The Island Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Sorry I took so long. Life got into the way.


Seth woke up with Greg’s arms around his waist. Greg was taller than Seth by about four inches and he was well into 6 feet 3 inches. He snuggled his back into Greg’s chest and moaned slightly as he pulled him gently closer. Seth got up and walked to their kitchen; he looked around and found some fruit that was newly picked. He took an apple, walked outside into the warm breeze, and made his way towards Greg’s garden. Everything looked like it was in its place.

Greg was the gardener of the couple and he was the angler. He picked up his gear and made his way to the beach. The temperature was a nice 70 degrees, with a breeze that kept everyone cool. He looked around and did not see any other anglers out so he setup his spot. He was eating his apple when he saw the first group of people arrive. He waved as they approached.

“Hi, guys how are things? I have not been here long but I am sure the catch will be a great one.”

“Hey Seth, your time away was felt, but I bet you were needed,” said Jon smiling.

“Yes it was great and an energizing experience.”

“We’ve all been there and it is fantastic,” Said Jose, a big dark hulk of a man.

They joined him next to the tree. They had their snacks and munched on them. Seth leaned back and stretched his arms out; Jon caught his right arm and moved it towards his loincloth. Seth moved his hand over the loincloth and felt the stiffing cock underneath. sakarya escort The tie fell loosely away and the patch of cloth went with it and revealed a semi hard cock getting harder.

“You were missed, Seth.” Jon said as he looked into Seth’s eyes.

“Then let’s get to it.” As he took Jon’s cock into his mouth and started sucking it.

Seth got on all fours as he sucked the cook in his mouth with great abandon. He could fell Jose moving under him to take his cock in his mouth. He almost came right there, but held off. Jon was bucking his hips up into Seth’s mouth in a rhythm that provided greater pleasure for both. Seth looked up and saw that Larry, one of the other guys, moving into position and placing his cock into Jon’s mouth, he was spreading his ass cheeks.

Seth felt a tongue in his ass and knew it was Neal, Larry’s partner. Neal was lubing up his hole; getting it ready for a pounding. Seth felt fingers being inserted into his hole, he moaned, as Jon’s cock was thrusted forward to the back of his throat. He could feel the veins on Jon’s large cock as he was sucking on Larry’s cock. Seth took up Jon’s cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly; he pulled on his balls and placed pressure on the base of the cock to help prolong the release. He applied pressure on the underside of the cock as he moved up to the cock head. Jon was doing the same thing to Larry’s cock. Seth decided to make him Jon cum. He sped up his sucking and pulled sakarya escort bayan even harder on the ball sack. Jon came within seconds, his cum filled Seth’s mouth and spilled out around the edges. Jon was receiving Larry’s load as well.

Jose was gently sucking Seth’s cock and tasted his precum. Seth rose up on his knees and began feeding his cock to Jose. Neal helped Jose along as he pulled on Seth’s balls and stroked Jose cock. He had to leave Seth’s balls to focus on Jose’s large cock. Seth did notice that a tentacle had attached itself to Neal’s cock getting him more aroused. He looked up and tentacle was at his mouth wanting in, he opened his mouth and started sucking it. It grew as his sucking continued. Seth felt his cock giving him signals that it would be cumming soon into Jose’s mouth. Seth stroked his cock and it feed Jose all of his cum. The tentacle released its fluid into his mouth. Jose bucked his hips forward as he came into Neal’s mouth. All of them fell into a heap of bodies and rested. The tentacles cleaned them up while they rested. They got up before they could be transported, as they had some fishing to do before going home. They walked towards the shoreline talking as they went and setup their gear.

Seth came home with four fish for the evening meal, hoping that Greg had a good harvest to make up for the small number of fish. He found Greg in his garden bent over picking at his vegetables. He snuck up behind him and placed escort sakarya a finger in between Greg’s ass cheeks. He started working it inside the hole. Greg moaned, “Finally you’re home. That feels great keep at it.”

Seth lad the fish down and worked the one finger inside the ring of Greg’s ass. It opened up to allow it in. Once in, Greg moaned even louder and he pushed back against the large finger. His cock was growing harder and Seth reached down and started stroking it in time with his finger’s movement. Greg had not cum today so he was full and ready to release quickly.

“Make me cum stud.” He said.

“Get ready then. Cause here you cum.”

With that, Seth started really stroking him and pulled on his balls. Moaning even more Greg tried to hold his cum in but then Seth used a thumb to move up the shaft and along the line that went up to the cock head. That was all Greg needed as he exploded into the ground with a large amount of fluid. Greg fell to one side and Seth lay on top of him and kissed him deeply.

“Feel better now?”

“Much, let’s get these inside and ready for dinner.”

They walked inside and basked in the coolness of the cabin. Seth started cooking the fish as Greg made a salad. They washed up for dinner and ate their meal.

“Did anyone come by while I was gone?” Seth said.

“A few guys did come by and helped me through the rough times. How was the ‘trip’?” asked Greg.

“It was a great experience but I missed you deeply. The others were good people and they were exhausted as much as I was at times. We all gave it our all and were completely drained at times.”

They finished their meal and washed the dishes; they readied themselves for bed. Their day was done as the sun went down and they cuddled together and drifted off to sleep. Seth was home and he was content.

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