I Hate My Master Ch. 16

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Friday morning came, and no clue why my schedule was changing. As he left, Chris just ordered me to come straight home after work. I was distracted in the office with worry. Mike was out of sorts, whispering to me that I was a douche. But he didn’t get a chance to use me during the day. When the start of the weekend finally came, I got into my car with a heavy heart.

I took a deep breath just before opening the door to go in. “Don’t strip. Come here slave.” Chris ordered from the living room.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled in, my compulsion for that not lifted. Timmy was there, sitting with Chris on the couch.

“Oooooh. I’m so looking forward to this.” Timmy gleefully bounced up and down a bit.

“Easy boy.” Chris steadied him with a hand on his shoulder. “Slave, I’m loaning you to Timmy. He has a party to go to and wants a date. You will be the best boyfriend in the world. You’ll be all over him, you will convince him and everyone that you are completely subservient to him and will do anything he wants. Anything.” That last word was covered in finality. I had to be compliant in front of anyone anyway, and I couldn’t disobey, so all of this must have been for Timmy’s benefit.

“Yes, Master.” I said in a cheery tone. Outwardly, it seemed like I was looking forward to it. Inside, it was a gut-punch. What would this twink do with me on a date? I was taller than him, much better built, and a bit older. But I was going to be the submissive one.

Timmy’s phone dinged. He checked it. “My Uber’s here. Come on Marky, we gotta go.” Timmy headed for the door. I wasn’t getting any time before this date was starting.

“Get up and walk. I packed a bag for you.” Chris said with a smirk, pointing to a bag on the floor.

“Yes, Master.” I got up, grabbed the bag and followed Timmy.

“You can call me Daddy.” Timmy said as he grabbed my ass on the way out the door.

“Yes, Daddy.” Just one more twist of the knife. We got into the back seat and the Uber driver got going.

It wasn’t going to be a normal ride. Timmy scooted over to me and started to feel up my chest, coming in for a kiss. I was forced to respond, acting like I was turned on. He was pretty free with my body. The kiss was sloppy. After a while, he pulled back. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

I could see the driver’s eyes glance at us through the rearview mirror. “Yeah, Daddy, I want your big cock in me bad.” I humped my hips a bit. How humiliating. All of it, having to just say it, call Timmy “Daddy,” and have the driver hear it. This must be why we were in an Uber, rather than me driving. To embarrass me.

“You’re going to have to wait boy.” Timmy teased me. Of course, he thought I was a gay slave, he had no idea Chris had taken control of my mind and played me like a puppet.

“But I want it now, Daddy.” I was grabbing his crotch while I was saying this, playing the part of the horny submissive.

“Maybe just a taste.” Timmy began to undo his pants.

“Hey, not in here. Leave your snake in your pants.” The driver yelled back at us.

“Aw man, you’re taking all the fun out of it.” Timmy protested.

“Listen, you whip that out, and I’m dumping you here. I’ll flag you, so you won’t get a new pick-up.” The driver sounded serious.

“Fine.” Timmy said, clearly unhappy he wouldn’t be getting roadhead. He put my hand on his dick, so I played with his junk. He leaned back, throwing his arms across the head rests and smiled. Well, he was being serviced (damn, I had an erection since I had standing orders for that), and by me. I’m sure he had never been serviced by someone who looked like me ever before, just servicing them. I’m sure he was the bottom most of the time, and I knew he wanted to top, since he had jumped at the chance to top me every time. Now I was bound to do whatever he wanted, and he was going to rub it in.

The car pulled up to an apartment building. Timmy opened his eyes. “We’re here. Let’s get up so I can fuck you.” He got out, I had to follow, pulling my bag with me. I followed Timmy in the building. We made it to his door and as soon as we were through it he was ordering me “Get those clothes off.”

“OK, Daddy.” I got to stripping. Timmy had a cheeky grin on his face. His place. Me completely under his thumb. I stood up naked and hard.

“This is so fucking great! I can do anything I want with you.” He was almost giggling. Then he turned serious. “Can’t I, bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll do anything you want. Just please promise to fuck me, and fuck me good. And hard, I want you to fuck me hard.” I hated having to do this, but I grabbed my cock and massaged my ass.

“Haa haaa. You’ve got it bad for me bitch boy.” Timmy laughed at me.

“I sure do. Will you fuck me now? Or at least let me suck you?” I sounded desperate.

“Get here between my legs.” Timmy tapped his thighs.

“Sure, Daddy. Will I get to suck you? Please?” I knelt down. There was a size difference between us. He was certainly a twink, but had a bit of muscle, so he wasn’t scrawny. But I was a good sized man, taller than him and Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort certainly brawnier, my workouts had given me broad shoulders and good pecs, abs. Neither of us were fat by any stretch of the imagination. But it was different. He was skinny by controlling his diet. I ate good as well, but higher calories, more protein to fuel my time with weights in the gym.

I’d seen a lot of gay porn at this point. I knew twinks were usually the bottom with bigger guys. This was turning that over. He was clothed, I was naked. I had Chris’s compulsions requiring me to obey his every word, even if he thought it was just normal slave obedience. It was all fun for him. Plus I was calling him Daddy. That alone must be a thrill. All of these must be thrills for him.

He kept that smirk. “Get your face down there, rub it around.”

“OK, Daddy.” I did, giving him that fire of command of a bigger man.

“Sniff good. Get it in your nose.” Timmy was enjoying this, I could tell his cock was at full mast already.

“Yes, Daddy. It smells so good Daddy.” I said, and felt his dick jump. He was going to put me through it, I could tell.

Timmy pulled his pants off, while keeping my head where he wanted it. I got to licking his balls. I was under compulsion to be into it, to act like I was into it. He swatted his cock against my forehead. I came up trying to get my mouth around it. He laughed and waved it, making me chase his cock. It didn’t take long before he shoved it in, and I started sucking, taking this twink dick in and pleasuring it. More laughter. He leaned back like he had in the Uber, like he was in command. Well, he was.

My nose kept making it down to his pubes, taking his cock all the way in. “Turn around and back up on it.” Timmy said.

“Oh, Daddy, I really need to get fucked by your big cock.” I got up, lined his cock up with my ass and sat back, sending it into me. I wondered if this was worse than riding a cock by squatting on it. “Oooo Daddy, it’s so big.” My mouth apparently decided I needed to humiliate myself a bit.

“That’s right boy, ride your Daddy’s cock!” Timmy was so glad to be doing this.

My legs were getting a bit weary, being in a weird position. My legs were saved by Timmy pushing me down onto the floor, mounting over me and humping me. My cock was grinding against the carpet, so quite uncomfortable. Not that Timmy cared, he was getting to fuck, so he was fine.

He came in me, grinding a bit afterwards. He pulled off, heading into another room, and I heard him start a shower. He must have just rinsed off because he came back soon. “Go rinse off. I’ll order us something to eat.”

“OK, Daddy, thank you Daddy. I’ll be so clean for you.” I can’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. When I got out of the shower and back to him, he had me lean with him on the sofa while he explored my body.

“Ouch, Daddy.” I said when he squeezed both of my nipples.

“Oh, does that hurt Daddy’s little boy?” Timmy teased me. Still squeezing.

“Yes, Daddy, it does.” I didn’t try to stop him.

“I can do this to my little boy, can’t I?” Timmy questioned.

“You can Daddy. You can do anything you want to me.” Man, what was he going to do?

“Oh I will, I will do all sorts of things to you.” Timmy released and played over my abs. “I bet you’re ticklish.” He tickled my abs.

I laughed “Daddy!” I hadn’t been ticklish before, but his order made me. He tickled me more. “Daddy stop!” I couldn’t move to stop him. I could move, but not to prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to me.

“Oh, I like making you laugh. Daddy likes to tease you.” Timmy kept tickling me, he got my sides, my thighs, my chest. All of it making me giggle. I felt so stupid.

“Daddy, stop, please stop!” I was flaying around. Timmy was laughing at me. I felt stupid, controlled by Timmy this way, so easy for this little twink to dominate me. “Daddy!” I yelled again. He finally slowed down, letting me catch my breath and gather myself.

He just quietly played with my body for a while, until the doorbell rang. “Dinner’s here. Go get the door boy.”

“Daddy, I’m naked.” I hoped he wouldn’t make me do this, but I knew he was going to embarrass me.

“Aww, but it will be fun for me. You want Daddy to have fun, don’t you?” Timmy knew what my answer would be.

“Yes, Daddy, I want you to have all the fun.” I got up.

“Here’s money, and you can cover up with this.” Timmy handed me a baseball cap that had been on the table next to him, and some cash.

I was naked and had a boner. There was no way the hat was going to cover me, but it was all I had. I opened the door. There was a guy holding a bag of our dinner. His eyes bugged out when he saw me just holding a cap in front of me. Then he got a grin on his face. I handed him the cash, so I had a free hand to take the bag, leaving one hand to keep what little modesty I could. Timmy shouted at me. “Boy, I forgot to give you money for a tip, come back here so you can give the nice man a tip.”

“OK, Daddy.” I turned even redder than I already was. I turned around, knowing the delivery boy could see my bare ass, and carried the bag, put it on the coffee table and took the cash Timmy held out for me.

“Wait.” Timmy said. I stopped. He took the cap and hung it on my hard dick.

“Daddy!” I said, this was horrible.

“No arguments, boy.” Timmy said, pointing to the door.

I turned around carefully so the cap would stay in place. The delivery boy started to laugh. I gently shuffled to the door and gave the tip over. As I tried to close the door, the delivery boy reached out, knocked the cap off my dick and both of them laughed. I scrambled for the cap, and as the delivery boy left, I closed the door. Timmy was holding his sides.

“Daddy, that was mean!” I protested.

“Oh, it’s alright, I enjoyed it. Now sit here at my feet and let’s have dinner.” Timmy was still laughing.

“OK, Daddy.” I sat at his feet, and we opened up the packages and ate. Timmy moved his feet to my crotch and bumped my junk while we ate.

My cock was up, I was still hard. Timmy noticed, I’m hung pretty well, and it’s noticeable. “You like Daddy playing with you.”

“Oh, yes Daddy, I really like it when you play with me.” I looked up at him with admiration.

“Good boy. You have to make Daddy happy.” Timmy said.

“Oh Daddy, I sure will, I’ll make you very happy Daddy.” I had that admiring look still stuck on my face.

We wrapped up eating, and I had to toss the garbage in the bin. When I got back Timmy pulled me over his knee. I thought he was going to spank me, but he started playing with my hole instead. “What a pretty pussy you have here.”

“Daddy, you’re teasing me.” I was almost giggling. So stupid, this role I had to play. He pushed in a little.

“My pussy to play with, isn’t it?” Timmy pushed a little more in, wiggling his finger some.

“Yes, Daddy, it is.” I squirmed around. He pushed his finger all the way in and moved it more. “Daddy!” I squirmed more. He was enjoying himself so much. His legs came together and moved back and forth on my cock. He just wanted to make me harder. “Daddy!” I yelled again.

A second finger went in, moving in and around my ass. I hated the feeling. Another man playing with my hole. I wouldn’t have liked a woman doing it either. Nothing should ever go into my ass. Now things went in all the time. I felt so emasculated, something about this whole situation was so bad, Timmy using me like this, making me call him Daddy, acting like a stupid kid.

He played for a while. “We need to get ready to go.” He pulled out his phone and tapped a bit. “There, just ordered our Uber. Bring your bag to the bedroom, I’ll show you what I want you to wear.”

“OK, Daddy.” I grabbed my bag and stood up. At least I could walk and didn’t have to crawl everywhere. Timmy led, and in the bedroom put on a nice shirt and jeans. Out of my bag he pulled out boxers, slacks, and a nice button-down shirt. I was going to look pretty decent. I rushed to get them on. I’d rather be dressed.

Timmy’s phone dinged. “Uber’s here. Let’s go.”

“I’m so excited Daddy.” I gushed, Timmy just laughed.

Timmy didn’t make as big of a deal as he did the last Uber ride. He did make me feel him up, but it’s possible the driver didn’t even notice.

“Come on.” Timmy said to me, as he climbed out of the car.

“OK, Daddy.” I followed him to an apartment.

Outside of the door, Timmy adjusted the collar of my shirt. “These are my friends. You better make me proud.”

“I will Daddy.” I was all sincerity. Like I had any choice. I’d do anything I could to make sure Timmy had a great time, no matter how much I had to degrade myself.

He knocked on the door and put his arm through mine. We were going to be a couple on a date. Damn. The door was opened by another twink. “Timmy!” He said. “Oh, and he has a stud for a date!” High pitched words, and we got the attention to everyone. They all looked at us as we walked in.

“Hey everybody! This is Marky, my date for the evening.” Timmy hugged my arm. “Say hi to everyone boy.”

Boy. I could see the faces of the twinks as the word got out. Some shock, so sure it was a joke. “Hi everyone.” I waved my hand a bit, a bit of a goofy smile on my face.

“He’s quite a good looking man.” One of the guys said.

“He’s lucky to have me. Tell them how much you like having me fuck you.” That brought more shock to the faces.

“I love having you fuck me with your big dick Daddy.” I looked at him with great desire. That brought actual gasps and titters from the half dozen guys in the room.

“You actually fuck him?” A twink with dyed flat black hair said.

“Tell him boy.” Timmy poked my side.

“Daddy fucks me real good. I was riding him earlier tonight, I can’t get enough.” I reached over with my free arm and hugged Timmy.

Fucks and damns flew out of their mouths. Timmy got behind me, reaching up to my pecs and grinding on my ass. “I give it to him real good.” He humped a bit. “Let’s get some beer.” Timmy moved to the fridge. “Actually, I think my boy needs to stick to coke.” More bits of laughter. We got our drinks and Timmy sat in an armchair. He patted his lap and I knew I had to sit there. Damn. I did it, getting odd looks from the guys I could see.

Timmy took a swig of beer, put it down and wrapped his arms around me. He felt me up, in front of everybody. I was like a piece of meat. The guys started talking about a bunch of inane things I had no interest in, and didn’t even try to follow. None tried to get me into the conversation. I was the arm candy, so I didn’t matter. I caught various guys looking at me, trying to figure out what was going on. All the time Timmy was groping my chest, my crotch, my ass. He wasn’t being subtle. I was being fondled in front of all of them.

“I have to know how Tim got this guy.” I didn’t even notice which one said it.

“We got introduced by a friend of mine. He was on my dick not long after that. Isn’t that right baby?” Timmy pinched my cheek, at least it was the one on my face.

“It sure is Daddy.” I almost giggled again. Shit, I was acting like such a damn fool.

“He sure has some muscles on him.” Again, I couldn’t really tell which one said it. I didn’t really care.

“Want to see them?” Timmy asked, mischief in his voice. I didn’t like where this was going. Naturally, everyone did. “Get up in the middle of the room boy.”

“OK Daddy.” I got up and stood where I was told. I faced Timmy. There were guys in armchairs, regular chairs, the couch, and a few sitting on the floor. Typical arrangement for people hanging out. All eyes were on me. I felt like a piece of cheap meat.

“Take your shirt off and show these nice people the muscles you work so hard on.”

“OK Daddy.” I started to unbutton my shirt. I had everyone’s undivided attention. I pulled my shirt off. Timmy held out his hand and I tossed it to him. There were cries of general approval.

“Flex a bit.” Timmy instructed.

“OK Daddy.” I flexed, feeling all those eyes on me. Knowing they were all getting off on my body, and that I was taking orders from one of their own.

“Want to see more?” Timmy asked the room. Like they were going to turn that offer down.

“Get those pants off.” Timmy said with a wicked tone to his voice.

“O-ok Daddy.” I undid my pants and kicked them off. So now I was there just in the boxers. With a boner. There was no way everyone one of these gay twinks didn’t know I was hard. It was obvious. Being hard was one of my orders, and now I was humiliated beyond belief. There were hoots from the guys. Any that were more behind me moved so they could get a good view of the front.

“Look at him all hard.” I wasn’t paying attention to which guy was speaking, I was staring at the wall wanting it all to end. These guys were chattering like a bunch of women at a strip club. I was so exposed. This was different from taking a shower in a gym. There, guys weren’t looking at your body. Here I was almost naked just for their sexual gratification. I hoped Timmy was going to leave it at this, and not show all the goods. That was a faint hope.

“Make him take his panties off.” Shit, why call them panties? These weren’t panties.

“Good idea. Go on boy, lose the panties.” Timmy said so casually.

Casual for him, he wasn’t going to be buck naked in front of room full of guys ogling him. I was. “Yes, Daddy.” I pushed my shorts down. My hard cock slapped up against my belly. Now I was completely naked in front of a bunch of twinks all making noises seeing a built man naked and hard in front of them.

“Bend over and show the nice men your pussy.” Timmy was rubbing it in.

“OK Daddy.” I wanted to protest, but my mouth agreed to do it, and my body moved to turn around, bend over, and spread my cheeks. More sounds that my body was appreciated by the twinks.

“And what goes in there?” Timmy asked, teasingly.

“Your cock Daddy.” Could I be any more crushed?

“My big cock.” Timmy shot back.

“Your big cock, Daddy.” Yes, I could get more crushed.

“You guys want to feel him up?” Timmy asked the crowd. They all did, of course.

“Go ahead, enjoy yourselves. Boy, stand up.”

“OK Daddy.” I unbent and faced Timmy again. Hands reached out for me, feeling my legs, my ass, my cock, my cheeks, my back, my abs. All over my body. Many hands, so many hands feeling everywhere. I was cringing inside. The twinks were giggling as they felt me up. Some pinched a little. My balls were cupped, my dick stroked. They didn’t have any reason not to come in contact with anything they wanted. I felt a finger playing with my hole.

I was helpless while they all molested me. I had no choice at all but to let these skinny twinks touch anything on my body they wanted. I was groped like a whore. Timmy just leaned back and watched it all. He was enjoying the power he had over me, enjoying that he could let his friends get this thrill. Someone licked my cock. A mouth covered it. “Don’t suck him, that’s not allowed.” Timmy interjected. Why wasn’t it allowed? Did Chris say so? I hated servicing all these guys, why wouldn’t I be allowed to get some? Not that I wanted to get blown by a dude, but it was better than doing the blowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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