Confusing Birthday

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Big Tits

Once my sister had the baby, she wanted once again to start having sex with all the boys. My ex-wife, who was now my father’s slut objected seriously, and my father who was enjoying the bitch did not raise too much of a hooplah over it either.

This made my sister very mad. She had always had her way with father. She was his favorite child since she can remember. She vowed to Mike that she would have her way. Mike didn’t care either way. He let her enjoy any number of men she could fuck. Anything to keep her calm.

She was never calm. She would get mad anywhere and everywhere and threaten men publicly if they refused to obey her. Of late, she was hanging out with a really sweet guy who had no clue that she partied like a whore, let alone the incest bit.

He offered to marry her, I heard her say one night when we were all visiting.

‘Are you considering it?’ I asked, wondering what Mike thought about it.

‘Hmmm…no…but I will seduce him as much as I want, she said, looking at me seductively, which made Mother snarl and my ex-wife wince.

It was her birthday so no one said anything. We ate dinner Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort and then we all sat down to open the present. My ex-wife and father gave her a video they had made of men who wanted to sleep with her. Mother and I gave her a thigh high red dress that matched her figure. And my brother told everyone that he had to give her something special.

At his very word, my father and I and he walked up and took our ladies hands. We walked them to the middle of the floor and began to strip them, to their surprise. My horny mother’s eyes went big as I threw her clothes off and looked at her big nipples with hungry eyes. Susan moaned as father slapped her ass as he ripped her knickers with his teeth. And our Sister spread her legs as my brother entered into her teasingly and then pulled out.

Then the men swapped places and my father got my sister, my brother my mother and I got Susan. My mother and brother came together as my sister left bite marks on my father’s dark cock. And Susan rode me until I exploded in her pussy.

We all rested for a few minutes, getting up for drinks and some fresh air. We were a little spent. The fresh air outside rejuvenated us. We thought about what fun we had and decided to go back in.

We thought we would swap again, but mother wasn’t interested in sleeping with father. That put a damper on things as Sister had been waiting to fuck me and I her. I missed her pointed nipples so much. Mother was not as beautiful though she serviced me well. And I didn’t have anyone making me dizzy anymore.

My father at least decided that he would like to have Susan and Sister with him while mother could have her sons. It sounded exciting. We took mother to the back yard and spread her for all to see. And then we fucked her while our bachelor neighbor stood beside us and masturbated.

When we got inside, my father was trying to stop two women from fighting. They had not even has sex.

We tried to stop the fight, but my sister was furious. At last, Susan apologized, and they walked into separate rooms. It was an hour or so before we heard from them.

I went over to my sisters room and was about to knock on the door when I heard something funny. She was ordering Susan around like a sex slave.

‘Bitch! You will do as I say,’ she yelled.

‘I will Mistress. I will. I long for you,’ Susan said.

‘No. I long for you. You are so voluptuous. I want to fuck you night and day. Stay with me tonight.’

I could not believe it. I entered the room hoping to get some of the action. They sat up in bed like two lesbians caught in the act.

‘Your sister is heavenly,’ Susan licked. ‘Call your father and your brother. We can all snuggle up and fuck.’

‘Okay’, I said and ran to get them.

My mother had gone home. She was tired. But the boys were ready to play and hard as steel when they heard the plan. We all sat in my sister’s bed and licked each other casually, watching some porn.

‘I am very happy you like to service my father,’ I said to Susan. But I like some too.’

She and father agreed to have me over on Saturdays for some time behind mother’s back. And sister and Mike agreed to join us too as they felt necessary though Mike was adamant about trying new things with sister.

He told us about some men he had arranged to train as her slaves and such plans. We found it interesting. My sister smiled too and gave us extra blow jobs before we went home.

That was her birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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