Golden Oldie Ch. 02

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Group Sex

Annie and I met off and on for several weeks and then I was offered a job that meant leaving home and living several hours drive away.

As it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse I regretfully parted with Annie but we left on very good terms and the thought of resuming our relationship when I came to visit remained unspoken.

After being away for about five months my boss said that as a result of my good work he was giving me two weeks paid holiday in addition to my regular leave and that I could go on the following weekend.

I called my family and told them to expect me and just the thought of returning to the house next door to Annie gave me an erection which remained more or less permanent for the whole week before I left for home.

When I got home I realized that I would have to be very discrete. I couldn’t come in the door, say “Hi” to Mum after not having seen her for months and then say “I’m off next door to fuck Annie.” No, I would have to be a little more subtle.

That evening my folks and I had a good, home cooked meal together, another thing which I had been missing whilst away, and then we watched TV, talked and brought each other up to date.

And so to bed.

I have always been an early riser so that although I didn’t have any specific plans — or none that I could divulge to my parents — I was up and joined them for breakfast before they both went out to work.

Soon after they left I took myself over to Annie’s and rang her bell.

I didn’t have to wait long for her to open the door. “I wondered how long it would take you to come over,” she said. Bycasino “Your Mum told me you were coming and I’ve been wet ever since.”

As she spoke these words I looked at her in wonder.

Se had lost several kilos in weight and was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Seeing my jaw on it’s way to the floor she said “Didn’t your Mum tell you? I’ve joined a health club and am getting myself in shape.”

“I’d like to get into your shape as well” came my reply and I went in and closed the door behind me.

In an instant we were locked in an embrace. Her hands were all over me, pulling at my clothes and racing over my skin.

Our mouths were locked together and her tits pressed into my chest while she ground her crotch against my erection making it larger that ever.

I pulled off her top and she broke from me just long enough to slip off her shorts before going down on her knees and removing my trousers before taking my dick in her mouth and licking it and my scrotum like and ice cream.

I managed to maintain some semblance of composure and got her to her feet so that we could go to her bedroom where we would be more comfortable.

I laid her on her bed and she spread her legs, inviting me to taste her.

Oh, how I had been missing this. Her juices ran down from her open slit towards her arse and the taste and smell were almost overpowering.

I lapped her nectar and played with her clit, slid two fingers insider her and played with her until she was bucking like a bronco. It was almost impossible Bycasino giriş to stay on her but she crossed her thighs over me and gripped and pulled me to her, almost suffocating me in the effort — and what a way to go.

Her orgasm, when it came, threatened to break the bed frame with its violence and then she released me and I climbed up her and slid inside.

I started moving slowly at first but then gradually picked up the pace until we were thrashing together and then she stopped and told me that she wanted to be on top.

OK by me I told her and we reversed positions.

She knelt over me and took my prick in her hands and stroked it very gently and first. A fantastic sensation which increased in intensity as she picked up speed and pressure. Then she slid me inside her and started to go up and down on me.

Her tits bounced in time to her fucking and I reached up and tweaked her nipples.

She leant forward and rested her hands alongside my head so as to give me the opportunity to suck her tits.

They bounced over me so that it was like bobbing for apples in reverse — with a better prize as well.

Then she started to squeeze my prick with her cunt walls. I was like being in a milking machine.

I couldn’t hold out much linger and soon I exploded. She came again with the sensation of my sperm jetting inside her and she collapsed on top of me. It was like lying in a soft bet with a warm, thick eiderdown covering me. I could have gone to sleep to hours like that but Annie had other plans.

She got off me, pulled me to my feet and took Bycasino güncel giriş me into the shower. There she proceeded to wash me all over and we fucked standing up against the wall. Her loss of weight and keep-fit exercises were doing wonders for our sex together. We both came again and she showed no signs of flagging.

After drying off, and with no need to dress, we went downstairs where Annie made coffee but wouldn’t let me drink it.

“Wait until it cools a bit” she said.

After about fifteen minutes, while we had been sitting on the couch playing with one another, she brought the two cups in and put them on the low table in the center of the room.

“You want coffee?” she asked and dipped a tit into the mug and gave me to lick it off.

I got through most of the cup and by this time I was carrying a massive hard-on. This was very useful and I dipped it into the other cup and had her drink off me.

We took a rain check on the cake and just sat next to each other on the couch, me playing with her tits and pussy and her playing with my prick. This lasted for quite a long time until again we started to get hornier and hornier.

I licked her ears, her neck, her hairy armpits, I licked under her tits. She was moaning and crying out for me to come into her again. After such hospitality, how could I refuse.

On the carpet we came together once again and afterwards, I lay on her and luxuriated in the soft pillows of her tits.

I must have fallen asleep for I was awakened by Annie telling me that it was four in the afternoon and she had to get ready to go to the station as her daughter was coming for a visit.

As I left the house she told me her daughter was going to be around for six weeks and that I must come and meet her.

“I’m sure you’ll like her, you’ll get along well together.”

I could hardly wait.

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