Exploring Aunt Karen Ch. 03

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The next morning Karen lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Last night felt awkward, at least for her, coming upstairs to find everyone sitting around the living room watching TV. She avoided making any real eye contact with the boys and listened quietly as everyone chatted around her. Finally around 11 she excused herself to bed, she knew her sister and her husband enjoyed a bit of quiet time at the end of the night and made a mental note to clean the couch when they left in a couple days. Downstairs one too apparently.

Finally giving up she tossed the covers to the side and rolled out of bed. Memories of last night lingered deliciously, still feeling more than a bit ashamed at what had taken place. Did they say anything? Would they even want to?

Scratching her head she glanced in the mirror on her dresser. Holding her arms above her head she turned side to side, watching her breasts sway under the thin material of her top. She could still feel Steve’s fingers pinching her slightly aching nipples, not to mention Chris’s insistent attention down below. Dropping her hands to squeeze her chest she stepped out of her room wandering to the kitchen.

“Morning Karen,” her sister Erika said as she walked around the corner. Her husband Mark sat on the corner besides her sipping from his coffee, his eyes pausing appreciatively on her shirt. Mark was a bit of a big guy, over 200lbs and worked in emergency services. With his bald head and heavier build he was admittedly rather attractive and Karen felt a small thrill as she watched his eyes roam over her.

Erika is a tall redhead with the same busty build of Karen, although was a lot more active than her bookworm sister.

“Morning,” Karen replied, “How are you guys today?”

“Good,” Erika replied, “Boys are out for a bit this morning. Seemed all charged up over something.”

Erika let the sentence hang as Karen turned to fill her coffee cup. Turning back she shrugged, “Who knows, enjoying the fall air maybe?”

Mark snickered in his coffee, ignoring Erika’s quick glare.

Karen looks away, absently noticing her hard nipples poking through the shirt. It was a bit chilly in here she thought while trying to think of any response.

“Yeah sure, “Erika replies dropping the topic. “Anyway were heading over to visit Marks parents today. Boys wanted to hang out here, not that I blame them,” she says glancing at Mark again. “We’ll be a bit but don’t worry about them, they’ll be back whenever.”

Karen blushed at the thought of Erika and Mark being away for the day leaving the boys here. Oh this could be bad, she’s thinking, but why is my chest fluttering like that?

“Ok sure,” Karen says more casually than she felt. “I’ll be busy çanakkale escort around the house today anyway so will keep an eye out for them.”

“No doubt,” Erika says laughing as she spins in her chair. “Alright well we’re going to head off here. Need anything when we’re out?”

“No I think we are good. Probably want to drop by the liquor store,” Karen says laughing, “You guys drink like fish when you come home.”

Erika and Mark laugh as they gather their jackets by the front door.

“Oh,” Erika says on the way out, “When they boys get back don’t let them sit downstairs all day. Find a job to help you out a bit while they are here.”

Karen felt a sudden lump in her throat as she thought of a few jobs she expected the boys would like to get into. Watching Erika and Mark leave, Karen decides to hop in the shower now, figuring she would have a bit of time before they get back.

Digging out her change of clothes and setting them on the bathroom counter she stepped into the hot spray of water. Holding her face to the stream the fantasies she had worked so hard to repress returned giving her a warm feeling nothing to do with the water. Remembering the feel of Steve’s hands roughly massaging her chest, her own soapy hands started copying the motion. Sliding further down, soapy fingers found even more sensitive spots. Lost in the moment she leaned against the shower wall as vision after vision raced through her mind.

“Hi Karen.”

Karen let out a little yell at the voice on the other side of the shower curtain. Peeking around the side she sees Chris and Steve leaning against the side of the open door. Did they hear her just now?

“Um, hi guys.” Karen says quietly.

“Are you almost done in there?” Chris asks, wide smile answering her question.

“Yes, I’ll be right out.” Slipping back behind the curtain, ignoring the chuckling on the other side, Karen quickly rinsed the remaining soap from her hair before turning off the water. Taking a deep breath she pulled the curtain aside, not surprised to find Steve and Chris still waiting for her.

“Ok boys listen,” she said firmly. “What happened last night was a horrible accident. We can’t ever do something like that again.”

Steve and Chris look at each other smirking. Reaching out they each take a hand while she steps out of the shower, standing to each side as they start drying her off.

“Guys, no really!” Karen says squirming between the larger bodies to each side. After them knocking her resisting hands aside she lets out an annoyed sigh and stands still as they both dry her off.

“You know Karen, we kind of mentioned we have been thinking of you like this for a long time.” Steve says as çeşme escort he lovingly dries both breasts before leaning forward to kiss her nipple.

“Eeek! Yeah I’m seeing this guys. Listen this can’t happen. Chris get your fingers out of there!”

Chris dances back laughing as she tries swatting his hand. Steve stands behind her cupping both breasts with his toweled hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

“You have amazing tits Karen,” he says leaning in to kiss her neck.

With an annoyed growl she pushes past Chris, grabbing a towel to start drying her hair in the hallway.

“Quit it,” she says laughing. “Look I get it ok. I had fun too, probably too much but whatever. Doesn’t mean we can do this again guys.”

She reaches in the room to grab another towel, quickly wrapping it around her to walk into the kitchen. Both boys follow, Chris stepping ahead to tickle her under the towel. She jumps and turns back as they redirect her to the living room on the couch facing the living room window. With gentle but direct nudges they sit her on the couch, both taking a side again.

She crosses her knees together with her hands holding the towel on her lap tightly. Immediately they close in again, tugging at the towel.

“Come on Karen, you know you had fun last night. No reason for it to stop now.”

Chris says as his hand rubs her leg. Pushing past her hands his fingers creeping higher she tightens her legs, hands trying to push him back.

“Chris stop it will you!” Karen says half laughing. She lets out a high pitched squeak and jumps slightly as he pinches her inner thigh. Once the pressure on his hand stops he quickly slips up her thigh to cup her vagina, hand moving in a tight circle.

Seeing his opportunity Steve pulls the towel down exposing her breasts. Cupping the one closest he leans in, tucking her arm to the side while pinning it behind him on the couch while his other lays on the top of the couch.

“Shit you guys are fast!” She says slightly breathless. Again the feelings of confusion and excitement rage, her body once more betraying her.

“You’re kind of motivating,” Steve says. She takes a slow breath, hating to admit she was enjoying the attention. But there it was. Feeling like a weight suddenly lifted, at least a little, she realized she had already gone past the point of arguing or denying this.

The boys sense her body relaxing as Chris opens her legs, pulling her hips forward. She lets out a moan as his fingers caress her smooth mons, biting her lip as he slides to kneel on the floor.

“Oh!” she whispers as the stubble on his face scrapes her inner thigh, making her prop a leg on Steve. As he moves higher she grabs diyarbakır escort his head with one hand and Steve with the other, pulling his head down to kiss her.

“Your Mother will kill us all you know,” she whispers before moaning loudly as Chris starts licking. “Oh my God you’re good at that!”

“Well if you keep playing along it won’t matter then will it,” Steve says as his hands squeeze one breast then the other.

The calm statement sent a nervous shiver down her spine, quickly forgotten with the action of Chris’s busy tongue. Despite herself she leans her head back, surrendering to the moment as fantasies suddenly come to life. She hears Steve whisper something to Chris, opening her eyes as he starts licking harder, his arms holding her legs down.

“Karen we have a little surprise for you.”

She looks at Steve, her eyes glazed with the incredible feelings her body is giving her.

“Look out the window.”

Her head snaps around in horror, half expecting to see Erika and Mark standing outside. Reality is actually worse. She starts trying to kick away, Chris laughing between licks as he easily keeps her pinned.

“Oh my God boys! Let me up! Now!”

Across the street she can make out the figure of creepy Mr. Johnson standing back a bit in his living room, obviously enjoying the show. He gives a little wave with his free hand, the others holding the binoculars she has seen him watching her with before.

Chris’s fingers open her more, his tongue lapping at her clit like a cat sipping milk. Despite her embarrassment and now anger she feels the wave building, something in the back of her mind stirring to life at the same time.

“Oh! Aahh!” she cries out, her hips pushing against Chris as Steve works both breasts again.

They ease off as she settles tiredly on the couch, blinking her eyes open.

“You bastards,” she says glaring back out the window.

“Oh I think you’re fine,” Steve says, “We were chatting with him a while now. He’s been telling us how you like to walk around the house topless or sit on the couch with your tablet.”

“Oh no.”

“Oh yeah, he’s a huge fan, Even if he needs a bit of help getting it up he really enjoys watching you.”

“Oh my fucking God!”

“Yep,” Chris says laughing.

Angry she pushes them off her stomping to her bedroom. They let her go, leaning back on the couch as Steve’s phone goes off with a text. Steve reads the text quickly,

“Need to run across the street, Johnsons little surprise showed up a couple days ago.”

“Yaass,” Chris says,” She’s going to go nuts with this one.”

“Anyway we’ll give her a few minutes then go get her dressed up.

“Sounds good,” Chris says standing. “I’m going to go wash my face. When she saw him watching man it was crazy. She may say she hated it but not where I was at.”

Steve laughs as he tucks his phone in his pocket, jogging across the road to speak with Mr. Johnson and pick up their new toy.

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