Hippie Delights Ch.01

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This story is completely fictional and all characters portrayed in this story are either at the age of 18 or older. Enjoy.


My family is quite different from most. We don’t, ” practice ” regular family rituals. My parents were what you would call hippies, they were open about their private life and didn’t care what the world thought. They met in high school, and right after they both turned 18 they found out my mom, Sheila, was pregnant with me, Don, her first born son. My parents were married shortly after they found out and I was born six months later. Barely a year later Sheila was pregnant again. This time with my twin sisters, Deidra and Willow.

After giving birth to twins Sheila got fixed so she could have sex with my dad, Dave, without consequences. We grew up happily in a loving home and we were taught to always be honest with each other. Noises could be heard nearly every night coming from my parents bedroom. The shrieking cries of my mother sweating through her massive orgasm and my fathers deep bear like moans of pleasure. I wanted to know what was going on in there, I had even stood outside of their door listening for every little sound that came through the door.

This brings me to now, the day of my eighteenth birthday. My parents were really excited that I was 18, but I didn’t understand why. They had sent my sisters to one of their friends house for the night. Most of the day I didn’t see them because of them working, and me going to school. When I got home they were waiting there, I thought I was in trouble, but I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong. They told me to sit down on the couch.

“Don, you are entering a huge milestone in your journey of life. You are a man now,” said Sheila tearfully.

“Yes, son, you are becoming a man quite indeed,” said Dave.

“Which leads us to our next point, we know you must have heard the noises over the years, and we’re sure you have figured out what they are. Your father and I love each other very much and we want to share our love with you,” says Sheila.

Did they mean what I think they mean? Were they talking about having sex with them? I had never even thought about having sex with them before. I hadn’t even realized how gorgeous my 36 year old mother was. She had shoulder length black hair that shaped around her warm, charming face. Her warm smile could make anyone quiver in their shoes. My mom was stunning all over. She had 28DD breasts that were completely natural and a nice sized ass that had more than enough to squeeze. I can see why my dad chose her.

“Don? Don?” questioned mom.

“What, sorry, I spaced out,” I said

“I noticed,” replied my mother who was looking mersin escort even sexier every second.

“What do you think of our offer Don,” questioned my dad?

” Uh, yeah, it sounds great, but Dad, I’m not into guys…” I quietly said

” Oh, ha, don’t worry son, I’m not either, there would be no gay incest.” responded Dave.

I sighed a relief, and as if on cue, my mother got up and started undressing. She started my shrugging off her loose button up top. She was wearing a sexy, dark colored bra, that didn’t hide much to the imagination. She then shimmied her way out of her bell bottom jeans to reveal a matching pair of panties. Dad then stood up and helped her out with her bra and panties. I just sat there staring at my beautiful mother as my rather large member began to stir inside my shorts. My mom was soon standing naked in front of me.

I took in the beautiful sights. Her large boobs weren’t sagging in the slightest. She had small areoles with perky pink nipples. I gazed down to her cleanly shaven pussy and I was mesmerized. She walked over to me and pulled me up off the couch. She was then on her knees pulling down my shorts and boxers. My dick sprung out and hit my mom in the chin. She gasped, and her eyes widened at the size of my penis.

” I, I, just can’t believe how HUGE you are! You’re at least a foot long, and I’d say about 2 and a half inches wide. We are going to have so much fun tonight.” said my dumfounded mother.

“That’s my boy,” replied my father.

I awkwardly smiled as my mom began to stroke my raging hard-on. I moaned at the immense pleasure I was receiving. I looked down at my mother as she looked up at me. I watched her slowly stroke my cock, deliberately maximizing my pleasure. Her small hand was even smaller compared to my cock. She made long strokes, from the base to the beginning of the head, using a light squeeze all the way up. After keeping these motions for a minute or two my mother brought her face closer to my erection. I watched as she flicked out her tongue to lick the large mushroom shaped head of my cock. When she made contact I could feel her wet tongue slide across my blazing cock head and my knees felt like they were going to buckle.

My mother then began to suck the head of my cock. It felt so good, and I was soon thrusting my hips towards her for more. She laughed while my dick was still in her mouth and began taking more of my dick into her moist mouth. She had about 6 inches in when I felt the pressure in my balls.

“Ooooh, mom, I’m gonna cum, oh my god it feels so good,” I moaned. She took my dick out of her mouth and started stroking it hard and fast. kocaeli escort

” Come on Don, give it to me. Give me my baby’s cum. I need it so bad,” whispered my mother.

I was so turned on by my mother using dirty talk that I erupted in the biggest orgasm I have ever had. The first shot of cum landed on my mom’s face and quickly began running down her face. The next three shots landed on her voluptuous breasts. After that, it was just dripping out like a sink left on slightly. My mom then wiped and licked all the cum off her face and breasts, and then sucked my cock clean.

I felt completely spent. During the time of the greatest blow job I had ever had my father had stripped out of his clothes and was jerking off to the image of his wife blowing their son. Although I was not gay, I had to admit that his cock was just as large as mine, and maybe a little thicker. After mom was done cleaning up all my cum dad came over for his turn. Mom only smiled, and then began the same treatment she had with me.

“Oh, by the way. Don, your father and I would prefer it if you used our first names now. Just Dave and Sheila, ok?” stated Sheila.

” Yeah, sure whatever you say mo… I mean Sheila,” I said and smiled.

Sheila smiled back and then continued her work on Dave. I sat down on the couch still stark naked and watched the scene before me. I didn’t think I would be hard again for a few hours, but much to my surprise I was rock hard again within minutes. I began stroking my cock as I continued to watch the scene before me. Soon Sheila had Dave cumming in her mouth and she sucked it all down with ease. She looked up to see me sitting there whacking off to her and Dave. She got up off of her knees and came over to me. I continued to stroke my cock, preparing for what I hoped would happen next. Sheila stood there watching me stroke my cock for a minute or so before bringing her legs up to get on her knees on the couch.

Sheila straddled my waist and I watched my cock come so close to her dripping, wet pussy. She continued to tease me until I started to thrust my hips up at her because I wanted it so bad. She laughed and slowly brought her cunt down to my pulsing rod. I watched as her pussy lips spread apart to make way for my large intruder. As Sheila took more of my cock she gasped and moaned at how full she felt. On my end, she felt super tight, and I wondered how this was possible with her and Dave fucking practically every night for as long as I can remember.

Sheila kept forcing her pussy down onto my cock until she bottomed out. I still had an inch or so out in the open, but I didn’t care. I was about the first fuck samsun escort of many that evening. Sheila looked at me and gave me a look that seemed to say ” Are you ready?” I responded my thrusting my hips upwards. She then began sliding up and down my hard pole. I watched her pussy continue the motion.

Sheila was beginning to moan at the immense pleasure her son was able to give her. She began to increase her pace and started really getting into it. Her plump ass was smacking against my thighs and created a rhythm to our fucking. I reached around and grabbed Sheila’s plump ass in my hands and squeezed. I couldn’t get enough of her ass, I gave it a good slap on her left cheek and she nearly screamed. That caused her pussy to tighten around my cock and I almost came right there. I kept one hand on her ass and massaged it, while my other hand went for her big, firm breasts. I caressed her right breast and pinched her areoles.


I was startled by her sudden outburst, but did what she said, and did it hard to match her rampant fucking and shouting. Sheila shook all over the place, but somehow continued to ride my cock. Once her orgasm passed she slumped against my chest. I got up and laid her down on the couch, my dick still in her the whole time. I began thrusting my hips into Sheila’s soaking wet pussy. There was no holding back, I fucked her as hard as I could. I watcher her large breasts slap against her face and jiggle everywhere they could reach. I reached up and squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples. I began to have a lust for tasting them. I bent down while continuing my relentless thrusting and sucker on her perky nipples. I could hear her moan and gasp through the combined pleasure she was getting.

I felt the tense feeling in my balls again and began thrusting even harder into Sheila’s pussy. I gave one last final thrust and unloaded my second load of cum so far that day. I pulled out to see our combined juices spill out of pussy and onto the couch. I fell back into the arm chair across the room and tried to get my breath back. Again, Dave had been watching the whole scene and loved every second of it. He knew his wife was worn out for now so he got up and cradled her in his arms.

“I’m going to take Sheila up to our room to recover for a little while come to our room in an hour or so and we’ll continue our night,” explained Dave.

Still out of breath, I nodded and as they left I put my clothes back on. I heard my father stop on the stairs.

“Oh, and by the way, don’t tell anyone about what we’re doing, including your sisters,” warned Dave.

With all my clothes back on I sat back down in the armchair and thought about what just happened. I couldn’t wait for what would happen next…

If you have any ideas about how this story should continue please let me know. ( I do plan to introduce the sisters Deidra and Willow).

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