Chuck Lutkus And The Japanese Booky

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I spent my first year and a half working in the outfit working as an enforcer in Tony T’s loan sharking operation. Then one cold, windy, day in December Tony T called me down to his office and gave me my first big solo assignment.

Tony handed me a photograph of a thin, pale, Asian man in his mid-fifties who had an angular face and slick backed black hair that was wearing a black, three-piece British suit. Tony T said the guy was an outfit bookie named Kenny Tanaka who went missing with fifty thousand dollars when he failed to show up at a drop off the other night. Tony T wanted me to find Kenny Tanaka and get the money back.

I started my search at a restaurant in downtown Chicago that Kenny Tanaka owned called “The Kyoto House”. “The Kyoto House” was a nineteen sixties style Japanese restaurant where all of the meals where served in benito boxes, the waitresses wore kimonos and classic enka music played on the sound system.

The manager of the restaurant was a strange, fruity looking, bald middle aged, Japanese guy who wore horn rim glasses, an ugly red Christmas sweater, a pair beige slacks, white socks, and pair of black open toed slippers. His name was George and he wasn’t very polite. He refused to shake my hand and he got angry when I started asking him questions about Kenny Tanaka.

George insisted that the last time he saw Kenny Tanaka was ten o’clock yesterday morning and that Kenny hadn’t said anything to him that day. George also said that Kenny seemed happy and that never talked about leaving Chicago. In fact George said that Kenny had told him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life in Chicago. While was there I also talked to a few waitresses and the bartender but they couldn’t tell me anything about Tanaka’s disappearance either so I decided to drive over to Kenny Tanaka’s house and see if I could find anything there.

Kenny Tanaka lived in a brick Georgian house that was located in South Kenwood. I rang the doorbell and a beautiful five foot four, one hundred and thirty pound; twenty five year old Japanese girl opened the door. She had straight jet black hair tied into a side ponytail by a white scrunchie, pale milky porcelain skin, a square face, small slanted brown eyes, puffy cheeks, a round nose, a pair of pouty lips, a square jaw and curvy luscious body. The girl was wearing a powder blue cherry blossom print happi coat, a white obi belt and a pair of white cotton tabi socks.

“Hiya there.”

She spoke in a whispery voice and her lips formed into an uneasy beauty queen smile.

“I’m Chuck Lutkus. I’m a business associate of Mr. Tanaka’s. I don’t believe we’ve met before.

“I am Midori. I am Kenny’s wife.”

“Well Mrs. Tanaka I was wondering if I could come inside and ask you a few questions about your about your husband?”

Midori shuffled her feet and looked down at the floor nervously.

“Yes. Come inside.”

I took my navy blue Keds Champions off in the doorway and followed Midori into the living room. Midori sat down on a wing chair folded her hands in her lap. urfa escort I plopped down on a big Italian leather coach. The album “Odori” by the fusion jazz band Hiroshima was playing on the record player.

“So, um have you see Kenny today?”

“No I have not. He did not come home last night. I think he is out on business trip. Kenny goes out on a lot of business trips.”

“Did Kenny tell you he was going out on a business?”

“Um. No.”

“Did Kenny ever talk about moving?”

“Um. No. Kenny always say he like Chicago a lot.”

“Was there anything unusual about Kenny lately?”

“No. Kenny very usual lately.”

“So didn’t seem worried about anything?”

“No. Kenny usual.”

“Mind if I take a look around the house?”

“House is disgrace. Very messy.”

“That’s okay. I live in a very messy apartment. In fact my apartments so messy that I think I’m gonna have to hire a maid.”

When got off of the sofa Midori jumped to her feet. Midori followed me around the house like a puppy and when I walked into the main bedroom Midori jumped in front of me.

“Is there something wrong.”

“Um. No.”

Midori looked down at feet, grabbed my wrists and moved my hands onto her big luscious breasts. She then looked up at me with a forced smile on her face.

“I very horny Mr. Lutkus. Being married to old man no fun. He almost never make love to me, his hand feel leather and he smell bad. Please fuck me now!”

Midori pushed her lips against and she stuck her tongue down my throat. I moved my hands to her side and slowly moved them down her curvaceous body. When I squeezed her luscious ass Midori backed away form me untied her obi belt and slipped her kimono off. Midori had big firm perfectly symmetrical breasts that had erect beige nipples and she was wearing a tightly tied white fundoshi.

Midori pursed her lips, slowly untied her fundoshi and revealed her soft silky pubic jet-black pubic hairs. Then she said “I gonna go in bathroom and take birth control pill. You take your clothes off and wait for me on bed.”

When Midori turned around to go to into the bathroom I found myself starring at her juicy ass and the koi fish tattoo on her back. When she closed the bathroom’s sliding door I did what Midori told me to do. I got nude and made myself comfortable on Kenny’s Tanaka big brass baroque bed.

She spent a long in the bathroom but when she did come out her perfect skin was glowing and she smelled like jasmine. Midori jumped up on top of the bed and stood over my pelvis. Then she bent over grabbed my hard shaft, gave it a little tug, put it in her mouth, licked my frenulum a couple of times and made my cock feel like it was made of granite. When she took my dick out of her mouth Midori retracted her lips back into a smile and showed me her pearly white teeth. Her dark brown were nervous. Something wasn’t right but at that moment I was too smitten to care.

Midori squatted down and grabbed my cock again. She sat her juicy balıkesir escort ass down on my legs and inserted my cock into her moist furry muff. Midori rode me like a coin operated rocking horse. Her body gyrated with every push and she screamed out “hai!” and “fakku!” in a very shrill voice. After ten minutes had gone by my dick exploded like old faithful.

After I cum Midori rolled off of me, the bathroom door opened and Nick Adonis ran into Kenny Tanaka’s bedroom. Nick Adonis was twenty-seven year old outfit leg breaker from North Harlem Avenue. Nick was five foot ten, he weighted one hundred and thirty nine pounds and he had the physique of a welterweight. He had a square face, dark brown hair in a flat top fade, dilated pea green eyes and unnatural looking fake tan. When Nick Adonis came running out of that bathroom door he was wearing diamond stud earrings, a thick gold Cuban chain, a silver silk Italian suit, a gold Rolex watch, a black satin dress shirt, a thin white alligator skin belt, no socks and pair of white horse bit loafers. He was also holding a big switchblade that had a pearl handle and thirteen inch stiletto blade in an ice pick grip.

Nick Adonis raised the big knife above his head and managed to roll out of away when Nick brought the blade down. The knife’s blade went through the pillow my head had been resting on. I grabbed a lamp off of the nightstand and flung it at Nick Adonis’s head. I hit in the stomach and he fell down on his ass. Midori started screaming and I hightailed into the kitchen.

I grabbed a bread knife off of the counter and when I turned around Nick Adonis was standing in front of me in a cocaine-fueled rage. He raised the stiletto above his head and charged at me again. I stepped out of his path like I was a fucking bullfighter and slit his throat open with one quick flips of my wrist. That was the first time I killed a man while I was in the nude and oddly enough it wasn’t the last time either.

After a few moments of silence went by Midori walked into the kitchen with tears coming out of her eyes. When she saw Nick Adonis’s bloody corpse lying on the floor she dropped to her knees and started balling her eyes out. Then she told me her life story in broken English.

Midori was an orphan from Yokohama. She was conceived when a group of drunk American sailors gang raped a thirty-seven year old cleaning lady in a public restroom. Midori was raised by Catholic nuns and while she was a cocktail waitress in Tokyo she met a charming young yakuza named Takeshi Yamaguchi.

Takeshi and Midori got married and after their honeymoon Takeshi was killed in a gunfight at a brothel in Shinjuku. Midori moved in with her in-laws after Takeshi’s death. Takeshi’s father was the kumicho of a yakuza clan called the Tengu-Kai and he and his wife treated Midori like she was a slave.

Two years later Midori met Kenny Tanaka. Three years ago Kenny Tanaka had come to Tokyo on Outfit business. The Outfit was making deal with the Tengu-Kai so that the Tengu-Kai trabzon escort would guide Japanese tourists to outfit owned gambling joints and brothels. Kenny Tanaka’s wife Ester had just died so he was also looking for a new bride. Kenny took a liking to Midori so Midori’s father=in-law through her in as part of the deal. Midori was forced to marry Kenny Tanaka the day before they left for Chicago.

When they got to Chicago Midori met Nick Adonis. Nick Adonis was the exact opposite of the cold and calculating Kenny Tanaka. He was an impulsive hothead with big ambitions. Nick Adonis planned on becoming the new boss of the outfit. Midori was attracted to the hot-blooded hood and Nick Adonis being the ladies man that he was quickly seduced.

As months went by Nick’s frustrations grew with his ever-increasing cocaine habit. He wasn’t moving up the outfit ranks because of his increasing unreliability. Not wanting to be a mere soldier for the rest of his life Nick Adonis came up with desperate plan. He would steal Kenny’s next big payoff and used the money to start a new life in South America.

After Kenny had gathered up the dough for the drop off Nick Adonis broke into his house and slit Kenny’s throat while he was taking a shower. Midori said she didn’t know that Nick was going to murder Kenny and when she came home from shopping Midori said Nick held her hostage at knife point. He then spent the night snorting lines and forcing Midori to fuck him. Nick Adonis was about to start cutting up Kenny’s body when I showed up at the door. Nick told Midori that I would kill her if I found out about Kenny’s murder. He then told her to keep me distracted so he could sneak up on me and stab me to death. Nick told her to keep me distracted by fucking me.

The unwritten rules of gangsterdom stated that I should kill Midori for her betrayal of Kenny Tanaka but I just didn’t have the heart to kill her. Nick Adonis had stashed the brief case containing fifty thousand dollars underneath the bed. I opened up the suitcase, gave Midori ten thousand dollars, told her to get dress, pack suit case, drive to O’Hare, get on a plane, leave the Americas and never look back.

After Midori drove away I got dressed and called up Tony T. The conversation went like this,

“Hi Tony.”

“Hello Chuck. Did you find Kenny yet?”

“Yeah. I did. He’s lying in his bathtub with throat slit.”

“Who did it?”

“Nick Adonis. He murdered Kenny for the fifty thousand.”

“We never should of let that slimy, no good, double crossing, punk into the outfit. Where is that asshole?”

“Lying dead on Kenny’s kitchen floor.”

“How did he died?”

“I slit his throat with a bread knife.”

“Good. Did you find the money?”

“Yeah. It was stashed underneath Kenny’s bed. Ten thou is missing though. Nick either stashed somewhere or he snorted it up his nose.”

“Any sign of Tanaka’s wife?”

“No. Nick probably murdered her and buried her body somewhere.”

“Okay. I’m going to send the cleaners over there. You wait there until they come over okay.”


After the cleaners showed up I got into my car and put “Rhapsody In White” by The Love Unlimited Orchestra in my cassette player. The first song to come on was “Love’s Theme”. I still think about Midori a lot. I realy dohope that where ever she is right now that she’s happy.

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