Green Eyes Ch. 04

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The next morning I woke up in Jane and Mark’s bed and we had sex like normal people. That is, Jane and I had sex, we moaned and grunted, I came, I rolled off, we cuddled on one side of the bed away from the wet spots, and her husband Mark was in a different country. No ass-licking, no cum in my face, no heat-of-the-moment talk about sucking husband’s dicks.

As if reading my mind, Jane said, “What you said last night really turns me on.”

I stared at the ceiling. “Uh, yeah, it was pretty kinky.”

“You asked me if you could suck Mark’s cock.”

“Yeah, but it was… you know. Fantasy.”

“Fantasy. I know you’re a bit scared, but we can make it reality.”

“No. I mean…”

“When Mark’s away he fucks other girls. I’ve had affairs too. We get together with another couple sometimes.”

I turned to look at her. “You do?”

“You know them.”


She thought for a moment, her green eyes regarding me. “Why are you so interested? It’s only fantasy, right?”

I propped myself up on an elbow. “Who is it?”

“Claire and David.”

“Fuck!” I flopped back on the bed. Claire worked in our office. She was a bit overweight, but not un-pretty, and she had the most enormous tits. I didn’t know her husband well. He was a plumber, I think. These four got together for sex sessions? It was unbelievable. “Tell me!”

“You can’t just enjoy it vicariously,” she scolded me. “These are fantasies, like you said. And they can stay just that – fantasies. Or you can take some risks. You asked to be a part of it last night. I’ll be gentle with you, but you have to commit.”

I thought for a moment. What she was asking was scary. But sexy like only on DVD. “OK.”

“OK what?”

“OK, I want to be a part of it! Tell me what you and Mark and Clair and David do!”

“Tell me you’d suck Mark’s cock.”

“OK. OK, I would.”

“Promise you will.”

“I promise to suck Mark’s cock. Now tell me!”

“The last time they came over was Christmas. We all got pretty drunk. I started making out with David, and Dawn with Mark. We came to the bedroom. We got naked and me and Claire made out while the guys watched. Her tits are huge! It takes both my hands to hold them! We got into a 69 and started to lick each other.”

My prick began to stiffen again on my thigh.

“Then the guys joined us. Claire was on her back and Mark came and put his cock in her. Behind me David started fucking me. Claire kept licking my pussy and I was licking hers. Sometimes Mark would pull out and I’d suck him.”

Jane started to stroke me.

“David came first in my cunt. When he pulled out Claire sucked all his cum out. It was incredible. I came ten times! I think that made Mark cum. He pulled out and I sucked all his cum and Claire’s juices off him. Then I started licking Claire. She rolled me over onto my back and sat in my face and Mark’s cum dripped from her cunt into my mouth. I shoved my tongue in Claire to get every drop!”

“Oh Jesus!” My cock was rock-hard again. Jane climbed on top and I slid easily into her recently-fucked cunt.

“Would you fuck Claire?”




“Would you lick your cum from Claire’s cunt?”


“Would you lick Mark’s cum from Claire’s cunt?”


“What about if you fucked Claire and came in her? Then Mark fucked her and David fucked her? What would you do?”

“I’d lick everyone’s cum from her cunt!”

I came again Bycasino in Jane’s cunt. “Prove it.”

She came carefully off my prick and crawled up the bed until she was holding onto the headboard and her cunt was an inch from my face. I stared up at her open lips and her wet cunt. Although I didn’t really want to, part of me did, and I realised that this was a test. I put my tongue to her pussy. Jane moaned. I pushed my tongue deeper and was suddenly rewarded with a mouthful of my own cum. She let it slide out and into my mouth where it pooled on my tongue. She dropped onto my face and began fucking my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow my bitter sperm and lick and suck for my life. The taste of myself was replaced by a sweeter flavour as she neared orgasm. When she did cum I nearly suffocated. Finally she climbed off my abused face and lay next to me again.

“You’d lick everyone’s cum out of Claire!” she smiled. “We should get up. We’ve got shopping to do.”


It was a Saturday afternoon and I felt extremely conspicuous walking into the porn shop on the high street. The sickly woman with badly-bleached hair behind the counter didn’t give us a second glance. A middle-aged man browsed the DVDs and ignored us as well.

Jane went straight to a row of shelves lined with vibrators, dildos and strap-on cocks. Just looking at them felt perverted and I felt my prick stiffen a little in my jeans. Jane started picking up boxes. “What do you think?”


She showed me something called a Stryker. An enormous pink cock showed through the plastic.

“Jesus no!”

She laughed and selected something with a leather harness and a six inch pink cock inside. “They don’t come any smaller than this,” she shrugged and continued browsing the shelves. Next she found a selection of lubricants and, after reading all the labels, chose a water-based lube. She took two pairs of furry handcuffs. “You never know,” she said,” You might need encouraging.”

She went and stood next to middle-aged guy. “How about a film?” He moved over a little and I stood awkwardly behind her. “Look. 100% Strap-on… Women in Control…” The man shuffled nervously next to this hot blonde browsing femdom titles. I stood there and blushed. Jane selected a DVD and looked at the cover. “How about this one?” The cover showed men being fucked up the ass and otherwise degraded by women. Boss Bitches said it all.

“It looks OK.”

“Great! You buy this lot,” she handed me our goodies. “I’ll just be out front.”

The middle-aged man leered after Jane. I glared at him and he gave me a smirk. The “blonde” behind the counter spared me a glance before ringing up the total and relieving me of the best part of a hundred quid.

Outside, Jane ended a phone call and I carried a bag full of perversions through the busy streets full of innocent shoppers and back to the car.


Back at the house Jane handed me the DVD and headed upstairs with our other purchases. “You put that on. Get your clothes off! I’ll be down in a minute.”

In the living room I pulled all the curtains before loading the DVD. As the titles rolled I stripped and found myself pretty hard. Pretty nervous too. I lay back on the couch. A ropey-looking woman was lying on a bed rubbing her cunt through her knickers and talking dirty to a guy. He stood in his red boxers stroking his dick. She started to suck his dick, calling him names, spitting on his dick, dripping ropes of pre-cum from her lips Bycasino giriş and moaning. It was a good messy blowjob and my hand went to my own prick.

He sucked her tits and she said she wished her friend was there. Then he went down on her pussy and she moaned wildly as he licked and sucked her. She sat on his chest and shoved her pussy in his face. “Oh your fucking tongue’s deep in my pussy.” He moved on to her asshole as she squatted on his face. She went crazy as he shoved his tongue in her ass. When she came off she said, “Guess what? I’m fucking your ass today.”

“What?” the poor guy said.

“I’m fucking your ass today,” said Jane from the doorway. She was naked. In one hand she held the cuffs, in the other the lube and from the harness around her waist stuck a big pink cock. I was sat there with my prick in my hands. There was no denying I was turned on by the action on the screen. I was horny as hell.

“Kneel on the sofa,” she told me. “Hands behind your back.” As the woman in the DVD squirted lube on the guy’s prick and gave him a slippy wank and said how she was going to fuck his ass, Jane knelt behind me and handcuffed me with a pair of furry cuffs. The other cuffs I found on my ankles.

Onscreen the woman strapped on a cock and had the guy suck it. Jane sat herself on the back of the sofa. “Suck my cock like he is,” she said. Neither of us needed telling twice. But this was different from the vibrator. It looked and felt real. And big, fucking big. I wrapped my mouth round it and sucked her rubber cock like my friend was doing behind me. “Deep-throat it,” said the DVD bitch, “And you say you’ve never sucked cock.”

“Deep-throat it!” mimicked Jane. “And you say you’ve never sucked cock!” She smirked down on me as I, hands bound, tried to get her big cock in my mouth. Behind me the woman was really getting off. “You like sucking my cock? You love sucking my cock. Lick my head.” Jane was getting hot too and thrusting at my mouth. She took my hair in her hand and forced as much as she could into my mouth. “You love sucking my cock.”

She pushed my head down onto the arm of the sofa, my ass in the air, my hard prick sticking down below me. Onscreen the woman squatted over the guy’s face fucking his mouth with the strap-on, crying out like a madwoman, and squashing his erect prick with one high heel. Jane crawled behind me and after a few moments I felt cold liquid fall on the crack of my ass.

“I’m fucking your ass,” giggled Jane. I felt the head of the rubber cock against my hole. She rubbed it in the lubricant there. Then she started to push against me. I was well-greased and I felt my asshole stretching to accommodate Jane’s cock. “Oh my god,” she gasped. She maintained the pressure and I continued to stretch wider and wider. I was getting scared when suddenly the head was in. We both sighed. She continued to press and more and more of her six inch cock eased into my ass. She pulled out and then pushed and it slipped back easily and wonderfully. Jane took hold of my hips and began properly fucking me up the ass. As I lay in a state of erotic shock I watched the DVD bitch apply lube and slide her cock in her guy’s ass. It was exactly as Jane must be seeing it – only I hoped my ass looked a bit better than his. She fucked him. Jane fucked me.

I didn’t hear the front door open. “Fuck!” I screamed when I looked up and saw Claire standing there. I tried to get up but what with the cuffs and a cock pinning me down I didn’t Bycasino güncel giriş get far. Jane lay all her weight on me and her cock in my ass. “Shhh,” she soothed me.

Claire’s face was priceless. Like she’d just caught Santa Clause leaving her presents. “Oh my god!” she cried.

“Fuck!” I shouted. “Jane, let me up.”

“Calm down,” said Jane. “I called Claire. You said you wanted to fuck her.”

“And you’re going to!” Claire said.

“Relax,” soothed Jane. “Enjoy.” She started again to fuck me slowly. My hard-on had disappeared on Claire’s entrance, but now as I watched Claire pull of her top and lose her bra to reveal her unbelievable orbs (as our guy was harshly fucked on the TV behind her) and Jane maintained a slow fucking, I stiffened to life again. Claire struggled out of her jeans and panties. She was quite fat, she had a belly, but her bush was neatly trimmed and her tits were enormous. Lying there with my head on the sofa arm looking up at this big naked woman (while a much sexier woman fucked my ass) I had to conclude that everything was sexy and good.

The first thing Claire did was to get down and swallow my cock. If there was any doubt I was hard Claire quickly fixed that. She was different to Jane, rapidly sucking me with lots of spit and noise. Then, with some difficulty and without dislodging Jane from my ass, Claire wriggled under me. Her hand found my prick and she shoved me in. With my hands cuffed behind my back and Jane up my ass I had no choice but to lay on Claire’s great tits and look, startled, into her cold grey eyes.

Now when Jane pushed into me I pushed into Claire. When she pulled out so did I. It was like Jane was really fucking Claire. Onscreen the guy was wanking over the fake cock. Claire felt neglected because she turned my head and started kissing me. She kissed like she sucked cock, frantically, shoving her tongue down my throat. Jane picked up the pace and started fucking me seriously. She was getting off on it to. She was moaning with every thrust and as her pace got faster and faster so did mine in Claire, and so did Claire’s greedy kissing.

Jane came with a shout at the same time as me. She shoved the cock hard up my ass and held it there as her body spasmed and I bucked back and forth on the cock in my ass and came hard in Claire who stopped her death-kiss and might have cum too. We all lay still for a while, breathing heavily, a bizarre threesome on the couch, Jane’s cock still hard in me, mine softening in Claire, as the guy on the DVD sucked his cum from the cock that had fucked him.

At last Claire said, “Did you really say you wanted to suck your cum from me?”

It seemed I had no say in anything. Jane pulled the cock from my ass – it was like she’d taken a part of me. Then, taking my hips, she dragged me out of Claire with a splurge and down. With my hands cuffed behind my back my helpless face bumped off her tits, off her soft belly and came to rest between her thighs, my face wedged in her cunt and my chin in a pool of cum. Jane came round and lay her head on Claire’s stomach to better see as I clamped my mouth to Claire’s cunt and pushed my tongue in. There seemed to be cum everywhere and Claire’s big pussy filled my face. Cream coated my nose and mouth and my tongue found more.

Claire started to moan and shake. Jane used her fingers to hold Claire’s lips open and I sucked her to a noisy and sloppy orgasm. Claire became still and Jane climbed on her friend and embraced her. The girls kissed and I lay forgotten, trying to breathe between Claire’s thighs.

“Can I have him on Monday?” asked Claire.

“Yes, but no David. I want to be there with Mark when he crosses that line.”

“OK. But I think just me will be more than enough.”

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