Dinner Out – An Enhancement

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Dinner Out at Pomegranates

I lived with my wife May in Greater London for many years. I worked in the City. For those not resident in the UK that is a particular reference to the financial district. Think Wall Street not main street. May had some unique sexual gifts. I have been researching these for years. It had figured in my early interest in here. She could become incredibly wet and willing under the right circumstances and as she approached orgasm, she could come many times creating an enjoyable flood followed by the wonderful contraction of her sex muscles that squeezed the life out of me in a great way.

The question was always how to get her here into this state. I knew how to find it regularly during our years in college. I practiced as often as she let me. It simply turned up in most of our sexual encounters. Orgasms did not come easy to May, but she had them regularly. It was about getting it all right. Duration mattered and so did invention. I used to think about different patterns in my mind in terms of physical movements that I could replicate and vary.

She loved receiving oral sex. Not a big fan of always using her words she simply pushed my head between her legs after she quickly had become bored with other preliminaries. I myself enjoyed all form of preliminaries. May had crushed me in college when she admitted that her breasts were very ticklish. Best to avoid she said. She had a fine pair. In her youth a solid 36 C that expanded somewhat after childbirth. She really excelled at finding ways to show them off and did so regularly. They were a wonderful pear-shaped set.

Pomegranates was a unique sort of restaurant in London. It was on the banks of the Thames River in Pimlico. Nearby was a place called Dolphin’s Square where a number of parliamentarians kept a city residence. Pomegranates was known as a place where MPs took their girlfriends for dinner before a good quality knocking. A British expression for intercourse. A very discreet place. The restaurant had an authentic 1970s look and an incredibly unique menu. The table was yours for the night and its owner was generous with his time as well. All his patrons were important to him. We went there for the food and wine to set the mood. While not important people we at least could afford to eat there.

I went to dinner knowing that istanbul escort there was a high probability that May would become the woman every man wanted to date and in fact many did audition for my leading role earlier in her life. We would spend two to three hours at the Restaurant between opening drinks and dessert. The mood was set by the wine. May set the mood in other important ways. She really did know how to show off her breasts. I also never minded stockings with lines. Not sure what it was about those lines?

She was always slightly ahead of her time and would remove a jacket that revealed a sheer shirt that exposed her full breasts. Nipples on full display. I really liked nipples. Sort of a fine appetizer. Hers were subtle. They were not large but sufficient to interest any man who had ever lived. They certainly caught my attention. They swelled brilliantly as she approached orgasm. A gave away. Mae disliked giveaways. She wanted to preserve the right to pretend that she had not had an orgasm. I would have to try harder next time!

At a normal restaurant you might sit opposite your partner but at this restaurant there were many tables designed to put a couple in an intimate position next to each other. I had on occasion discreetly played with the folds of her pussy. I was not looking to penetrate her. Just to arose her. We would have visitors from other tables from time to time drop by to say hello. Folks we had seen there before at the Restaurant. I had always wanted to watch May get laid by other men. She was often such a mystery to me sexually that not only would this turn me on I thought I might actually learn something. If we were going to meet some people this seemed to be the place. Club Med was also good for this in the 1980’s in Asia and Africa.

We never went in that direction. May’s sexual resume was vast as she described it to me at something we called “question time” but she left it all behind for me. I got the benefit of the experiences, skills and her revelations during “question time.” May compartmentalized sex. She would perform a variety of advanced maneuvers while giving me oral sex that they rarely taught in high school. The experience was insufficient alone in high school to acquire such skill. You needed more time to observe the male response kadıköy escort function. May had a lot of opportunities for such observation. In order to help me climax she added “question time.” I could ask her anything and she would answer.” This questions themselves are a story for another day. May was a major league babe. She was extremely pretty in a tightly wrapped package. She had a way of touching me to let me know that I was not only going to get some later but that it would be memorable.

Conversations were always varying at dinner. Normally about travel, past vacations, things we could do again. Events in the news. This was not a restaurant to discuss our children. We could do that quite comfortably at home or at the local coffee shop.

I was never a major drinker. We lived a short drive away and I never consumed more than one glass of wine. Always a legal driver! I had long ago realized that wine could enhance a relationship if it is the right vintage and quantity. If she had too much to drink, there was the risk that she would tell me exactly what she thought of me. We did not want to go in that direction. She could for example tell me that she wished my balls were larger, how she liked being completely consumed by the full package from behind. Things that I had no hope of changing. The right quantity of wine was everything. I wanted her to be happy, relaxed and able to willingly participate in all the good things we could do together. I wanted to be at peak performance. I was a weightlifter who knew a little about conditioning and peak performance.

Bringing May to orgasm was a function of desire, relaxation and time (energy) expended. That had never changed from college. Why should it? Pomegranates took care of the first two items on our list. I was always willing to add the third element(s). In our youth it would generally require several attempts to get to the promised land but over time I did learn how to improve the odds. I could also last much longer. It is an acquired skill.

May orgasmed easiest and almost exclusively on her back as her preferred position. I loved watching her breasts bounce which is really something you can only truly enjoy with natural breasts. She was so beautiful that looking at her was not a chore. She was never a big kağıthane escort fan of riding me but after an evening at Pomegranates she would turn around in the bed and invite me to give her oral sex from behind.

No area could be left unexplored. She liked anal stimulation most of all. You just could not go there on a normal school night. You had to be invited. She would simply keep coming, multiple times but also disconnected from orgasm. She told me that in her earlier life men just assumed she had orgasmed because of her liquid performance but if you were lucky enough to share an orgasm with her you could not miss her vaginal contractions, and oh yes-she was not shy about letting people know that she had arrived. Most just never figured it out.

She said that she had a perfect pussy for being a call girl if she had decided to go into that line of work. Always incredibly interesting to her partner but she could just as well be mentally working on a diner menu and her companion would never know the difference. May did not have what I would call a complex pussy. This was a phrase I coined as an undergraduate. I had observed from time to time that women with more external folds in the nether regions seemed to be more sensitive. Just an observation. Wish I had more subjects back in the day. May ‘s pussy had clean non complex folds. No real external folds. You had to gently part her lips which is great advice for anyone to get higher on the sensitivity scale.

After 20 minutes of oral sex upon I would penetrate her from behind. All she would say is come inside me and I would penetrate her. Simple direct instruction. She was built to be tapped from behind. She knew this to be an empirical fact. Every man she had ever been with had tried to turn her around. She viewed her ass as her best feature. Who was I to disagree? Of course, I myself always said it was her face. No wonder I won her as the prize. From time to time I would actually succeed in giving her an orgasm from behind. She did not want to freely admit it for her own fiendish reasons, but you can’t hide those type of vaginal contractions. Normally we would turn her back over to finish her off. She was not shy about the transition either. Like I said she was not quiet when she got there but she was very self-conscious.

As for me it was rare that I could receive oral sex and penetrate her on the same night. Oral sex had become a tool of pacification. A way to happily send me on my way to sleep and to work the next morning. Dinner at Pomegranates had different rules. It seems I could have the best of all worlds. I really miss dinners there.

Morris (Moe) Samuel

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