Further Adventures of Rajesh

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(In my previous story ‘Rajesh and the Maids’, my first attempt in this genre, I described how Rajesh screwed his maids, both of whom were much older than him. Rajesh had almost got addicted to older women as he found them to be easy to fuck and their experience made screwing them highly pleasurable.)


In this, the second part of the tale, Rajesh left his parents’ home and went to another city. This was part of his project work and he stayed as a paying guest in the house of a lady whose name was Rita. Rita was around 47 and had lost her husband about six years back. She had no children and her husband had left her well off with a house in the city and some properties in their village. She was also getting a good income from her investments. Rajesh saw that Rita was quite fit and had very little sag on her. She used to dress well if conservatively. She was quite fair in colour and had a good figure with good sized tits and a cute looking behind.

Rajesh felt that Rita was lonely and she filled her time by reading books and magazines and watching TV. The only other member in the six roomed house was a maid, Hansabai, who was a live-in help.

Hansabai was also a widow with no children, and had come to the city from her village around 20 years earlier. Hansa was about 45 years old and was a reasonably good looking lady with a full but not fat figure. After her husband’s death Hansa had come to stay in Rita’s house as a live in maid and cook.

Rajesh was busy with his project work which involved his staying late in the office and preparing presentations whenever he was at home. On the first Friday, he came home a little early and heard some noises from one of the rooms in the ground floor. He went closer and thought he heard some moans. Fearing some injury to one of the ladies, he walked into the room and saw Hansa sprawled out on a bed with her sari and petticoat raised above her navel. Her fingers were busy strumming her vagina and the music was emanating from her mouth. Hansa had her eyes closed and did not see him, as she was otherwise occupied.

Rajesh left abruptly and while closing the door in a hurry made some noise. Hansa was quickly on to her feet and came to the door of her room and said “Kaun Hai?” (Who’s there?)

Rajesh had darted into his own room and the movement was not unnoticed by Hansa. In the same evening Hansa made and served food to both Rita and Rajesh and seemed to look at Rajesh with a weary eye. Rajesh adopted a totally nonchalant air and Hansa thought for a moment that she had imagined the entire episode. Her eye did not fail to notice, however, that Rajesh was a well built and good looking guy.

Rajesh normally slept with his room door shut but not bolted from the inside. That night, after Rita had retired for the night to her room on the upper floor, Hansa went to Rajesh’s room and pushed the door open. She saw that Rajesh had not yet slept and was reading a book. She walked boldly into his room and asked him what he saw in her room in the afternoon. Rajesh pretended that he had seen nothing but yielded to Hansa’s persistent questioning. He told her about how he had seen her masturbating on her bed.

Hansa asked him to keep silent about it. She explained that she felt lonely without a man and hence had to use a substitute.

Rajesh asked her to come and sit on his bed and told her he understood. He held her hand and told her it was quite okay. Rajesh kissed her and told her that she had nothing to fear and that he would take care of her loneliness while he was there. Hansa now kissed him back with passion.

Rajesh with the backing of experience, knew that he had Hansa and he started kissing her earlobes and back of her neck. He held her against him and slowly moved his hands to her breasts. Hansa told him to take it easy as she had not been with anyone for some years. She got up and started removing her clothes. First her sari came off then her blouse and then her petticoat. Rajesh saw that she was voluptuous with large breasts and a nicely padded backside. He switched off the light and removed his clothes.

Soon he was standing nude in front of her with his tumescence quite prominent. Hansa held his prick and stroked it eagerly. Rajesh sat next to her on the bed and told her to lie down. Hansa obeyed and Rajesh started kissing her mouth and then her cheeks, then her ear lobes and went down to her neck. Next he started kissing the underside of Resim Yükle her breasts and lastly mouthed one of her nipples.

Hansa was obviously enjoying his caresses. She offered him the other breast and was moaning her approval of his actions. Rajesh spent a few minutes sucking on her nipples and then went down to her navel. He licked her navel and slowly started licking her thighs. As he kissed her thighs and using mild suction on them at the same time, Hansa was totally in ecstasy. He now brought his attention to her cunt, which had a fair amount of hair on it. He inserted one finger gradually and moved it around, eliciting a groan from Hansa. His finger sought her clitoris and Hansa was over the moon with pleasure. Rajesh now used his tongue on her nether region and Hansa was thrashing about wildly. She had first one then another orgasm and asked him to stop. Rajesh asked her to spread her legs so that he could enter her.

Rajesh started slow and easy and then started increasing the speed of his thrusts as Hansa grew comfortable with the size of his prick. She also started raising her hips and answering his thrusts with her own. She encouraged him on and started making little mewling sounds, as she did not want to wake up the mistress. Finally both came together and clung to each other totally spent. Hansa would not allow Rajesh to disengage himself and she rained his face with kisses. Rajesh held her tenderly and caressed her back and her ass. He kissed her on her mouth and both tongued each other. Finally they disengaged and Rajesh and she went to the bathroom. Hansa washed herself and Rajesh also washed himself.

Both came back to the room and held each other. Rajesh saw that Hansa’s hands were wandering all over him, and he also started playing with her tits. He held her nipples between his fingers and coaxed them to hardness. Hansa in turn played with his prick and it started getting hard once again. They kissed each other once more and Rajesh placed his mouth on her breasts. He sucked her nipples and Hansa was completely aroused. Rajesh now allowed his tongue to move further down and he kissed the portion between her breasts and her navel. His hands sought her nether regions and found her sopping wet. Once again he entered her as she spread her thighs for his benefit. This time Rajesh and Hansa were totally engrossed in the action and Hansa was a little more vocal than the previous time. Rajesh also did not hold himself back and soon both reached their peaks together. They held each other and caressed each other. Hansa reluctantly took herself away from the room and went to her own.

The next day, Hansa went about her work almost as if nothing had happened. Rita went out at 9:30 on a shopping expedition, which normally lasted more than half a day and sometimes till the evening. Hansa went to wake up Rajesh. Rajesh was sleeping and had kicked the bed sheet off. Hansa stroked his tumescence. Rajesh thought he was having a dream but soon saw in the haze of his half sleep that Hansa wanted more. He pulled her to him and kissed her. Hansa asked him to brush his teeth and have his tea.

Rajesh saw that Rita was not in the house and asked Hansa her whereabouts. Hansa told him about Rita’s shopping. Soon he pulled Hansa to himself and kissed her on her lips. Hansa responded and soon both of them were lying nude next to each other on Rajesh’s bed. Rajesh attacked her tits and sucked on her nipples. Hansa was soon tonguing his prick and expertly arousing him beyond control. Rajesh asked her to stop and asked her to stand next to the bed and bend over it. He fucked her slowly from behind and increased the speed of his strokes. Soon both were in a rhythm of their own and oblivious to the world around them. Hansa came soon, and as Rajesh continued to pound her, came again. Both went for a shower in the bathroom attached to Rajesh’s room. Needless to say they once again fucked in the bathroom and this time also Hansa came twice with a great deal of sound effects!

Duly fortified Hansa got back to her household work and started making lunch for all.

Rajesh sat in his room and did not venture into the kitchen as he was tired after his exertions. Although Hansa and he could have carried on, they decided that it was a little too risky with Rita possibly due any time. This proved to be wise because Rita returned home early. The time was still 12:30 when she came back.

Lunch was served at 1:30 PM and Rajesh and Rita ate together on the table. Rita enquired about Rajesh’s studies and project. She apparently knew a few people in the town and told Rajesh that she could ask them to assist him in getting a job, after his degree. Rajesh thanked her and said he would be grateful if she would do that.

While he was eating with her, Rajesh noticed that Rita was not all that old looking and her face had very few lines. He did not fail to notice that her figure was attractive with reasonably good breasts and a delicately curved behind. Rita mostly wore saris but occasionally wore jeans or the Indian Salwar kameez. After lunch, all of them went to their rooms and lay down.

Rajesh slept till 5 PM. When he got up he found Rita making tea. He yawned and asked her where Hansa was. Rita informed him that while he slept, she had a call from her village that her mother was ill and so had rushed there. Both had tea and biscuits and made some conversation. Rita made bold to ask him whether he had a girlfriend, as she found that all people in the present generation had either a girlfriend or boyfriend. Rajesh told her that he had broken up with his around a year back and had not yet met anyone worth cultivating. Rita said that this was a pity. Rajesh hesitantly told her that he liked mature women more.

Rajesh sneaked a look at Rita and found that his statement had affected her. She asked him to repeat what he had said and Rajesh blurted out what he had said earlier. Rita said nothing and went back to her room after tea. They had dinner at around 9 and Rajesh was about to go to his room when Rita asked him to check the computer in her room as it did not seem to be working. When Rajesh went there, he found Rita peeping over his shoulder as he was working on the computer. She bent closer and he could feel her tits on him.

Rajesh got up and turned round. He held Rita and kissed her hard on her lips. Rita responded and soon they were kissing each other tongues and all. Rajesh was a little cautious with Rita as she was a refined lady and he could not employ the same methods he used with the maids he had screwed. Slowly and very gradually he brought his arms round her and they made their way to her ample backside.

Rita was now getting more and more aroused. She brought her hands to Rajesh’s lungi and rubbed his prick from outside. Rajesh in turn cupped her breasts through her clothes and started undressing her. Rita asked him to switch off the light and she started undressing herself. Soon she was lying on the bed totally nude. Her body was not as firm as it had been in the first flush of youth but was certainly more than just attractive. Her breasts were quite firm and showed very little sag. Her backside was quite tight and was big. Rajesh stripped and lay down next to her.

He cupped her breasts and started playing with her nipples before he sucked them one by one. Rita was now moaning and encouraging him. Rajesh continued for some more time and then put his hand on her vulva. He inserted one finger into it then another. All the time Rita was moaning in ecstasy. Rajesh moved down to her pussy and licked it. Rita was in total bliss as he did it. Soon she spread her legs and asked Rajesh to enter her. He did so and both of them commenced the to and fro movement to ecstasy. Rajesh started with slow and easy strokes and gradually increased his speed. Rita started thrashing about on the bed and said, “Go on, faster!”

Rajesh increased his thrusts and soon both were responding to each other with grunts, moans and groans. Finally Rajesh erupted and Rita, who had already come twice, did likewise.

She held on to Rajesh and kissed him several times. Rajesh kissed her gently on her lips and cheeks and told her that he had really felt total bliss with her. Rita asked him how he had become such an expert at sex and Rajesh unburdened himself and told her about his maids, while carefully omitting any reference to Hansa. Rita sensed something amiss and asked him about Hansa. Rajesh was a little hesitant and pretended that there was nothing with her. Rita pointed out that the way Hansa was looking at Rajesh showed that she was smitten by him and she could sense some intimacy in her look. Rajesh now had to come clean and told Rita that he had fucked Hansa the previous night and again in the morning.

Rita said “Quite the stallion, aren’t you?”

Rajesh actually blushed! However Rita did not seem to mind and asked him how he found Hansa in bed.

Rajesh told her after some persuasion that Hansa was quite the tigress in it. Rita asked him how he would like to have both of them together. Rajesh was a little astonished at her adventurousness but murmured his assent. He wondered how Rita would persuade Hansa, but kept his thoughts to himself. Rita seemed to have got aroused by Rajesh’s story and she now wrapped her hand round his prick and started stroking it. Rajesh, who was half aroused, was now fully erect and started kissing her wildly. He took her nipples in his mouth and sucked them. His hands moved to her cunt and he inserted his finger in it.

Soon Rajesh was erect and he entered her again. Rita had been without sex for years and she was extremely passionate, almost as if she was making up for lost time. Both were again at it and soon they reached their peaks almost together.

Next morning Hansa was back and Rajesh was, prudently, back in his room sleeping a little late as it was a Sunday. Rajesh had a wash and brushed his teeth. He came out of his room and Hansa gave him his tea with a smile. Rita had just got up and soon she came down from her room. Hansa gave her a cup of tea and Rajesh and Rita were sitting at the dining table having their tea. Rita gave no sign of the intimacy she had with Rajesh and started reading the newspaper. Rajesh had his tea and went back to his room leaving Rita and Hansa to talk amongst themselves in the kitchen. Rita and Hansa discussed mundane stuff like what they should have for breakfast and lunch.

Rita asked Hansa whether she was happy in her employ and Hansa answered in the affirmative. She then asked Hansa what she thought of Rajesh. Hansa could not conceal a blush and she lowered her eyes just a little as she replied, “He seems to be a nice boy.” Rita observed her embarrassment and asked her why she blushed, teasing her a little. Hansa stammered a bit and said “Nahi Tho” or not at all.

Rita continued and asked her, “Isn’t he really young and strong?”. Hansa by now was squirming in embarrassment and she asked her “Memsahib, why are you asking me all this?”

Rita laughed and told her about what had happened with Rajesh the previous night. Now Hansa was all ears and got more than a little aroused as Rita went into details. Without warning, Rita shoved a hand right into Hansa’s top and told her that her nipples had become hard. Hansa was really blushing and Rita had got her aroused some more by her actions. Rita told her to come to her room and she left the kitchen.

Hansa went to Rita’s room and Rita asked her to sit down. Rita asked Hansa to help her with her clothes. As Hansa was folding her clothes she saw that Rita had expensive lingerie. Hansa sneaked a look at Rita and saw the shape of her body. Rita had always been voluptuous and her curves had got curvier with age. Rita noticed the look but said nothing.

After some time of folding and arranging her clothes, Rita asked Hansa what she thought of her looks. Hansa blushed at the thoughts that had been going on in her mind and said that she had always thought Rita to be beautiful. Rita had felt some attraction to Hansa who was quite good looking and had some meat in the right places. She called Hansa to her and put her hand on her thighs. Hansa had by now guessed why her Memsahib had called her to her room and liked the prospect of being seduced by Rita. Rita had never felt like this earlier, but their talk with each other about Rajesh had lowered barriers. Hansa got a little bold and dared to put her hand on Rita’s shoulder. The women kissed each other and were soon seeking the sensitive parts of the other’s body. Soon they had divested themselves of their clothes and Hansa was sucking Rita’s nipples. Rita in turn had her finger in Hansa’s cunt and another one was looking for her clit.

Rita went down on Hansa and her tongue was exploring the folds of her vagina. When she reached her clitoris Hansa could barely restrain herself from shouting. After some time she peaked and then went down on the Memsahib. Rita was soon in the throes of ecstasy and shuddered her way to one climax after another. Both the women kissed each other for a long time and held each other. After a while, Hansa went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and Rita went for her bath.

All the three people in the house met at the dining table. Rita and Rajesh ate breakfast quietly as Hansa served them. Later Hansa had hers and cleaned up. Rita asked Rajesh to come to her room and called Hansa also.

(To be continued)

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