Big Trouble on International Boulevard

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I had a serious problem. I wasn’t getting laid and my addiction to online porn was not only starting to take over my life, it was also triggering the hell out of me, causing endless sexual frustration, and a rising sense of desperation to find someone, hell anyone, to have sex with.

Now I’m no prize catch. I’ve always been awkward and tongue tied around women since the onset of puberty. I desperately wanted to have sex when I was a teen, but had no idea how to convince a girl to take me into her bed. I’m not bad looking, but not in great physical condition. My social skills still basically suck at the age of 43. I have a decent job, make a decent salary, live in a decent apartment. Bleah!

My ex divorced me ten years ago. She said I lacked ambition and had inadequate earning potential. Well she certainly had an abundance of spending potential, so that was good riddance. It took me three years to pay off the fucking credit cards she’d maxed out. Why did I put up with it? Well, sex I guess. She let me eat her out several times a week, but the last couple of years of the marriage we didn’t have intercourse. OK, she had intercourse, but with other guys. Sometimes she’d come home drunk from one of her trysts, climb onto my face in bed and demand that I perform oral sex for her. I’d put my tongue inside her and get a mouthful of some other man’s jizz. Pretty demeaning stuff. Then she’d ride my mouth to a couple of intense orgasms and fall dead asleep afterward, while I lay beside her, horny, humiliated and frustrated. Somehow I couldn’t let her go or do anything about it, so I just kept playing the role of cuckolded sugar daddy in exchange for pussy eating privileges. She finally found what she called “a real man”, and filed for divorce to marry him.

I am pretty sure that I’ve been sexually submissive my entire life. I put up with my emasculating ex for 8 years, and probably would have continued our degrading relationship if she hadn’t decided to cut me loose. Most ordinary citizens would call me a classic loser, just another beta male going nowhere in life.

My latest porn fetish had been black women sexually dominating white males. I found a few sites on the web that specialized in what was often referred to as “Superior Black Females”. The photos and movies were all of black women, of all body types, hairstyles and degrees of beauty forcing white men to eat their pussies or worship their assholes. I many the men were collared and leashed. Quite a few had their butts whipped but good. Almost all of the women were bossy, harsh and demanding, referring to the men as boys, honkeys, pussy slaves, dogs, etc. The men were all submissive, begging for tongue privileges or for punishment. It did not take long before I was desperate to try this particular kink out with a real woman, even a prostitute.

So I decided to take a drive out to International Boulevard in Oakland. Part of the boulevard is notorious for its street hookers. It’s also notorious for undercover cops posing as whores in order to arrest johns. I was going to have to be circumspect and take precautions. IB is not the safest place in the East Bay for a middle aged white man alone at night.

After cruising up and down the boulevard a couple of times in the red light district, I settled on a woman hanging out with another lady. She was not the best looking woman on the street, being overweight with heavily negroid features. In fact, her partner looked a lot sexier, but I figured the cops were unlikely to send two together and the ones they sent out were probably good lookers.

I pulled over to the curb and rolled down my passenger side window. The ladies came over and said: “What’s happenin’ sugar?” I mumbled that I was looking for companionship. The good looking one said, “You want one of us or are you looking for a package deal?” I allowed that one was enough. The looker’s friend looks crestfallen.

Then I said, “I think I’d prefer to do business with your friend.” The looker gave me a stunned look, turned on her heel and walked away. I asked the fat lady if she’d like to get in the car.

“You got a thing for big beautiful black women, baby?” I said that I wasn’t sure, but I’d like to find out. She said, “$100 per hour. You pay for the room.” I said fine. She got in. I started to drive and after a few blocks she started getting nervous. “Where are you taking me?”

“There’s a motel on Hegenberger near the freeway that’s inexpensive but not a dive. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back when we’re done.”

The motel is definitely a class C establishment, run by Chinese, but I expected the rooms would be clean and the price would be under $100/night. I could afford that. I checked in, told the desk clerk one person, one king sized bed, my luggage was in the trunk of my car. I paid, got back in the car and drove around back to near the room. We went inside.

“What’s your name honey?”

“Jamella, what ‘s yours?”


“Sure it is.”

I smiled and latched the yalova escort security lock and put the chain on the door. “Please don’t be alarmed, I just want to be certain that we are not disturbed. I like to protect myself.” I pulled a $100 bill from the ATM out of my wallet and laid it on the table. “Shall we get undressed?”

Jamella looked at me suspiciously. “You ain’t gonna get all in my face and beat on me are you?”

“No Jamella, I’m not at all like that, I said as I started to remove my shirt. What I’d like is to go down on you. I’d kind of like you to force feed me your pussy and make me worship that awesome big ass of yours.”

“Your shittin’ me,” she spluttered. “You mean you ain’t gonna fuck me?”

“No Jamella, I’m not really interested in intercourse. I’d like you to take charge and make me satisfy you with my mouth. You can order me to do whatever and use me however you wish. I mostly want to get you off.”

“Bullshit!” She hadn’t removed a stitch yet.

By now I was naked. I got down on my knees and crawled over to her and looked up at her face. “Use me like you would a dildo or vibrator. Make me service you. Tell me to do nasty things for you. You call the shots. All I want is the chance to have my tongue inside both of your holes.”

Jamella looked like she’d been hit by lightning. “Man I guess I’ve heard it all now. I got me a good-looking white boy on his knees begging me to feed him pussy. Hot damn!” She noticed that I had spread my knees apart, exposing my male organs.

“Put your dick on the floor boy, I want to step on it.”

I lowered myself and she kicked off her heels and moved forward, placing a bare foot on my penis. Then she bore down, transferring as much weight to my cock as possible before she began to grind it into the carpet. I yelped in pain as the carpet abraded the bottom surface of my penis.

“Did that hurt boy? I always wanted to do that to a guy. If you are a good boy, maybe I’ll stand on your dick with my heels.”

Jamella quickly removed her clothing. She had a big fat round belly below two huge pendulous breasts tipped with enormous chocolate brown aureoles. Her bush was thick and spread out impressively to each side of her mons, which was buried under a tangle of curly black of hair. Two enormous buttocks protruded prominently from her backside, and her thighs were thick with fat and muscle.

“Get on the bed white boy, face up. I’m gonna use your face as my seat.”

I quickly climbed onto the bed and lay down. Jamella fooled around in her purse for something and climbed onto the bed, her huge ass hovering over my face. “Pull my butt cheeks apart boy. You see my asshole?”

“Yes Maam.”

She lowered herself. “Start kissing boy. I’ll let you know when I want you to use that tongue.” As I kissed her large crinkled brown anus, I felt something slip under my scrotum and come back up on both sides, crossing over the top of the base of my penis. Meanwhile, her weight was crushing my head into the bed and her gigantic fat buttocks had closed over my face shutting off my access to air. She wiggled her butt slightly to settle in and snapped, “Now, get that pink tongue of yours up my asshole. You are going to tongue out my butt but good.”

My response was unintelligible. Then she made some sort of motion with her arms and I felt something tighten around my manhood, virtually cutting into the flesh. I tried to gasp in shock and a bit of pain.

“I bet you are wondering what that is around your cock and balls boy. It’s a garrotte. You said you wanted to protect yourself, well a girls gotta look out for her self as well. If you try fuckin’ with me, I’ll take your cock and balls right off with this wire.” With that she pulled hard on both handles and I felt the wire bite into my skin, crushing the tissue immediately under the wire as Jamella pulled ruthlessly on the handles.

Now I cried out in real pain and fright. Jameella lifted her ass and said, “What was that boy? You got somethin’ to say?”

“Please Jamella, you are strangling my male organs. It hurts. Please stop.”

She slacked off not one bit. “Boy, I have you exactly where I want you. You try to escape, I’ll slice your junk off. You don’t do exactly what I say, I’ll slice your junk off. You don’t give me the best tongue job of my life, I’ll slice your junk off. You don’t eat out my ass the way I tell you…I don’t think I need to repeat myself! Oh, and you’ll pay me another $200 for tonight. You got all that?”

“Yes Jamella. I’ll do whatever you say, please don’t emasculate me.”

“Hmmph. I think you already been emasculated. You don’t want to fuck and now you’re going to eat out my ass. However, you keep talking sweet to me like that, and do everything I tell you, maybe I’ll loosen my grip a little.”

“I will. I promise. I’ll worship you like a goddess.”

“All right then.” She sat back down smothering me under a mountain of fat. “Get that edirne escort tongue back on my ass. Work it boy.” I lapped at her anus hard for a few seconds, then began to try to insinuate my tongue inside her. “Oh yeah, baby! Twirl that nasty tongue around mamma’s hole.” Within a minute I felt Jamella tense, and her anus puckered noticeably. I began to work my tongue into the slight crevasse created, tonguing the edges in an effort to stimulate her further.

“Damn! You know somethin’ about eating out ass. Keep working that tongue, boy. I want more encouragement! After a few more minutes, her anal opening dilated, allowing me to fully insert my tongue into her rectum. I ran it around the inside of her sensitive sphincter, worshipping her, urging her to open so that I could have further access. “God damn boy! You nasty little bitch! If you keep this up, you’re going to get a mouthful of my shit. Unngh! Ooh! Work that tongue! Suck from mama’s big black ass.”

With a grunt, Jamella’s anus opened fully and she extruded a massive turd into my mouth. I felt her shit slide down the length of my tongue and lodge in the back of my throat. She raised herself by leaning forward, aware that my mouth was overfilling and she would have to provide clearance. She crawled off the bed, but kept a tight grip on the garrotte, keeping my male organs at her mercy. Her turd projected at least six inches out of my mouth, which was literally packed with her shit. Then gravity happened and the portion projecting past my lips bent and broke off, landing on my chin and neck. “Pick that up,” she ordered. I did so and Jamella removed the wire wrapped around my manhood.

“Get your ass into the bathroom, boy.”

I did and she followed me in, instructing me to drop the free turd into the commode. Then she wrapped the garrotte back around my organs and pulled the wires tight again. For some reason, I never tried to stop her. “I wanna watch you try to eat my shit, eunuch boy. Chew and swallow as best you can. Do it or I’m going to work you over with this here wire.” I felt totally degraded, humiliated and helpless. An Oakland street hooker had me at her mercy and was demanding that I eat her shit or else.

“Do it boy!” She tightened the wire. I began to chew. Her shit was pretty nasty, but the threat of the garotte helped me overcome my initial revulsion to this act. My saliva, softened her turds and I was able to choke some down, then a little more before my stomach began to rebel. As I forced down a third swallow of her feces, a wave of nausea hit me like a tsunami and I lurched forward, retching into the commode. Unfortunately, my mouth was still mostly packed with her shit, blocking my oral cavity from esophagus to lips. Jamella pulled the wire free, and I fell to my knees desperately trying to force her turds from my mouth with my tongue. I got quite a bit out when Jamella delivered a vicious cut to my bare ass with my own belt. “Stop that shit, boy. You were told to eat it, not spit it out.” I gave a strangled cry of shock and pain and managed another swallow, followed by another. Tears flooded from my eyes at this ordeal. Jesus! I wanted to submit to a street whore and she was taking full advantage, kicking me into the gutter and rubbing my face in it. I looked up at her with pleading eyes. She grinned and said, “How about swallowing another bite of my poop, boy?” I gulped and choked down another lump. Then my stomach turned over and I had to vomit repeatedly into the commode. It was a horrible, draining experience. When my stomach was completely emptied into the commode, I collapsed forward onto the seat, supporting my self, completely exhausted from the ordeal.

“Wash your toilet mouth out in the sink, boy. I ain’t done with you just yet.” I staggered to my feet and with cupped hands managed to rinse most of her remaining waste out of my degraded mouth. “On your knees boy. I’m going to hose your mouth out with piss now. You’ll be finishing your rinse with that and swallowing all of it.”

Unable to resist her, I knelt and tilted my head back, mouth open. “Seems like you know exactly how to do this boy.” She moved forward. “Clamp those pretty lips around my cunt. I’m going to piss down your throat.” She sprayed out a strong, thick stream of acrid piss, pausing every now and then to order me to swallow. Several times she told me to rinse, gargle and swallow. By the time the last short spurts of her urine had taken up residence in my belly, I must have drunk a quart of her pee.

“Never had a piss slave before. I think I’ll keep you boy. You think you can keep that down?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well said, boy. Now get your skinny ass back to the bedroom. Kneel on the bed. Head down, ass up. Spread those legs. Show me your danglies.”

Jamella took the garotte and wrapped it around my maleness again, putting it extremely tight and then twisting the wire together to hold it in place on its own. I could feel the wire cutting into erzurum escort my cock and scrotum, semi-strangling my man parts.

“You stay right there in that position. I’m gonna whale on your sorry ass for vomiting out my turds. Are you ready boy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Beg me to beat you boy. Beg for a whipping.”

“Please beat me with that belt Mistress. I should not have vomited up the turds you fed me. I was disrespectful. Please punish me as I deserve.”

Jamella proceded to give me the most severe whipping I had ever had. Professional dominatrixes had nothing on her. Soon I was screaming in pain, pleading with her to be merciful, but she kept tearing into my ass with the belt. There must have been well over fifty strokes, and when she had finished, my ass burned like it had been branded and I was sobbing like a child.

Jamella ran her hand gently and possessively over my bottom as I sobbed pathetically. “Your ass belongs to me now boy, same as your balls. Now lie on the bed face up, I’m going to fuck your tongue. Damn this is hot!”

I moved quickly into position. My ass burned and my stomach felt queasy, but I could not help but tremble with anticipation that this powerful Black woman was going to use my mouth as her personal sex toy. She lowered herself again and soon my tongue was inside her, busy satisfying her needs. Jamella was very verbal, calling me her pussy slave and telling me where to put my tongue and how to move it. I delighted in her control and the overpowering smell of a woman in heat as she moved in time with my tongue. In a matter of minutes she came hard, and a flood of ejaculate was ejected into my waiting mouth.

“Shit that was something else! You like the taste of my pussy boy? I’m going to feed you pussy juice all night until you suck me dry. Do it. Make me cum like that again!” I went back to my ministrations, my eager and submissive tongue probing and teasing Jamella up the mountain to her peak. Then she came with another shattering orgasm, spraying more of her delicious juices into my mouth. “Oh fuck!” she gasped as she bruised my mouth with her pussy. Reaching down she gripped my head and proceeded to grind her cunt into my face, moving my head so that she could literally mop my entire face with her sopping wet cunt. “I will have you as my tongue slave boy. God damn you nasty boy!” Make me cum again with that devil’s tongue of yours!”

Once again she guided my tongue on a verbally directed tour of her vagina. She was generating enormous lubrication, which I savored and swallowed greedily. Soon she was bucking again and as she climaxed, more ejaculate sprayed into my grateful mouth. When the last little spurt of cum had been ejected from her pee hole, she moaned and literally fell off me onto the bed, rolling onto her back.

I rolled over and began to cover her matted pussy thatch with kisses. “Thank you Mistress, that was the most intense sexual experience I’ve had in years! Oh my god, thank you for allowing me to service you orally.”

She pulled me up further and rested my cheek on one of her baggy breasts. She kissed the top of my head. “You give one hell of a blow job boy. I’m gonna make you my personal pussy slave. Would you like that?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“I want to own you boy. I want to collar you and put you on a leash. I’m going to cage that little cock of yours and lock it up. A woman needs to guard her possessions. I’m going to have you worship my pussy and ass for the rest of your life boy. I want you as my slave.”

“I want to be your slave Mistress.”

She pushed me over onto my back and climbed onto my face. Then she took the handles of the garotte in her hands. “Start worshipping my asshole slave. Your first duty is to convince me you are not lying about your sincerity.” She pulled the wire tight around my organs and I groaned in pain as the wire dug into my sensitive flesh. “Now boy, kiss and lick my asshole while you profess your obedience and submission to me. Tell me that I own you now, that your mouth belongs exclusively to me. Tell me that you will never refuse to eat my pussy or suck from my ass ever.”

“Oh Mistress, I promise to always obey you and to submit completely to your control. I truly belong to you. I promise to never put my lips or tongue on another woman without your express permission. I solemnly vow to serve unquestioningly as your pussy and ass slave. You own me.”

“Keep kissing and licking my asshole.”

“Now tell me that your cock and balls are mine. Agree to have your cock locked up. Agree that should I wish, I may punish you by beating your balls.” As she said this, Jamella tighted the wire noose around my genitalia, causing me to wince in pain and fear. I began to sob softly.

“Mistress Jamella, my genitals belong to you. It is your prerogative to lock my penis in a chastity cage and free it only when and if you choose to do so. As for my testicles, I assume that you do not wish to have my children, therefore you may use or abuse them as you see fit. I promise to spread my legs wide for you whenever you wish to punish them.”

“Now, and this is a very important solemn vow slave. Beg me to tighten the garrotte further. Promise that you will submit to having your male organs sliced off if it amuses me to do so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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