was on the next page. The anticipation of seeing her groomed mons pricked the hairs on his arms. He turned the page slowly, teasing himself.

“Derek?” His mother called from the top of the stairs.

Hurriedly Derek stuffed the false cover on the magazine and threw it into the box.

“Are you still down here?” His mother descended the stairs.

Derek’s fingers fumbled with the slick covers of the other magazines. They fell from his grasp several times before he gained control and was able to slam them on top of the cherished Bazooms issue. Derek replaced the lid on the box in time for his mother to find him standing in the cold, dank basement with tiny beads of sweat on his upper lip and brow.

“Oh there you are.” She looked around and said, “You two have made quite a difference down here.” She gave Derek a pleased smile. He watched her beautiful hazel eyes twinkle. “You must be very…” His mother’s smile faded slowly as she took in the sight of her disheveled and aroused son.

Derek felt his heart and his cock throb in unison while he stood in the light of his mother’s praise. It was several seconds before a twinge of embarrassment commanded his arms to pick up the box of his childhood accomplishments and hold it in front of him.

His mother turned her shoulder to him and spoke, “You must be very hungry from all this strenuous work.”

“I think I have an appetite now.”

“Good. I’ll make you a plate.” His mother strode briskly to the stairs without looking back.

* * *

Derek’s mother mentioned that Tom had been called into work and wouldn’t return until the following evening. She relayed Tom’s apologies for not being home to send him off. Derek didn’t mind at all but said that he was regretful as well because it seemed like the appropriate thing to say. Inside, Derek was glad. He grew more content as he ate alone at the kitchen table while his mother tended to the baby. The atmosphere in the house had changed. It wasn’t what it was when he first arrived at home, but it wasn’t what it used to be either. Whatever it was the air was pleasing and it made Derek smile.

Derek helped his mother clean the kitchen and clear the dishes. They stood shoulder to shoulder at the sink. Derek’s mother washed and he rinsed. They worked in silence for a while. By the time they emptied the sink their banter flowed with an insouciant tone. Derek breathed easier when he saw that the glow was back on his mother face and her youthfulness sprang from her laughter.

Mother and son retired to the living room. They caught up. Derek allowed their sofa to envelop him and the warmth of his mother’s attention to caress him. The two of them discussed what courses he should take the following semester and what dorm life was like.

“It’s nothing like the comforts of home,” Derek said.

She patted his knee then said, “Nothing is ever going to be.”

“But now with the baby…” Derek let his voice trail off. He wasn’t sure what he was planning to say. All he knew was that he didn’t want to spoil this moment by criticizing his mother for bringing yet another life into their world or even make her feel guilty for doing so.

“She’s a joy. Speaking of the baby, I’m going to need to feed her soon.” Derek’s mother touched the sides of her breasts and winced.

“Does it hurt?” Derek asked. He visualized in that quick moment that his mother’s breasts were quivering just a little as if they hadn’t been held back in her bra or covered ashamedly by the oversized button down shirt she wore.

“They are tender.”

“No. I mean…when you…”



Derek’s mother smiled then said, “At first, but the tenderness goes away and…well…” The blush that was on his mother’s face the night he beheld her bare breast crept up her face. “I guess it helps to massage them sometimes.”

Derek and his mother held each other’s gaze while she worked her right hand up her shirt and began to rub. Derek was captivated. A bolt of lightning could have struck in the middle of the living room and he would have remained captivated by the outline of his mother’s hand moving from her left breast to the right one.

Something took over his body. It was curiosity. It was dare. It was arousal. Whatever it was, it made him feel like his actions were not his own. He felt like he had stepped out of his body to watch himself, as if he and his mother were in a movie. It was a movie he had wanted to see so terribly bad for so many years that he didn’t want to stop himself. He didn’t sound like himself when he asked, “Mother, may I?” as he took hold of the bottom button of her shirt.

Without hesitation, Derek’s mother nodded. Derek worked quickly to open the buttons. Her chest and tops of her breasts were flushed bright pink. Her chest rose with her deep breaths. She did nothing to cover herself. She allowed Derek to gaze at her for as long as he liked. Derek’s mother moved her hands in seductive motions over her bra while he watched. Her delicate fingers traced the thick lace that completely covered her gorgeous mounds.

“Open it,” Derek mouthed, eyes transfixed.

With trembling hands Derek’s mother peeled down the covering of the bra cups. The sight she revealed made Derek’s throat go dry and his palms itch to touch her breasts. The triangular structure of the bra framed each exquisite breast as if it were being served on a tray. Derek reached for one. He let his hand hover over his mother’s left breast then he looked her in the eye for confirmation. He held his breath, afraid she would change her mind and terrified and thrilled that she wouldn’t. Derek’s mother’s lips parted slightly. She lifted her chest. Derek closed the space between his hand and her breast. The coolness of his skin met the heat of hers and they both shuddered.

Surging with delirium and excitement Derek explored his mother’s breasts. He satiated his curiosity taking note of their weight and their texture. Derek positioned himself closer to her breasts so that his face was inches from them. The heat of her body rose into his face along with her power fresh scent. Unable to control himself or even care if he had permission, he plunged his face into her cleavage. Derek’s mother took in a sharp breath. He nuzzled between her breasts. They became a cushiony wall on either side of his face, gently smashing his eyes closed. Unabashedly he licked the soft underside of her right breast. The soft feel of her skin on his tongue sent a shiver down his torso, spurring him to do the same to the left one. His mother squirmed under his touch. Derek knew that her breasts were tender and sensitive so he adjusted his fervor down but took an instant liking to her responsiveness.

It thrilled him to watch what kisses around her nipples did to her. He delighted in seeing her eyes drift closed when he rubbed his cheek on the soft well formed peaks of her breast. But it was when his mouth finally found their way to a nipple that they both went into another realm of discovery.

His mother’s nipples were the irresistible texture of rose petals. It was all he could do to keep from biting down into them. He lifted his head enough to stare down at them. Their dark blush color pleased him but their size made his cock pulse with the need to be stroked. Derek moved down to his knees on the floor and stretched his body between his mother’s legs. He gently urged her to continue to lie back so he could come to meet her breasts with his mouth. In slow succession he tasted her nipples. Each one received the languid attention of his wet tongue. Now and again he would look down at them to burn into his mind how his mother’s nipples looked with his saliva glistening on them.

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