Hot Teen Sex for Three

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Jennifer knew I wasn’t the jealous type, but I wasn’t thinking of sharing her with another guy right away. As I would soon find out, she was way ahead of me in planning sexual adventures.

“O-o-o-o Allen, I just love you so,” she’d coo before, during and after sex. She was my own, private, cum-guzzling nympho, so I was perfectly happy with the arrangement we had. But there was something about the first time we screwed doggystyle, the way she insisted on sucking my finger while I was shooting my hot load on her ass that should have clued me in that she needed more than one guy to satisfy her.

Jennifer continued to visit me at my tent at every possible opportunity. I say possible because Jennifer had babysitting chores. If we weren’t careful, sooner or later her visits to me would become obvious and our fun would be over.

The second time Jen visited me at the tent, she wanted to practice her oral skills. I swear part of her clitoris must have been located down her throat. After she’d change into her skimpy shorts outside the tent, she’d unzip the tent screen and march in ready for her practice. For my part, I’d share with her my X-rated magazine collection and we’d read a couple of “Penthouse” forum letters together. That would really start her juices flowing.

“Enough reading” she’d announce, and pull off her shorts leaving her homemade g-string panties. I’d start out sitting back while she’d lay in front of my crotch, fishing my hardening rod out of my shorts. “Let’s see what we have here,” she’d say to my cock, like a doctor examining her favorite patient. She’d always joke “Isn’t it bigger than last time?” or “Maybe I shouldn’t try to fit this into my mouth.” After a few kisses to the purple head, she’d begin licking my shaft until I was thoroughly lubricated, then down her head would go. The sensation of her warm mouth and her suction was amazing.

One little girl thing she did that drove me crazy was how she’d draw attention to her ass while I was watching her head bounce up and down on my shaft. She’d keep her legs together which showed off her perfectly round butt cheeks, then she’d absentmindedly raise and lower each leg in a very slow kicking motion. She’d point her toes during this slow-motion kicking, so I wondered if she really was doing this without thinking, or practicing some strip-tease skills on me during her blowjob.

After this preliminary suck, she’d roll over on her back. “Come up here,” she order, and bracing my whole body over her mouth on my hands and toes, I’d do some push-ups in her mouth. Now, with her hands gripping my hips and controlling my thrusts into her expert throat, she was the one in charge. I was fucking her face, but she helped me keep the rhythm.

It was a great workout, too. Since sex became part of my diet, my stomach muscles and leg muscles had noticeably improved. Jen would run her hands over my chest and stomach and say “wow” once in a while. I was so busy getting off on her sucking skills, I didn’t really care for much conversation. I wanted my dick thrusting into her mouth, and fewer words coming out.

But what she really wanted to practice was sucking me off while she was kneeling doggy-style in front of me. I regretted not having her bedroom mirrors in the tent, and for the light being so poor. In the darkened tent I could make out her ass raised high in the air. She’d balance on her left arm and grasp my cock, sometimes from the middle, sometimes at my balls, and rock back and forth as those luscious, pouty lips would work their oral magic on my thick, slippery cock. But this is where I say she had become such a cum-guzzling slut.

She could tell, as well as I, just a few pumps before I’d blow my wad in her face. She’d drop both her arms down to the sleeping bag so that she’d be perfectly on all fours, then tilt her head back and close her eyes. I’d swear she was receiving some religious gift by the sheer look of ecstasy on her face as I came. But she’d beg me to grab my own cock and shoot my hot load into her mouth, then greedily lick up every drop.

Once I grabbed the back of her head with my left, free hand as I’d pump my cock with my right, but she begged “Shoot in my mouth, shoot in my mouth, I won’t move!” So I did. She’d keep her eyes closed and protected from the force of those first two or three shots of hot cum, then she’d open her eyes with her tongue out and let me guide my own cock into her mouth so she could lap up the rest of my hot seed. With her head thrown back as she licked me clean, I’d swear she was the ultimate cum goddess. And she was mine.

Or so I thought. One special night, Jen’s mom headed out for an overnight babysitting assignment in the next town. In fact, Jen was to be trusted alone overnight, so naturally I was looking forward to seeing her for some private lessons in her mirrored bedroom. Just thinking of her in her shredded daisy duke denim shorts with her homemade thong underwear got me hard during the day; I resisted jerking off just the Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort same. We had worked it out that she’d flash the living room light three times, and I’d march down from the Martinelli’s house at the signal.

At 9 p.m., the time we arranged for her “all-clear” signal, I spied her house from where I sat on Martinelli’s front porch. Sure enough, the light went on and off as it was supposed to. I was wearing my favorite, black muscle tee-shirt, and my shorts without underwear. I wanted to screw her doggy-style so bad, I had to order my hands to stay off my crotch or else I’d be jerking off at the Martinelli’s instead of wrestling with Jen on her nice, low mattress.

I skipped down the hill, but noticed a strange car parked in front of Jen’s. Was there a foul-up? I knocked on the door and Jen answered, wearing regular blue jeans and a rather loose and proper tee shirt. I must have looked disappointed, because I was dressed to thrill, and Jen was, well, dressed for shopping or something. Her hair smelled especially terrific, like rose hips, and she had blown it and styled it like for some special occasion. Her blonde hair was layer-cut, one of those fairly old-fashioned Farrah styles, but she looked great all primped. She also was wearing more make-up than I’d usually seen her in, and her nails shined with a fresh coat of pink nail polish. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was dressed for a date.

Wait a second, who was that I spied on the couch in her living room? Ah, the driver of the mystery car. “Come in, Allen.” Jen gestured me to enter but spoke to me very politely. Looking at the mystery guest, I offered Jen a chance for privacy. “Jen, I see you’re busy, so I’ll just shove off.” I began to back off away from the door. “Come on, come in,” Jen insisted, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. When I got inside, Jen gave me a playful push. I didn’t fight her too much since I sensed a drama about to unfold. “I want you to meet someone.”

I didn’t quite bounce into the room in delight, but I was curious about this change in plans. Jen had given the signal, hadn’t she? Or was I just so horny I clomped down the hill without waiting for the signal? No, I saw it. “This is a friend from school, Allen, and I hope you’ll get along.” Jen went into the kitchen to get us some drinks.

The guy on the couch stood up and reached out his hand. “Peter,” he said, “What’s up?”

“Allen,” I answered, and we shook. Instead of a limp shake, he gave me a firm squeeze. He was a nice looking guy, I hate to admit it, and 18, a year younger than me. He had brown eyes and loosely curling hair that practically went to his shoulders. He was medium build and slender, not like anything special.

So at least we got out each other’s names, though we were both a little surprised, and there was a definite tension in the air. I’ll take credit for some of that tension. I had come expecting some wild sex, but now…h-m-m-m-m, Jennifer didn’t seem at all surprised that we both were here. She was the least awkward-acting one of the three of us. Actually, she seemed damned comfortable with our little group.

His eyes fell on my muscular arms, then as he sat back on the couch, I swear he sneaked a look at my well-defined legs. I thought I’d stand for now since I didn’t want any obvious part of me falling out of my shorts if I sat in a chair. “You a friend of Jen’s?” I asked. “We went out this year. Broke up two months ago, but she called me up and asked me over. How about you?” Oh, boy, let me see. “I live across the way and I just drop in once in a while. Watch TV and stuff.”

“Why’d you break up?” He looked away rather than answer and seemed relieved when Jen returned with some popcorn and cokes. “I knew you’d get along,” she piped up, almost too cheerfully.

This was getting bizarre. Shouldn’t she be embarrassed to have an ex and current lover meet like this? I drank a coke to settle myself down. Jen’s conversation was matter-of-fact. “Allen, Peter and I were going out, and maybe I should have told you, but we broke up.”

Peter looked as confused as I did. His confidence was eroding fast now, wondering what he was doing there while Jen reviewed their relationship for me. “Peter, I’m sort of going out with Allen now, but I still have feelings for you, so I wanted to get everyone together.”

This scene was taking a left turn from bizarre, but I wasn’t going to leave now. This vixen was about to orchestrate something very clever, and I didn’t feel at all jealous towards Peter. “But why does Allen have to be here if you still love me?” His tone was plaintive. Peter was no dope. Nothing like a little teenage possessiveness to rear its ugly head.

“Allen taught me some things, and I love him, but I’m not sure which one of you I want now.” As she was talking, I stared at Peter and noticed that he was dressed in nice jeans and a decent shirt, as if Jen had instructed to dress for a date. I was standing there, Joe hot stud, and had some part to play between these two.

I jumped in before Peter asked the next question, as in, “What exactly did Allen teach you?”

“Jen, are we going out, the three of us, or staying in?” I asked. Nothing like getting all the chips on the table. “Let’s stay in,” she answered rather quickly. I wanted to move this game along. “Well, you could change into something more comfortable while Peter and I talk downstairs, okay?”

“Now you two get along,” Jen warned in a mock serious tone, “and there’ll be goodies enough for the two of you.” She tossed her hair and skipped upstairs.

Peter looked a little lost with Jen’s parting comment. I sat down on the couch, reached for my coke and grabbed some popcorn. Peter was already sitting a couple of feet away from me on the couch.

“Peter, you really care for Jen?”

“Yeah I do, as a matter of fact.”

“So tell me why you broke up.”

“I wasn’t ready for, you know, when Jen was.”

“Peter, this ‘you know’ – mind getting specific for me.”

“Like when we kissed, nothing really happened, and I wasn’t ready to, you know, have sex with her.”

“So now you are?” This was embarrassing for him, but if Jen come downstairs wearing her daisy dukes and her g-string white panties, I didn’t want Peter running out of the house.

“Do you jerk off, Peter?”

“Yeah. Sometimes when I think about Jen. So when she called me up, I came over. But why are you here, too?”

“That’s what I’m asking myself now,” I answered him. He was 18, not in bad shape, but he didn’t have a hair on his face. His skin was smooth and nicely tanned, but I couldn’t get over it – not a single hair around his mouth, not even a little pubic hair moustache like I had when I was 18 year, just a year earlier.

“I think Jen wants us to have a sort of competition.”

“She does?”

“Yep. She may still love you, but she wants to know if you’re ready for some new games she’s learned with me.”

“What kind of games, Allen?”

“Like, instead of jerking off into a towel, how’d you like to jerk off into her mouth instead?”

“Yeah, right,” he answered sarcastically. Well, sarcasm or no, he was going to be put to the test.

Peter was now grinning a bit at my boldness, but I felt that I had broken the tension between us. Our conversation was about to be put on hold.

My little nympho, and Peter’s former flame, was coming down the stairs looking just a tad different now. Her hair was held up with a white scrungee and she was wearing, or almost wearing those nasty shorts. She had modified them into a high French cut in the front, slit the seams on the sides, and the backside…well, you could enjoy most of her firm derriere as she walked over to where we were sitting.

But it was her new tee-shirt that left both our mouths open. Little Miss Home Economics Class had added some lettering onto the front her bare midriff tee-shirt. The words “Nice girls swallow” in 3-inch letters were sewn right in front for everyone to see.

Jen plopped herself down on the sofa right next to Peter. She patted the cushion to her right side as my invitation to scoot over. I didn’t care if Peter saw the tent that had risen in my shorts. As a matter of fact, I felt reckless and wanted him to see my bulging shorts, so I lifted myself up and bounced right next to Jen, our legs just touching. Jen rested one hand on each of our legs. Peter was headed for a heart-attack, but I sat back and tried to relax. No sense over-reacting to his over-reaction.

My cock was beginning to shoot skyward as Jen lightly brushed my bare thigh with two of her fingers. “We could share, couldn’t we Allen?” If I came, I didn’t really care who was in the room, so I wasn’t losing out. She turned to Peter. “Peter, put your tongue in my mouth,” and they french-kissed while Jen lightly rested her fingers on my inner thigh.

I was tickled she was coaching Peter the way I had coached her. Then she turned to me and we kissed. Her mouth was hot, and there was an additional flavor in there, Peter’s saliva. It drove me a little crazy thinking we were swapping spit through Jen.

Jen turned back to Peter, and she kissed him again. Wonder if he tasted me, too? I think we were about to play out Jen’s fantasy, and the girl definitely knew how to make her imagination work for her. “Peter,” she cooed, “Watch this.” Jen slid onto the floor and positioned herself kneeling between my legs.

Jen’s hand disappeared into one of the legs of my shorts as she rubbed the length of my now hard-dick. I lifted myself and pulled my shorts down to the floor. She yanked on my rigid cock, her whole body riding up and down as she tugged on. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and went down on me pretty fast. Since she had two customers, she had to get down to business and keep us both entertained.

“Peter, take off your pants now,” I practically ordered him. Jen was going up and down on my rod as Peter was trying to get off his shoes and pants. I pulled my shirt over my head as the clothes continued to fly off.

When Peter was down to his white Jockey underpants, his eyes fixed on Jen’s ass sticking out of her nasty shorts. His right hand fell in his lap and he rubbed himself. His stiff cock was pretty well outlined through the flimsy white material. Jen lifted her head out of my lap. “Peter, take off my shorts.”

He got up and walked behind Jen, knelt down behind her, then reached around to wrestle with the snap and zipper of Jen’s sinfully cute shorts. She helped by wiggling out of them after Peter unzipped her.

“Come around here. You guys sit together, that’s it, nice and close.” I was right about Peter – he didn’t have a hair on his chest or in his armpit, and I was curious to see if he had any kind of bush going. I looked over at his crotch and he had pitched quite a tent in there, but I didn’t see any dark patch through his white underwear.

He had a little mischievous look in his eye when he saw I was checking him out. He was tanned evenly on his arms and legs. Must have been all that soccer practice during the summer.

“Okay Peter, the moment of truth has come.” I wasn’t gay or anything, but there was quite a bit of heat coming off his leg which was barely touching mine. Neither one of us pulled away when our legs brushed. He looked at my cock with something that resembled admiration, then stood up to slide off his own underpants. Peter’s legs rose perfectly to his ass, and his leg muscles were a lot better defined that I had originally thought. My cock was hard already, and looking at Peter’s toned legs just a few inches from my face didn’t hurt my hard-on.

When he sat back down, I looked over. Not a single public hair on Peter’s cock, but that just made his hard-on all the more impressive. While it wasn’t as thick as mine, his dick was beautifully proportioned at 5″ or so and ready for action.

“That’s better,” Jen continued her banter. “Just sit back, both of you.” She knelt in front of Peter, fondled his cock with her right hand and gave him a big, sloppy lick from his balls up his entire shaft. Her left hand half-heartedly jerked my dick. Once she got her mouth onto his shaft, her rhythm kicked in and she jerked my dick with more gusto. Peter recoiled, no doubt sensitive to all these new sensations. “God,” he moaned in delight.

His leg pressed more against mine, an involuntary action, or so I thought. In addition to their nice tan, Peter’s legs were athletic, hairless of course, with nicely proportioned calves. He had a dimpled butt that was as lean as mine. Maybe he ran track or was a soccer player, but his ass was easily as nice as Jen’s.

Jen took a break from sucking Peter, probably because he was readying to shoot and Jen sensed that. She knelt in front of us, a cock in each hand. “O-o-o-o-y, yum,” she said. “Now here’s the deal, this is the first meeting of the Double-cum Club.”

“The what?” I asked. “The double-cum club, Allen. I brought you both here to double cum me. You see this shirt? I don’t want a drop spilled on it, you hear?” She gave each of our cocks a nice hard squeeze. “Do you understand?” Jen repeated. “Yeah, yeah, okay,” I agreed. Peter mumbled about the same thing.

“For our initiation, I want you both to stand up nice and close, wait, don’t you come yet Peter.” I think some precum was oozing out his handsome penis, so Jen licked it off and let go of his cock. Jen continued with her plan. “You stand nice and close. What I want us for you two is to have a swordfight right here in my mouth, but I get to win.” We both stood up, inches from each other, Peter smiling at me.

“Oh,” Jen added, “you’re just so close to each other…put your arm around each other’s waist — I think that would look cute.” Peter and I looked at each other a little stunned, but neither of us wanted to stop the momentum of Jen’s fantasy. I placed my left hand on his hip and Peter placed his right hand on my hip — the touch was electric. He continued sliding his hand around my waist as I did his, there was a glint of some extra pleasure in his eye.

“Peter, I’m gonna jerk you off into my mouth. Allen, you shoot into my mouth just like we’ve been practicing. To belong to this club, you gotta shoot right in here,” Jen pointed her index finger into her open mouth. “And like the shirt says, I’m a real nice girl.”

Before I could think of anything smart to say, Jen grabbed both our cocks and rubbed them together. It was a totally hot thing to do, rub our saliva slick cocks together, and I liked it. If Peter was going to be jealous, Jen had taken him way beyond the point of possible envy. I thought if Jen wasn’t there, it would be too easy for us to embrace and enjoy our own erotic moment.

“And may both cocks win,” she added. As Jen evenly stroked our cocks, Peter’s eyes were closed and he started to lean back. I grabbed him because I thought he was about to faint. He put his right hand on my shoulder to steady himself, and now we were nearly facing each other, our rock-hard cocks almost pressed against each other’s bellies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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