Elizabeth Ch. 05: Striking Back

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The breeze tickled Elizabeth, billowing her skirt. She tamped it down; yet the air cooled her vertical smile and bottom. Sweat beaded her brow. She was afire with determination for revenge.? She was wearing a sheer pastel yellow sundress, and carried a small purse on her back. She walked into Darcie’s backyard, where a friend was gardening. She waved to Vince, sitting on the deck playing with his phone. He didn’t look up.? She walked over to where Darcie was spreading black mulch around her geraniums. She was covered in sweat, and black dirt stained her white tank top, coating her thighs, chest, and arms. “Hey stranger!” Darcie called out as Elizabeth approached, sitting back on her haunches. Elizabeth stood with her head silhouetted by the sun; to Darcie, her face was black, and her strawberry blonde hair was a fire in the afternoon rays.?

“Hey Darcie, I just wanted to come by and see you. I feel like I’ve been figuring a lot of things out lately, and solving some mysteries in my life.” She smiled a wide, crocodile smile. ?Darcie surveyed Elizabeth, and was shocked to see how sheer her dress was; her breasts were prominent, the aureolas visible through the sheer fabric. She looked up at Elizabeth’s face again.?Elizabeth crouched down and picked up a handful of mulch, sifting it through her fingers. Her skirt rode up to her mid thighs, and Darcie’s jaw dropped as she looked right into Elizabeth’s shaved pussy.?”Oh my God, Elizabeth, what’s going on with you?”

?”Oh you know, I think you might’ve turned me onto something really great.” Elizabeth drew her skirt further up casino siteleri her thighs, bringing her fingers toward her inner thighs and crotch. Darcie nearly fell over.?”Vince is right up there!” Darcie hissed, the words erupting from her throat as her body clenched.?

Elizabeth toyed with a lock of her hair and giggled. “We could be more discrete if you’d take me upstairs.” She stood up and released the first button securing her sundress, exposing more of her ample, glistening bosom. ?Darcie jumped up, brushed herself off, and quickly strode to the deck stairs with Elizabeth trailing behind her. Elizabeth waved again at Vincent, who gave her a wink and a smile this time.?”Hey babe,” Darcie said, “I’m gonna take Elizabeth upstairs and show her my new face scrub; I think she might like it.”?

Vince waved them on, and they entered the house. Darcie took her by the hand and pulled her up the stairs so quickly she nearly sprawled across the landing. They reached the master bedroom, and Darcie slammed and locked the door, pushing Elizabeth against it. Darcie put her mouth on hers in seconds, her hands on her neck, her thighs wrapping Elizabeth’s knee. “You bitch, you don’t know what you’re doing to me.”?

Elizabeth grasped Darcie’s shoulders and spun the smaller woman round, pushing her up against the door. She drew her hand slowly down Darcie’s neck and back, as Darcie hyperventilated. Elizabeth nimbly unbuttoned Darcie’s shorts, then brusquely depantsed her and grasped Darcie’s black thong-covered crotch, squeezing hard. Darcie’s eyes open wide.?Elizabeth canlı casino whispered into Darcie’s ear: “If you think you’re going to fuck me right now, covered in grime and grease, so I can go home filthy, you’ve got another thing coming. Get your ass in the shower.” Elizabeth released Darcie and stepped back. ?

Darcie turned around slowly, intimidated and very aroused. “I don’t know who you are anymore!” Darcie pulled her tank top over her head, tossing it into the corner; her soft white breasts were a stark contrast to her tanned face and legs. She kept her eyes on Elizabeth as she slowly brought her thong to the floor, stepping out of it. She walked to the shower stall and parted the curtain. ?The hot sluice of water stung her; Darcie found the soap and began scrubbing dirt off her body. She slowed and stopped as the curtain opened; Elizabeth leered at Darcie’s nude, wet figure. Elizabeth tilted her head to one side and began undoing the remaining buttons of her sundress, all the way to her mid-thigh. Darcie gaped at the revelation of Elizabeth’s beautiful, full breasts, which fell gently against her ribs and abdomen.?The sides of her dress draped open like the curtains, and Darcie regraded Elizabeth’s firm belly, the swell of her hips, and newly bald snatch. She was riveted.?

“Turn off the water and get dry, I’ve got a surprise for you,” Elizabeth ordered. ?Darcie complied, taking a nearby towel. Elizabeth shrugged off her sundress and stepped back to the bathtub, retrieving a small package from her purse. Elizabeth stepped over to Darcie and kissed her hard, kaçak casino parting her lips and sending shivers through her body. Darcie went limp and dropped her towel to the floor, surrendering herself utterly. Elizabeth clasped her hand and drew it toward herself, breaking the kiss. She moved backward, and Darcie heard a metallic “click!” ?Darcie was dimly aware of what was transpiring. Elizabeth had handcuffed her, and was quickly securing the other manacle to the shower’s support bar. “What are you doing?” ?Elizabeth lightly stroked Darcie’s breast with her fingertips, then roughly pinched her nipple. Darcie winced in pain, and gasped. Elizabeth laughed, and quickly snapped Darcie’s other hand into a second pair of handcuffs, securing it to the faucet and stretching Darcie across the shower stall. attached to the shower door.?”What are you going to do to me?” Darcie entreated, far more sincere and less coquettish than she’d been minutes before.?

Elizabeth sat down on the side of the bathtub and spread her legs, tracing her pussy as Darcie ogled. “Nothing, Darcie, absolutely nothing.”?

Darcie was inflamed and afraid; she bit her lip and lolled her head, feeling her shackles acutely. Then she heard the “pop” of the bedroom door lock spring, and then the door open. Terror replaced her lust as a smiling Vince walked in, pulling his knit shirt over his head and off.

?Darcy almost fainted, her skin blushing crimson beneath her tan. “Oh my God, Vince, this … isn’t what it looks like.”?

Vincent walked over to Elizabeth, running a hand through her golden red hair. Elizabeth smiled at Darcie. “I think it’s time that you get a taste of your own medicine.” ?Elizabeth traced a finger down Vincent’s abdomen, from his navel to his waistband. She yanked him toward her and unbuckled his belt, licking her lips.

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