Delivery Man

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This is a true story. I changed some names and left other names out to keep this a secret to everyone but our dear readers.


About 10 years ago I was working for a furniture store in central New York in their customer service department. Many of our high end customers were difficult to work with and to say they were demanding is an understatement.

One customer in a particular lived three hours north of our location and Mr. Kelly or his partner, Mr. Smith, called daily complaining about their new mattress. Finally they ordered a new bed, but it took weeks to come into the store. During this time I took grief beyond imagination from these two. The mattress was delayed twice and when it finally arrived the warehouse failed to load it on the truck for delivery that Saturday. I had to call Mr. Kelly, but I didn’t want to give him bad news again. Last time there was a delay he threatened to cancel his order, which would have stuck the store with an expensive mattress they would never sell. Taking some initiative, I asked the store owner if I could rent a Ryder truck and deliver the mattress myself. He agreed, I called Mr. Kelly who was thrilled I would be delivering the mattress on my own, he gave me directions and off on a three hour road trip I went on a hot summer’s Saturday afternoon.

When I arrived at Mr. Kelly’s house, which was located on a country road in the middle of nowhere, I called him from my cell phone to let him know I was there and asked if he could help me bring the new mattress in and take the old mattress out. He told me he would be right out. I got out of the cab of the Ryder truck, went around and opened the gate. Mr. Kelly came out of his home, and to my surprise was wearing nothing but a jock strap and flip-flops.

“A little hot out today, hah?” I asked as he made his way to the truck, wondering what would posses a man to go out in public like this. Sure, his nearest neighbor was a mile away, but what if someone drove down the road? Then I really got a good look at the size of his bulge and it made me a bit jealous. He was packing a big unit in there. My wife was satisfied with my standard six inches. I even kept my balls and bush shaved for her so she wouldn’t get any hair in her teeth during oral. Not to mention it felt really good when we fucked.

“Sure is, I usually go around nude,” He retorted non-nonchalantly, “No cars are ever down here so I pretty much go nude all summer long. Hope it’s OK.”

“Fine by me.” What would I care. I slid the mattress to him, he got a firm grip on it and hoisted. When he did I noticed he was casino oyna starting to tent out in his jock strap. Must have turned him exhibiting in front of me like he was. I couldn’t help but stare. He looked back and caught me.

“I can take the jock off if you would like.” He said as he smiled.

“No, it’s OK like it is,” Embarrassed, I turned my attention to the mattress, took it the rest of the way off the truck and without another word we carried it into his home. All the while I felt my own cock hardening as I found myself thinking about Mr. Kelly’s unit. I had some bi experiences when I was younger, mostly oral, but since I got married I hadn’t thought about sex with another man. Today it all rushed back to me at once. I didn’t know what to expect when we got inside.

The place was beautiful. They must have made good money doing something to afford to live like this in East Bumfuck. Oak finishing, tile flooring. Persian rugs. The bedroom was on the second floor. We manipulated the mattress up the stairs and into the bedroom. I noticed his cock had actually escaped the confines of the jock strap as it was now poking out. It was about nine inches long, thick and veined. A monster of a cock. Once again, Mr. Kelly caught me staring.

“Oops, sorry. Sometimes he has a mind of his own.” He laughed and we set the mattress on it’s side, leaning against the wall next to the bed. The old mattress was still in the bed frame.

“You have to lay on it to understand why we are returning it. It’s just plain uncomfortable.” He motioned to the bed and I complied. I sat on the end corner of the bed and laid back. The matress seemed fine to me, but he was the customer and if they wanted a new mattress, they would get a new mattress.

“Saw something you liked I see.” Mr. Kelly said, stepping away from the new mattress. It was obvious I had a rock hard boner in my jeans. Then, as if it had a mind of it’s own, the new mattress fell towards the bed. Mr. Kelly was facing me and it knocked him onto the bed and in turn onto me. Suddenly we were sandwiched between two mattresses.. The way he fell we made a human “T”, with his pelvis was right at my face. I quickly learned he too was completely shaven and smooth because his cock slapped right across my mouth from the force of the mattress knocking him down. Here I was, trapped on bed with a man’s cock on my mouth. I gasped for air, Mr. Kelly arched his back and his cock popped into my mouth. It tasted salty from sweat and being confined in the jock strap. He let out a sudden groan and started pumping his unit, thrusting his pelvis canlı casino back and forth. I let him fuck my mouth and started playing with the shaft with my tongue, licking it up and down as he thrust it in and out. The more I sucked Mr. Kelly’s cock, the harder and hornier I got. This was the first time I had a cock in my mouth since high school and I remembered why I hadn’t done it since then. I liked it too much.

“I felt so bad . . . for being so mean to you . . . .on the phone,” he whispered to me between thrusts, “I had hoped . . . .to make it up to you. . . and it seems I am.” He grunted and I felt his cock get rigid and knew what was coming. Without warning he let out a roar and exploded down my throat, filling my mouth with his salty semen. It had been so long since I tasted another man’s cum. I forgot how delicious it was. I sucked down every last drop. He stood up, leaning the mattress back against the wall. This time it stayed. I noticed his cock was still hard.

“You’ve done that before, haven’t you?” He asked. I just smiled in return, “Let’s get you out of those jeans, shall we?” I unbuttoned my pants and he pulled them off. I don’t wear underwear and my cock sprang right up, “Nice one, buddy. I like them your size. Mr. Smith is so big, he stretches my ass good. But sometimes I like to get fucked buy a nice normal cock.” He wanted me to fuck him! Without hesitation I moved aside and Mr. Kelly hopped on the bed on his hands and knees. I stood up behind him. I spit on my hand juiced my cock up. It was already leaking per-cum like mad and my cock was now nice and slick. I spit on his shaved asshole and worked a finger in it. He was tight but relaxed. A second finger loosened him up nicely and leaned into him, my cock penetrating his ass in one thrust. Mr. Kelly moaned in appreciation as I entered him.

“Now, fuck me, delivery boy!” He shouted. I mounted him, arching my legs around his hips, riding him like I would when I fucked my wife. Except this wasn’t my wife, it was something better, at least for the moment. I bucked into him harder and harder. His rectum muscles tightened on my cock and squeezed it. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m going to cum!” I screamed, and he fell forward, my cock popping out of his ass. He flipped around and sucked my cock into his mouth. I let out the biggest orgasm, erupting into his mouth in the same manner he had done to me earlier, filling it. He continued to suck me as I my cock quivered in his mouth. Normally I would ask my wife to stop at this point, but his mouth felt so good on my cock I kept it in kaçak casino there as he sucked every drop out of me. I collapsed onto the bed, face first next to him.

“Now it’s your turn!” He said with glee. His cock never relaxed, even after he had blown his load in my mouth. He reached onto the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube. I knew what he wanted now, this was something I had never tried before. My wife had stuck her finger in my ass a couple times and I had like that. How different could this be?

For starters, a nine inch cock with a nearly three inch circumference is not a finger. Or two for that matter.

Mr. Kelly lubed my hole good with his fingers. He slipped one with little resistance, then a second. It hurt a little, but he knew what he was doing, he slowly worked them into my ass, finding my prostate he began to massage it. I felt my cock stiffen back to life, bolts of electricity shooting through my scrotum as Mr. Kelly poked and rubbed my prostate. Then he stopped. I looked around and he mounted me as I lay prone, slipping his huge member slowly into my waiting hole. It was huge, at first it seemed he was going to split me half, but the pain quickly passed. As he began to thrust back and forth, the sensitive nerves in my rectum were stimulated beyond belief. Every thrust poked my prostate and sent a shiver up my spine and through my cock.

He built up momentum, slamming into me as I lay there on his old mattress, moaning in ecstasy. Why I had never tried this before I didn’t know, but one fucking had me hooked. I started bumping back into him as he fucked me, clenching my ass cheeks tight around his massive cock. He pushed down hard on my back with his hands and thrust deep into me, pushing my prostate over the edge. I arched my ass up in the air and started coming without touching my cock. Wave after wave of cum spurted into the mattress I had to return to the store. Letting out another loud moan, I felt his cock shooting cum into my ass. He kept coming and coming. How he still had this much of a load left in him was a mystery. Then he fell onto me once again, exhausted and panting, dripping in sweat. I felt his cock soften in my ass and finally let itself out as he went flaccid. My ass seemed empty without it. He rolled off me. I heard a door open.

“Hello?” It was Mr. Smith, home. Moments later he appeared in the bedroom doorway, smiling, “Well, I see you took advantage of our delivery man.”

“You must have a go with him, dear. He’s delicious,” Mr. Kelly replied.

“I think I just might do that!” Mr. Smith started unbuttoning his shirt and trousers. They fell to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear either. And his cock was at least an inch longer then Mr. Kelly’s. At that moment I knew I wasn’t leaving any time soon.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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