Educating Charlie

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Big Tits

Author’s note: This story continues on from my previous series ‘A Casual Game Of Strip Poker’. Enjoy.

Weeks passed and the game slowly faded in Jake’s memory. He still couldn’t believe it had happened. He hadn’t heard of any of the other contestants that evening, which aided his growing puzzlement of events that strange night.

Jake felt like a new man in the wake of whatever had taken place though. He felt confident around women now and had even been active on dating websites. He felt liberated and just wanted to have fun rather than be paralysed by some unfounded fear of the opposite sex.

This revolution had also culminated in a wondrous one-night stand with a black goddess named Kylie and proved to Jake that his new way of thinking offered the right rewards. A little under a couple of hours after the new Jake started talking to her, the girl was almost naked in his living room in just her thong as he worshipped her delightful black auroles and nipples. The rest of the evening had been, as they say, passionate. In fact he still had the claw marks to prove it.

This evening Jake had a slightly different date on the cards as Steve had finally been in touch and suggested a pint in an old local. Jake had dived in early to get a seat for the football and pondered the past few weeks in the quiet moments before his friend arrived. He was having a ball and he wanted it to continue.

Steve finally turned up and was late in his usual laid back style. The two talked “men” stuff for a while as they generally caught up, but the subject of the ‘poker game’ was always on the horizon. Eventually Jake asked how Liz and Charlie were.

“Good man. Liz especially,” Steve replied winking. “Me and her are kind of, how would you say… fuck buddies!” he added quietly.

Steve went on to explain how Liz had basically started just walking in on him in either the shower or when he was in bed. They had just about kept it a secret from Charlie but he was loving every second of it. Jake then told Steve about his activities since that evening, and they both concluded that it had been a great adventure with a little toast of their pints.

Eventually the football finished and Jake and Steve went their separate ways. Before they departed they made more concrete plans to meet up. Steve told him to come by that Saturday, watch the football, get some takeaway and catch up with the girls. Finally Steve asked about Amy.

“Ain’t seen her mate, and don’t intend to.” Jake replied with conviction. Amy was the only one from that night he wanted to stay away from.

Saturday soon came and Jake turned up at the infamous flat around 5pm. On his way from the lift he walked past Steph’s door and thought about knocking. Then he thought better of it. Let things lie and see what happens, he thought.

At the flat Steve let him in and they parked in front of the TV. Liz suddenly appeared and gave him a massive hug from behind.

“JAKEEEE.” she yelled, “Where have you been, and what’s with all the clothes?”

“Joke.” she finished, laughing.

She explained she was going out for a quick bite to eat with a friend, but would be back in a few hours. Jake had almost forgotten how beautiful she was and glanced at Steve, who simply stared at the TV with a smug smile on his face. Lucky guy, thought Jake, although he also suspected Steve read something more into the relationship than the Liz he knew.

The boys drank, watched the football and smoked some fine green, as was Steve’s style. Jake was thoroughly enjoying himself when the suggestion of food was raised, a pizza was ordered and then they were eating. The evening was flying by and it was great to be back in touch with these guys.

When Steve and Jake were suitably fed, half-drunk and stoned, Liz reappeared after her evening out. She came in and tutted at the clouds of smoke and the general mess of dishes, bottles and takeaway boxes.

“You guys are slobs,” she joked.

Jake took the opportunity to gawp at her arse as she went around tidying up and remembered what it looked like naked. A little smile rose on his face and he shut his eyes thinking of her small white butt-cheeks.

“Oh, sleeping beauty,” shouted Liz in his face. “shall I take that?” Pointing at his empty bottle.

He opened his eyes, nodded ‘no’ and jumped up to follow her sweet little tush into the kitchen to get another beer. Steve motioned off to the toilet and Liz moved around him and started to wash things up. When walking back to the yalova escort sofa Jake sensed a blur of movement but waited to sit back down before checking out whatever fuss Liz was involved in. When he looked back she simply had her back to him and was over the sink. Jake did a double-take and rubbed his bleary eyes. There was a slight difference, he thought. Was she now topless?!

Jake lifted himself from his seated position onto his knees to get a better look. He marvelled at the sensual sight before him. Liz was wearing a plastic apron and gloves, but little else!

He took in the curve of her back covered only by the ribbon strap of the apron. He voyeuristically moved down and saw the delicious naked arse from several weeks earlier. Jake heard the flush of the toilet and he chose to return to the sofa properly as Steve came into view.

About twenty minutes later Jake could still hear Liz washing up and the thought of her almost naked was driving him mad. He heard her pour the washing water away finally and the feminine beauty joined him and Steve as she sat in the room’s armchair in nothing but her apron. Steve finally noticed but surprisingly was unaffected by her current appearance. Jake meanwhile was affected and had a great sideways view of her half-naked form. He realised she was talking to him.

“Don’t worry Jake, me and Steve like to be naked in the flat when Charlie’s away. You should join us.”

In his peripheral vision Jake could now see Steve getting undressed.

“Bloody hell, Liz,” replied Jake. “Have you two become nudists or something!?”

“I always was, Jake. Besides, I love how turned-on Steve gets after these little sessions and I was hoping for a little bit of fun after you go home later.” She said winking at him.

Steve was now naked as well and sat down continuing the assembly of another joint, which he had started prior to Liz’s entrance. Liz meanwhile stood and asked Jake to help with the knot at the back of the apron. He stood and she leaned her arse right into him whilst he undid it. Turning back to face him she presented that wonderful naked sight that he had been introduced to a month before. Her tight body looked as amazing at it had before on the dirty-blond haired girl. Her breasts were small, but perky and fitted her tight and tall body perfectly. Her pussy was still completely shaved and it was complemented by a slight womanly curve around her hips that defined her gender. The bottom line was she was stunning and not shy.

Jake sat back down with Liz staring at him, complemented by hands on her hips and a stern look. He got back up and thought what the hell?

He was quickly down to his boxers, and when he took them off Liz wolf-whistled at him. He was then allowed to sit down and the ever flexible Liz managed to jump in between the two naked guys on the sofa.

Hours passed and they sat, drank, smoked, talked whilst watching hours of crap tv. The concept of them being naked became normal and they all continued to enjoy their evening. At some point Jake did notice Liz’s hand rest on his thigh but he took it as part of her friendly personality. The hand would leave every now, but it always returned and always a little further up than before.

After about an hour of this Jake was starting to get turned on and wasn’t surprised when she rested her fingers on his balls. She glanced up at his eyes and then slowly she ran her fingertips over his penis a few times and got him hard. Jake nervously looked in Steve direction to see how he was reacting and saw his friend staring intensely at Liz’s hand whilst sporting a hard-on himself. Liz noticed this as well and took his cock with her other hand before starting to slowly wank the two men.

Lots of heavy breathing followed as he felt the delight of her small, thin hand stroke his cock for several minutes. She squeezed softly and felt him pulse in her hand, whilst proving adept at not allowing him to get close.

She whispered in his ear, “Jake, for fucks sake, please stroke my pussy.”

He reached for her thigh and slid his hand in-between. She spread her legs for him and he felt her soaked labia as he tentatively touched it for the first time. She gasped. He slowly slid his finger along her opening and watched her eyes shut and head fall backwards as she groaned. He simply touched her there for a few moments and felt his way around this new pussy. It felt so smooth and slick as he gently traced his index finger around edirne escort and found its moistness so inviting. He grew braver though and slid up to her clit, which was out and engorged. She squealed in delight as he first brushed over it.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she said to both herself and Jake.

He continued to brush lightly over it, teasing her, with her breathing becoming more ragged. He continued this for a few moments and her head was starting to sway uncontrollably as she was getting closer. She almost headbutted him and reached in for his ear and said, “Please Jake, harder!”

He pressed down on her clit with two fingers as hard as he dared and she screamed with her head shooting up and eyes bolting open. Jake started to stroke furiously and turned his body so he could also reach with his other hand. He then found her opening with two fingers of his other hand before sliding them in and reached for her g-spot. Lets make this woman cum, he thought. He continued to work the two areas and knew she was very close. Suddenly her back arched and she gripped his cock painfully hard. She let out some sound with all her lungs and Jake knew the other flats must be hearing everything.

When she calmed down she let go of the men and reached over and kissed Jake on the lips. Liz then slowly and slightly gingerly slipped to the floor and crawled between Jake’s legs, kissing the inside of his thighs. Jake knew what was coming and felt tingles shoot up his body. She slowly moved onto just her knees and licked and kissed his balls. He felt the slightly rough and dry texture of her tongue across him. Liz then took one of his balls in her mouth and started to almost suck on it. Jake had never had this done before and although it was slightly strange it wasn’t in anyway unpleasurable. Whilst doing this she slowly put her hand around his penis and started to gently stroke once more. Liz was then able to lick under his sack and licked so far down that Jake actually thought she was going to try and lick him behind. She moved away though and simply took his penis in her mouth and started rhythmically go up and down.

This went on for some time and Jake was determined to enjoy it for as long as possible without cumming. He was in heaven as he felt her moist lips slide again and again over the bulb of his cock and down most of its length. In doing this she would twirl her tongue around him and he also delighted in the occasional accidental but gentle grind of a few of her teeth against his manhood. Jake opened his eyes as for a second as he wondered what Steve was up to. His friend was sat watching and gently stroking himself.

Jake closed his eyes again and felt like everything was all right with the world when suddenly Liz vibrated and moaned. His cock then popped out of her mouth and Jake looked quickly to see what was wrong. He saw that Steve had positioned himself behind her and had obviously taken advantage of the position. Liz moaned playfully, “Hey, try and warn me next time.”

She took Jake back in her mouth and returned to sucking him, but he could now feel her being thrust into by Steve. Jake didn’t mind though and it added to the experience. He knew his own education was expanding and that he was now properly involved in his first real menage-a-trois.

Soon enough though it was all too much for Jake and he felt his balls start to tighten. Liz had started to stroke him tightly with her hand as well as her mouth and the pleasure was too much. His arse involuntarily lifted off the sofa and the first spurt went down her throat as his balls touched her chin. This continued for several long seconds and he was left shaking before falling back to the couch. Rather impressively Liz swallowed almost everything as Steve continued to slide into her from behind.

Once Jake was done though her face fell onto his thigh and she started to groan slowly. Sadly she didn’t get far as Steve suddenly pulled out and wanked himself quickly and spent across her bum and back. Jake had a great view of this and although he thought it slightly selfish of Steve, it was a deeply erotic sight.

They all lay in an exhausted heap across the living room but all looked at each other and smiled. Liz bounced to her feet first and pondered the two exhausted men. “You’ll need to do a lot more than that to wear me out,” she said smiling before walking off to her bedroom. Slowly but surely both Jake and Steve followed, shutting the door behind them.

After a few erzurum escort hours of fun and pleasure the three had fallen asleep together naked in Liz’s bed.

Jake had woken at some ungodly hour and the copious amounts of drink and sex left he in desperate need of the toilet. He got up quietly and stumbled through the dark flat to the loo. When returning he noticed a small red flash in the living room and the smell of smoke wafting through. Wanting to investigate, he allowed his eyes adjust to the light and looked in to see who it was. “Fancy joining me?” came the feminine tones of Liz and Jake could just make out her naked form on the sofa.

Jake sat next to her and asked what she was up to and she replied how she couldn’t sleep.

“I thought we’d finally worn you out!?”, he said, with a little wink.

“Never.” she quipped back.

They talked for a little bit and Jake helped her with the large joint she had made. Finally she asked about Amy.

“So, have you seen Amy since that night?” she said, almost uninterested.

“No, I’ve decided to go cold turkey.” replied Jake.

“It’s probably for the best, buddy. She’s a messed up chick.”

Liz went on to reveal that Amy had a wild and wicked background. Once, apparently, she had caught Amy in an S&M outfit with a middle age man in uni and another time she how they had gone to a strip club for a laugh with some male friends and Amy had more dances than the men put together. She offered some pop psychology as to why she was slightly messed up and told Jake about Amy’s strict upbringing and time at boarding school.

“I’m not even sure she’s straight.” she ended enigmatically, with a long drag of her spliff.

“What do you mean?” The last several months were starting to make a bit of sense now.

“Call it a hunch.”

The conversation drifted onto Charlie and Liz talked about how frustrating she sometimes found her. Jake tried to defend her but Liz wasn’t having any of it and suggested she needed a good fucking, if nothing else.

“Anyway, stop worrying about them. What about you?” She said and reached into his lap, taking hold of his limp cock, “Up for some more?”

Soon Jake was once again hard and speculated if he would need Viagra to hang with Liz in the future. Then they were kissing. Then she was climbing on across his lap. Then she was sliding down on him and suddenly then they were fucking again with the couch making that familiar creaking sound.

In this intimate moment Jake wondered for a moment what Liz’s back story was. Forget about Amy or Charlie, why was she the way she was? The thought quickly dissipated from his his head though as he felt her tight pussy clench against his cock and she whispered sweet somethings in his ear. This carried on for some time but eventually they found their way back to bed and Jake felt, for a second, a slight twinge of guilt that they had cheated on Steve.

The next morning Jake woke suddenly when he heard the door slam. He looked around for clues as to where he was, when he heard Charlie shout from outside the room, “Hey guys, I got back early.” Suddenly a tonne of memories flooded back into his head and a blurry, naked Liz was moving quickly in front of him and putting on a dressing gown. He noticed her leave and heard her talking to Charlie outside.

Jake turned and glanced at Steve, who looked back him concerned.

“What the fuck shall we do?” Asked Jake.

“Sweat it out in here, I reckon.” Replied Steve.

Jake got up and glanced through the crack in the door and saw the girls talking. Charlie walked off and Liz glanced back almost knowing he would be there. She picked up his clothes off the floor that luckily Charlie hadn’t noticed and ran quickly back to the room. Once inside she told him to make a run for it and he scooted quickly for the front door naked but carrying his clothes. He had his hand on the front door handle when he heard a shriek behind him and knew instantly he’d been caught. He closed his eyes, covered his manhood and turned to face Charlie’s disappointed face.

A few minutes later they were sat around the table with Liz and Steve. The three of them felt like naughty children but Jake also knew they were playing with Charlie’s emotions. Charlie tried to play it cool though and said they were all free to do what they want, but Jake could tell she was upset. Eventually everything came out including what she missed when she passed out during the poker game, and the events of the night before (although Liz left out her and Jake’s private rendezvous). The conversation ended when Liz stupidly half-joked about her joining us and Charlie became terse in conversation and left, muttering something about having a busy day. Jake could feel his hangover kicking in and felt shitty in more ways than one. It was time to leave.

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