Gramps Enlightenment Pt. 01

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This is my first effort at trying to write a suitable story…. I might manage it, I might not, only you the reader can judge that.

If I can meet a reasonable standard I hope this will turn into a fun and worthwhile way for me to entertain myself and you.


James had always led a quiet, by others standards, but full life including sexually.

His life with his one true love was always fulfilling but stifled a touch due to Gwen (His wife) being of the belief that ‘Shenanighans’ should be kept between couples and not ‘Flaunted’ outside the bedroom. Even though she was partial to James laying hands-on and moisturising her whole body invariably leading to the ‘Happy ending’ The use of fingers in her aperture was acceptable but never any tongue and definitely the ‘back door’ was off-limits until much later in their life together.

Because of work commitments and social functions, James and Gwen were only blessed with one child, which incidentally caused Gwen more than a little shame and embarrassment. Believing she was slightly above others, imagine the shame when walking back from the butchers her waters decided to break thus creating a slightly embarrassing mess, even though it is and always will be one of the most natural phenomena that the human body goes through. Add to the shame of it being a male Dr who attended to the birth as the district nurses were already tied up elsewhere and he insisted that the pubic area was ‘Tidied up’…….. Gwen liked to keep a full bush and even liked the feel of the underarm growth as well, as James seemed to take great delight in licking and nuzzling her armpits as he ejaculated in her.

Patricia, later shortened to Patsy by her friends and James, was a well cared for and loved child from birth right up through her teenage years, often curling up on her dad to sleep when a child and find solace in later years if hurt or upset. It was accepted as a child to run around in her nightie but as she grew up Gwen tried to insist on the rule that Patricia only came out of her room when she was fully dressed, which caused so many arguments and compromise had to be found, so full Pyjamas became the norm (Not the nice satiny ones of today but the functional thick thermal type ones) but as they were very often designed for boys Gwen insisted on sewing the front opening up.

James, wanting a quiet life, stayed quiet but quite liked the times she snuggled into his side and pulled his hand down across her body as a shield or sat on his lap whilst watching scary films.

Being a budding gymnast when about 13/14 Patsy was forever twisting ankles and tweaking calf muscles and often asked, ‘Daddy can you massage my legs and get the knots out of my calf muscles’ Which James did willingly, having quite a technique for applying pressure in just the right places to aid recovery but not inflict the pain that the professional sports physiotherapists seem to do.

In a competition when Patsy was 18 she took a very heavy fall whilst performing on the balance beam, catching herself on the back of the thigh and also on her side as she was thrown sideways into the upright on the apparatus. Released from hospital with some exercises and some cream for the abrasions she came home and for a few days was a bit slow and careful in her movements and Gwen applied the cream on her side.

Come the following Saturday, Gwen was out visiting some friends that she hadn’t seen for a few months when Patsy looked at her dad and asked ‘Is mum going to back in time to help me get dressed to go over to Shaun’s mums birthday party?’ Shaun is the closest person that Patsy could call a boyfriend that she had ever had. James, looking perplexed ‘Umm, no I don’t think she will’ Patsy jumps up, tweaking her muscle in her leg, and starts to cry ‘Owww, that hurts….. Mum promised she would help me get dressed…. Mind you I think it is only so she can check what I am wearing’

‘I can help you’

‘Oh yeah, you gonna help me?’

‘Surely it is only zipping your dress up and maybe putting your shoes on so that you haven’t got to bend too far.’

Shaking her head ‘Nope, it is putting cream on my grazes, then helping me put my bra on so I don’t catch the dressing as I turn it around……… not to mention my panties and tights’

‘Ahh, OK I see the problem………… Now, why are you limping again?’

‘I hurt my bloody leg when I jumped up and my muscle hurts………. You can’t İstanbul Escort help with that either!!!!…….It has been total shit having mum doing the massaging she can’t get the same force as you used to’

‘Of course, I can massage your leg silly……. I thought you didn’t want my help now you are an adult’

‘No mum said it wasn’t right for you to massage me now…….. She has some strange ideas…… god knows how you two ever had me’

‘Come here and lay down on the sofa, let me see if I can ease the pain in your leg at least……. I am your dad and can’t see you in pain……… then we can see if one of the neighbours can come and help you get dressed…….. that is if you still want to go tonight’

As he gently works on his daughter’s leg, Patsy looks over her shoulder just as James rearranges his cock in his trousers.

Smiling wickedly to herself she says ‘Daddy, you are so good to me……. I don’t want anyone else to help me get dressed…… will you try to help me?’

‘For you, I will do anything.’

I will leave that one for a future story and jump forwards about 20 years or so……. Patsy is married to Mike, they have 2 daughters of their own who follow in mum’s footsteps in gymnastic prowess…… James had been called upon many times for ankles and calves that needed attention…… Gwen has recently passed.

‘Dad, are you ready?’

‘I still don’t see why you want me to come along.’

‘It’ll be good for you to get out, plus it means we will have company of the male variety when we come back…… it might be the middle of the night and I don’t want to go into any service areas as two women alone.’

The occasion is Sian and Michelle, granddaughter and her friend going off to university….. Nicky, his other granddaughter, and Patsy are driving them up there.

James can immediately see an issue……. Two girls don’t travel lightly…… even though it is a huge minivan the seats are literally all packed solid…. Just the driver and passenger seats clear and 2 small holes further back for Sian and Michelle…… ‘There isn’t any room’ James utters.

‘Ooopppsy’ Sian giggles.

‘Well I ain’t leaving Nicky at home and Mike is away……. So we will have to try our best…… I need you with us dad’ Patsy sighs.

‘I can’t get in the back…….. my ribs are hurting now without crushing myself’ Nicky adds.

‘I hear ya’ Patsy mutters ‘I remember years ago doing the same thing as you did’ a wry smile playing across her lips as she remembers her dad helping her get dressed to go to a party.

‘I am only small….. so I can sit on gramps lap’ Sian pipes up.

‘It is 7 hours!!!’ Patsy growls.

‘Yeah, but we can stop a few times’ Nicky chimes in ‘Gramps, do you think we can manage?’

‘If you insist that I come along I suppose that is the only option……. And knowing little miss sleepyhead she will be sound asleep in no time’ James adds smiling at Sian and ruffling her hair ‘She is only tiny I suppose.’

‘I can swap with Sian if she needs some space later’ Michelle says, smiling at everyone ‘Or Sian and me can smush in together’

‘No you are too boney’ Sian squeals unnecessarily loudly ‘I can’t sit on gramps lap.’

Things had become far more relaxed since grandma Gwen had passed, no longer was it necessary to cover up all the time and it was normal for the girls to pop through the gate between the two houses in their dressing gowns or bikinis. Even Patsy had started to pop in to see dad in floaty light summer clothes.

An hour later and they are all positioned….. James sat at the rear on the left of the vehicle with Sian perched on his knee. Michelle sat across the car with a little case forming a small table for them on top of the other bags so they can have sweets etc available. Patsy driving and Nicky riding Shotgun…… The plan is to drive about 3 hours then have a break change drivers and hopefully do the hop in 3 or 4 legs ……. James can drive most of the distance back as he is the more experienced night driver…….. From the back, you can’t see the driver or passenger seat just hear them with the 2 or 3-inch gap between the bags and car roof.

Being a warm day, the order of the day is light clothing…… James has just normal lightweight trousers and a floaty Hawaiian shirt on and the girls are dressed in assorted shorts/skirts and Kadıköy Escort lightweight summer tops.

‘All OK?’

A round of yeps and away they go.

‘Gramps, can I snuggle in instead of sitting rigidly?’ Sian asks.

‘Of course, you can, it is a long trip so you gotta be comfy.’

Sian wriggles around and manages to get her legs both on the same side of gramps’s legs so she is sitting sideways on, then slides herself further into his lap and lays her head on his chest.

‘I can feel your heart beating through your chest gramps’ as she says this she slides her hand between her face and gramps body feeling his chest hair tickle her hand as it spills forth from the v in the front of his shirt, also feeling his nipple harden under her thumb and a bump under her bum cheek.

‘My heartbeat and the rumble in my chest as I speak always used to make your mum, sister and you go to sleep when you were babies.’

‘Oh yes, I can feel the rumble……… I do love you, gramps…… I am not sure what I am gonna do being away from you, mum, dad and Nicky.’

‘It won’t be long and you will be back home on holiday’ as he said this he pulled her closer and kissed her on the head.

‘MMMMM I like that’ Sian sighed, leaning up to kiss gramps on the cheek but missing slightly and catching the edge of his mouth……. Also causing his hand to slide down onto her thigh where her skirt had ridden up with her wriggling…….. Looking across at Michelle and mouthing (I can feel his cock on my ass and he will feel I have no panties on soon) Michelle just smiles and strokes herself totally out of sight of everyone.

‘Oooo sorry missy’ James squeaks as he realises he very nearly kissed his granddaughter, also feeling her bare thigh and what feels like fur panties………. Gazing down he smiles unconsciously as he realises his granddaughter has inherited one trait from Gwen and Patsy, preferring a full bush…….. Suddenly realising he shouldn’t be having these thoughts but not before Sian catches him looking and smiling he looks away.

Taking one hand in her hand, Sian slides gramps’s hand back onto her thigh and whispers in his ear…… ‘Do you like what you see Gramps?’……… His breath catches as he looks into her eyes and kisses her nose before looking sideways to see Michelle smiling knowingly at him.

‘We can’t be doing this’ he murmurs at his granddaughter.

‘Gramps…… I want you to feel how much I love you’ ….. sliding his hand further up her thigh so that he can cup her boiling pussy ‘I can feel part of you feels the same………… You have been looking at us differently since gramma died…….. I know you get hard watching us walking around in our bikinis…… even mum can make you hard’

‘Sian, we can’t it is against the law…… plus Michelle is just over there’ he tilts his head towards the other side of the car.

‘I know……. She is the one who said I ought to fuck you…….. she fucks her dad and uncle……… she also hopes to fuck you later, she hasn’t got a granddad and she thinks you are hot’…… James and Sian look at Michelle and Sian mouths (I told him …… I hope he fingers me at least)

‘Sian, you can’t be serious.’

‘Michelle…… Gramps said I can’t be serious about you wanting to fuck him’ Sian says just loud enough to be heard.

‘Everything OK back there’ calls Patsy.

‘Yes all coming along nicely’ Sian replies as she pulls gramps’s other hand to her breast so he can feel she has no bra and her nipples are rock hard.

‘It is true Grampa James, I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be fucked by my grandpa but he died last year…….. and I know you get excited seeing us all scampering about’ Michelle mumbled back.

James realising that a long-held dream might be possible leans down to kiss his granddaughter for the first time on the lips that wasn’t just a friendly family kiss.

Knowing she is about to cross a barrier that can’t be undone Sian flicks her tongue into her gramps’s mouth and mumbles……. ‘Gramps, please …….. I want you to at least fondle my tits………’

James can’t resist anymore and slides his hand up to fully cup his granddaughter’s hairy pussy, allowing one finger to search for her molten centre.

Sian sighs contentedly as she opens her legs a touch wider to allow herself to be fingered more intensely…….. Kartal Escort sliding her hand under herself to cup gramps balls, squeezing lightly.

James, looking intently into Sian’s eyes slides two fingers deep into her and rubs her engorged clit with his thumb ‘My god you are wet…….. I so wish I knew this was possible before….. do you realise the number of times I have been gazing at photos of you, mum and even Nicky…. Imaging you with no clothes on….. wanking myself stupid.’

‘Have you ever touched mum?’

James brings his fingers to his mouth so he can taste his granddaughter, this was the only way he was able to taste Gwen……. ‘Oh god…… Just like your mother…… sweet and so juicy.’

‘So you have crossed the barrier before’ Sian mutters and smirks.

‘Gramps……. I want to feel your cock…… even of just with my hand’

‘It ain’t anything special, not big or anything…….. but fair is fair I am fondling your pussy’

‘Breathe in and hold yourself as far back in the seat as you can’ Sian instructs her gramps as she slides herself around on his lap and descends into the space between his legs….. how she curls up is a total mystery.

James looks across at Michelle and shrugs just as she brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them seductively.

‘Are you about to get a blow job?’

Just as Michelle says this he feels his zipper go down and his cock spring out into the air (for some reason he had decided to go commando himself today)……

Wrapping her hand around his penis Sian smiles happily as she knows now there is no going back and also thinking when gramps has tasted her mother!!!

James looks across at Michelle and utters ‘It would be the first one ever…….. never allowed tongues in that area on Gwen or her on me……. I only know her taste because I licked my fingers a few times when massaging her.’

‘Is that why you licked your fingers just now, so you could taste Sian?’

‘Yes……..’ As he says this he feels a tongue lick up his shaft and a mouth envelope his cock and hands undoing the button on his trousers and trying to pull them out of the way…… he automatically lifts up slightly to make the job easier.

‘She has just taken you in her mouth hasn’t she?’ giggled Michelle.

‘You OK back there?’

‘Yes….. Sian has just filled her mouth up and trying to swallow it all’ Michelle calls.

‘Make sure you save some for later…….. those snacks are to last until you get to the shops tomorrow in case we are too late tonight’ Patsy hollers back.

James, Michelle, and Sian all just grin.

‘Do you fancy a taster from the snacks on offer later?’ Michelle asks as she offers her fingers to James to lick clean.

‘Gramps…… it is just way too cramped down here to do this properly’ Sian grumbles as she shimmies back up facing her grandpa…… Pulling her top over her head as she kneels on the seat one leg on either side of her gramps offering her nipples to him to play with and nibble.

Looking across to Michelle, Sian smiles and says ‘You are smaller than me and now I know what is in the way we can rearrange a couple of bits so you can drive him wild……. You are going to let Michelle play aren’t you?’ As she lifts his chin and plants a huge kiss on his lips so he can taste himself on her tongue……. He just nods and squeezes her nipples slightly harder causing a whimper to escape her lips.

Sliding herself forward so she can feel his cock just hovering at her entrance…….. Sian leans her head back so she can see his eyes ‘Gramps I want you inside me now!!!’

Conflicted for a split second James lowers his hands from his granddaughter’s breasts onto her hips and lowers her slowly but firmly onto his cock knowing this is the point of no return.

Sian gasps slightly louder than she should as she feels the meaty cock filling her.

‘There are services in about 30 minutes’ Nicky calls from the front ‘Gramps must be getting stiff having you taking up his space’

James, Sian, and Michelle just smile knowingly as Sian starts grinding for all she is worth trying to milk his cock to orgasm before they have to uncouple and get dressed again……. Michelle licks her lips as she knows it is her turn next and the taboo is broken so she gets the full time to fuck and suck him dry.

Sian feeling the orgasm mounting for both herself and gramps signals for Michelle to pass the towel they had conveniently stashed within reach and the wet wipes…. Hoping that they could entice gramps to at least finger fuck them……….

Cracking the windows to remove any scent of sexual excitement all three are looking suitably ready for a break in the journey.

More to follow if this one meets the grade.

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