Cousin Barb Ch. 01

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This story was written at the request of a fan.


I knew there would be retribution the moment our eyes met. Unfortunately for me, my worst nightmare was standing in the foyer of my Grandma’s house staring straight at me. It was my cousin Barbara, but we all called her Barb. She was a bully. Last summer, I had suffered terribly at her hands. It had not been just the physical assault, but she had caused me deep feelings of guilt and self-loathing.

I sat there wondering to myself, “What had hurt more? Barb, slapping, pinching and pulling on my tits? Her forcefully eating me out and me being forced to eat her sloppy, wet pussy? Or was it my conscience and the deeply rooted guilt and shame that had taken over my thoughts?” I couldn’t figure it out completely, as I mulled it over in my mind.

“Hello, Yvonne,” she spoke to me, her brown eyes were unblinking. It was one of those cold stares she was so good at giving me. I couldn’t help but notice the black eyeliner she was wearing and her bright red lip gloss.

I’d have to watch my back I told myself, as I looked away. I looked down at my toes, focusing on the orange nail polish I had applied yesterday. “How are you Barb?” I spoke while thinking back to how things changed so drastically in 24-hours.

Just 24-hours ago, I’d been having a fun time with my friends as we had given ourselves pedicures while watching one of our favorite talent shows on TV. I was a carefree 19-year old, and I was supposed to be having fun, not suffering at the hands of my demented and perverted Cousin Barb.

“I’m good. Didn’t know if I’d see you here,” she spoke. I thought that maybe the tone in her voice was daring me to be there in her presence and once again staying together in Grandma’s house.

I quickly stood. I couldn’t hold back as I spoke, “Barb, keep off of me.” Tears began spilling from my eyes, rolling down my blushing cheeks. I began to snivel and shake.

“What a baby you are.” Walking past me, carrying her suitcase, she made her way up the stairs as she laughed at me.

We were close in age, as Barb was only two years older than me, but in some ways it seemed like she was 10-years older. It was her self-confidence, the way she carried herself, and her experience in competitive rodeo events since the time of her childhood. She had a rough edge to her personality and she knew how to use it for her own benefit.

I turned and through my tears I watched her heading up to the second floor. I had to admit, she looked fit. I could tell she must have lost about 20-lbs from last summer. Barb looked lean yet shapely, her long brown hair bouncing against her back. Her perfume left the scent of vanilla trailing behind her.

I reached for tissue from the holder Grandma had crocheted years ago. Grabbing up a couple tissues and wiping my face and eyes, I knew I’d have to toughen up. I walked to the mirror hanging in the hallway and looked at myself. My big blue eyes stared back at me. I brushed my curly blond hair away from my face with my hands. As I stood there looking at myself, I began wondering why Barb was so tough, yet I was so fragile.

I stood trying to stop thinking of myself and my problems. Grandma needed us. She would be coming home from the hospital in a few hours. She’d suffered a broken hip, and she’d need time to heal and get well. That was why I found myself in this old farmhouse with Cousin Barb.

I wasn’t supposed to be here, but unfortunately, my mother had been called out of town on an emergency business trip. She had phoned me, begging that I would help out with Grandma. I loved my Grandma, so how could I refuse to help? That was before I found out Cousin Barb would also be at the house.

What was that saying mom had always recited to me, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade?”

Making my way to the dining room window, I glanced out at Grandma’s beautiful flower garden. While staring over at her pink roses, I wondered to myself who had come up with that saying. I pondered whether that person had a perverse cousin who had made their life miserable.

I closed my eyes and listened to Barb’s footsteps as she walked above me. Flashbacks of last summer working their way through my mind as if I was having an out-of-body experience, I envisioned what it would have looked like. Barb had wrestled me to the ground. At first, her behavior had caught me off guard. I thought she was just fooling around.

I had found myself lying on the ground, flat on my back with Barb’s cunt pressed firmly against my mouth. Her curvy, muscular thighs on either side of my head, it had happened so quickly. I had experienced feelings I had never felt before that summer.

I had become her victim, overpowered and humiliated there in Grandma’s backyard. I had been trapped behind a stand of pine trees with Barb on top of my face. Help was less than 30 feet away, but as I was hidden from sight, smothered and held down by her weight, I couldn’t even cry out.

Grandma had been sitting on a Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort lounge chair, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her skin (as she had told us frequently), and sipping a glass of lemonade no less.

I felt a knot building up in my stomach as I continued remembering Barb’s perversion. I sat down on a dining room chair, moving my hand and feeling the velvet fabric covering the chair seat. Continuing to think back to last summer and Barb sitting on my face, strange feelings began to stir within me.

Losing myself in deep thought, I was staring out the window thinking back in time to last summer. We had been talking about going to college, and Barb and I had been walking around Grandma’s large back yard. I remembered thinking it odd that Barb seemed to be moving us away from Grandma.

I had wanted to sit on a lawn chair there with Grandma and visit, but Barb had a way of changing situations, always to her own personal benefit.

“Let’s get some sun over there behind those trees,” Barb had cunningly suggested to me. Little did I know what she had in mind.

“We should sit and visit Grammy,” I had innocently replied. I looked over at Grandma as she flipped through a magazine. She lifted her head and smiled warmly at the two of us.

“We can do that later,” she’d curtly responded.

Rounding a slight curve in the yard, I watched as a rabbit hopped across the lawn. As we walked along, I couldn’t help but think of how much I loved the scent of fresh air and quietness of the countryside. Little did I know, I would be smelling a different scent soon enough.

I turned to look at Barb as I heard her begin to snicker. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed she’d removed her shorts and panties. It must have been around the time I was distracted and watching the rabbit hopping along that I hadn’t noticed what she was doing. I stood staring at her shaved flesh.

Barb stopped and looked back at me as our eyes met. “Ever tasted pussy, cousin”? She asked in a whisper.

“No, what are you doing?” I was stunned at her being naked below the waist outside in Grandma’s yard.

She was on me in an instant. Instinctively I had closed my eyes as she moved in on me. I felt Barb loop her arm around my neck while she took her other hand and held it tight against my nose and mouth.

Breathing was suddenly difficult for me. I tried to put up a struggle against her, but all her years of junior calf-roping had made her very strong. I felt helpless.

She tripped me, and I landed on the cool grass. I found myself on my back and staring up at her as she was straddling my stomach. As I looked up into her face and her big brown eyes, I felt confused.

Not taking her hand off my mouth and nose, she whispered, “Whose gonna help you now, bitch?”

I thought of Grandma. She was so close and yet she couldn’t know what was happening to her precious grand-daughter, Yvonne.

Barb had used her knees to hold down each of my wrists. I couldn’t move my upper body, but I had started twisting my legs and moving them around in a desperate attempt to help myself but getting nowhere with my efforts. I was quickly getting tired with the weight of her 150 pound body resting on me.

She started giggling, “Oh, it’s gonna be good. I am gonna give you practice eating pussy.”

Moving herself upwards, resting her naked pussy right over my mouth as she removed her hand. Rubbing and pressing her pussy on my mouth, she began to rock and move herself between my nose and lips.

I could feel her wetness as it seemed her pussy lips must be opened wide. My face became slippery as she continued pressing herself into me. I could smell the scent of lavender on her pussy. It was the scent of the soap from Grandma’s bathroom. The odor of Barb’s cunt worked its way inside me. I breathed it and tasted it.

It was like I could taste and smell her musky scent, mixed with lavender soap, it settled on my tongue and on my face, practically becoming a strange new part of me. I was wearing her pussy scent on me. I was suddenly reminded of the taste of canned tuna.

“Yvonne, you are my bitch,” she practically moaned the words.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could offer as the muffled sound came from my throat. I felt intense helplessness. All I could do was lay there and wait to see what would happen next.

Suddenly, feeling Cousin Barb lightly bouncing herself on my face, I could tell my own pussy was building up wetness. She reached down and held her pussy lips open with two fingers and let herself fall on my nose. Again, I found myself stunned lying there on the cool grass as Barb fucked herself on my nose, using it for her pleasure.

“Girls?” It was Grandma’s voice calling to us. What would she think if she found Barb fucking my face?

Barb, settling on my mouth, and holding herself down hard against my face whispered, “Don’t say a word.”

“How could I even make a sound?” I wondered to myself, as I twisted and turned my legs thrashing while struggling against the full weight of her body on my face.

I could hear the sound of Grandma getting up off her chair. Soon the sound of her flip-flops could be heard as her footsteps became more and more faint. Her screen door slamming shut was like an exclamation mark on my situation.

Barb let up her weight on my face a bit, saying, “Stick out your tongue. Do it now!”

As I slowly stuck my tongue out, she brought her pussy back down, rubbing herself on my tongue as I once again tasted lavender soap mixed with her own fishy taste of pussy juices.

Reaching back and slapping my tits hard, she got my attention. “Keep your tongue out and poke it around inside me,” she barked in that bully tone she often used on me.

I felt so helpless lying there on my back.

I really didn’t want to, but I had no choice. Using my tongue and snaking it in and out of her as she rocked herself on my face, I felt her begin to quiver. I could feel my own moisture building up on my panties.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned as she came on my face hard. I had felt her buckle forward as she took a minute just to enjoy her orgasm and the pleasure of being on me, using and controlling her cousin in a very primal and dirty way.

At that moment, I had thought that my being used by Cousin Barb was over. I was so naïve to think it would be a one-time thing. As she moved her body, she was now turned with her facing towards the lower part of my body and her ass hovering over my nose.

For a few seconds I had the chance to try to get up and get away from her torment, but I just continued laying there, not knowing there would be a round two.

“Aaagh,” I moaned and squealed as I felt her tugging and pinching my firm 36D breasts.

“While we are here at Grandma’s house, these tits belong to me. Understand?” Her voice was filled with arousal and lust as she began slapping the outer sides of each of my tits with her hands.

It wasn’t soft, playful slapping, but each time her hand made contact with my flesh, it stung. In quick succession, she slapped each of my tits at least six times, laughing as she carried out her punishment on my young flesh.

“Get off of me,” I managed to get the words out, as at the time there were a few inches between my mouth and her ass cheeks.

“Yvonne, you are a slow learner,” moaning the words out as she used the weight of her body to firmly sit on my face once again, only this time it was her ass on my mouth. She continued, “There is a reason I am on top and you are on the bottom. Your place in life is beneath me.”

I refused to open my mouth and give her any pleasure. My licking her ass was not happening.

I lay there with my eyes closed tight not knowing exactly what would happen next. It was then that the weight of her body shifted. I felt her bending forward and could feel her looping each of her arms around the back of my knees. My bottom came off the ground as I could feel my back curving and bending to the will of my Cousin Barb’s perverse pleasures.

Her attention to my trembling and stinging body and the heat of the afternoon sun had caused me to sweat heavily. I could feel the perspiration over my forehead and above my upper lip. Just as I focused on the feeling of the sweat running along my face, I experienced a different feeling, something I had never felt before.

While holding me in that position and burying her face into my pussy, sticking out her tongue, she began to poke my tight entrance. It didn’t take much for my body to tremble at this new feeling. I felt myself willingly spread my legs out a bit further as Barb adjusted her hold on my knees, pushing them further apart.

I betrayed myself as I let out a slow moan of pleasure while she moved from my clit downwards, licking and pressing her tongue down firmly on my pussy. “I’m gonna stretch your entrance.”

“How could this be happening?” I asked myself. My body was betraying me as feelings of deep arousal and pleasure coursed through me. She had forced herself on me, and now I seemed to be well on my way to being her toy, for her to use for her pleasure and will.

A flood of shame and disgust went through my mind as I thought about Grandma. What would she think if she saw her two grand-daughters like this?

It didn’t take long before I was pushing back into her face as best I could while being spread apart and held in that position, right there in Grandma’s backyard. Feelings of guilt and shame were being pushed aside as Barb snaked her tongue in and out of my tight virgin pussy. The sensations were exquisite and my body was trembling.

“Yvonne, Yvonne!” I was shaken back to the present time as I looked up and saw Barb standing in the doorway of the dining room. “Deep in thought?” I saw that she had changed into a two-piece black bikini, and concern flowed through my mind.

I sat there speechless looking back at Barb. I could feel that my pussy juices had soaked the crotch of my panties while I recalled the events of last summer. “Just thinking about things,” I offered.

“Were you thinking about eating my cunt?” Barb was smiling while taking a step towards me.

I turned and stared out the window. This was going to be another visit to Grandma’s house that I would never forget. I just knew it.

My heart jumped for joy at the sudden sound of footsteps on the back landing. Filled with renewed hope that this visit would not be consumed with guilty pleasures, I stood quickly, “Wonder who that is,” I murmured to myself.

We both made our way into the kitchen as the door swung open. It was Grandpa, and I was filled with warmth and comfort at seeing him standing there. A big smile worked its way across his face, and I was comforted at not being alone with Barb. I knew Grandpa would save me from Barb’s lustful advances.

“Hello strangers!” His voice filled the kitchen as he held open his arms.

I was the first to embrace him, as I held on to his still muscular body. For an older man, my Grandpa was still in good shape as he had spent his life taking care of his body. He stood straight and tall, and I was filled with comfort at being embraced and held tight against his strong chest. I was safe in his arms.

Barb, true to her nature as a first rate bully, spoke loudly, “Oh, Grandpa,” she offered as she used her pushy nature to nudge me aside and she easily took my place, leaving me to wondering how it was that she always did that to me. I stood there as those familiar feelings of being left out came racing through my mind.

“Girls, I am so glad you could come and stay. Grandma will be comforted by having some loved ones around and us helping out.”

“I want to help in any way I can,” Barb responded.

“Girls, why don’t you grab yourselves some lemonade. I made some this morning. I’ve got a quick phone call to make to the hospital. We’ll sit and visit together in a few minutes.” We stood watching as he turned and headed into his study.

Barb moved to the cupboard and grabbed two glasses, pouring the juice as I stood silently watching her. Offering me a glass, “Let’s go and sit down,” she instructed me.

We sat across from each other. I glanced over at her, feeling uncomfortable as my earlier thoughts and memories came flooding back. As I reached over and placed my glass on the end table, Barb suddenly stood facing me.

Taking a couple of steps, she was right in front of me. Reaching out and grabbing the back of my head with both her hands, Barb pulled me to her and brought me face down towards her bikini bottoms.

“Let’s not waste time. Just cause Grandpa is down the hall, doesn’t mean I can’t put your tongue to work.”

Was she crazy? Or did she just walk around horny all the time? I was stunned at the sudden and risky turn of events. I thought that with Grandpa being home it meant I would be safe. Barb’s behavior was outrageous and out of control.

Grabbing me, again, with an arm around my neck, she pulled me down on the carpet. Barb wrestled calves in her spare time preparing for the next junior rodeo, and so she easily wrestled me down. There was no point in putting up a struggle.

“Stop!” I hollered at her. This was nuts and I wasn’t going to stand for being used this way, but there was nothing that I could do to stop her.

Overpowering me with her strength and agility, she was on my face in an instant. My arms were pinned by her knees and she sat with what seemed her full weight on my face. I struggled to breathe.

Moving downwards a bit, she was sitting directly on my tits, squashing and flattening them against my body. As her hands moved up, she started slapping my face. “Stop!” I repeated as tears began to spill out of my eyes.

She slid up and settled back on my face, the crotch of her bikini bottoms was now resting over my mouth. I tried to calm myself and breathe through my nose.

We both heard his voice at the same time. “Oh. Damn that is sexy!”

I couldn’t believe it! Grandpa had been watching us for a bit and he seemed to approve of the activity. Wasn’t he going to come to my aid and get my cousin off of me? What was happening?

“Sexy, Barb,” he moaned as he came up to us.

Barb positioned herself a bit further back, settling on top of my sore tits so she could see my face and I could see Grandpa more fully. I could see him undoing his belt and then unzipping his trousers, letting them fall to the carpet as he stared at us lustfully.

He looped his fingers and pulled down his underwear. His cock sprang out. Everything was happening so fast. I lay there, almost unable to comprehend the situation. For an older man, he sure could remove his pants and underwear quick, I thought to myself.

Grandpa was standing naked from the waist down while Barb was on me. I could see his hands were shaking.

My face was growing hotter and hotter as I looked at him and then back at Barb. Neither of them moved, but they were both looking down at me. It seemed as if time stood still as they continued to stare, and I glanced at Grandpa then shifted my eyes back to Barb.

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