Hypno-cis: Charlotte’s Cum-uppance

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The entire room smelled of sex, sweat and cum as Charlotte, cowgirl style, bounced her ass up and down on a woman’s cock. Her hands were busy pleasuring two other girl cocks and her pussy had just gotten through being pounded by another woman’s dick. Her large, cum covered tits were being fucked by another woman and her face was covered in cum from the handjobs she’d given. She’d long past lost count of how many cocks had fucked her holes or splattered her face with cum.

She cried out in ecstasy as she felt another fat girl cock being shoved into her sopping wet pussy, forcing the previous loads of cum that had been pumped inside her to spill out to make room for the new invader. The cum trickled down to her ass and began to coat the cock fucking her asshole, acting as a natural lubricant as the cum covered cock slid in and out, forcing the cum from her pussy up into her ass.

The taste of cum lingered on her tongue from the countless blowjobs she’d given. Her mouth had been empty for a few minutes and she was beginning to get desperate for another dick to suck. She looked around the room at the countless women waiting their turn to fuck her.

“I want to suck cock!” she yelled, causing the crowd to jeer at her, teasing her with the sight of their hard cocks just mardin escort out of reach. The woman fucking Charlotte’s tits stopped suddenly, letting her cock pop free from Charlotte’s slick breasts.

“Not talking shit about us now, huh Charlotte, you stupid cis slut?” the woman who had been fucking her tits asked rhetorically, gripping the sides of Charlotte’s head and burying her cock down her throat as she began to face fuck the woman with wild abandon. Laughter erupted in the room as a large crowd continued to wait their turn to use Charlotte like a living fleshlight, stroking their hard cocks and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fill Charlotte up.

It was only a day ago Charlotte had made a rude comment about trans women on an online message board, a message board Charlotte thought she was anonymous on. It was only when she found herself being dragged from her home and thrown into a van that she realized her mistake.

She’d been taken to an undisclosed location and strapped into a chair in front of a TV. Subliminal images, videos and hypnotic suggestions were shown on the TV to Charlotte. It had taken about 14 hours for the hypnotic suggestions to take effect, but now Charlotte had gone from a bigoted transphobe van escort to a whore, hungry for girl cock.

Charlotte needed these women to fuck her, to fill her up with their sticky seed, but more than anything she needed to cum. Her clit was left unattended and was throbbing, desperate for any contact. If she could just touch it, just brush it a little, she was sure she could cum. She was sure she could cum if she could just free her hand.

Sure enough, the cock in her right hand began to shoot it’s load, cum landing on Charlotte’s face, adding to the already ample amount coating her. The cock withdrew from Charlotte’s cum covered hand and Charlotte took the opportunity to reach down to her clit, rubbing her hand over it in a desperate attempt to reach orgasm.

Overwhelming pleasure shot through her body as her slick fingers rubbed back and forth over her clit. She could feel pleasure building as she rapidly approached orgasm. She was so close, she knew she was going to cum so fucking hard, she was going to cum harder than she had ever cum in her life. She was so close… so close…

Wait, why wasn’t she cumming? She continued to rub her clit, her hand grinding down on the fleshy nub in a desperate attempt to cum, ankara escort but for some reason she couldn’t. The need to orgasm was so close, right at the precipice, but would not go over that edge. The need was so overwhelming! ‘Why can’t I cum!?’ she thought, her mind consumed with the need to orgasm.

A woman approached Charlotte from the side and grabbed her hand, pulling away from Charlotte’s clit and placing it on her cock. Charlotte screamed in frustration around the cock in her mouth.

“Stupid slut, cis bitches don’t get to cum.” The hypnotic suggestions had completely taken hold and Charlotte could no longer cum. She cried out once more in frustration as she felt the woman in her ass begin to cum, hot scalding seed filling up her insides adding to the already copious amount inside.

At the same time, the woman fucking her mouth began to cum as well, the delicious salty taste of semen overwhelming her senses. The woman fucking her mouth withdrew, ropes of cum continuing to shoot from her cock onto Charlotte’s slutty face. With her mouth free, Charlotte screamed that she needed to cum, causing the women in the room to burst into laughter and mockery.

Charlotte remained at the compound and gangbangs became a constant occurrence for her. She was continuously fucked by groups of women, stuffed with girl cock and filled with girl cum, her holes used again and again as she became nothing more than a sentient fuck doll. Every time she was gangbanged she would beg to cum, crying out in desperation for orgasm, but that was the one thing she would never, ever get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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