First Time

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**I apologize for the broken paragraphs but they were too long in their original form. I would like to mention that this is my first story and may not be up to the same level as other stories, constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.**

I had finished getting dressed for the big night. My girlfriend and I had been going out for a while now and finally we had decided to take things to the next level. Sarah, my girlfriend, had the house to herself as her mother was to be out at some party all night. She had invited me round to her place to spend the night and we both knew what the evening would entail.

I headed towards the door, taking one last look in the mirror before I left, I was satisfied with what I saw and headed out the door intent upon reaching Sarah’s house in good time.

I reached Sarah’s street in less than fifteen minutes, due in part to a lack of the heavy traffic that I had expected to encounter. Noticing that her mother’s car was still in the drive I decided to park on the street and turn out my headlights so as not to risk being seen when she departed. I waited for less than ten minutes in my car, but to someone with the prospect of sex on their mind even five minutes seems like a lifetime.

Sarah’s mum departed and headed down the street in the opposite direction to my car, saving me from the necessity of having to duck behind the steering wheel, I needed no further prompting and brusquely walked towards Sarah’s front door, knocking three times on the heavy wooden door and waited for the treat that I knew was in store for me.

I did not have to wait long for my knocking to be answered, but, as before, it seemed like an eternity. Sarah slid the door open and welcomed me inside, we both smiled shyly at each other before moving into the living room where Sarah asked me to wait while she got herself changed into something more fitting for the evening ahead.

After leaving me for some time in a state of agitated anticipation, Sarah emerged and walked slowly down the stairs towards me. I was stunned by the beautiful vision that stood before me, every second of my agonized waiting was worth it just to set eyes upon the vision that I was looking intently upon now.

She had shed her everyday clothes and had changed into a perfect ensemble of black lace lingerie, a white silk dressing gown and sexy black leather heels. Her long slender legs, highlighted by the heels stepped slowly towards me and directed my gaze up her body towards her perfectly sized breasts, accentuated by the silk gown and black lingerie, and the smile on her face was one of nervous expectancy, probably similar to the one that now graced my lips.

I was momentarily lost for words, but eventually I managed to squeeze out “You look beautiful,” through my dried throat. The words were barely perceivable but Sarah heard them and simply smiled as she walked around the couch to sit, seductively, next to me.

She wasted no time with talking, we had been building up to this for such a long time (we had almost managed to have sex on my eighteenth birthday and then, again, on her eighteenth birthday, but on both occasions fate conspired against us) that now it was upon us neither of us knew what to say. She leaned across the couch, almost on her hands and knees, and stared into my eyes. I looked back but couldn’t help but look towards her breasts that had become more visible as the silk gown had slipped Ankara Escort down. She smiled softly at me again before leaning towards me for a kiss.

Our lips met and we passionately kissed each other. As we were kissing all perception of time disappeared, we could have remained kissing for hours and not noticed it. As we kissed Sarah crawled closer and closer finally swinging herself onto my lap where she gained a dominant position from which she could continue kissing me aggressively and also dictate what would happen next.

Eventually we pulled back from each other and looked, again, into each other’s eyes. Sarah leaned back slightly and let the silk gown slip off her shoulders and collect at the drawstring around her waist.

I leaned forward and kissed gently at the side of her perfectly formed neck. I continued kissing at her neck as my hands reached around her back to undo the clasp of her top.The clasp soon came undone and I changed the direction of my kisses down her neck and onto her chest. Not wanting to get ahead of myself I looked up at Sarah who’s face had a look of satisfaction upon it.

She noticed that I had stopped and looked down at me, as if reading my mind she raised her hands and slid the bra off her shoulders revealing her perfect breasts. Finally the realization of what was to come struck me and I paused momentarily. Sarah ran her hand through my hair and tilted my head upwards to meet her gaze. Again she smiled softly, it seemed that Sarah could say anything with a smile, I knew what she wanted and promptly obliged. I continued my kissing, from her collarbone, down her chest towards her right breast.

I hovered momentarily over the nipple before kissing it. Sarah let out a gentle gasp, one of the first sounds she had made all evening, and I continued my kissing. After a short while I planted several gentle kisses on her chest again as I moved towards her left breast. As I did this I raised my hand and gently stroked at the right one, gently pinching and rubbing as I kissed. Sarah seemed to like the sensation of a gentle pinch on her nipple so I gently gripped the left one in my teeth and pulled slightly away, she gasped, this time loudly, but it was a grasp both of pleasure and of pain.

I looked towards her face once again and again our lips met passionately. As we kissed Sarah began to unbutton my shirt a task that required her to stop kissing every now and then to get a good look at what she was doing. Soon she had my shirt unbuttoned and I leaned forward and pulled it off my trembling body.

Sarah leaned in towards my chest and returned the favor that I had recently earned by kissing and pulling at my nipples as I had done to hers. The feeling was sensational, heightening the feeling of eroticism and causing my erection to grow considerably.

Sarah noticed the increasing size of the bulge in my jeans and slid off my lap and knelt on the floor before me. She put a hand on each of my knees and spread my legs slightly with a cheeky smile on her face. She shifted her weight forward slightly and moved her hands towards the button of my jeans. After some fumbling she managed to undo the button and promptly unzipped the fly.

Seeing the bulge in my boxers she stuck out a finger and traced up and down its length several times before leaning forward and tugging the top of my jeans. I lifted my weight slightly Balgat Escort and she succeeded in pulling my jeans off, making a show of throwing them away into the corner of the room. She then threw the discarded bra firmly out of the way and undid her robe and similarly discarded it too. She was now knelt before me wearing only black leather heels and black lace panties, and I was sat wearing nothing but tight cotton boxers.

This was soon not the case as Sarah leaned back towards my crotch and pulled off, and discarded, my boxers in a similar fashion the the rest of my clothes. She stopped for a moment to look at my throbbing penis, she extended a hand towards it and gently stroked every inch of it, getting a feel for its size, its weight and its shape. Finally she leaned in closer and parted her mouth slightly. Looking up at me for one last time, she leaned in and with my cock gripped firmly in her hand she opened her mouth and slid the head past her soft lips.

The feeling was indescribable, it was the best thing I had ever felt and signaled the start of a sexual side to our previously chaste relationship.

She sucked clumsily upon my shaft using her hands for support and her head for stimulation. Occasionally she ventured, perhaps by accident, to take the entire length of the shaft into her mouth at one but every time she had to remove it from her mouth and catch a breath. The feeling was amazing and I remained sat on the couch in a feeling of pure unabated ecstasy.

I managed to get my senses together and opened my eyes and looked towards Sarah, busy at her task. The sight of her performing the act coupled with the actual sensation of her mouth upon my cock brought me close to breaking point. I didn’t want to be selfish and certainly didn’t want to finish before Sarah had experienced a similar pleasure and so I tilted her head back and kissed her on the forehead. I stood up in-front of her knelt self and lifted her onto the couch, I intended to do to her what she had just done for me and she knew as well as i did what was coming.

I sat her on the couch and in complete role reversal knelt between her outspread legs. I grabbed one of her ankles and gently took the heeled shoe off her beautiful, dainty foot. I placed the foot down softly and then grabbed her other ankle and removed her second shoe. Sarah was watching my every move with a look of focussed desire upon her face, I wasn’t going to let her down, I was going to try and give her the best night of her life. Her ankle still in my hand I raised her, now bare, foot towards my face. Softly I kissed each of her five toes and then did the same on the balls of her feet, down her sole and around her heel.

I continued kissing her under her ankle, up her leg and towards her thigh. I slowed my pace and kissed even more gently and even more slowly in order to extend her anticipation. Finally I arrived at my goal and planted one soft kiss on the center of her lace panties. The kiss sent a shiver through her body and made it clear to me that there was only on thing left to do.

I moved my hands to the top of her panties and slid them down her long, smooth, beautiful legs. When the panties had reached her ankles I gave the soles of each of her feet a gentle kiss before removing the panties completely and flinging them away. I leaned back towards her body and looked at her beautiful womanhood.

I Çankaya Escort was amazed at how perfect it looked and I wanted to rush my face towards it and bury it between her lips, but I restrained myself, thinking only of her pleasure and not my own satisfaction. I exhaled my warm breath onto her already-moist womanhood, with every breath she seemed to twitch a little as though waiting for the moment that I would finally make contact. I continued to tease her as long as I possible could, she was becoming more agitated with every breath and soon she could take it no longer.

She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my lips towards her crotch. This was all the encouragement I needed and I began to lap hungrily at her pussy. Everything about the act that I was now performing heightened my sense of arousal, the delicate aroma and the texture of her womanhood, the taste in my mouth and the soft moans she made all increased my erection to an almost painful state. I didn’t care for my own pleasure at all, I now only cared for Sarah’s sexual fulfillment, the pain in my cock or the desperate need that I had to cum were secondary to my pleasuring of the most beautiful creature in the world.

As I continued with my cunnilingus Sarah became more and more aroused, her breath was becoming more labored and every now and then she would pry my head away from her crotch before returning it to its natural place, between her legs. As her arousal grew I decided to up the ante and I began to spend more attention on her clitoris. The tiny bud had peeked from its hood and I wasted no time in stimulating it, first only by licking it but then by sucking it too.

Eventually my oral efforts were too much and with a loud moan Sarah pulled my head away and closed her legs, her eyes were closed and her head was tilted towards the ceiling, I had just given her the first orgasm I would ever give to her, it would not be the last.

I sat up on the couch next to Sarah and watched her as she steadied her breathing. She had been lightly perspiring and her smooth, athletic body was glistening all over. She had always been beautiful in my eyes but it seemed that an orgasm was the only thing that could make here even more attractive. As her breath slowed down she opened her eyes and turned towards me. “Thank you” she said softly, the first words she had spoken all night.

“It was my pleasure.” I assured her.

She smiled and looked down towards my cock. It was still wet both from the sweat of my exertions and from the fellatio she had given earlier. She knelt upon the couch and again shuffled towards my lap. She placed a hand on each of my shoulders and, looking down, poised her moist vagina over my aching shaft.

Without warning and without hesitation she lowered herself abruptly onto my waiting cock. My eyes rolled back in my head, the sensation was amazing. Sarah leaned forward and started to kiss me as she began rocking, gently, back and forth. The feeling was phenomenal and my whole body was in such a state of ecstasy that I could barely move. Sarah continued kissing me, alternating between my lips and by neck as she saw fit.

As she got more sure of her self she increased the pace of her rocking and eventually began bouncing on my cock, pumping it hard with her tight, perfect, womanhood. It was more than I could take and my orgasm hit, taking over my whole body, leaving me limp. I came harder than ever before and as I ejaculated Sarah slowed the rocking to a gentle pace. Eventually she raised herself off my shaft and we lay down in each others arms, kissing.

We didn’t move for the whole evening, we just lied, naked, in each others arms until eventually we both fell asleep knowing that we had just declared our undying love for one another.

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