Helping Grandpa

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The lock down has been hard on a lot of people, especially for those living alone. My Grandpa has been living in an assisted living home for a few years now since his memory has gotten pretty bad and his hands are filled with arthritis, leaving them nearly useless.

The home is fine, the nurses are always nice and before COVID we would visit him every other weekend or so, but since COVID, we have only got to see him when restrictions were lowered.

Learning that our government was going to instill tighter restrictions to fight off the second wave, including no access to retirement or nursing homes, my wife and I decided it would be best to bring him home to live with us. We had the space and although my wife was still working, I was working from home and could definitely look after him.

The first couple of days were nice, just letting Grandpa get settled in and familiar where to find things around the house. We ate all our meals together and at night watched some TV together.

By the third day, as Grandpa and I were sitting on the couch, it became apparent that Grandpa had not washed himself since he had come home and he was pretty ripe. I didn’t want to embarrass him, so I simply asked “Hey, did I forget to leave you clean towels in your washroom?”.

“No, there are some there” He said.

“Oh. Well Grandpa, it’s been a few days and I don’t think you have showered yet” I try to softly state.

Grandpa takes his eyes off the TV, looking at his hands seemingly trying to figure out how to respond.

He begins to reply without looking at me, “You’re right son. I’m sorry to say, but that is one of those chores the nurses told you about that I can’t do myself. My hands can’t wrap around the soap or even hold on to a sponge”. He finally turns his head to look at me, probably to gauge my reaction and says “I’m sorry, but I need someone to help me with bathing”.

I felt like such a jerk. Here I was thinking Grandpa was being to lazy to have a shower, only to learn he needed my help.

“Of course Grandpa. I told you we would bring you home and take care of you and obviously that is part of taking care of you. I’ll go start the bath, let’s go get you cleaned up”.

I go to the washroom and start to run the warm water, collect a wash cloth and get a towel ready when Grandpa walks in. We look at each other a little awkwardly, neither of us completely sure what to do next.

“Do you need help getting undressed?” I ask stupidly considering he had been there for three days and changed himself each day.

“No, no, I got it” He answers as he starts to unbutton his top.

“Want me to step out?” I follow-up with yet another dumb thought.

“Not sure that matters much son” He says with a chuckle as he begins to pull down his grey sweatpants.

Now Grandpa is obviously an older man, he is 85 years old, not fat, but not too skinny either, I guess I would describe him as having a Grandpa type of body, a little belly, a good amount of sagging and a lot of wrinkles to go with his white hair and chest hair.

As he pulled down his underwear, gaziantep escort I saw my Grandpa in all his glory for the first time and couldn’t help but notice the ample sized penis he was packing, surrounded by a bush of white hair.

I give Grandpa my arm to help brace himself as he steps into the top and slowly sits down.

I begin to wash him from his head, working my way down his shoulders, arms, chest, belly, back and then I skip down to his feet, working my way up his leg to his thigh, before switching legs. Neither of us spoke and I hesitated as I tried to figure out what to do next. I placed the washcloth in the palm of my hand and gently cupped his cock and balls; slowly washing his balls before bringing the cloth up, gently rubbing the length of his shaft from underneath to the head and then back down the top of the shaft. I slid my clothed hand back over his balls and reached underneath to clean his ass, stopping to pay some extra attention around his asshole to ensure it gets clean after three days.

In the moment, this was not a sexual event. It was more awkward, but out of love and kindness, but I will say, I am pretty sure I saw Grandpa’s dick twitch as my cloth cleaned his asshole.

“All set” I said, rinsing out the cloth and offering my arm again to help him back up.

I grab the towel and start to dry him off to which he raised his hands and says “I got it, I got it! I’m not a cripple, I just can’t grip things with my hands. I’m good now son, thank you, you did a good job”

That was our routine each day for the rest of the week, taking care of Grandpa.

Then one night as I started the bath I needed to relive myself (running water has that effect of me) so I walked over to the toilet to pee as Grandpa walked in the washroom.

I didn’t think much of it and am not particularly shy, so I just continued as he bagan to undress while I finished.

“I miss being able to shave myself like you. Your Grandma always preferred me nice and smooth. It made me feel clean too”

“Ha! Yeah, it is a clean feeling for sure. I like it that way for sure” I replied.

By now, Grandpa is pulling down his underwear and he turns to face me as he says “It just gets so damned itchy when it grows this long” as he scratches his testicles.

I start to think about my morals. Was this ok? I could help him with that. Clearly he is uncomfortable and this would make him feel better; that’s what I am supposed to do, right? I already shave his face and clean his dick every day, this isn’t really any different.

“Why don’t I get you all cleaned up then Grandpa?” I offer, moving to my cabinet to grab a razor and shaving cream.

By now the tub was already filled, so I instructed him to sit on the closed lid of the toilet seat while I grabbed a wet cloth.

“Thank you son, this is going to feel much better” he said with a big smile, scooting his but forward and slightly off the seat.

I used the cloth to dampen his pubic area as well as balls and then sprayed shaving cream in my hand before escort gaziantep spreading it above his cock and on his balls, realizing I was now touching them with no cloth in my hand.

Up until now, I had only shaved myself, but it seemed simple enough as I grabbed the razor after rinsing off my hand and began shaving his pubic area first.

“This is going to feel great. You’re a good boy” He states with his still broad smile, watching intently.

As the white pubes above his cock disappear, it is time to move downward and I realize I need to move his cock out of the way so I can pay attention to his balls.

I rinse off the blade and then kneel back down in front of him, grabbing his cock with my bare hand for the first time, moving it to the side so I can begin to shave his heavy sack.

I move slowly in hopes of not nicking him anywhere, but as I adjust his cock in different directions to access his full sack I feel his cock begin to grow in my hand.

My heart starts racing at the mere thought that I am holding my Grandpa’s cock as he gets a hard-on while I shave his balls. I try to focus on my task, but am now finding myself nervous. My left hand is now wrapped around his cock and I ever so slowly give it a gentle tug as I finish getting all the white hairs off his balls.

I release my hand and stand up to announce I was done and wash off the razor in the sink and tell him to hop in the bath so I can get him washed up now.

He stands up as I wash my hands, but I can’t help but stare at his still fully hard dick. It is slightly skinny, but long. I would guess it was about 8″ at full length.

After helping Grandpa sit in the tub I realize I used the wash cloth already to shave Grandpa and decide to simply pour the liquid soap in my hands and was him that way.

As normal routine, I hit all the boring body parts and then land at his now bare balls, with my bare hand and I cup them as I normally would, but this obviously is not normal. I gently caress them, fondling them in the palm of my hand applying gentle squeezes, appreciating the smoothness of his skin.

Lowering my hand I find his asshole with my finger and I circle it softly, applying gentle pressure, looking up to see Grandpa’s head back, eyes closed.

Was he embarrassed? Should I not have done that? I began to wonder, but also knowing I still need to wash his cock – even if it was standing at full attention.

I instinctively grab his hard dick at the base, wrapping my hand around it, but then think otherwise and rub all sides of it with an open hand, trying not to potentially offend Grandpa with my lewdness.

I abruptly end our extra long bath and help Grandpa up and out of the tub, handing him his towel.

I walk toward the door to leave and look back to see a somewhat confused look on Grandpa’s face and see his raging hard-on pointing back at me while I close the door as I leave.

As is routine, I leave him to get dressed as I do the dishes and laundry (My wife works evenings and gets upset if things are gaziantep escort bayan left for her) before returning to the living room where Grandpa and I would normally watch some TV together, but he wasn’t there.

I went to his room to check on him and find him lying on his bed, nude with his dick standing straight in the air.

“What’s the matter Grandpa? Do you need help getting dressed?” I ask.

“Uh, well it felt so good getting all cleaned up and having a hand on those parts that I got all worked up”

I reply with a chuckle,”Ha, yeah Grandpa, I noticed” I said smiling. “Want me to give you some privacy so you can take care of that?”

“Well, um, that’s the problem. With these damn hands I can’t do it. I haven’t been able to for quite some time now” He said sadly.

I couldn’t catch up to my brain. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to help him with this too? This is too much, but his dick looks is throbbing and this poor guy needs some relief. My mouth starts to get dry and I feel a knot in my stomach.

“I can help you Grandpa” I tell him as I walk to the side of his bed, slide my hand up his thigh and wrap it around his pulsating cock, to which Grandpa responds with a groan and drops his head back down on the bed.

I sit down on the edge of his bed and with my right hand begin to slowly stroke his cock up and down. I like the warm feeling of it in my hand and feel my own cock spring to attention immediately.

My back is to Grandpa and I just watch my hand as it moved up and down, feeling myself get incredibly turned on.

Using my left hand I cup his freshly shaved balls as I continue to stroke him with my right hand. Now, I am fully loving this. squeezing his balls and letting my fingers slide down tickling his taint and gently touching his asshole to Grandpa’s moans.

I am now breathing heavier than Grandpa as I am all worked up in the full taboo moment that this is. Without giving it a second thought I bend over and stick out my tongue to lick his meaty head. “Oh yes” I hear grandpa softly say in approval, so I proceed.

I open my mouth and continue to circle the head of his shaft with my tongue as I take him in my mouth. This felt so wrong, yet so right.

I kept my hand hand on the base of his shaft and my left hand on his balls as I began to bob up and down his long shaft, occasionally gagging as I tried to go further than my throat would allow.

I move my lower body off the bed without missing a beat to get a better angle and speed up the pace, now with no hands at all, letting my mouth do all the work.

I can hear Grandpa’s breath speed up and see his belly rising faster and I feel him begin to tense up. “It’s coming” he announces, but I do not slow down or stop. Instead, I pick up the pace and brace myself as I feel the first shot of sperm hit the back of my throat, and then the next and then more. I gagged a little more as I did my best to swallow it all, but some inevitably fell out and onto his shaft. I left his cock in my mouth as his orgasm subsided, no longer sucking, but enjoying the feeling of it as it began to soften.

I finally take his cock out of my mouth and lick the errant cum on his shaft, giving his cock some soft kisses, before licking his clean balls and even slipped down to lick his taint.

Grandpa was so appreciative of the attention and care that things continued to evolve in our relationship. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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