Crime , Punishment Ch. 2

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What happened next was a bit distorted by the overload of nerves.

She heard the scuffling of movement around the room, but was deprived her sight to know just what it was.

Her mind, however, worked overtime to try and guess what would happen next. Did he really mean it about doing to her what she had read to him in the magazines she found in his closet?

She felt the bed tilt towards the left as someone climbed astride it. Warm, strong hands grasped her arms. Unfamiliar hands. He pulled her over onto him, and she knew for certain as her flesh made contact with his, that he was someone she had never known.

He whispered in her ear, his voice hissing and menacing:

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this, girl.”

He shook her ever so slightly at the same time, firmly. She blanched a little as she felt the blood rushing to her head, knowing her face was flushed.

Her head turned in the direction she thought her boyfriend was in, seeking a little reassurance. She heard his voice, then felt his hands assisting in her betrayal.

“This is what you wanted, and it is also what I want. I am here and will make sure you come to no true harm.”

How could he? She struggled, then freed one arm, which was quickly caught and held firm. Obviously overpowered, she grunted instead, tears of shame leaking from her eyes. This wouldn’t have happened if she’d stayed out of his things, or if she could have left those magazines alone.

She felt herself lifted easily by the two sets of hands and then she was astride a pair of thighs, a hard, lubed cock probing at her pussy, finding its mark and slipping up inside her. She exhaled as it filled her, she knew who it was and sighed with pleasure, settling firmly onto him, his hands moved to her ass cheeks….she felt him tug Demetevler Escort at them, spreading them open the way he did so often.

The cooling air made her sigh again. She very slowly rode his cock, but he stilled her motion and then she felt it:

Another cock, the slippery head being stroked through her ass crack, she cringed a little, still sore from her first lesson. She tried to move away and in doing so, impaled herself more deeply on the cock within her pussy.

“No, you stay right where you are…”

“But I can’t” she protested.

“You’d be amazed…” He reassured.

She was only aware of the sensation of that fat, probing cock now zeroing in on her smarting little rosebud. Her boyfriend kissed her, one of those breathtaking kisses she would be weak-kneed with, and it worked, she relaxed, and her “assailant” found his mark, the tip of his cock fitting within that gripping outer ring of muscles. She tensed in response, the stretching of her holes so close together felt enormous, impossible….

Reality faded around her, buzzing in her head as she felt his shaft sink into her, the pain of the invasion paired with the pleasure of her full pussy started her to moaning uncontrollably, to vent some of the intensity of feeling.

Her fingers gripped the forearms of her lover, who she heard whisper at that moment, maybe not whisper, but for certain she felt him mouth the words to his compadre:

“Take her hard…”

He leaned back a little pulling her torso forward and lifting, spreading her ass cheeks for the assault. She whimpered as she felt the man behind her brace himself for the onslaught. Ugh! Ugh! The breath driven out of her with every forceful thrust, his cock felt as Otele gelen escort though it would tear her apart. She struggled to move away from the hammering, but was held in place and held in optimal position.

Once her mind wrapped around what was happening, she started to visualize what started it all: Those pictures. She realized she was living that fantasy, her pussy, her ass stuffed with cock. Her muscles gripped each cock separately and together they felt like one giant entity, filling her entire lower region, larger in diameter than her whole body, somehow making her bigger than she really was because of their presence within her.

The cock in her ass thrust high and hard, the cramps in her belly subsiding in favor of pleasure, and he looked down to see her skin stretched shiny-tight around his fat tool as he pulled it outward to the tip, the little puckering “mouth” quivering as he left it gaping then plunged inward again.

He urged her to ride the cock in her pussy, moving with his fucking motions. She was close, he could feel the tightening of her muscles as the vessels became engorged and her motions slowed, becoming more deliberate.

The grip around his cock in her ass was excruciatingly tight. Her muscles milked him, tugged him, invited him more deeply into her bowels and he knew that was just where he should be so he could shoot his thick load.

He stabbed upward as hard as he could, lifting her slightly, his muscles straining as he fought to maintain control. Her sudden gasp of lust as she started to cum and the resultant thrashing of her body was too much to resist, however, and he let go, filling her with hot spurt after hot spurt.

He knew her partner was getting a treat, feeling Balgat Escort that sensation through the thick walls of her pussy, making it tighter than usual. She began to scream passionately as they both moved instinctively against then with each other within her.

He squeezed his ass cheeks together as he thrust upward one final time, emptying his balls in her, catching his breath.

When he let his cock slide out of her, that being hastened by the thick cock in her pussy, he watched his cum ooze out the gaping opening and placed his finger in there, stretching the hole this way and that and forcing her to fuck the cock buried in her pussy in sharp, bucking motions.

He laughed a little, watching her give him the ride of his life.

Then a thought occurred to him and he took hold of her arms and pulled her off of him, both of them confused, but when he replaced her on her boyfriend’s lap facing the opposite direction, stretching her cheeks apart as he had for him, so he could see that wanton hole all loose from its fucking, he knew there were all for it.

Easily, this still-hard pole slid into her loosened anus, lubricated by the thick cum deposited there by the previous cock. Her cries of pleasure did not go unnoticed and the new, tight sensations around her lover’s cock sent him reeling to the edge. It was she who was riding him, now, shamelessly plunging down on him. He came, suddenly, harshly, shuddering with it as ropes of semen blasted from the tip of his engorged cock.

He could feel it filling her, surrounding his cock inside her, then oozing out around his shaft as she continued fucking, knowing she only had a few seconds to finish and gain another orgasm for herself.

When she came, it was earth-shattering. Her body slumped forward with spent energy. She lay, helpless in a pool of sweat and cum, vaguely aware she was being lifted off and then to bed, a strong body nestled on either side of her. Now that the blindfold had been removed, she strained to see in the darkness the face of the newcomer, but could scarcely make out his features. So tired, she simply sighed, sated, and slept completely content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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