First Time with a Man

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Bdsm Porn

When I was 19 I lived near a large city park. I’d frequently go there to walk and enjoy the outdoors. The park had extensive grounds, paths, secluded woods, and a golf course. One weekday afternoon I was on a usual walk-about and I met an older guy, probably in his mid-thirties. I was on one path, he on another and we came abreast as our paths merged. Our meeting was completely coincidental. We greeted each other, began walking and talking until we came to a small bridge which would only accommodate one person at a time. We stopped, still talking, and during a lull in the conversation, he said, a “would you like a blow job?”

My initial reaction was shock. Even though I had a girl friend at the time, I was rather innocent in the ways of the world and I uttered and stuttered, ‘no, I don’t think so.” I don’t know what I expected him to do after I refused his offer but he just remained there and continued talking with me and after a another couple of minutes, he asked if I wanted to reconsider his offer.

Although I was still a little taken aback, I was less shocked than I’d originally been and I heard myself say, “well, maybe I do”. He immediately said, “let’s go somewhere more secluded,” and he began walking quickly through the woods to a path that was smaller, less travelled, and much more overgrown and secluded. He walked so quickly I had to hurry to keep up and we had to duck and weave through the woods.

He stopped and I joined him in the small clearing. Not wasting any time at all, he got to his knees , unzipped my trousers, pulled down my underwear and started stroking my cock I was almost shaking with anticipation, excitement, trepidation. It was my very first surprise BJ from anyone, not to mention another man and, and especially a man I’d just met in a park and followed, without hesitation, to one of the most remote sections of the park. I was thrilled and a little scared.

He pulled on me and said, and I’ll never forget the short conversation we had before he got started. Him on his knees, me with my pants and underwear around Cebeci Escort my ankles. As he stroked me he looked up and said, “you have a beautiful cock”. I responded with an idiotic “Thank You,” as he continued to pull on me. I asked if he did this kind of thing often and he said “occasionally, but I never get this lucky”. I was thinking the same thing as he put my cock in his mouth.

My girlfriend and I were pretty new to sex. We fucked as much as possible but we both lived with our parents, worked and had little time to linger over long, sexy blow jobs and we were novices anyway. This man was an expert.

He took my cock all the way into his mouth and gave me a BJ that I still think of today. I remember putting my hands on his shoulders holding on to him as he did his thing. I was a little unsteady. Once he started he never slowed until I shot my juice in his mouth. Even then, he never hesitated and swallowed and continued sucking me until I was spent.

As he got up, he helped me with my trousers and said, “you must do well with the girls, you really do have a lovely cock…I could suck on it all day”. I was still in a state of surprise and apprehension. It had all happened very quickly and I really didn’t know how to move on from this point so I kind of just stood there a little stupidly saying nothing.

He started rubbing his cock through his pants and said, “do you mind if I jack off?” Still a little shell shocked, I said, “no.” He lowered his pants, took out his cock and began to pull on it. This was my first up-close-and-personal look at another man’s cock. Although I’d seen a dick here and there in high school gym showers and changing rooms at public pools, I’d never thought of men sexually and certainly hadn’t seen a cock up close. At the time I really had nothing to compare it to but with a little experience, I now know he had a beautiful cock himself. Straight, long, meaty and perfectly proportioned. If I saw it now I’d probably beg him to allow me to love on it.

I Çıtır Escort watched him as he pulled on his cock and he said, “would you mind playing with my nipples?” I was still a little stupified but said, “sure,” as he lifted his shirt. I moved closer to him and put my hand up his shirt, playing with his nipples. We were very close and I was watching him slowly pull on himself. It was an arresting sight. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to touch him and I nodded. I moved my hand to him, taking his rigid dick in my hand. I pulled on him for a few moments, looking at it as I massaged him, feeling the hardness and the soft flesh. Quite an exciting sensation, and he must he known how excited I was. After a couple more moments, he said, “go ahead.”

I didn’t even think about it, I just got to my knees, scooted closer, pulled on it some more, and opened my mouth and put my lips around it. This was the first ever for me and I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sure he’d had better bjs but he was gracious and patient. He coaxed and encouraged me to lick it, to lick the head, to suck and fondle his sac, to alternately take it as deep as I could and then bob up and down on it. He quietly admonished me to use lips and tongue and to watch my teeth, slowly rocking his hips toward me, gently fucking my face. I was enjoying all the sensations and he moaned and whispered, “yes baby, yes baby,” over and over. Soon I felt his hand on the back of my head and he took his cock in his other hand and began stroking. I was uncertain what to do now but I just wanted to do to him what he’d done to me. He guided my motions, pumping his hips and pushing my head. I could tell he was going to cum in my mouth but I never thought of trying to pull away. He’d taken my cum in his mouth and didn’t hesitate to swallow so I assumed that was the minimum expectation and I never gave it a second thought. Soon he was gasping. I felt him grab my head with both of his hands as he pushed his hips into my face. I gagged and I felt him cum Demetevler Escort in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as he twitched and gasped and he held my head close as he continued to spasm and pump his hips with quick, short jerks as he emptied his cock in my mouth. Slowly, his urgency slackened, his moaning subsided, and he let go of my head. I continued to suck him as the last quivers of his orgasm shook him and tasted the last drops of his sperm. When I felt his cock begin to grow soft in my mouth I backed off. When I did, I was almost spent myself. I was still on my knees drooling and my eyes were watering.

Now I really felt like I was out of sorts. I was still on my knees as he straightened his clothes. He helped me up and asked if it was my first time. I told him it was. He smiled and said, “my, my, I sure hope I see you again,” and with that, he walked down the path. My eyes were still watering from being gagged, I had the taste of his cum in my mouth and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about all that had happened .

I left the park and picked up my gf from her job at the store where she worked. I never told her about my first cock sucking experience. Although I never consciously or actively sought it out, within a few months I’d had mutual oral sex with four other men. All of them older and all of them one-off things. Looking back on it there must have been some vibe I was giving out that allowed likeminded men to identify me as a willing participant, I guess Gaydar is an actual thing. If it is a real thing, mine was non-functioning. Even so, other men seemed to pick-up on my willingness with some frequency.

Looking back on my first time I wish I’d been more aggressive, involved, present in the moment, etc…Although I’m no expert, I have been with a a few men. I was with several before I got married, and now that I’m single, I’ve been with a few during the past couple of years. However, when I feel a desire to be with a man, I think of him first. He was patient and slow, but he was also insistent when I finally got around to being a cocksucker. I think of him holding my head as he fucked my mouth and pumped his juice into me and I can still see his hard cock inches from my face. It is one of my favorite sexual memories. I looked for him from time to time in the park but never saw him again. More’s the pity. I would have liked to perfect my technique on his beautiful cock.

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