Charlie and the Factory Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Let me tell y’all a story about a woman I used to know. I walked through the Factory in a cold night in January. When I walked through, all my olfactories felt a tingle.

I looked around at the people for a symbol. This was no Willy Wonka chocolate. Past athletes from my childhood, married men committing infidelity, Singles… This was a whole different kind of thing for your sweet tooth.

Nonetheless, I still walked through the Factory with thoughts that can fill a diary. What was I doing here? I know I always wanted to do this. But I guess no matter how much rap music you listen to, glamour and stripping don’t mix. I looked up on the stage. I saw a familiar attractive face. They named her “Charlie.” But I knew her at a different place…

At a different phase, she had a different name. It’s like her identity got replaced As I stared at her chocolate round ass with a haze. She dropped down low sexily on stage. She looked back for a second. Our eyes met, recognizing me. Her friendly eyes were exactly the same was I remembered. I never would’ve thought she would be a stripper. Even though the signs were already there. I just didn’t see it.

We met in our sophomore year in high school. We would eventually have a number of classes together in the years I would know her. She was what I would call a “hood chick.” Or what others would call a “bad girl” mentality. She would not be appealing to me right off the bat, but over time she would. She wasn’t ugly by any means, but her looks and curves didn’t pop out to me until later on. Her sex appeal was off the charts. She happened to be a dancer in high school. One example of her mentality was in junior year Spanish class, I noticed she was wearing a low-cut top, showing her cleavage very generously. I pulled one of the oldest tricks in adana escort the book. I dropped my pen behind her so I could take a peek at those big, beautiful breasts. Another time, she lifted her skirt in front of the whole history class, showing her purple panties. Senior year, she twerked on me twice on two occasions. She claims she was just playing around, but… I had a feeling about her. Her real name almost crept from my lips as I watched. The sheer look on her face turned me on. Don’t worry, I was a generous tipper.

I wanted to say her real name so bad. But after I reminisced on our past, on her big breasts and tight ass… I couldn’t stop thinking. Did I want to fuck her? Then, yes. Now…I knew best not to. But she knew best. She kept working that pole. She had a new mindset about her now. Her face seduces, but her body and brain says business. As my partial erection dissipated as I sat down, she got closer to me. Her bare breasts glistened. Her skin was sweaty in the lights. She smiled at me and said:

“You like that, baby?”

I nodded.

“You want a dance?”

I nodded. She led me by the arm into another part of the club. My erection was getting bigger. But as soon as she closed the door, she said demandingly:

“Shawn, how’d you know I worked here?”

“Daisy…” I said, rationally. Daisy was her real name. “The thing is… I didn’t know. I heard some shit. And I wanted to see if it was true.”

“Some hoes? It wasn’t exactly a secret that I stripped.” Daisy said.

“I’ve never been to a strip club before. And I see you? I kind of want my first lap dance from you.” I said.

“I can take care of that thing too. It’ll cost extra.” She said.

“Psh. You think I came unprepared? I got you.” I eskişehir escort said, smiling.

“Look at Big Baller here… you want to be my Sugar Daddy?” She said, starting her dance.

At that moment in time, she was the sexiest thing ever. My erection was throbbing during her dance. Every time her ass cheeks shook, I wanted to reach out and spank them. I wanted to cup those big beautiful breasts of hers. Every time her pussy lips showed, I wanted to taste those pouty lips of hers. After the time was over…

“Meet me in the parking lot.” I said, still hard.

At that moment in time, I couldn’t stop thinking of her. She was so sexy. She was so beautiful. Did I want to fuck her? Yes. But at what price?

At the parking lot, she felt my throbbing erection as we went to her car which I recognized before.

“Same car, huh?” I said with a grin.

“Same car.”

She was in her underwear while I climbed in. I promptly dropped my pants and took off my shirt, showing my erect penis. She started suckling on it slowly but seductively, highlighting her plump lips.

“Oh, shit. Damn, you’re good.” I said, while she was taking me higher. She giggled.

“I better be. You packing, ain’t you?” She tickled my balls, which made me moan a bit. “Ooh. You like that?”

“Yeah, suck it. Yeahhh…” I said to her while caressing her tight ass. She lowered her underwear to show her tight ass. She kept sucking, her saliva all over my penis. She then went downwards onto my balls, kissing them, then going back up to jerk me off. She took off her bra to show her big breasts.

“You want to come on my tits?” She twisted, then licked her nipple which turned me on even more. I grabbed her tits as she bent over and sucked sakarya escort some more. I played with her nipples.

“Mmm.” She moaned with my dick in her mouth. “You’re making me wet…”

I fondled her wet treasure. She moaned.

“Ah. Mmmm…”

“Come here,” I said. I put my fingers soaked with her juices in her mouth. She subsequently climbed on top of me and whispered…

“Fuck me.”

As I entered her wet treasure, I penetrated her with all the lust and force I had in my being. She moaned.


I felt her breathing hard on my chest. As I penetrated her, each time with increasing force, I felt her breasts bounce on my body. I cupped them as she rode on my throbbing erection. That moment was coming. I could feel it. I looked at her in the night. Her breasts hopped in syncopation with my hands. She bit her lip as she rode.

“Ah! Ah! Oh, shit! Oh, daddy! Oh, daddy!”

“I’m coming! I’m coming.”

Seamlessly, she went down to jerk me off.

“Oh. Oh, God! Ohhhhhh!” My seed shot all over her beautiful chest.

After five minutes of getting ourselves together…

“So, this might be the wrong time to ask this, but… how often do you fuck your ‘clientele’?” I said.

“Not very often. They generally want blowjobs after my dances. Was I your first… because you know I can still smell your kids, right?” Daisy said, jokingly.

“First woman? No. How did they come up with ‘Charlie?'” I said.

“Some strip names are given. Mine was Charlie. Look, I know you probably think strippers are sluts. They’re only good for some eye candy. Which is somewhat true. Trust me. Me, however, I do this for my son. I’m not doing this shit forever.” Daisy said.

“I thought you had that look. That hustle mentality. I like that. What do I owe you?”

She said my total services rendered in my ear.

“Since you made me come… consider it a discount.” She said, with a gleam in her eye. I paid her. She prepared to get out of the car.

“So, when will I see you again?”

“You know where I am, daddy. Ask for Charlie.” She said. So I did.

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