Memory Awakening

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I was just going home from a visit to my mother’s house when I looked across the street and noticed that the Jones house was for sale. I didn’t really know the current owners of the house all that well, but I sure had known the previous owner, Gail Murphy, a divorcée around forty at that time. Seeing that sign brought back the memories of my first sexual encounter as Ms. Murphy showed me what to do with my young. hungry nineteen year old cock.

I grew up spending a lot of time with Gail because I would always go to her house after school since my parents were working till late in the afternoon. In my late teens though I still visited mostly out of habit.

One day, before I had ever had sex with anyone, Gail caught me masturbating. I used to beat my meat on a really regular basis, and for whatever reason. I had been beating it downstairs in her laundry room. You can imagine my shock and embarrassment when I looked up from my hard cock to see Gail watching me. I Starzbet lost my erection immediately. She didn’t seem angry or frustrated but asked me to follow her upstairs as she wanted to talk to me. I hurriedly stuffed my limp cock back in my pants and climbed the stairs. We sat at her kitchen table and she started asking me all sorts of questions about my sex life which at that time was totally restricted to beating off. I didn’t think much about her point of view, although now I suspect that she was horny herself .

I admitted that I had never had any sexual contact with a woman outside of kissing. She then shocked me completely by asking me if I would like to try having sex with a woman. Naturally, I told her that of course I did. That’s when she suggested that we go inside to the bedroom.

She brought me into her room and told me to undress her. I was really blown away by all of this, but my youthful hormones were telling Starzbet Giriş me to go for it and l did. I removed her blouse, and then her bra, revealing her sweet. full, and very soft breasts. Her nipples were not at all hard . She told me to kiss her breasts. I did kiss them and start sucking on them. I pulled back and saw her quite excited as her nipples became hard and full. She proceeded in getting out of her pants and panties while she had me remove my clothing revealing a very stiff young cock. Sitting on the bed she pulled me towards her talking to me about sex and our bodies reaction, all the while softly stroking my genitals with her fingers and fingernails. Before we were three minutes into this “discussion,” l erupted, spilling cum all over the place. She smiled approvingly, kissed me on the lips and commented that now we could get down and have some real fun.

I was totally thrilled to see her naked cunt laying Starzbet Güncel Giriş on the bed, spreading her legs, telling me to look at, touch with my hands and taste with my mouth. I guided my fingers inside her love hole feeling the soft sponge tissue above her opening. Instinctively I lean down and kissed her shaved pussy and soon I was licking and sucking everywhere. She maneuvered my head so that l was licking her clit, telling me to gently suck there. Soon I was treated to my first female orgasm.

Her fingers got hold of my cock which was hard now and pulled me towards her as I climbed on top while she guided me into her hot, wet pussy. It felt like nothing I had ever dreamed of so soft and warm. I began to instinctively hump her, thrusting deeply in each stroke. Since I already came once I was able to last for over five minutes as I got to feel a female orgasm for the second time, this one being centered around my hard dick.

Gail kissed me very lovingly, telling me that anytime I could visit right over, as I usually did, we could have another go at it. We had some more steamy sessions in the next few months until I left for College. Gail moved from that house at the end of the year.

I’ll never forget her, as she made my passage into adulthood very easy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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