Devoted Ch. 02

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When I woke up in the morning, the stiffness I felt in my hips, reminded me of my youth. I first met this condition when I was newly married. Years later, my son, and not my husband, was lying on my bed leaning on me. Last night, I made the biggest, craziest decision of my life—and slept with my son. The fact that he had been obsessed with me, enough to try to commit suicide was a factor in this. But, the process I went through after the betrayal I had suffered, also caused it to come to this point. I had to strangle Seher at the first opportunity I saw her. Because of her, my rut was at its peak, and I found myself groaning under my own son.

How will my life go on? I had to somehow suppress what was going on between me and Ömer, to get us back to our normal; I was thinking.

“Good morning, mom.” Ömer hugged me. He was kissing my neck and caressing my breasts.

I had forgotten that we were sleeping naked. I tried to push him away by saying, “Oh, stop, don’t do it, it’s too early.”

He found a chance and climbed on top of me. He was stroking my hair and kissing me on the lips, while saying, “My love.” Everything I had thought about, not ten minutes ago, flew away. I spread my legs and let it slide inside me.

At first, while he was fucking me with soft rhythms and a slow tempo, my eyes started to droop with pleasure. As I hit harder and faster, I couldn’t help but to increase my screams in frequency and volume. I didn’t even care if the neighbors heard this woman, who was just divorced, and what was happening. I started to push off his chest with both my hands; he was looking at me to see what was going on. When I got out of my mind, I turned face down on the bed, raising my hips up. I turned my head, and smiled at him. He understood how I wanted him to fuck me.

He got inside me again, and started hitting me. I was watching us in the mirror, out of the corner of my eye. I felt strange, but I was enjoying it. My legs started to tremble and my heart started to boil. I climaxed while watching myself. Ömer’s groan filled me up. After breathing for a while, I hugged him and kissed him saying, “My man.” I rushed to the bathroom. Ömer was also lying on the bed naked.

I went to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Öykü would return from her father’s in the afternoon. I had to hurry to remove all traces of last night from the living room. I swept the floor. Ömer came to the kitchen.

“Sit down and have your breakfast, we have something to talk about,” I said.

After we had a good breakfast together, we lit a cigarette together. I didn’t know how to get to the point, but the words started pouring out of my mouth.

“Look, darling, things got out of hand. We did something we shouldn’t have done. I don’t regret it, Kıbrıs Escort I haven’t had such a happy night in a long time. But we can’t do it all the time. We have to be very careful.”

“I was just going to ask if I could move my stuff to your room,” he teased.

“You make fun of it. Have you ever thought about what we would do if someone from the outside, or if Öykü finds out? That’s why it will only happen when I let it. We are mother and son at other times; do you understand me?”

“I don’t want to, but if you think that way, I won’t upset you, you didn’t hurt me, I respect your decision.”

“Thank you, son,” I was glad to close the topic. First of all, I was a mother and had to think about my children’s future. We set the table together. He helped me while I was vacuuming and cleaning the house. He came to me while I was putting the dirty things in the washing machine in the bathroom.

“Mom, is there anything else to do?”

“No dear, thank you. “

“Then I deserve a reward.” He hugged my waist and started kissing my neck.

“Son, what are you doing, what did we talk about in the morning?” I tried to push him by saying, “Your sister will be home soon.”

“Can’t we at least, have little escapades once in a while?”

He asked so innocently, that my heart melted. I smiled and kissed his lips. He was squeezing my buttocks over my tights with one hand. With the other, he was trying to lift my t-shirt up. I took off my t-shirt to help him. I wasn’t wearing a bra. He started kissing, sucking, and squeezing.

“That’s enough, let’s not get carried away, please, sir,” I said, laughing. He pulled back his head. I could see his penis lifted from the top of his shorts. He pulled his shorts down. He held my hand and placed it on his penis. He wanted me to masturbate him. While I was moving my hand back and forth on his dick, he was looking at my shaking breasts.

Then, there was the sound of a key from the outside door. “Mom, I’m here.”

When I heard the voice of Öykü, I panicked. Ömer pushed the bathroom door with his hand. I was looking at him, like what are you doing?

I heard Öykü call out again. “I’m in the bathroom, honey,” I was able to answer. I was out of breath. She went to her room and closed the door.

What the hell was I here for. I was half-naked, and Ömer was just standing there with his penis out. What if Öykü had seen us like that. I had to treat Ömer harder; we almost got caught because of him. He grabbed me by the cheeks with both hands, and kissed me, after I was giving him a hard look. I took my t-shirt from the side, put it on, and I immediately ran to my room and changed.

Dinner was spent chatting with Öykü. We were watching a show on TV together. Ömer also participated in the conversations; Lefkoşa Escort he was acting calm. Everything was normal. I had to go to bed early because of work the next day. First, I went to Öykü’s room and said goodnight. Then I went into Ömer’s room. When he saw me, he dropped the phone in his hand and hugged me and kissed me. “I’ll talk to you later,” I said.

The next day was a very positive day at my workplace. Seher said to me, “Oooh, I think you had a good weekend, I think your face is shining.” She teased me and I pinched her.

In the afternoon, our boss, Mr.Necdet, came to me. “You didn’t forget the coffee you promised me, did you?” he asked.

“Of course, whenever you want.”

“Well, then let’s go.”

I got ready between Seher’s squinting eyes and left the office to meet him. Meanwhile, Seher was grinning, too. Again, we came to a very nice and decent cafe. He held out my chair like a gentleman, and had me sit down first. He leaned towards the table as the conversation passed by talking about work, life and marriages.

“Due to the sincerity between us, I will call you by your name when we are alone. Please call me Ümit now. Yasemin, you know me a little more, I am an honest person. I’ll get straight to the point. I’ve known you for a long time. I’ve been watching you carefully. You are a true lady. I am very impressed with your behavior, morality and humanity. I like you very much and I am serious about it, I want to marry you,” he said.

I left the dessert fork in my hand on my plate.

“You are a very nice person and a gentleman, I am honored that you think of me that way. I am a mother above all else. I have to be very careful when making such decisions. Every woman is impressed by you, they want to be with you, but I have my priorities.” I wanted him to know that I didn’t jump headlong into anything. Mr. Ümit was a golden prize. I was thinking that he was serious; about him approaching me lately. Why not? How many times would such an offer come at my age?

“I don’t want you to say no to me right away. Think about my offer. Your children and you will be my new family. I will not separate them from my own children. I will do whatever it takes. You can be sure that I will give you the love and value you deserve. It will be whatever you want. If you accept it.”

“Ümit, thank you. You have shown me how much you value me. I ask you to give me a few days, anyway. I will talk to the children and try to persuade them, and get their approval,” I smiled. He understood that I had accepted. I officially gave consent to the man. It was for the future of both me and the children. He held my hand. We got up from the table together. He dropped me off at my house again. He kissed my hand gently before getting out of the car. How would Girne Escort the situation be with Ömer and Öykü when I got home?

After dinner, I called both of them to the living room and explained the situation. I told them both that I had made such a decision for the future of all of us. We talked about everything. For Öykü, she seemed to agree with me, and was even happy for me, for us. As for Ömer, he was not very pleased. They both retired to their rooms, and as soon as I finished my work in the kitchen, I headed to Ömer’s room.

I knocked on the door and went in. I said, “Son, if you’re available, let’s talk a bit.”

“Where did this marriage thing come from?” he asked.

Good days are coming for us. I told him that I was tired of working, but that if I got married, we would live very comfortably, we would not need money, and he would have everything he wanted. I stated that we could not live on the money his father sent.

He said, “You’ve already made your decision,” and lay down on his bed and turned to face away from me.

I had to change his mind. I left his room and checked Öykü.

She said, “I have an exam tomorrow. I’m going to sleep early, mom.” I went to her bed and kissed her hair.

After lingering in my room for a while, I took a shower. It was past midnight. There was nothing but the light coming from under the door of Ömer’s room, and the sound of the TV. Öykü was sleeping, too. I had to try for all of us.

When I opened the door and walked in with my bathrobe, Ömer was sitting on the sofa in his room. It was obvious that he was still angry with me. He was staring back at me. I locked the door. I slid my robe down my shoulders and I was naked in front of him. His eyes were looking at me, from my breasts to my vagina. I walked slowly to the front of the chair and stood between his legs. His angry gaze was replaced by rut. He took a puff from his cigarette. I saw that his penis was erect in his shorts. I fell onto my knees, and started to caress his penis with my hands.

“Is my man jealous of me?” He was staring at me without making a sound. I bent my head and started licking his penis with my tongue. “How can a sixty-year-old man satisfy me, you’ll fuck me whenever you want.” I took it in my mouth and started sucking.

He was stroking my head with his hands, pressing against his penis. “I’m going to take his money and fuck his wife, like I did to my father.”

“Yes, darling,” I said, and continued licking.

He was holding my head, pumping it faster and lifting it up. Before I could say anything, he emptied into my mouth. Even though I felt a little nauseous, I lifted my head and swallowed it all. I cleaned my mouth with my arm and stood up. Ömer was up, too.

“Don’t go,” he said. We were standing together in the middle of the room. After hugging for a minute, Ömer said, “Okay, you can get married, but remember, I’m your real husband. You can’t say no to me.”

I put on my robe and hugged him. “Don’t make me forget it then,” I said. I kissed him and left the room. Some things are going right in my life.

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