Experimenting with Those Close to You

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My girlfriend and I have been having sex together since we turned 18. It all started innocently when I was having spending time at her house and were reading magazines. We both had no mothers as mine had died when I was 7 in a car accident and my girlfriend’s mother just up and left when she was 10.

After discovering ourselves and having sex nearly everywhere imaginable, we were wondering on our new experience could happen. After discovering ourselves and having sex in every place that was possible, we thought about where we could have sex with her brothers. “What about my brothers? They are gay, totally and I heard them commenting on how just once they would like to have sex, just once, with me and someone else?” my girlfriend suggested as we were lying on my bed after massaging each other.

“Your brothers? Wow,” I commented.

“Stace, even though David is gay, he has always had the hots for you. Adam has seen me naked and I have made him cum and vice versa just by showing our bodies and fingering or using a vibrator in our asses.” Hannah said.

“I, er, I don’t know.” I replied turning away from her.

“Just think of this as a real life dildo. One that moves and actually cums. We can only do so much. We may be lesbians but that doesn’t stop us from having sex with the other sex,” Hannah tried to say. “It’s just the thought. We have the toys and everything and they are almost like the real thing but a real live one with a mind of its own.”

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Look, we aren’t going to go wham bam thankyou ma’am. I have said to them that we want it slow and they understand and want it slow. Its going to be a once off and we want to take our times.” Hannah explained.

“No pressure?” I asked.

“No pressure,” she replied, kissing my shoulders.

A week later we met up with David and Adam at their family’s holiday home, 2 hours away from town. David and Adam were already there and getting the place set up. “Hey.” They said as they came outside to greet us. They were wearing clothes and were as normal as anything.

Inside I was given a guided tour of the home and then Hannah and I freshened up.

“So…” Adam said.

“I think we should take it slow, something easy,” David suggested.

“Yeah, slowly ease into things,” Hannah agreed.

“Like what? Porn?” I asked.

“Sounds good,” Adam said.

“What do we want? I brought up all kinds, gay, lesbian, bi…you bursa escort name it, we got it,” David asked.

“Well when we start having sex, to get us in the mood we watch gay,” Hannah said.

“We do lesbian so what about group?” Adam suggested.

Putting on the DVD, Adam and David started to get in the mood. They removed their clothes and began to stroke their own dicks. Hannah started to do the same thing and finger her vagina. I was a little hesitant; I put my finger down my pants and started fingering. Eventually through time and with encouragement from Hannah, I slowly removed a piece of clothing. What I didn’t realise was that when I was in the moment; she removed as much clothing as she could.

By the end of the movie, 2 hours later, Adam and David were hot and sweaty and already licking each others cum. I didn’t look at their bodies as I was concentrating on Hannah due to the nervousness I was feeling.

“Stace, I think its time,” Hannah whispered holding my hand. Adam stood up in front of me and did nothing. “It’s ok, just touch it,” she said. Shaking my hand, she guided my hand onto Adam’s penis. Slowly I began to stroke it with Hannah removing her hand and me stroking it on my own. As I began to get more comfortable with the idea I gradually built up the pace. Adam just put his hands on my shoulders for support. From a 6 inch penis it went to erect to 8 inches and from 1 inch thick to 2 inches through my stroking.

“Go a bit harder,” Adam instructed me.

“Won’t it hurt?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he replied. The more I stroked my hands up and down the more excited he was getting. “Now slowly put your mouth over my dick,” Adam said.

“Ok,” I replied quietly. Nervously I did so, taking a bit in at a time. Once I took his whole 8 inch erect penis, he said to me to move my mouth around, going in circles.

“That is a blow job,” Hannah said watching me as she was stroking David hard and at a rapid pace.

“Dave, cum,” Adam said urgently, trying to hold it in until David was able to kneel down and suck the juices of his cum.

“We want you to take your time. It’s just like as if you were having Hannah’s but it’s from a penis,” David informed me as he was standing back up again, ready to cum into Hannah’s mouth. Watching them, I started doing the same to David.

After they came, Hannah and I sat on the couch next to each other, David and Adam spreading our legs çanakkale escort and kneeling in between them. Hannah and I turned our heads to face each other, kissing. Adam put his head between my thighs and started to lick the outline of my clitoris, David doing the same. I cringed and tightened everything up. “Just think of me as if I am doing it to you.” Hannah said then began to breathe deeply. Leaning my head back I did just that.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. Mmmmmm, this is so good.” I said. Adam used his fingers and opened me up more. Next his tongue was going in my vagina.

Hannah knew this was a weak spot for me. “Watch out,” she warned.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD. YES! YES! OH GOD YES! MORE! MORE!” I cried out. Adam just tongued my vagina even more and at a rapid pace.

“Cum for me. Cum for me now. I’m ready,” Adam urged. Not being able to hold out much longer I relaxed and let everything flow.

Hannah and David were just on the verge of cumming but they were having troubles. It was taking them a bit longer than first thought. I went on my knees and began licking Hannah’s nipples, Adam stroking David’s penis. When Hannah came, she put a hand on my back for support, Adam laying stomach down on the floor sucking up the cum.

“I’m cumming now people,” Adam said. I wasted no time in objecting and wrapped my mouth around his penis positioning myself kneeling on my knees, my hands pushing his butt cheeks in. “Oh yes,” he kept repeating over and over. I was devouring the juices from him. When it dried up, Hannah helped me up and held me saying she was proud of me.

“I think its time for the bedroom,” David said. David took Hannah’s hand and led her into the master bedroom, Adam doing the same to me.

In the bedroom, Hannah and I laid on our backs, Adam and David positioning themselves on top of us. Adam lowered himself down settling himself just past my ass and he slowly kissed my nipples, tenderly and softly going from one breast to the other. While he was kissing one breast, he was massaging the other breast. I let out gentle moans. I loved Hannah doing this to me but Adam was different. He did it just right. From my breasts he moved up to my lips and he kissed me with passion for quite some time.

Breaking from the kiss, Adam and I turned our heads and saw that David was leaning over to the side and reaching for a condom. “Pass one over will ya?” Adam asked. David started to pass it over didim escort but asked for a kiss from Adam before it was given. They kiss started passionately and Hannah and I were getting jealous so we started passionately.

“Oh god I need some cock,” Hannah moaned as she parted our kiss, her hand going down to her pussy to get feeling down there. David took her hand, laid her gently on the bed, Hannah raising her legs and spreading them wide for David. “You’ll be alright. I promise you,” Hannah assured me before she and David started their next phase.

Adam did the same to me but did not raise my legs. “Slowly I will go, ok?” Adam said. I watched as he slowly and carefully inserted his penis into my pussy. He went at a slow pace allowing me to feel what it felt like to have a penis inside me. Hannah was being rammed in by David and they were both cumming at the same time. “Fuck me now,” I ordered Adam. His thrusts picked up speed and his penis went in further and further.

Hannah was at my side kissing my cheek while David was jerking away.

“Ready?” Adam asked.

“Will you fucking do it?” I yelled at him.

In one great big thrust he was in. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh!” I cried.

“It’s ok hun, its alright,” Hannah repeated over and over. I was shaking like anything stroking me to calm down.

“MORE,” I said.

“In that case, it’s easier now if you have it doggy,” Hannah said.

I rolled over and went on my hands and knees. Hannah was sucking my breasts, David licking her pussy. Adam spread my legs and cheek asses apart and as I directed him he put his penis in my ass in one quick motion.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for me,” Adam said. With all that cum that I had been saving for, just flowed through my ass, David now licking my cum and fingering Hannah’s pussy.

Once Adam’s penis went soft again, we all caught our breaths. David then moved up the bed and then positioned himself so his penis was above my mouth. “Honey, he wants you to suck him. Do what you did earlier with Adam,” Hannah instructed me. I was a bit relieved. David had a smaller and thinner penis and I devoured that even more. Hannah moved down and began to lick my pussy. Adam and David were kissing.

Hannah and I were interested in seeing them fuck so they showed us. The penetration, the hardcore, the pain, the cum. While they were showing us, we were fingering each other. When Hannah said she was cumming, I sat between her legs and licked her juices, my breasts lying on the bed flat as she squeezed them while she came.

“Well?” Adam asked as he was wrapping his arms around David lying sidewards.

“If we ever want to get pregnant, we know where we are cumming,” Hannah laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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