Finding Mom Pt. 04

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Miriam was very reluctant to leave her room and face Nate after the realization of what had taken place the night before really began to hit her.

“My God,” she said to herself. “What have I done?” she softly whispered.

She had recorded Nate with her phone while she stood on the wooden crate that she had purposely placed under his bedroom window. She had stood and watched him for a second time now, as he jerked off to his own recorded images of her hairy thighs and crotch.

But this time, she herself, upon her very own will, had stood there quietly and masturbated right along with him, as she carefully watched, and recorded him.

She remembered watching the video on his phone very closely. She remembered twinging and then gasping loudly when she seen Nate suddenly reach forward and tug the towel from her lap.

She could remember seeing very clearly the exact moment that she had unknowingly began to spread her legs. She had watched very, very carefully as she slowly spread them open very wide.

As her right leg fell over the edge of the lounge chair and her foot slipped off into the sand, the crotch of her yellow swimsuit rose slightly from her hairy vagina and then suddenly shifted all the way over to one side, exposing almost all of her overgrown bush to Nate.

She also remembered how Nate then suddenly scooted even closer and held the camera right up between her legs just a few inches away from her hairy snatch.

She recalled how the harsh sunlight had suddenly come out from behind the clouds and exposed even more of her pussy to him. She had then easily been able to make out the form of her thick pink pussy lips, they had appeared a little damp and were slightly glistening beneath the bright sunlight, just underneath her dark dense curls.

She had stood in awe as she witnessed Nate crawl towards her in the video and slowly place his face between her legs and into her hairy crotch as he somehow continued to hold the camera right on point.

They had watched together as Nate first smelled of her hairy quim, and then slowly and very gently began to lick away at her thick pink pussy lips.

At this point the image of Nate softly licking her hairy twat proved to be more than either of them could handle, Girne Escort and just as Nate begun to spill his seed, she had shaken violently with her own orgasm as she stood atop the little crate, and they reached climax together.

With her own eyes she had seen what Nate had done to her while she slept soundly on the beach. And then to make matters much worse she had herself used the recording she had just made, to masturbate with, all night long.

She was very embarrassed by her actions, even though without the slightest bit of a doubt, it had easily been the most exciting night of her life thus far!

She could still barely believe what her very own eyes had bestowed upon her. What her very own son had done to her while she slept.

Had she just been told about this by someone and not witnessed it for herself, she would never have accepted it as the truth. To her it would have just been completely absurd!

She knew it was a spur of the moment situation and realized it must have really taken some kind of nerve for him to so quickly work up the courage to perform that sort of action on her.

She had known that the sight of her dense dark pubic hair excited Nate terribly, but she had no idea it was of the extent to drive him to try something like that with her.

Miriam had never come anywhere even remotely close to being eaten out before, and while she easily understood that Nates soft gentle licking of her thick pink vaginal lips for a few brief moments really didn’t qualify as him actually eating her out.

But none the less, a warm chill suddenly ran through her loins at the thought of what it must feel like to be fully conscious while Nate licked and sucked on her thick pink lips and then lapped away hungrily at her hairy wet box.

She soon began feeling hunger pangs, and as she knew it was getting late into the evening, decided she must come out of her room sooner or later. So, after getting dressed slowly and then stalling still a bit longer, taking more time than usual to put her hair up in its bun, she reluctantly headed for the kitchen.

Upon first entering the kitchen, she quickly noticed that Nates phone lay on the kitchen table, but he was nowhere to be seen. Kıbrıs Escort She figured that he must be in his room gaming as usual and just hadn’t realized yet that he had left his phone behind.

After putting her own phone on charge and then quickly getting a pot of coffee going, Nate still had not shown himself and with a quick thought Miriam suddenly snatched up Nates phone and nervously began searching for the video they had both watched together the night before. It was not hard to locate and was easily found within his camera mode, and she quickly forwarded it to her own phone.

As she placed Nates phone back on the table just as it had been before, he suddenly burst from his bedroom and quickly snatched it from the tabletop, and then suddenly rushed back off to his room.

Miriam was very pleased and felt herself growing damp again as her nipples suddenly stiffened.

She had already seen the original version on Nates phone the night before, so she knew without a doubt that it was much, much better by comparison than the one she had recorded.

She knew the version on Nates phone offered a much closer and clearer view than the recording she had made.

Although she had stood very close by and even zoomed her camera in as much as possible, what she had was just simply a recording of Nates phone, as he held it in his hand and watched her.

It was a little distant and was not really all that clear, so she was completely beside herself to now have the good one as well.

She couldn’t hardly wait to watch it again as she sat and squirmed around at the kitchen table slowly sipping her coffee.

Later as they sat eating their meal together quietly, Miriam could not bring herself to look at Nate at all, she was so embarrassed by the ridiculously absurd actions the both of them had recently taken, especially her own.

The reality of what Miriam and Nate was experiencing was just unheard of in her world.

In Miriams eyes it was the most ultimate taboo known to mankind.


Later just as darkness approached Miriam had a difficult decision to make. She thought about it long and hard and then finally made the decision to just stay inside and masturbate with the Magosa Escort good version of the video she now had on her own phone, rather than go out and climb atop the crate again and watch Nate jerk off to her.

Although she very well knew that she had every intention of repeating the latter again very, very soon, she also knew that it was dangerous, and she could easily be seen and caught by the neighbors or even by Nate himself for that matter.

But it was mostly because she was terribly excited to be able to use her own phone to view the good, clear, close-up version of Nate softly licking away at her sweet cunt while she slept.

Later, Miriam lay in her bed with her phone once again propped up with a pillow very close to her face and was quietly fingering herself as she watched the awesome version of the video.

She had the volume turned down and was carefully listening to Nate just on the other side of the thin wall as he pounded his hard meat pole and jerked off to her yet again. Somehow, she just knew that they were again watching the same video together.

The thought of it excited her immensely as she withered around on the bed and continuously thrust her hips upwards as she sank two of her fingers from one hand deep down into her wet hairy twat over and over again.

She roughly rubbed and whipped her big hard clitoris between her thumb and two fingers of the other hand. As she felt the buildup began, she suddenly gripped her long and swollen clit tightly between her thumb and fingers and began pumping it back and forth quickly, almost as if she were jacking off a tiny penis. Within just moments of this new technique, she began to shake and convulse in a super intense orgasm as she blew her first squirt of the night.

After Nate ejaculated and went to sleep Miriam spent another long sleepless night continuously masturbating to the video over and over again. Somewhere along the way Miriam came to realize that she had completely mastered the art of the squirting orgasm.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, with Miriam once again feeling very frail, exhausted, and completely drained, she slowly scooted from the wet puddle beneath her and slipped over to the dry side of the bed. As she snuggled in, she took a brief moment and silently prayed for forgiveness, before promptly drifting off into a deep, deep sleep.

As a last-minute thought just before succumbing to her much needed coma, Miriam was quite sure her mattress had been ruined.

The End

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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