Court in Session

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I jumped as my name was called. This was my first time to act as a witness in court and I was totally unprepared.

“Miss Katie, please take the witness stand!”

The door opened for me and I nervously walked in. The chambers were empty to the public and the room was eerily quiet as I entered, all eyes were focussed on me.

“Miss Katie, please approach the bench,” the Judge spoke with authority. “Normally witnesses would be briefed by their lawyers, but as this is a last moment call I understand that no such briefing has been carried out. Just answer the questions honestly and you will be fine. Please take the Witness Stand.”

I was expecting to be surrounded by a wooden frame, like in the movies, but the Stand was just a raised platform with a chair. I suddenly regretted my choice of clothes.

I sat down and crossed my legs, feeling very self conscious. I was the only black person in the court and there were only two other women – one assisting the Defence and a dreary looking lady with glasses and her hair in a bun who was typing everything that was said.

A little about myself – I’m a professional dancer with near perfect breasts and a body to match. I have dark skin and black, shoulder length straightened hair. I enjoy male attention and tend to dress accordingly. Today I wore a black suit skirt and jacket. Nothing else. No blouse, no bra, no panties. Just the skirt and figure hugging jacket. I’d been sleeping with the Defendant and was now apparently considered a key witness, although I had no idea what to expect.

The Judge spoke again. “The Defendant is being charged with a number of crimes and the verdict will rest on the testimony of this Witness, Miss Katie, and whether or not she is a slut. Will the Defence please proceed.”

I couldn’t believe what had just been said. Sure, I enjoyed sex as much as the next person but was I a slut?

An Officer approached me with a Bible and I put my hand on it.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

“I swear.” I had done it. My Catholic faith was about to be tested yet again.

The Barrister for Defence approached the Stand.

“Miss Katie, can you describe your relationship with the Defendant please.”

“Uh, yes. We were sleeping together.”

“As a sexual relationship?”


“And did the Defendant ever pay you for sex?”

“No, not for sex. He would give me gifts and money from time to time, but it was random and didn’t coincide with sex.”

“Miss Katie, are you a slut?”

“No.” I lied under oath.

“Thank you, Miss Katie, the Defence rests for now.”

I was about to get up when a second man approached. The Prosecutor.

“Miss Katie, I must say you look very sexy.” He stated with a smile. It was an interesting opening.

“Thank you.”

“When did you lose you virginity?”

“I was eighteen.”

“And how old are you now?”


“How many sexual partners have you had?”

Oh shit. “Um, I’m not sure.”

He nodded. “More than, say, ten?”


“More than twenty?”


“Less than fifty.” It depended on whether he was counting vaginal sex only, I assumed he was.

“About forty then?”

“About that.”

“About forty men in a two year period. And you’re telling the court that you’re not a slut?”

“Objection!” Called adana escort the Defence.


“I would like to show the Witness Exhibit J.” Said the Prosecutor. He produced a large vibrator which had been a gift to me. “Can you tell me what this is?”

“Yes, it’s a Rampant Rabbit.”

“Is it similar to the Defendants penis?”

“His penis doesn’t twist or vibrate,” there was a sniggering in the court, “but it’s about the same size.”

“Did you ever perform oral sex on the Defendant?”


“Can you demonstrate on this, er, Rampant Rabbit.”


He placed it in my hands. I looked at the Judge. He nodded. I looked at the Defence but I could see him rubbing an obvious bulge under the table. All eyes were on me. Even the women were staring intently.

I had no choice. I imagined it was his cock in my hand and I brought it to my face, rubbing it against my cheek lovingly. I held it pointing upright and ran my tongue up the full length of the shaft. There was an audible gasp from the court. I licked it again, and again, then starting running my tongue over the end. I took a moment to look around. Everyone was staring wide eyed and mouths open. Some of them men were actually drooling. I was beginning to enjoy this. I took half of the phallus into my mouth and sucked, then I let it fuck my mouth, in and out, in and out, just as he used to do to me. Next I took the whole thing, deep throating it, controlling my breathing as I had done so many times in order to really turn my man on. It started to fuck the back of my throat, harder and harder, then I slowly withdrew it. Suction noises could be heard on its exit. Saliva coated it and dribbled down my chin. Then it was out. Ten inches of motorised plastic was back in my hands. I kissed it and handed it back.

There was silence in the court for a moment, then the Prosecutor spoke again.

“Did you and the Defendant ever partake in group sex?”

“Yes, we did.”

“How many people?”

“It varied. Sometimes another girl would join us, sometimes three or four men would make love to me at the same time.”

“And you enjoyed this?”


“Miss Katie. Are your nipples large or small?”


He turned to the Judge. “Your Honour, I would like Miss Katie’s breasts to be Exhibit K so we can show the Court.”

“I’ll allow that.”

He turned back to me. “Miss Katie, please will you show the Court Exhibit K.”

I stood. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I undid the lowest button on my jacket, half hoping that nobody would call an objection. They didn’t. The middle button came loose. Ever so slowly I released the last button and my jacket opened. What the Hell, I thought, and shrugged it off my shoulders. I felt incredibly horny now, and wondered if I had been drugged to feel this way.

Everyone had been staring since the Rabbit incident and I could see many hard cocks hidden away under thin suit material. I felt good standing topless in front of an audience.

“Would the Court like to see Exhibit L?” I asked bravely, reaching for the zip on my skirt. Every nodded enthusiastically in unison.

I dropped the zip and the skirt fell to my feet. I stood naked but a pair of stiletto ankle boots, my hairless pussy on display for all to see. I kicked my clothes away and turned around so adana escort bayan everyone could see my whole naked body. Again, there were gasps within the court.

The Prosecutor still stood in front of the Witness Stand, the grin on his face was as large as the bulge in his pants.

“Can you describe to the courts some of your sexual encounters with multiple men?”

My breathing was light now but I had the confidence.

“I could demonstrate for you, but I will need assistance…” Before I could finish my sentence four young men from the Jury were next to me. I pulled two of them towards the table where the lady was supposed to be typing, then I laid down on it.

“I guess I might be sucking one guy while another was licking me.” Without hesitation, one guys face dived between my legs. I jumped as his lips wrapped around my clit. “And two other guys on my tits.” Within seconds the other two started sucking on my nipples, meanwhile a cock was being pushed towards my lips. I repeated the demonstration of Rabbit, sucking this nice sized cock whilst feeling an orgasm build up inside me.

“Miss Katie,” I heard the Prosecutor, “are you loud and wild when you orgasm?”

I nodded. I had my mouthful.

“Miss Katie,” boomed the Judge, “we need you to answer properly.”

I released the cock for a moment. “Yes, yes, loud and wild!” I gasped, stuffing the cock back in my mouth and practically swallowing it. He started fucking my mouth harder, I knew he was about to blow. I felt my first orgasm begin to rush through me.

“Yes!” I screamed. “More!”

I felt him cumming inside my mouth. I pulled my had back and let the second stream cover my face. He started wanking furiously, shooting more and more over me as the men on my tits pulled away quickly.

As I opened my eyes I saw the plain girl who was sitting at the table all the way through. She pulled off her hair band, releasing her long brown hair over her shoulder, and she took off her glasses. Suddenly she looked hot and before I knew it she was kissing me, licking my face, sucking up all the cum over my neck and tits. Another orgasm shot through me, my hips bucked and my legs pulled the guys head closer into my pussy. Another cock appeared at my lips and I took it willingly. The mouth on my pussy pulled away and was replaced by a dick pushing inside me. I was so wet and it slipped in easily. It wasn’t huge but it was rock hard and it hit all the right places. I was cumming again. I tried to see who was around me but I was surrounded by half naked bodies; shirt tails and ties seemed to dominate alongside the naked butts and cocks. I realised I had a penis in each hand and without realising I was jerking them off. A cock pounding at my cunt, one in my mouth and lips were kissing and licking the rest of my body. The small cock pulled out of my pussy and I felt his warm cum landing on my tummy and tits. Another replaced it immediately, bigger this time but equally hard. He fucked my slowly at first, building up a rhythm then increasing his pace. I tried to scream in pleasure but the one in my mouth restricted me.

I felt my right hand get sticky as that guy came over my arm, I’m pretty sure another guy came at the same time. My body was wet and sticky with cum and sweat but there was no stopping these people who continually ravaged my body. The cock fucking me escort adana pulled out and ejaculated over my tummy, and I found myself being picked up to my feet facing the table. I held on just to keep my balance and within seconds I was being fucked from behind. Now that felt really good. Two of them got on the table, forcing their pricks into my mouth again. Not sure if they were the ones I was eating before but I took them willingly. I still had mouths on my tits and I could feel someone rubbing my clit. I looked down to see a young lady, possibly the girl in the Defence team, who delicately kissed my tummy and brought her mouth down to my cunt. The contrast between being fucked like crazy, both my pussy and my mouth, alongside this pretty girl kissing and caressing me, was driving me wild. I could feel a powerful orgasm about to explode when the guy fucking me suddenly pulled out.

I expected to feel his jism against my back, but instead I felt him nudging against my arse. I braced myself and with one quick movement his cock, still wet and slick from my pussy, was deep inside my arse. I started screaming as a completely different orgasm started to crack but these court room people were nowhere close to stopping. I felt myself being pulled away from the table and a tall man started to push his nob against my pussy. It was so wet he no problems plunging deep inside me. Two cocks, big ones, in my arse and my cunt. One man on the table, too far away for me to suck him, was wanking himself and streams of cum flew the air, landing on me. The two dicks inside drove me over the edge and I started screaming and bucking again. I felt the guy behind me cum inside me then pull out. His cum leaked out of my arse and down my inside thigh. The one in front pulled out also, cumming over my belly. I was guided back to the table and there was the Judge lying on his back, his cock hard and waiting for me. I got up and squatted over him, lowering my body, his surprisingly large penis touching my labia. I lowered my pussy, engulfing him, slowing the pace down a little, squeezing and teasing him.

He felt good inside me, I was back in control even if was only for a short time, but as soon as he was all the way in another cock forced its way back up my arse again and I was being double penetrated. More penises were working their ways back into my mouth and into my hands. The men had stopped licking my body due to the amount of cum that coated, but the ladies of the court were happy to keep at it. I tried my best to keep some sort of control over the Judge but it was impossible. I knew he was about to cum so I pulled myself off him (not easy when you’re being fucked up the backside) and took him in my mouth, sucking hungrily, caressing his balls until he too came in my mouth. It dribbled over my lips, down my chin and dripped onto my tits. There was a cheer from within the courtroom as the Judge got himself to his feet. I lay on my back, exhausted. The stragglers were jerking themselves, streams of cum would shoot from one place or another landing on my naked body.

Suddenly the Judge hammered on his desk. “Order in the Court!”

Everyone instantly returned to their seats.

“Will the Witness please return to the Stand.”

I got to my feet. I was shaking from the number of intense orgasms that I’d just received. Cum was still running down my body and dripping off me as I walked slowly back to my chair. A lot of it had already dried up, leaving flaky patches over my body.

“Does the Jury need time to make a Verdict?”

The Head Juryman stood, still adjusting his clothes.

“The Jury has reached a decision.” A piece of paper was handed to the Judge, who nodded with his agreement.

“Definitely a slut.”

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