Executive Relives Her College Days

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I’ve never told anybody what I’m sharing here. Thank goodness for Literotica. You can bare your soul and release the pressure build-up, anonymously.

Happily married women shouldn’t do what I’m doing. My friends and family would never believe what I’m about to tell you. I dread if they ever find but I can’t stop. My addiction is picking up young college male students for sex when I travel out of town for business. It’s not kinky sex, thank God, but it’s something I feel shame around after every erotic episode.

Let me describe myself. I’m a forty-year-old woman. All my life, people have said I was beautiful. Men hit on me often, good looking men of the alpha type. I always turn them down, at least in my home city, because I’m happily married with two great kids, a boy twelve and a girl ten. My husband is a handsome, great guy. Our sex life it about as good as it can be for two people married fifteen years. He is not the reason I have this obsession to bed younger men, even boyish but legal ones.

Sorry, back to my description. They say I don’t look my age. I have a daily routine of the finest beauty creams, not just for my face but all over. My skin is blemish free. My naturally blonde hair used to be short in an executive woman’s style but now I’ve let it grow down to my shoulders like I used to wear it in my university days. Keeping fit with yoga and jogging has my figure as slim as when I was in my twenties. My breasts are small, a 34B cup. That has help keep them perky, but I have noticed just a hint of a droop that I’m sure nobody else would notice. I didn’t breastfeed my children, so my breasts would stay nice. My mother insisted that formula milk was better for a baby. That’s what I had been given. My height is five feet ten, tall for a woman.

My addiction started about a year ago. I was approaching the dreaded age number, forty. It stuck me that was middle age, no denying it. I couldn’t just grow old gracefully. The fight was on.

The next business trip took me to my old university, Penn State. I took an extra couple of days to wonder the campus. I went to a bar that was my old stomping ground. It took me back to my youthful, care-free, fun days. A good looking student, a junior in B.Comm, tried to pick me up. He was sweet but being the good, faithful wife, I said no, and we just had a nice chat. Later in my hotel room, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I got so horny that I had to relieve myself by masturbating. It was the first time in years. The whole idea of fucking him rocked my boat. I made a pack with myself to go back to the bar the next night and if he was there, I’d do the dirty deed.

I woke up the next morning, horny and thinking obsessively about going back there that evening. All of my clothes were business or grown up casual. I’d stand out like a sore thumb with any of it. So, I went out and bought a short plaid, pleated skirt and tight white tank top, the kind with string top, bare shouldered and some cleavage showing. I must say, I looked delicious in the change room mirror. It was great fun finding the perfect sexy panties. I finally decided on a cute pink silk one with a big red heart just above my girlie parts. Any guy that saw them would get a testosterone surge.

My plan was to say I was an MBA student just transferring in from another university.

After shopping and a nice healthy vegan lunch, I went off to a spa salon and had a mani-pedi. The nail colors I chose were not too outrageous, but they were certainly younger types than I’d normally wear. I decided not to get my hair done. Students have a casual look and that was what I was looking for, hot-casual and very fuckable. I’d never felt that young and alive in years.

I laid down for a hour before getting ready but couldn’t sleep. Room service brought up a light salad which was nice. Around seven, I showered and shaved my pussy. I suspected young men like bald pussies. I dressed in my new university coed clothes. It made me so horny as I put on the sexy panties and short skirt. I toyed with the idea of going braless but when I tried on the tank top without one, my hard nipples stuck out like headlights. I had bought a nice pink bra with deep cleavage to go with the tank top. When I put it on, my diamond hard nipples were still visible but less so.

My breathing was heavy, and my heart was racing as I took a taxi over to the bar. I was certainly a bitch in heat when I walked into that loud crowded place around nine o’clock. This was Saturday night, much busier than the previous night. I walk through the mass of people looking for my student friend from the last night but couldn’t see him. Damn, I thought to myself, I should have gotten his cell number. But there were lots of horny guys here that would fit my needs. The music was loud, and the sounds of laughter were ringing the off the walls. It was just like I remembered in my student days.

I saw a young girl by herself at the bar. She was attractive in a slutty but intellectual way. Her sexy outfit made it obvious she didn’t want to leave the bar alone. I knew it was always adana escort best for girls to be in pairs in bars. I went over and ordered a beer across the bar. She and almost everyone else was drinking beer. I leaned to her, so she could hear me over the loud noise and shouted, “Hi my name’s Susan. I’m new here. Why don’t we hang together? I’m looking to meet a guy.”

She smiled and replied, “Sure Sue, let’s pair up for the hunt.”

She let out a big laugh with that and then continued, “My name’s, Becka.” We clinked our beer cans and smiled like two cunning women who knew what they were doing.

Soon two big, burly, football scholarship-types came over to hit on us, already half drunk and very loud. Becka and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. We told them to move on. I wanted sex but without bruising.

After a while, Becka told me to look over and check out a couple of guys that were sitting at a table by the wall with two empty chairs. They were clean cut and good looking young men that were talking earnestly with each other and less interested in the party than most.

She shouted, “What do you think?”

They looked very fuckable. I shouted back, “Looks good to me.”

“Okay,” she continued, “But, I get the one with the blonde hair. He looks like he’s the better fuck.”

Wow, I thought, girls are a lot more aggressive around sex than in my day. But I was up for some raunchy sex too.

In the spirit of the game I said, “No, I think mine will be a better fuck.” We both laughed until my side hurt.

Becka said, “Watch this.” She walked over and said something to them that I couldn’t hear. They were too far away. But she waved me to come over and sat beside the blonde. My god, how brazen she was.

As I walked over the dark-haired lad, looked me up and down. It gave my heart a flutter to have him eat up my body knowing that we would very likely be fucking soon. I sat beside him, and he leaned in and shook my hand while saying, “My name’s Greg. Super to meet you.”

I gave him the biggest smile I could muster and replied, “I’m Susan but call me Sue.”

He introduced his buddy and we made small talk. He was a junior in engineering from the mid-west. He was a very sweet boy and a little shy. When he didn’t make a move on me I said, “Greg, I left my sweater at home. Do you mind if I snuggle into you and you put your arm over my shoulder to keep me warm?”

“Sure.” he said and put his arm over my shoulder.

I snuggled in and gave him a little kiss on his cheek in appreciation. My goodness his skin was so soft, I wondered if he even had to shave he was so young. I slipped my hand onto his thigh and gave it a light squeeze.

I looked up into his eyes and said, “Gee, you make a girl feel so feminine. You are quite a man.”

That ego stroking emboldened him and he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. Our lips locked. It was so different than my husband’s kisses. That made it so erotic. I was tempted to move my hand to up his thigh to caress his cock but thought that would be too forward.

Our lips parted, and I said, “Wow Greg, you’re such a good kisser. Wow.” A big shit-ass grin came onto his face with the compliment. It’s best to make a man and especially a young man, feel virile. I’ve found it helps with the fucking later.

I looked over at the others and Becka had her tongue down the other boy’s throat. Good work, girl.

My pussy was starting to throb, I was so turned on with this male, testosterone-filled young man beside me. I needed more. So, I put my hand over Greg’s that was on the table and upturned my face for another kiss. When our lips met, I pulled his hand under the table to my bare thigh. I almost swooned when his hand touched my skin. I’m sure I sighed. I returned my hand to his leg. I still wanted to grope his crotch but wanted him to grab my pussy first. It was all ready and waiting with an open invitation for his hand. My hot pussy was just inches away from his student fingers.

We kept kissing and I was getting more frustrated when his hand stayed stubbornly in place. Fuck not wanting to look like a horny slut. I took his hand and moved it to my crotch. I almost came when that student’s new hand touched my girlie parts.

We stayed kissing for what seemed like forever. I cupped his balls and felt the length of his erection. It was a useful size. I’m sure Becka checked out her guy.

I whispered into his ear, “Do you have a place where we could go?”

He said, “Sure” and looked over at his buddy. “Sue and I are going to our dorm room, Phil.”

Becka immediately piped in, “We’re coming too.” She looked at me. “That’s okay with you Sue, right?”

Holy shit, I thought, my first adulterous fuck and I’ll have another couple in the room with me. But, I was too horny to say object. “Of course, Becka.”

We split the bill, and everyone paid for their own drinks. I could have easily paid the whole bill but that wasn’t in character. I was supposed to be a broke student like them. Greg eskişehir escort and I walked hand in hand like lovers. It was so sweet. He was a couple inches shorter than me. Becka and her beau walked ahead. He was groping her ass and she was loving it. Fortunately, their room was just a short walk. Neither of us said much on the way. Our minds were fantasizing about the fucking to come. At least mine was for sure.

Their dorm room was like the one I had in my student days. I was too prudish at the time to have sex in mine. The room smelled of old socks. It had some study desks, some random furniture and two normal sized beds about six feet apart.

Becka the horny girl, was on her man immediately. She kissed him standing up and then madly started stripping his clothes off. He unbuttoned hers with equal frenzy. Soon they were giggling on the top of the sheets in sexual abandon.

Greg was much slower. We kissed. It was very nice but it was apparent that he needed guidance. I wondered how many women he had been with. It was extremely erotic to be fucking a young guy and a relatively innocent one was doubly horny. When he didn’t make a move, I took his hands and moved them to my ass-cheeks. I unbuttoned two of his shirt buttons and ran my hand over his chest.

I gushed, “Oh Greg, you’re so strong. Please be gentle with me.”

This emboldened him to put his hands under my short skirt and massage my panty covered ass. It felt delicious. I needed to keep bolstering his manliness.

I moaned and whispered, “That feel so good. Your hands are amazing. I’ve never felt like this. I’ll do anything for you.”

He started fondling my breast through my top. We were still standing. Over on the other bed, I could see Becka sucking her man’s dick. What a horny sight. I’d seen porno blow jobs but never a live one. I needed to speed the action with Greg.

“Do you want me to undress Greg? He nodded and I stepped back, pulled the tank top over my head and off. Suddenly I realized that here I was a forty-year-old business executive in a dorm room stripping for a twenty-some-odd university student, I’d just met. But that didn’t stop me from reaching behind and undoing my bra and baring my breasts. I must admit I blushed as his hungry young eyes drilled into my chest.

“I hope you like them.” I said.

“Yes, they’re fantastic. Can I feel them?”

“Sure Greg but why don’t we get undressed and we can feel each other much better on the bed.” I’m thinking, my god this young man must be a virgin or something.

I stripped down to my sexy panties with the heart just above the camel-toe notch of my pussy. Part of my student-fucking fantasy was a vision of my young guy peeling my panties down my legs before mounting me for a lusty fuck.

Greg stripped quickly, and we climbed onto the sheets with me on the inside were I could see the other folks having sex looking over Greg’s shoulder.

Greg went immediately for my, now naked breasts like a kid with a new toy. He massaged them, tweaked them, weighed them and eventually sucked on them. Fuck that felt great. I reached down and cupped his hairy ball-sack.

“Sweet Jesus, Greg that feels so good.” I said truthfully.

It had become apparent that like an inexperienced lover, he was too shy to ask for anything.

I asked, “Is it okay if I suck your beautiful cock, Greg.” He mumbled a yes and I pushed him flat on his back and went down to his crotch with my legs beside his head. I love it when my husband plays with my pussy while I’m giving him head. I wanted to offer Greg that option. His cock was at half-mast and I licked the staff and sucked the head into my mouth. It became quickly granite hard. I looked up his body and could see his eyes were locked into my pussy. I spread my legs a bit to give him a better view, hoping he would reach out and stroke me. He didn’t take the bait. So, I helped.

“Do you want to touch my pussy baby?” He didn’t’ answer but a clumsy hand touched my sensitive private parts. His staff got even harder and twitched. I don’t want him to cum too quickly, so I backed off. I kissed his inner thigh as I simply held his stiff penis.

Soon his hands are starting some magic in my pussy. It was sopping wet from my arousal, and I could smell the familiar thick odor of my juices. Greg had two fingers in my vagina and moving them slowly in and out. I moaned my approval and ground my hips to his movements.

I said loudly, “That feel so good sweetie. You’re making me crazy. I’ll do anything for you sweetheart. Just name it. I can’t wait until you have this great cock of yours in my hot pussy.” It was certainly loud enough for all to hear. He didn’t make a move.

“Greg’s roommate shouts out, “For fuck sake Greg, fuck the horny woman. The fucking foreplay is over. It’s done.”

This set a fire under my guy. He got up on his knees as I shifted higher on the bed. He looked down at the crotch of my panties with a determined look in his eyes. Then I knew my fantasy of a young guy peeling down sakarya escort my panties before fucking me, was going to come true. He reached down and took the waistband and quickly stripped them down as I raised my ass off the bed to help. I then spread my knees to welcome him and reached up my hands to invite him. He fell on me and I reached under and pointed his weapon to my vagina opening. As he plunged into me, his weapon made my cunt feel full and totally stimulated. His cock was very different from my husband’s, much thicker and about as long. Once he had mounted me and was balls-deep inside, his total demeanor changed. He was like a young bull in total primal lust. His dick pounded and rammed into me with bottomless, youthful vigor. I was soon cumming and screaming for him to keep on fucking me as he drilled on and on. I’ll never forget holding his muscular ass with both hands as his butt-cheeks flexed with every thrust. I came over and over, one glorious orgasm after another. It was female sex heaven. Eventually, Greg gave out a big groan. I could feel his semen fill my love canal. He rolled off me and we were both stunned for several minutes as we lay beside each other.

Becka soon appeared beside the bed looking down at Greg. She looked into his eyes and said, “Phil says you told him you always wanted to try doggy-style. That’s my favorite position. Why don’t we go over to the other bed while Phil talks with my friend Sue. What do you say?”

Greg rolled off the bed, accepting the invitation. Phil was standing there with a hand towel cleaning his cock. He passed it to me as he laid down beside where Greg had been. I wiped my crotch as best I could of Greg’s cum, grateful to Phil for being thoughtful. We were facing each other on our sides. I was on the inside of the bed and over Phil’s shoulder, I could see Becka leading Greg by the hand to the other bed. She sure loves to fuck and wasn’t shy about her needs.

Phil said, “You are one sexy girl. Sorry for my friend Greg. He’s only had sex a couple of times and he’s still learning. He’s never been with a horny girl like you. But you looked like you were enjoying it when he went a bit sex crazy on you there.”

I smiled.

He went on. “I loved it when you grabbed his ass and begged for more fucking. That was all-star.”

I looked over his shoulder and saw Becka and Greg groping each other. It was an erotic sight that kicked in my libido. I looked down at Phil’s young, strong body from his hairless chest, to his yummy-looking limp penis. He looked good enough to eat. I nestled in closer, still not touching our bodies and placed my hand on his tight ass.

“Do we really have to be talking here?” I said.

He grinned knowingly and put his hand on my ass. He pulled my hips to meet his.

“Hmmm. I get the picture. Right, no more talking.”

I could feel his cock against my stomach getting hard. I massaged his ass cheek and pulled him in even tighter, so I could cross over his crack to get a handful of his other cheek. Fuck, I thought, young student ass feels so fucking nice. Phil pulled back to reach down to my breasts and cupped them and worked them amazingly.

I heard a grunt from the other bed and looked over. Becka was on all fours and Greg was moving into position to mount her from behind. The look of primal lust and determination on his face was inspiring. He was trying clumsily to insert his dick, grunting like a frustrated animal. Becka came to his rescue and reached under and guided him to her vagina. A look of pure pleasure crossed his face as he thrust into her center. He grabbed her hips and started fucking with lusty zeal.

I looked down at Phil’s cock and reached down to stroke it as I watched the action in the next bed. Becka’s tits were swinging lewdly with every thrust from her student lover. Her head and hair were swinging as she moaned loudly, showing her enjoyment at every thrust.

I needed some of that action and went on all fours. Phil got the message in a nanosecond and was immediately behind me, ready for action. I planted my face on the bed spreading my ass for his better access to my pussy.

In a deep, masculine voice he said, “Fuck, what a beautiful pussy and asshole. I love it.” I could feel his hand start to stroke my pussy lips. It was crazy-making. He ran two fingers down the split between the lips to my clit and twirled his index finger around the super sensitive nub. I groaned loudly. His other hand joined the action and his thumb touched my anus. I lifted my head in shock at the surprising intrusion, not that it didn’t feel good.

“Don’t worry, baby. I just want to feel around the outside of your sweet asshole.”

I rested my head back on the bed as a sign of acceptance. His massaging of my pussy and anus together was amazing. Soon I was panting with lust.

“Jesus Christ, Phil, fuck me. Your making me crazy.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” The egotistical fucker said.

He shifted closer and I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my love canal. Unlike his roommate he knew where the promised land was located. The mixture of my juices and Greg’s cum made his cock slide in easily. In a fog of lust, I looked over at Greg pounding away behind Becka with complete abandon in a sexual frenzy. Having cum with me, he was lasting much longer with Becka. This horny vision, upped my lust meter into the red zone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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