Girl with Something Extra Ch. 12

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Hello everyone, this is your humble omniscient narrator again with another tale of the latest stop along the winding road that is Daisy’s life.

If you haven’t read previous chapters; Daisy Elaine Maye was born in a boy’s body and his name was David. He always had feminine softness about him and some of the kids teased him. But he thought they were stupid because he liked boy things, so he ignored them. It wasn’t until he was fourteen, when he began to develop feminine thoughts and features while growing a-cup breasts, that he realized who he was.

He survived high school without incident while still presenting as a boy. When he turned eighteen and went off to college, he began his transition to becoming Daisy.

During the next few years Daisy’s appearance became completely feminized and fine, adding curvy hips, and a bubble butt to his c-cup tits thanks to HRT. Thereafter she lived most of her life in the relative safety of the LGBT community in her pre-op state until she decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a complete woman. She had sex reassignment surgery, and now her dick has been made into her pussy.

With her transition now complete, her only focus is living her best life as the woman she was meant to be. At this point the only obstacle she faces is finding the right place for her.

Keeping an eye on Daisy and Coxswain these last few days has been interesting to me even as jaded as I am. I already knew Daisy could be a dirty girl. Turns out her new beau has a kinky side of his own. This relationship could be going places, but for now here is the conclusion to the story of how Daisy pulled her boyfriend.


Once he’d downed a glass of juice and she handed him a bottle of water for the road, he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and headed out the door.

“Ahem,” went Daisy to get his attention. When he looked back at her she glared at him and raised her eyebrows.

“When can I see you again?” he asked.

“Call or text me anytime, your choice,” she replied. “I’ll let you know what time I’m free.”

That conversation happened as he was leaving Daisy’s after sleeping over. “I want to be more than just another piece of ass to him,” she admitted to herself after he’d left.


When Coxswain called her the next day to say hello, she was relieved. “He called me,” she gushed to herself as he was talking.

He asked her about her day. He also thanked her for being the reason he had a great weekend. He reminded her to water her new garden. He didn’t ask to see her again, but he said he’d see her soon.

After the call ended she was all smiles. “I wish he would have sweet talked me some, but he called so I’m fine with that,” she conceded.

The following day he called her again, but he still didn’t ask to see her. She was a kinda disappointed that he’d stayed away two whole days, considering he lived less than ten minutes away from her.

“I’ll give him one more day to come see me before I’m gonna ask him to drop by and say hi in person,” she decided.

The following day he called to tell her he’d be riding his bicycle past her house later that afternoon and he’d love to stop for a moment.

“For a moment. Hm, I don’t think so, I’m getting more time than that,” she declared to herself after the phone call was over. Then she went into her bedroom to get a bottle of lube that she hid on an end table beside the couch.

Less than an hour later he rode his bicycle into her yard. The instant he looked at her expression he sensed she was all set to bless him out for something. He recalled getting that same look when he was about to leave her on Sunday morning, so he guessed she was cross at him for giving her so more attention the past few days. Thinking fast, he kissed her with his sweaty lips, then asked her to order some takeout from a local restaurant, and have dinner with him in about an hour.

Her bluff had worked. If he hadn’t asked her to spend time with him, she was going to ask him to spend time with her. For some reason she was beginning to like having the upper hand in their budding relationship, so she was glad it didn’t come to that.


He brought wine to have with their meal. When Daisy opened her front door for him, he leaned forward and she rose up on her toes so they could kiss on the lips. “Hello beautiful,” he said.

“Hi yourself,” she responded. She then took the wine he handed her and held two of his fingers in her other hand as she lead him to the dining table. “How’s your week so far?” she asked while looking up and smiling at him.

“It’s been super busy. I brought work home with me Monday and Tuesday night, actually,” he said.

She squeezed is hand sympathetically. “You poor thing. Have a seat,” she said. “I’ll get a corkscrew urfa escort for the wine.”

They ate mostly in silence. Daisy tried not to stare at him. She’d already decided she liked having him around. He looked up a couple of times and caught her eyes on him. “What’s on your mind?” he asked, when he paused from stuffing his face for a moment.

“I’m sorry, but I like looking at you,” she said. “You’re a handsome man Coxswain Barge.” Then she pressed her lips together before continuing, “You know, I was beginning to wonder if I’d made a mistake by letting you spend the night the same day we met, since you didn’t appear to be in a hurry to see me again.”

“No not at all,” he responded quickly. “As a matter of fact I wanted to come back later on Sunday, to be honest. But I didn’t want to look desperate or clingy.”

Daisy’s eyes lit up and she smiled big. “Hm, well it looks like we got our signals crossed. You’re here now, what time do you have to get up in the morning?” she asked.

“7:20,” he responded, hoping she was planning on giving him some pussy.

“Good,” she said, cheerfully. “In that case, would you like to watch some of the baseball game with me before you leave?”

That was what she said, but certainly not all she meant. She’d already discovered that she gets off on making out on a couch since she transitioned. It must have something to do with not having a boyfriend to make-out with when she was in high school, she’d concluded while playing psychoanalyst.

Of course both of them would have been eighteen at the time, the same as every other sexually active high school couple on Literotica.

Anyways, it was to Coxswain’s benefit to accept her offer.

Naturally he didn’t know what was going on in her head, so he raised an eyebrow at her. “Watch baseball?” he thought. But she was looking at him as though she was waiting for a response. Apparently she was serious. “OK, sure I can watch a couple of innings,” he finally responded.

She put away the wine. “One glass full is enough on a work night,” she said. Then she sat in the corner of the couch again, with one leg bent at the knee and her foot underneath her other thigh. After fixing her dress to cover her crotch, she smiled, then patted the seat for him to sit beside her.

She’d already made up her mind that he wasn’t spending the night again so soon, but if he wanted to get some pussy all he’d have to do is be persistent like her imaginary high school fella would have been, then she’d give it up. Otherwise she’d wait until the weekend to take the lead and fuck him.

For the first inning and a half Coxswain watched the game while Daisy talked stats and strategy. “You know a lot about baseball don’t you?” he asked, being serious.

“I told you I’ve always liked boy things,” she reminded him.

“Oh, right you did,” he remembered.

By that point in the game, she’d been sitting there with her legs spread while not wearing panties, long enough for her pheromones to have saturated the atmosphere as she intended. As a result of being exposed to the heady scent of her pussy, Coxswain’s cock was as hard as new math. He wanted so badly to slide his hand up her dress, but he was still lacking in the swag department, and so he didn’t have the balls to do it.

He was wearing loose fitting pants and probably bikini briefs as well figured Daisy, so she wasn’t able to say for sure if she was seeing a dick print between his legs.


It was now the third inning, she’d give him one, maybe two more innings to make a move or she was going to thank him for dinner and wine, then walk him to the door and give him one of the wettest, nastiest kisses he’d ever had before pushing him outside and closing the door behind him.

As luck would have it, her team hit a home run in the bottom of the fourth, and Coxswain leaned into her for a celebratory kiss. His hand had been resting on her knee at the time, so his movement gave him an excuse to slide his hand further up her thigh. After the kiss he left his hand there.

She felt a tingle go up her leg and settle in her clit. She kept right on looking at the ballgame and hoping he’d go further up her leg soon.

Seeing that Daisy didn’t object to the location of his hand he started moving his fingers. Still seeing no resistance he began caressing more and more of her inner thigh, until he was touching her pussy.

By that time her own juices had made her somewhat wet. Feeling the proof of her arousal gave him the courage to lean in for another kiss, and Daisy responded in kind. After they broke the kiss she teased him saying, “I guess you’re bored with the game now Huh?”

“Uh, not necessarily. It’s more like I’m turned on by you,” balıkesir escort he said.

“Hm, good answer,” she said. Then she looked at the time. “It’s not that I’m not enjoying the company, but I’m going to have to go to bed soon. Hope you don’t mind if we continue this later.”

Of course this was all just a ploy, she wanted him to go for what he wanted, and in turn make her feel desired.

With that she turned the TV off, but he didn’t let her get up. In fact he then slid her down the couch and spread her legs. That’s when he saw she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He looked at her face with lust in his eyes. She loved it. He pulled his pants and bikini briefs down just far enough to free his cock then lined it up with her hole.

This was absolutely perfect, just exactly what she’d wanted him to do. “One second baby,” said Daisy, as she took his dick in her hand and smeared it with some of the lube she had stashed on the end table. “Now put it in slowly,” she reminded him.

With her dress pulled up and his pants and underwear pulled down, she fantasized they were eighteen years old, sneaking to get some on the couch while her parents were in their bedroom. She wasn’t really expecting to cum. In her fantasy she was giving her boyfriend some sex to relieve his blue balls, so she said, “Don’t worry about me tonight, get some pussy and bust your nut.”

Given a free pass to be selfish, Coxswain quickly found his rhythm with basic in and out stroking. Even though he was going for his, his mantra is, a skilled cocksman never leaves his partner hanging. Therefore he was determined to work her pussy over and get her off as well. As he poked her, he was amazed how tightly her warm wet pussy gripped his cock, and this time he was sure he was bottoming out. He was starting to think that either his unit was bigger than he’d given himself credit for, or she had a small pussy.

To Daisy’s surprise and delight, it was several minutes later and the head of Coxswain’s perfectly shaped cock was still massaging her g-spot with every stroke. Now he’d fucked her longer than a quickie, and she could feel her pleasure growing with each thrust by him.

Soon Coxswain sensed that familiar urgency to fuck hard, fast, and deep, and his body answered the call.

When Daisy felt his manhood twitch, signaling his impending ejaculation, she clutched his shoulders tightly and drove her pelvis against his as they reached their peaks together. “Oh baby, your dick is so perfect for me,” she cooed as they laid there panting.

After she completed her fantasy, she cleaned both of them and then ushered him to the door, where she gave him the wettest, nastiest kiss she could. “See you soon, lover,” she said.

Later they exchanged good night texts before they went to sleep.


They touched base with each other several times a day the rest of the week. With neither of them overdoing it, while also maintaining enough contact to show that they were in one another’s thoughts. They figured out that they were a good matched couple and looked forward to spending more time together.


Saturday morning; “It’s the weekend baby,” blared the weekend DJ on the oldies radio station Daisy was listening to. She was trying to decide the types of outfits to take with her. Finally she decided to throw both dress and casual clothes into the trunk of her car. She was going to Coxswain’s to hangout most of the day before going out on their first official date. “Throw some clothes in an overnight bag and come stay with me,” Coxswain had said to her.

Daisy arrived at his dressed in a man’s starched white shirt with her shirttail untucked. She wore hip hugging blue jeans that showed off her butt, and a pair of red low top tennis shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a low bun style.

She looked like the prettiest tomboy Coxswain had ever seen, or so he said.

He lived in a rental. The house was neat and clean just like he was. “My style is, less is more when it comes to furniture,” he said. “I’ve got the essentials,” pointing at his fifty five inch high definition flat-screen TV.

“Men,” Daisy sighed. “They’re boys with bigger toys.”

After they’d finished the brief tour of his digs, Daisy smiled expectantly before asking for details of the big day he’d planned for her. “I thought we’d start with a catch. I’ve got a couple of gloves and a baseball,” he said happy to have caught her by surprise.

She responded with a squeal of joy. “I’ll be ready as soon as I change shirts,” she said.

For the next couple of hours the tossed a baseball, threw a football, and played horse on a neighbor’s basketball hoop. When they took a break to drink a glass of lemonade Daisy asked, trabzon escort “So how did you come up with this idea for our date.”

After downing his second glass in one gulf, Coxswain replied saying, “This isn’t our date. We’re just doing boy things at the moment. Our date will be at the soccer game later today.

“By the way, you have a great fastball.”


Once they stored the gear they had just enough time to shower and get dressed but Daisy was on such a high she had to share her joy. “Make room in there,” she said to Coxswain, as she stepped into the shower with him. “We can save about five minutes if we shower together, and the best part is I get to suck your cock for a minute or two.” Then she kneeled in front of him and sucked him long enough to get him good and hard. “I want him to stay like this throughout the game. I’ll be checking,” she said giggling.

“Stop messing around, we’ve got a train to catch,” Coxswain told her.”

“Oh, how cool. That means I get to play with it while we’re on the train,” she said while giggling.

A few minutes later they were getting dressed. Daisy was about to pull a white polo shirt over her head when he tossed something to her. “Here, put this on instead,” he said.

When she held it up she saw the soccer team’s alternate jersey with Maye stenciled on the back.

“Oh my god,” squealed Daisy, as she gave Coxswain a big hug and a sloppy kiss before saying, “Thank you baby. You’re so getting laid tonight. I might even give you something special.” Then she turned around partially and patted her bottom where her pucker lies.


A few hours later; as often happens after the greatest day ever, both people fall asleep before they get to do the adults only stuff, due to being exhausted from all the fun they had.


Sunday morning after their nature calls Daisy was lying in Coxswain’s arms. “Coxswain you’ve been so good to me and you don’t even know me really. I’m happy about it, but I’m also kinda scared. I don’t want to get used to it and then have it stop. Know what I mean?” She said while trying not to get emotional. “These damned hormones,” she thought.

“Well, seeing that you took a chance on me even though you knew I’m the classic axe murderer type, I figured your past couldn’t be any worse than that,” he joked.

“Hm, I’m trying to pour my heart out to you and you’re cracking a joke. Whatever. You’ll deserve what you get when we’re together somewhere and someone tells you what a skank I used to be.”

“You’ll be my skank,” he said before kissing her forehead. “Everyone has a history; it’s what makes them who they are. If you’d never been a skank you might not have ended up with me, and I’d hate that more than I hate that you used to be a skank.”

“Now how about that special treat you promised me.”

“Give me about fifteen minutes,” she responded, jumping out of bed, grabbing her toiletry bag and heading to the bathroom to clean her backdoor.


When she returned to bed both of her holes were lubed and ready for entry. Once again Coxswain couldn’t believe his luck. So far Daisy had checked all the boxes for him; she had brains, beauty, a great sense of humor, loved sports, had a bit of a dominant side, and now she was happily giving him her ass.

Daisy kissed him deeply before she turned onto her side in the spooning position, then took his hard cock in her hand and guided it to her backdoor. “Go ahead and put it in me baby,” she cooed. His dick slid into her rosebud easier than it had gone into her pussy a couple days ago. Daisy then spoke in a sensual tone and said, “Mmm, that’s another reason I love your dick, it feels so good in my asshole.

In truth she can take a monster cock in her pooper, but that’s for her and your humble omniscient narrator to know.

After he’d stroked into her asshole a few times he asked a question about her past for the first time. “Mmm, so Uh, you really like it in the ass Huh sugar?” he whispered into her ear.

“Oh yes lover,” she moaned through her pleasure. “It’s my favorite. Please feel free to put your dick in there anytime you want.”

“Fuck yeah, dahlin,” he said breathlessly. She couldn’t see the look on his face, but she could hear in his voice how turned on he was, so she said to him what he seemed to want to hear.

“Get my ass, you can fuck me in the ass all you want to,” she verbally fucked him. “Oh god, fuck my ass.”

His breathing had started to become erratic and he’d tightened his embrace of her. “Damn hunni, I can’t believe I found someone who loves anal as much as I do. Can you take a really hard fucking back there?” he asked, sounding like he was barely holding back.

“Hell yes sweetie,” said Daisy loudly. “Fuck me hard.”

As soon as she said those words, Coxswain unleashed about a half minute of brutal pounding of her pucker, resulting in mind-blowing orgasms for both of them.

“Does this mean that you’re my girlfriend now?” asked Coxswain, as he laid there still holding her.

“If you want me,” she responded, happier than she’d ever been.

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