Johnny, Are You Queer?

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“John? John Weir?”

Hearing the somewhat familiar voice, he turned around and just stared into the woman’s features. “Do I know you?”

“I’m Sharleen Roberts. From Ensemble.”

He searched his mind and found her: an overweight puff of flesh with crooked teeth and frizzy blonde hair. She’d had a huge crush on him and had done everything possible to make sure she was near him. That might have gotten on his nerves except he remembered that she had the smokiest alto he’d ever heard and it was a pleasure to hear her sing.

“Sharleen. Yeah, I remember you.” He stuck his hand out and shook hers. “I remember that you had a great voice.” His compliment brought a smile to her face and he noted that she’d gotten her teeth fixed. “You still singing?”

“Only in the shower.” She laughed, tossing her thick blonde hair. Another improvement, he noticed. In fact, he noticed that a lot had changed about Sharleen Roberts. Teeth and hair were minor. Her fat nose had been trimmed and the hook on the end removed. The fat was gone and she held herself with more confidence than she had in high school. This was a much improved Sharleen Roberts. “Can you believe it’s been almost six years since we graduated?”

“Seems like it was only yesterday.” He looked behind her. “Are you here with someone?”

“Yeah. My gay friend, Brian. He loves this club and insisted that we come here.” She Büyükesat Escort paused. “I guess the rumors I heard were correct.”


“That you were gay.” He turned away for a moment, nursing his drink and trying to figure out what to say to her. “It’s all right, John. No need to worry about recrimination from me. You have my lifelong friendship for allowing an ugly girl to feel like she was worth something.”

“You were never ugly, Sharleen.”

She glared at him with a wry smile on her face. “Just how much beer have you had tonight?”

“Too much, but never enough. Speaking of that, can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, why not? Brian’s trolling so I’m about as useful as tits on a bull.”

They stepped up to the bar and John bought beers for both of them, then steered her over to a vacant table. Simple conversation turned to personal reflection and he told her how much he’d missed the intimate friendship of Ensemble. “It was so perfect. When we would all gather outside and practice the Requiem.”

“Fauré’s Requiem? That was the most beautiful piece we ever did.”

“It sure was.” She finished her beer and stood up. “Well, thanks for the beer, John. Maybe I’ll see you out here again.”

“You have to leave so soon?” He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he did know that he was horny as Elvankent Escort shit and that for a gay man, Sharleen was looking awfully good …

“Not if you fulfill my dream.”

“And that is?”

“I know that you’re gay.” She moved close to him, whispering in his ear. “I want you to fuck my ass.”


“You heard me.” Sharleen opened her purse and placed two items in his hand: a condom and a tiny tube of Astroglide. “Meet me in the men’s bathroom.”

John watched her slide off of the barstool and walk away, his mind swirling with her words. He couldn’t believe what she’d said. A straight girl was willing to give him a taste of her ass all because she liked him. He grabbed his beer and headed toward the rear of the club, pushing through the crowd at the back bar and sliding into the men’s bathroom. He saw her heels under the door and knocked lightly, ignoring the hisses of the other fags. She opened the door quickly and turned her back to him.

He was shaking as he set his beer on the back of the toilet. He wasn’t sure why but this meant a lot to him. He reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt, momentarily stunned at finding her ass naked to his touch. She glanced back at him, gave him a quick smile and bent over the toilet, spreading her legs. John didn’t waste any more time. He opened the Beşevler Escort lube, squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingers and lifting her skirt, rubbed the cold liquid into her cleft. She made a noise at the coldness but said nothing more.

Even though he was going to fuck her ass, John was surprised to find that his cock was as hard as marble. He slipped his pants down, pumping his cock and stepping up behind her. It was so very strange but so very exciting. He didn’t know whether he should touch her or just fuck her. She was a girl and he wasn’t sure what she wanted. She took the question out of his hands when she reached back and grasped his rod, lining it up with her hole.

He pressed in, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth as his flesh breached her tight muscle. He hadn’t felt something as wonderful as this since his first time. So giving, so … A streak of adrenalin tightened his chest and he slid into her again and again, becoming lost in the give-and-take of the motion and not realizing when she stood up and let his roaming hands touch her body. He thrust faster and harder, his mouth open as he gasped for breath and she whimpered with each entry, shivering at the sensation that swept through her body.

When she came, Sharleen screamed and took John with her. His hot seed poured into her anal canal, his cock pumping with each squirt. He held onto her for a moment, lamenting the fact that it was over too soon and his flaccid cock slipped out of her hole, breaking their connection. She turned to him, gently pressing her lips against his and lightly touching his cheek.

“Thank you, John.”

And with those words, she left him alone in the stall, wondering what had happened and wondering if he was truly queer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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