Get Away for the Month

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The sound of the car doors slamming shut signaled the welcome conclusion to our five hour drive. My girlfriend Samantha and I had been driving for what seemed like ages through forest and rivers on our journey to get to her aunt’s house. It had taken an airplane ride, but we had reached a destination far different from home, and it started off quite refreshing but at this juncture had turned into a bit of a nuisance for us city folk.

But here we were, in the middle of a small town, at a house that looked small but cozy, and I was readying myself to meet Samantha’s extended family. Coincidentally, her auntie was sick, so my girlfriend chose to use this as an excuse to take us out of the city for a month and be somewhere else. She promised there was a ton of stuff to do out here, and to her credit, there did seem to be a lot of fun to be had in the small town of Cedarville. It had a lake, a boardwalk, a small theme park, plenty of stores, mountains, and more! I sound like a brochure, but it was surprising to see so much to do in such small square mileage.

We approached the house and knocked on the door. “Now remember,” Sam said to me. “I haven’t seen these people in like, six years, so it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for me. I can’t exactly guide you in there, so just be nice!” She paused. “Also, as I recall, Brooke is a tad slow, always has been. She’s got the mind of a girl much younger than she is. I think she’s 18, but I highly doubt she’ll act that way. Otherwise, I know nothing!”

“Well I wasn’t going to try to give them a jump scare!” I retorted. The door opened. A small girl answered.

“Sam!” she said, hugging Samantha around the waist. “I missed you so much!” A somewhat haggardly woman appeared behind her. Sam looked up at her.

“Auntie, how are you!?” They hugged.

“I’ve… been better. But I’m happy you’re here. Just your spirit alone will make this all better, I just know it.” When they were done hugging she looked at me. “And this must be Jeremy! He is so cute, just like you said!” I blushed a bit. “Come in, come in! Let’s get you some food. You must have had a long drive.” We followed her into the house and made our way to the kitchen. The house was wooden and the floor was wood as well. The furniture appeared to be rustic or old, I wasn’t artistic enough to know the difference. Light entered the house through the many windows looking out into the small green town, creating a very bright atmosphere.

As soon as we made our way to the table, I looked across to see a rather large young woman eating a huge plate of food. She had long brown hair and chubby cheeks, and when she put her fork down, she displayed an insane amount of cleavage. Her breasts were bigger than any I’d ever seen.

“Sam!” she said, jumping out of her chair, her breasts bobbing up and down. She darted for Samantha and gave her a great hug, engulfing her face in her boobs. Her dress was so lowcut that Sam’s whole face got stuck, but she held her there in place, seemingly oblivious to the smothering. Swinging her back and forth, she exclaimed “It’s been forever! Thank you for Cami Halısı coming back!”

Sam plopped her head out. “Brooke! So good to see you! You’ve… grown… so much since I last saw you!” Sam backed up a step. “Oh, and this is Jeremy, he’s my boyfriend. Jeremy, this is Brooke.”

I walked around to her. She was only slightly taller than I was, but at least three times as wide. When we hugged, she applied too much pressure and pushed her breasts up against my chest, causing them to jut up into my face. I did my best to keep my chin up, but I’m only one man. “Hi Jeremy!” I made my way back over to the other side and sat down.

Sam looked at her aunt, who somehow looked even worse. “Auntie, let me help you. I’ll stay with you today so I can see how you’re doing.”

The kid agreed. “I’ll help too!”

“Thank you,” Sam said. “Can you take Brooke for ice cream? There’s a really good place around here, she’ll know where it is.” For one reason or another, I didn’t doubt Sam on that one.

“Be careful Brooke,” the aunt said. “Be gentle with him. Don’t… sit on him or anything. I don’t think he could lift you off.”

“I won’t, Mommy!” Brooke said.

The two of us took a walk into the commercial side of town and headed for the ice cream parlor. She was truly a large girl, with thick, meaty thighs and a massive bust. To say I wasn’t distracted by her breasts would be a lie; Samantha was an A cup, so I wasn’t used to spending time with a girl this well endowed. As she walked, they jiggled and bounced. Sometimes, when the road curved, even just a little, she turned towards me and her breasts rubbed against my arm. I was hard the entire walk. Unfortunately, what I could also gather from this walk was that she indeed had the mind of a 13 year old girl. She was super innocent and didn’t have a complete grasp of what was going on in the world around her. She asked me if I knew how far away the sun was and why the sky was blue. Okay, these might even be slow for a ten year old.

When we reached the ice cream parlor, I asked her what she wanted and told her I would get it for her. She sat down in the booth and waited. After getting the five scoops of ice cream, all different flavors, I carried it over to her and sat on the chair.

“Can’t you sit next to me?” she asked.

“Oh, sure,” I said. Honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of room on the booth for me, but I squeezed in and tried my best to have a spoonful or two of the mint chocolate chip. About a minute in to eating it, she spilled a tiny amount on her chest, which was basically a shelf jutting out from her chest.

“Oh, honey, can you get that for me?” she asked, sticking out her chest at me. Her breasts looked impossibly large, and I instantly got hard. Was this a dream? Was I even allowed to do this? I looked around, there was nobody else in the ice cream parlor. The workers were all in the back. “Both of my hands are sticky, so I don’t want to wipe it off myself. Please?”

I shrugged. Oh well, I guess it was best to make a good first impression, right? “Okay, I’ll get it,” Cami Halıları I said. I took a napkin and wiped it off. Her breasts were firm and bulbous, like big orbs of heaven begging to be sucked.

“Oh dear,” she said as she spilled more. The ice cream was starting to melt. “You know, my mommy always taught me not to waste food. You have to lick it off!”

I sighed. I was already this far. I got as close to her chest as possible, then tilted my head forward, extending my tongue. The ice cream had made it’s way between her breasts, on the v of her cleavage. I licked it up and tasted the sweetness of the chocolate. She kept eating ice cream, the liquid now continuously dripping on her chest. Her free hand moved to the back of my head, gripping my hair. I kept licking over and over, my face rubbing against her warm flesh. It almost seemed like she was dripping on purpose. She giggled. “You must really like ice cream,” she said, as I snuck in a kiss while licking her chest. I had never been this close and personal with boobs this large before. She was holding me closer now, and my hands had migrated to resting on the sides of her tits. “Uhoh, I spilled it on my right one,” she said. She guided my head over to that side of her chest and I kissed and licked until that was gone. “Now it’s on my left.” She moved me again and I followed suit.

“Is this your new boyfriend, Brooke?” a voice asked. It was the cashier.

“Of course he is,” she replied. “Aren’t you, baby?”

I guess it would have looked bad to say I wasn’t in this position, so I played along. “Yeah, we’re going steady, the two of us.”

“Aw,” the female cashier said. “Give her a kiss!” I was so trapped. I shifted forward a bit so I could reach her plump lips and gave her a kiss. She sucked on my lips just enough to imply we weren’t supposed to stop kissing. Her lips, now wet from all of the ice cream, smacked against mine, making for one sloppy make out session. She put her spoon down and with her now free hand she pulled me close to her, her breasts now mashing against me. “You two are so cute together!” the cashier said. Brooke now stuck her tongue in my mouth, and I played back with mine. “Oh, get a room, you two!” the lady said, before leaving the front and walking to the back again.

“How funny! She thought we were lovers!” Brooke said, laughing. “She didn’t know that you have a girlfriend already.” She kept eating ice cream and more spilled. “Are you going to get that, sweetie?” Her hand thrust me back down into her cleavage. “Don’t let such good ice cream go to waste now, honey.”

When we were done, we headed home. As we were walking, she grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close. “Thank you for taking me for ice cream, and for pretending to be my boyfriend!” She then gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Brooke, don’t you think there’s something weird about what happened in there? Like maybe it wasn’t totally appropriate?”

“Of course not. We were just playing right?” she asked innocently.

“As long as that’s clear, can we keep that our secret?”

“I love secrets,” she said. She gave me another kiss on the cheek. “Oh no! You’re a little sticky!”

“Must have been all the ice cream-“

“I’m going to bathe you when we get home,” she said, confidently. I assumed she was kidding, so I ignored it and we made it home. When we walked through the doors, there was a note on the table. The others had gone out to the doctor’s office and wouldn’t be home for hours. I put my stuff down, and immediately was scooped up. “Time for your bath!” Brooke said, now carrying me over her shoulder. I got a great view of her huge ass sticking out from behind her.

“Are you sure about this, Brooke?” I asked.

“Of course! I can’t have you being all sticky. You have to be clean!” Still carrying me, she entered the bathroom and got the bath tub ready. I could hear the water pouring in, and she set me down. One by one, she pulled off all of my clothes, revealing my small, naked body. “Look how little you are!” she said happily. Next, she scooped me up like a baby and carried me over to the tub, carefully placing me in the warm water. Bending over the tub, her massive breasts now hovering above my naked body, she took a bar of soap and started scrubbing my body with it, holding me down by my chest with her other free hand. As she rubbed, her breast wobbled, and as her breasts wobbled, by cock got hard. She scrubbed me all over, not even flinching to get my dick and ass hole. “You’re like my little baby aren’t you? I have to keep my baby clean!” Now I thought she was probably spending too much time on my cock. I was going to cum. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice and it would melt away with the soap. “You need some shampoo, some of it got in your hair.” She reached forward, pushing me forward and up the side of the rounded edged tub. As I went up, her breasts met my face. While she fumbled with the shampoos, I struggled with her giant rack, my wet face dampening her dress. “You like pretending as much as I do!” She stopped fumbling for shampoo and simply held her place, letting me play with her massive breasts. “If we were actually dating, is this what you would do with me? I’ve never dated a boy before, but if I did, I would like this,” she said. How was she this innocent? Her hands ran through my hair, a liquid running with it. She must have been shampooing me right now. I kissed her soft flesh as she did it. Her hand groped into the bath tub, presumably looking for the soap, but it found my cock and rubbed it. The feeling took me over the edge and I came, harder than I ever had. I couldn’t tell if she noticed or not.

“Okay, all done!” She pulled me out of the bath tub and wrapped a towel around me. “You’re all clean now! I’m going to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. Why don’t you take a nap in my bedroom, you’ve had a very long day.”

“Um… okay,” I said. She carried me like a baby off to her room, which was full of stuffed animals and dolls. She placed me into her bed and tucked me in. She bent over me, her massive tits threatening to flatten my chest. Finally, her lips met mine and stayed there for minutes. My hands now instinctively reached up for her breasts and massaged them.

“You should pretend to be my boyfriend tomorrow too, if we have time,” she said, pulling away from me and walking away. “Sleep tight, sweetie.” And I did.

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