Oddball Ch. 07c

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*Author’s Note: Any persons engaging in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

Mary looked in the mirror again and nearly balked. Even with the white tights, the short red skirt was obscene. The low cut bodice, combined with her push-up bra made the green blouse also quite risqué.

She didn’t need the money; Uncle George had left her quite well off. Abduls was paying her and Chin Li ten dollars an hour; Mary planned on just giving the money to Momma and Daddy. Chin Li needed the money; she was planning on buying John a special gift for Christmas.

Thomas had asked her to dress up like an elf; he was ‘Santa Claus’ at Abdul’s Department Store in DeGarde, Louisiana. He was a great Santa, too. Even at six feet, six inches, a height that would have intimidated most children, he had a genuine warmth and jocularity that the children seemed to sense.

“Baby, you’d be perfect at it,” he assured her. “Hell, you’re not much taller than most of the kids.”

“Shut up!” Mary yelled.

“Can I be an elf too?” Chin Li begged.

Thomas smiled; Chin Li was the same height as Mary. He also knew how to persuade Mary to do it.

“Only if Mary will,” he said.

Mary scowled darkly at him; she knew he was just manipulating her.

“Fine,” She hissed.

Now, though, looking at the ridiculous costume, she was ready to bolt. Even with the red and white stocking cap and the plastic pointy ears, she didn’t look like an elf, she looked like a slut.

Next to her, Chin Li smiled at her own reflection in the mirror.

Mary had to smile; Chin Li was a cute eighteen-year-old Asian American, and the elf costume seemed to enhance her cuteness.

“God, go with me,” she silently prayed.


Thomas had to adjust his manhood; his girlfriend looked both cute and sexy at the same time.

“So, have you been a good little girl?” he teased.

“Uh huh,” she smiled up at ‘Santa.’

This was his second year of doing this and he had learned the tricks of the trade. His white beard was glued on; kids sometimes jerked on the beard, to see if this was the real Santa, or just some fat guy. The white hair was clipped to his short brown hair with bobby pins; it would take a very hard yank to dislodge it. The suit fit him like a glove; not leaving any room for a pillow, but very few of the kids noticed that ‘Santa’ was pretty buff.

The mothers did, though. Last year, he’d actually hooked up with a few of the moms after work, put a little something extra in their stockings. But with his girlfriend right there, Thomas knew he wouldn’t be doing that this year. Nor did he want to.

Cheryl smiled as she saw Thomas and his two elves approaching. She’d liked him last year; he was very good with the children and had also gotten along with all the co-workers. When he’d approached her about hiring Mary and Chin Li, Cheryl just smiled and gave him the go ahead. Looking at the trio as they approached; she knew she’d been right to hire the two girls. They were perfect.

“All right,” she said. “Let’s make sure everything’s working like it should. Mary, why don’t you sit on Santa’s lap for a couple of shots?”

Thomas sat down on his chair and Mary, blush on full display, sat down on his right leg. She looked at the camera and smiled a self-conscious little smile as the flash exploded.

“A couple more,” Cheryl encouraged. “Mary, could you kind of pull your skirt down; your crotch is showing.”

“Oh!” Mary gasped and tugged on the short skirt.

“I want a copy of THAT,” Thomas called out.

Shut up Thomas!” Mary screeched.

“Ah ah ah!” Cheryl admonished Mary. “That’s Santa Claus! I don’t see no Thomas nowhere around!”

“Can I have a picture with Santa?” Chin Li begged Cheryl.

“Sure, Honey,” Cheryl smiled.

Thomas had told Mary a joke and she was laughing. Cheryl seized the opportunity and snapped the picture.

“Beautiful,” she beamed. Now, Mary, get off of Santa’s lap; Chin Li wants to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas.”

“I just want John,” Chin Li said quietly, smiling up at Thomas. “I just want him to love me as much as I love him.


David sobbed and grunted as John drove his cock deep into his bowels.

“Fucking quit crying or I’ll give you something to cry about,” John hissed into David’s tear streaked face. “You’re fucking liking this just as much as I am, bitch.”

John had cornered the smaller boy and pulled the frightened eighteen years old into the dank, sour-smelling locker room. To David’s shock and horror, instead of the pummeling he was expecting, John had roughly yanked David’s pants down and pushed him not one of the rickety benches.

John’s thrusts became more frenzied and he slapped David’s face a couple of times. He stiffened, and then bellowed loudly as he pumped his semen into David’s raw bowels.

“Aw, fuck yeah, cunt,” John grunted and pulled his wilting cock out of David’s clutching rectum.

David gasped as he felt John’s mouth wrap itself around his throbbing cock. Within seconds, sumo web tools he was spurting a stream of semen into John’s mouth.

“Fucking tell anybody, I mean anybody and I’ll fucking kill you, hear, cunt?” John threatened as he pulled his pants back up.

“Uh huh,” David sniffled as he pulled his own briefs and jeans up.

“I mean it,” John said menacingly.

“I said okay,” David whined.

“Where you live?” John asked as he prepared to leave the locker room. “I’ll give you a ride.”

“Off Wilshire,” David said. “It ain’t that far; I can walk.”

“Dude, it’s cold,” John protested. “Come on.”


“So, Doodle Bug?” Doctor Leblanc addressed Britney. “Who you hurting?”

After her brutal rape, Allison had taken Britney to see Dr. Melanie Leblanc. The empathetic doctor had dubbed Britney ‘Doodle Bug’ because of Britney’s habit of doodling nervously.

“I don’t know,” Britney mumbled.

“Yes, you do,” Melanie gently said. “Look, you’re doodling like a mad woman.”

Britney looked down at her hand and realized she was indeed scribbling frantically.

“Me,” she admitted. “I’m hurting me.”

“Well, the wonderful thing about hurting yourself is you can keep it up for as long as you’d like, or you can stop immediately. But, I can’t help but think you’re probably hurting someone else just as much. THAT you might want to stop as soon as you possibly can,” the good doctor smiled in understanding.

“Uh huh,” Britney mumbled.

“Britney,” Melanie said.

“Yes ma’am?” Britney said, looking up at the doctor.

“Do you really want to keep hurting yourself?” the doctor asked.

“No ma’am,” Britney admitted.

“So, what are you going to do about it?” Melanie asked.

“I’m going to go talk to him,” Britney conceded.

Uh uh,” Melanie smiled. “WHEN?”

“Tomorrow,” Britney said.

“Promise?” Melanie pressed.

“Okay, promise,” Britney smiled.

“Ah, that’s what I like to see, a pretty smile!” Melanie praised.


Jim smiled tiredly. It had been a long day at work, made all the longer by the brutal wind that threatened to blind him as it blew sand into his face.

But Melissa wanted his input, his approval of the wedding plans. He had tried once to tell her, ‘Baby, what ever you want is fine by me’ but she wasn’t letting him off that easily.

The pitter-patter of rain hitting the window of his apartment, soon to be their apartment, soothed him. He felt her lips brush his forehead lightly. He came to with his head in her lap, torso and legs covered by a light blanket.

“Hey,” she smiled down at him. “I’m sorry, Baby; I should have realized it was a long day for you.”

“Long day for you too,” he reminded her. “You got school AND work.”

“Uh huh, but I don’t lug sheet rock up three flights of stairs, and I don’t play outside all day long,” she said and smiled.

She eased herself out from under his head and playfully messed up his hair.

“Go to bed, Baby,” she smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

He wished she would stay but knew better than to argue with her. She would only smile at him and remind him that their wedding was only ten days away; he could wait ten days.

Or she would get mad and remind him that their wedding was only ten days away; surely he could control himself until then?


“Come on, it’ll be all right,” Mary cajoled the frightened child. “That’s Santa Claus! And Santa Claus loves all children; he won’t hurt you, I promise!”

Again, she fought the urge to tug her skirt down; the children waiting in the line all laughed whenever she did that. Finally, the little girl let Mary take her over to the waiting Thomas.

Cheryl took the picture, Mary handed the girl a sugar-free candy cane and Chin Li guided the next waiting child to Santa.

Mary smiled; her man was so wonderful with all the children. He would be a wonderful father. She knew it was her duty as a God loving and God fearing woman to give her man as many children as she could and she knew she would love every minute of it.

She waited until Cheryl had snapped the picture before crossing the small stage to get the next child; she’d ruined one photograph by walking right in front of the camera just as Cheryl had snapped the picture. Cheryl’s tongue lashing almost made her cry, and made her very aware of when to cross and when not to cross.

Again, she fought the urge to tug her skirt down; she was sure her buttocks were visible in the short skirt.

“And that’s the last one,” Cheryl sighed and began tearing down the camera equipment.

Chin Li laughed when Cheryl handed her the copy of her sitting on Santa’s lap. She was sure John would love it.

Mary blushed deeply at the photograph; the skirt was far too short and her cleavage, such as it was, was quite visible. White tights or not, the skirt was just too short.

Thomas laughed as Cheryl passed him the first photograph. Indeed, Mary’s crotch was visible. Just barely, but it was visible.

“Give me that,” Mary demanded sumowebtools and reached for it.

“Uh huh,” Thomas laughed as he very easily held it out of Mary’s reach.


“Hang on, my sister wants me for something, Tiffany complained into the phone.

“W-w-w-well, t-t-t-tell her t-t-t-tough t-t-t-toe n-n-nails,” Barry joked.

“Barry, shush, I will not!” Tiffany laughed.

“Never mind,” Britney huffed.

“No, come on,” Tiffany said. “Barry, I got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“G-g-g-good n-n-night,” Barry said and hung up.

“What’s up?” Tiffany asked as she put her telephone back on the cradle.

“I uh, I went and seen Dr. Leblanc today,” Britney hemmed and hawed.

“Yeah?” Tiffany asked. “She finally says you’re crazy?”

“No,” Britney snapped.

“Calm down, Britney, I’m just teasing,” Tiffany soothed and took her sister’s hand. “Come on, what’s up?”

“I need your help,” Britney admitted.

Chapter 2

Oscar trudged down the aisle toward his customary seat, in the rear of the classroom. There were no thumbtacks on his seat; he’d learned long ago to check his seat before sitting down.

There she was, her and her twin sister, bounding into the classroom. He’d been lucky enough to date Britney, but then his little whacker had to go and ruin that.

He wasn’t seeing Violet any more; the sex was great, exciting, but that’s all it was, just sex. At least with Britney, he’d had love. He had hand-holding, he’d had sneaking kisses in between classes, he’d had sitting out underneath the oak tree (well, in the brutal winter, she and Mary and Chin Li and Thomas and John sat at a table in the corner of the cafeteria (, he had long phone conversations late into the night. He wanted to go sit with her, and actually felt a rage boil up when Jeremiah had sat down next to Britney. That had been for just that one day, but Oscar still felt resentment well up inside of him whenever he looked over at Jeremiah.


There he was, light brown-gold eyes looking at her.

“Go on, or I’ll do it,” Tiffany urged and smiled happily at Barry.

Tiffany had listened to Britney’s dilemma and happily told her sister that if she did not follow through with her promise to Dr. Melanie Leblanc, she would personally tell everyone in the whole school that her sister, Britney Faye Wertmuller, was a big old lesbian.

Tiffany sat down in front of Barry and smiled at him.

“Hey, good looking, this seat taken” she teased.

“J-j-just b-b-b-by the b-b-b-best l-l-l-looking g-g-g-girl in the w-w-w-world,” Barry smiled.

“Shut up, I am not,” she laughed happily.

“T-t-t-to m-m-m-me y-y-y-you are,” he protested.

“Well, to you, I better be!” she said and squeezed his hand.

Britney felt her insides turn to stone and her legs felt like lead.

“Do it,” Tiffany ordered and Britney glared pure hatred at her sister.

Oscar watched intently as Britney walked down the aisle to his right. She stopped and sat down in the chair next to him and took a deep breath.

“If you ever, EVER break my heart again, I swear to God I will fucking kill you, you hear me?” Britney said.

“Are you serious?” Oscar asked, not believing his ears.


David didn’t know whether to smile or not when he spotted John’s car in front of the house.

“Want a ride?” John asked and David quietly got into the car.

He looked over and noticed that John’s jeans were unzipped. A few blocks over, John pulled up to the curb and stopped the car.

“Don’t think we got time to play,” John said as he eased his erection out of his pants. “But I want me a blow job, know what I’m saying?”

“I’m not gay,” David whined.

“I fucking ask you if you were?” John yelled, defensively.

He grabbed David by a handful of hair and forcibly dragged the smaller boy toward his throbbing erection.

“Okay,” David said quietly and leaned over and started to suck John’s cock.

“Aw yeah, that’s it,” John encouraged. “Fuck yeah.”

John had masturbated three times that morning, just thinking about fucking David, about sucking David’s cock, about having David suck his cock, so he was not very quick in achieving climax. David’s jaws were actually quite sore by the time John did finally shoot a couple of spurts into his mouth.

“Good, that was good,” John sighed, then started the car and dove them to school.


Mary huffed when a smirking Thomas opened his locker and pointed to the photograph he’d taped to the inside of locker.

“I will get that back from you, you hear?” Mary hissed at him.

“Only when I get a better one,” he said and quickly kissed her.

“Thomas!” she gasped, horrified and titillated. “Suppose someone sees us?”

“Uh huh,” Thomas said, not really worried if someone saw them or not.


Mr. Falgout pursed his lips; Melissa was just dawdling, dreamily looking through that stupid wedding catalog again, instead of stocking the shelves like he’d asked her to.

“Um, Ms. Schaub, think you could um, actually do some work around here?” he snapped. “I asked you ten minutes ago to put up the cream, but it’s still sitting there.”

“Oh, sorry,” she giggled, letting him know she wasn’t really sorry at all. “I’ll get right on it.”

“Uh huh,” he muttered.

As soon as he found out whether or not the anonymous buyer’s intentions, he was going to fire the girl. When she’d first starting working there, she was a real ball of energy, doing things before being asked. But then she met that boy and now she didn’t do anything but stand around, taking up space.

“Or,” he smiled to himself. “Or let this nameless, faceless buyer deal with her.”

He’d made an offer, and they buyer had come back with a counter offer of nearly half of what he was asking.

“You’re losing money faster than you’re making it,” the mediator had said. “You don’t have any credit lines, hell, Glen, you don’t even have a computer! The buyer’s going to have to spend weeks, months, putting your inventory down on their computer.”

So he’d made a counter to their offer and was waiting to see what they would do.

Yes, let them deal with the lazy girl.

He remembered Kristi. She was pretty lazy too, but she had been a lot of fun to look at. Pretty, with blonde hair and unbelievably large breasts and a plump ass that just begged to be squeezed. He regretted it, but he did have to fire her when he caught her helping herself to some Oxycotton.

Melissa quickly emptied the boxes and flattened them out. Then she returned to the counter and stood there, daydreaming over the stupid wedding catalog again.


Theresa smiled as James came into the diner. Even after all these years, he still looked good in a uniform. He smiled in return and slid into the booth across from her.

“Hey,” he said in greeting.

“Hey,” she agreed and resumed reading the menu.

“You know, we’ve been coming here for almost thirty years now,” she mused aloud. “Other than the prices, I don’t believe these menus have changed one bit.

“When you know what works, why mess with it?” the waitress joked.

“Uh huh,” Theresa said. “I’d like an ice tea, unsweetened please.”

“Same for me,” James said and the waitress waited for a second, then turned to go get their drinks.

“Well, Jim’s just about settled in his new apartment,” Theresa started to say, then felt something catch in her throat and started crying.

“My baby’s leaving me,” she cried.

Not knowing what else to do, James quietly went around and sat down next to her and held her while she cried.


“Just a few more days, huh, Kowalski?” Keith Blanchard teased.

“Uh huh,” Jim smiled as he grabbed the sheet of sheet rock off the stack.

“Getting nervous?” Keith asked.

“You know what?” Jim said, pausing for a second. “Kind of. I mean, suppose I’m not a good husband? I mean, most of the girls I’ve ever dated, it usually lasted about a month, maybe two, you know?”

“Wouldn’t worry about it,” Keith smiled. “Just be half the man at home that you are on the job, she’ll be damned lucky to have you.”

“Thanks, Keith,” Jim smiled.

“Of course, when she sees your little weenie…” Keith went on.

Real men didn’t give each other compliments without throwing in a good cut-down as well.

“Yeah,” Jim smiled, understanding the rules of ‘real men.’ “But she’ll still be happy to see it’s twice the size of yours.”


Mary smiled across the lunch table at Britney. Next to her sat a grinning Oscar.

“So, how you like working at Abdul’s?” Britney asked.

“It’s all right,” Mary shrugged.

“She’s a great elf,” Thomas smiled.

“And you ought to see Thomas as Santa,” Mary smiled up at him. “He is just so great!”

“I mean, most of the kids are taller than her,” Thomas went on.

“Even if he is a big old butt hole,” Mary said and kicked Thomas under the table.

“Ow!” Thomas laughed out loud.

“But Chin Li’s a great elf too,” Mary praised.

John wasn’t listening. David sat three tables over, talking with Buh buh Barry about some stupid video game. Even Tiffany was loudly adding her two cents worth; Barry had turned the pretty blonde into a video game nerd.


Theresa looked at the small bouquet of flowers and poured herself another cup of coffee. Sitting down at the kitchen table, she read the card again.

‘It felt good to hold you again, Love James.’

“And before I know it, Tommy’s going to be gone too,” Theresa said aloud and felt fresh tears beginning.

Chapter 3

Mary was tired; it had been a pretty grueling Saturday. They’d been busy in the evenings, but nothing like this.

She pasted a smile on her face and approached the very nervous looking girl and equally nervous young mother.

“Um, she’s um, she’s deaf,” the mother explained when the girl did not respond to Mary’s greeting.

“Oh!” Mary gasped.

She managed to get the girl’s attention and gently took the girl’s hand. The mother signed rapidly to the girl that she should go with Mary.

“She’s deaf,” Mary said to Thomas.

“Oh, okay,” Thomas said and quickly took off his mittens.

‘My name Santa,’ he signed to the girl. ‘Who you?’

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