Camilla Ch. 027

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Camilla got home from Bates Massage around 11:30 PM and saw Candice, in an elegant black brassiere and matching panties, waiting for her on the living room sofa.

“Really,” Camilla said as she began stripping naked by the front door. “You should be a stripper, Candice. You have the body for it.”

“Really?” Candice asked, looking at herself front and back, with her tattoo of a flower motif on her back just above her ass.

“Really,” Camilla answered. When she got fully naked, the girls ran into the bedroom and got in bed.

Candice was hungry for Camilla’s cunt, and she dove in with gusto. Candice had a wild, bad-girl look in her eyes as she licked; Camilla wasn’t sure which excited her more, Candice’s tongue, or her lascivious eyes. Her tongue vibrated quickly against Camilla’s clitoris, and she made humming and buzzing noises to stimulate it more. Between each moan and squeal, Camilla continued persuading Candice to work at Luvlee’s with her.

“Really, Candice…oh! You’re 18…legal age…ah! You have a…beautiful body…oh, yes!…and you’ll make…a ton of money…ah!” Camilla ran her fingers through Candice’s hair.

“Yeah, but,…” Candice replied between licks, sucks, and buzzing, “what about…creepy guys?…I don’t like…them touching me…as they do you.” Candice slid two fingers up Camilla’s vagina.

“There are bouncers…ah! for that…and lap dances…ooh! with touching…give you…$20 a song…ah!”

“Really?” Candice’s index finger tickled Camilla’s G-spot, while her long finger reached Camilla’s A-spot.

“Oh, yeah!” Camilla was approaching orgasm, and her hips gyrated to Candice’s manipulations. “We can…eat each other…on stage, too. Oh!”

“Really?” Candice stuck her little finger deep inside Camilla’s rectum. “Live sex shows?”

“Oh…yes!” Camilla squealed in whistle register, and her orgasm exploded all over Candice’s face.

Giggling at the foam that covered her face, Candice said, “I’ll do it. I’ll strip with you, baby. Any day.”


The next day, Camilla wore a light-green dress with the front buttons undone to show off cleavage. She was walking down the street, in the direction of the kindergarten she went to as a child. She wondered if her old teacher still worked there. She’d had a crush on him back then, and now that her crush on Grisham was gone, she wanted to seek out other desirable teachers from her past. If her old teacher was still teaching at the kindergarten, she could work her cat moves on him and enjoy him while the time was ripe; for when the fall was to come, her fascination with university professors would surely make him quite dull in comparison.

She arrived at the kindergarten, and asked a female teacher if Mr. Baker still taught there–he did! In fact, he still taught in the same old classroom, Room 11. Camilla’s heart began to pound. The teacher offered to show Camilla where Baker’s classroom was, but Camilla’s photographic memory would make finding the room quick and easy. Besides, she wanted as few other people around as possible.

When she got to Room 11, Mr. Baker was alone in the room, writing at his desk. She walked in, giggling excitedly like a giddy little school girl, and closed and locked the door.

“Hello,” he said. “May I help you?”

“Good afternoon, yalova escort Mr. Baker,” she said in an affectedly shy voice, like when she was his student back then, and also like when she spoke with Wayne and Grisham; this was a persona she called ‘Angel’. “Do you remember me, sir?” She shrugged her shoulders ‘shyly’ and swayed her hips from side to side as she walked over to him.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “Did you use to be my student?”

“Oh, yes,” she said, approaching him. “It was about 13 years ago that I was in this classroom with you as my teacher. I’m Camilla, Camilla Mennon.”

She looked at him as he thought for a moment to try to remember her. Though he’d lost much of his hair and had gained some weight, he–43–was still attractive to her, for those imperfections reminded her of Wayne. “Wait a minute…Oh, yeah! You were cute little Camilla! My little sweetheart! How are you?”

Ebullient with joy that he remembered her, she giggled and shook with excitement, then threw her arms around him, pushing her bra-less breasts against his face. She also put her knee on his chair between his legs, pushing her knee against his already hardening penis. She wrapped her breasts around his face and squeezed them against his cheeks, moaning in ecstasy. Since her dress was unbuttoned at the top, he felt the bare skin of her breasts caressing his face. “Oh, I’m so happy,” she sighed. She pulled back and looked down in his eyes. “You remember me.” A tear ran down her cheek.

“How big you’ve grown,” he stuttered between panting–the word ‘big’ having more than one meaning. “How’d you get so big? I remember when you were a tiny, skinny little–“

“You don’t think I’m fat, do you?” she asked with a pout.

“No, of course not,” he reassured her. “On the contrary, you’ve grown into a very beautiful young woman.” He couldn’t believe how beautiful!

“Thank you,” she giggled. “Oh sir, you were so sweet to me when I was a child. Remember when the other kids laughed at me and made fun of me, because I was so skinny? And you saw me crying, and held me, comforted me, and made the pain all go away. I’ll never forget that.” She lifted her dress and showed off her white panties.

“That’s what teachers are for,” he said, trying unsuccessfully to avert his eyes from the lovely sight of her lace underwear. He tried to turn his mind off sexual matters by mentioning, ironically, a memory connected with what she was doing. “Speaking of w-when the kids used to make f-fun of you, remember how you, in a d-dress, used to s-sit with your legs up, showing off your u-u-underwear. That was awfully silly of you, and that w-was one of the things the kids laughed at you for doing. I hope you don’t m-make a habit of d-doing that anymore.” He vainly hoped that would make her stop flashing in front of him.

She grabbed a chair and sat on it facing him, with her legs up exactly as she used to when she was a little girl, only now instead of doing in the insouciant, naive way an innocent little girl would do, she did it intentionally and lewdly, with her legs wide open. What’s more, the right side of her panties was folded in a bit, and some of her vulva was showing. She looked down, giggled, and said, “Old habits die hard.” For obvious reasons, she didn’t budge an inch to cover edirne escort herself.

“I guess not,” he said nervously. “Look, when I mentioned that old memory, I didn’t mean it in a sexual way. I never thought about you that way.” He said this in all sincerity.

“I know,” she said, totally believing him. She got off the chair, went over to him and caressed his cheek with her hand. “You’re a decent man. You’d never hurt a child. But I’m eighteen now, the age of consent. And look: I have curves now.” She straightened up and swung her hips from left to right, and turned around so he could get a good look at her figure. “Another time I remember back then, when another teacher helped me change my clothes, and you saw me naked–“

“Wait, wait, wait! Look, I was never interested in that!” he protested. He now wasn’t only getting really uncomfortable, he was also getting offended at what he incorrectly thought she was insinuating. Why did she remember such bizarre things?

“I know you weren’t,” she reassured him, trying to placate an anger she’d never intended to ignite. “I didn’t mean to bring this memory up for that reason, sir, really. I know you’re a good man. I’d never have had a crush on you if you weren’t. It’s just that when you saw me, I was all skinny and ugly; and now I’ve blossomed, as you can see. I don’t want you to have that memory of my nakedness as your last one of me.”

“Camilla, I don’t even remember that at all, and I’m glad. Why would I want to, if I’m as decent as you say?” He was completely dumbfounded at what her meaning could possibly be.

“Good, I’m glad you don’t remember. Still, you saw me then: a skinny, ugly, sickly little girl. I don’t want you to remember me that way. I want you to see me as I am now. I want you to see me naked tonight. I work at Luvlee’s as a lap-dancer.” She gave him her card, which had the strip joint’s address on it. “I want you to see how my body has grown. It’s a point of pride for me: I’m not the ugly girl I used to be.”

“Camilla, you were never ugly,” Baker insisted. “You always let those mean kids get to you. You always were a lovely girl–though I don’t mean that in a sexual way.”

“Really?” she purred as she got up close to him. “I hope you’ll change your mind about that tonight.” She pushed her breasts against his face again, put her knee against his fully-erect penis again, and gave him a most sensuous kiss on the cheek. Then she got up, turned around, and walked out of the room, lifting her dress up so he could see the ass of her panties.


Later that afternoon, Candice drove Camilla into downtown Vancouver, with the intention of dropping her off in front of Luvlee’s. Camilla was in an exhibitionistic mood, so she started taking off her clothes in the car. “What are you undressing here for?” Candice asked. “Don’t you want to wait until you get there?”

“Stop the car,” Camilla, now naked, said. “I wanna get out and flash in front of everybody.”

“What?” Candice said, slowing the car near a crowded park and basketball court. “Are you crazy?”

“Just for a few seconds. I’m horny. If things get out of control, I’ll just get in and we can drive away.” Candice stopped the car, and Camila got out.

“Cam–are you crazy?!” Candice shouted, erzurum escort though Camilla was completely deaf to her.

Camilla proudly displayed her nakedness before a large group of people–young and old, male and female, pedestrians and drivers, and people in and outside the park. All of the spectators’ mouths dropped to the ground, and among the men, another appendage started to rise. On the balls of her bare feet, Camilla walked back and forth on the sidewalk with joie de vivre and an ear-to-ear grin, her arms up high, beckoning everyone to look at and appraise her beauty. She ran her hands through her hair and let it slowly drop down her back. She giggled from the flattery of the chorus of cheers she received, though she was still deaf to Candice’s entreaties for her to get back in the car. Indeed, with no intention of getting back in the car just yet, Camilla then squatted to show off her vulva, opening her labia so everyone at 12:00 from her could see her vagina. There was no shortage of people, mostly men but more than a few women, taking out their cell-phones and taking pictures and recording video of her. Would her exhibition be shown on the evening news? Camilla wondered to herself. Next, she got on all fours with her legs wide open so everyone could see her cunt and asshole. Finally, after more loud begging from Candice, who hoped no police were near, Camilla opened the back door and jumped in the car. They drove away quickly, laughing hysterically, while everyone in the park gave their nude performer a round of applause.

Candice drove by another park. Camilla had been masturbating furiously the whole time in the back seat. “Oh, God, Candice, I’m so fuckin’ horny! All those people saw me naked, and they loved me! I’m no skinny, ugly girl, no way! I wonder if any of them know me? Please, Candice, stop the car and let me get out. I wanna do that again.”

“No, baby, not again,” Candice said.

“Oh, come on, it’ll be really short this time; I’m gonna come.”

“Oh, all right; we don’t wanna make a mess in the car. But hurry and get it out of your system this time,” Candice said, and stopped the car. Camilla got out near the entrance to the park.

She squatted and masturbated on the park grass just off the sidewalk by their car. She showered her come all over the grass in copious spurts–dew in the afternoon–and the fascinated passers-by gave her a lively round of applause, to which she giggled her appreciation. Then she got in the car, and the laughing girls drove away.

“I need to pee,” Camilla said.

“Look, put on your dress first, please? I’ll find a public washroom. Here’s another park.” Candice parked the car by the park where a public washroom was a five-yard dash away. She handed Camilla her dress, but the naked girl was already out the door. “Oh, no. Camilla, not again! You’re gonna get busted for indecent exposure!”

Camilla, deaf to Candice’s imploring, squatted on the grass next to the sidewalk and started peeing. She moaned as the yellow stream flowed from her urethra; her right hand held her labia open so all was clearly visible to passers-by walking on the sidewalk. One man in his late forties was walking by and stopped to enjoy the show. “Hi,” Camilla said to him with a sheepish grin.

“Hi,” he said. “How can such a mundane bodily function–so revolting when performed by the average person–look so beautiful when a naked goddess does it?”

“Thank you,” she said with another appreciative giggle. The last of her urine poured out in spurts and droppings, and she got up and got back in the car. More cheers and applause could be heard as the car drove toward Luvlee’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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