Miranda’s Memories Ch. 02

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Miranda had gone on her trip for 2 months to Brazil, visiting all kinds of sites around the country. She text me a bunch of photos everyday but admittedly the only ones that interested me were the photos she took while she was in bed. She would be with someone most of the time but sometimes it was just her. She would send me photos of different men inside her, maybe multiple depending on the day. There were even photos of her licking women and fingering them. She once sent a video of her making out with a lady, blonde and very pretty with some nice perky tits that Miranda couldn’t seem to keep her hands off. The video stopped right before Miranda was about to go down on the blonde. My favorite photo by far though was one she sent with a dildo in her pussy and a cock in her ass, captioned, “Thinking about you and my favorite day! ;)”

Finally though, she returned to the good ol’ USA, and better yet, back to me. Since she left I got a car and an apartment. I told her she could stay with me as a roommate while we go to college, so I picked her up at the airport and brought her to her parent’s house to pick up the last of her belongings. We went back to the apartment and on the ride back we had a conversation about how her trip went and all the new things she learned. Once I parked I looked at Miranda and realized she hadn’t changed too much except her complexion was a little darker, presumably from the sun in Brazil. We brought all the boxes and suitcases into her room and she began to unpack. I helped and we continued to talk about what we’ve been up to, more specifically my time while she was away. I talked about my new job and the classes I’ll be taking this upcoming semester.

“So, not that you taking applied statistics isn’t fascinating, but how has your sex life been?” she quizzed me. “I mean after all you almost know all about mine!”

“I’ll be honest, it’s been a little slow,” I responded. “However, there is a girl I’ve met within the recent month and she seems to really enjoy what I bring to the table.”

“Oh,” Miranda looked almost sad. “Is it a serious relationship?”

“Nope, in fact she is polyamorous so I am free to see whoever I please and so is she.”

Miranda seemed to perk up at that response. We finished unpacking the rest of her belongings and she decided to take a quick shower before dinner. I sat to watch some TV but ended up with my phone in hand looking through some of the photos she had sent me. After a few minutes of browsing I heard a voice from behind me.

“Looking at some of your souvenirs?” I jumped up and spun around to see Miranda’s face.

“Holy shit, you scared the fu-” I stopped because I realized Miranda was not wearing any clothes, save the flower lace turquoise thong. Her increased tan extended everywhere on her body including tits, her pink nipples contrasting even more brilliantly against her skin. Her brunette hair fell in large waves around her shoulders, still a little damp from the recent shower. Her blue eyes looked magnificent, large and pleading, almost like she was begging for something. Her stomach had become even tighter, really driving the hourglass figure she had even before, and her legs looked a bit more firm. She must have done a lot of walking in Brazil. My eyes couldn’t focus on just one thing they were darting everywhere on her body.

“What’s the matter Leo?” she giggled. “You look as if you’ve not seen me naked yet. Clearly you have been getting the photos I sent you. I bet you love üsküdar escort looking at them. I just wonder, did you stroke yourself to my photos, hm?”

“I think you know that answer,” I managed to gasp out. She smirked and walked around the couch to me and pushed me back down. She straddled me, sat on my lap and brushed against my quickly growing cock.

“Well well what do we have here?” She traced the outline using her index finger before she caressed it in her palm. She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, “I’ve been fucking people every night while I was away. Looks like this will be the cock that satisfies me most nights now. Of course, there will be breaks for me and you won’t get to be the only one with the privilege of playing with me.”

I looked back in shock. I expected us to hook up every once in awhile and I definitely expected her to bring others in the apartment to fuck, but I didn’t expect to be a permanent fuck buddy. I wasn’t going to argue, though, especially with her pulling my zipper. She pulled my button apart and pulled the front of my boxers down just enough for my tip to peak out for her. She fell to the floor on her knees and pulled my pants off completely. I removed my shirt as she started slowly stroking my shaft with her hand. I sighed slightly and she licked the underside of me with a gentle touch of her tongue before her tongue was turned to my balls, as she slowly took one of them into her mouth, all the while her blue eyes staring into mine.

She swirled the ball in her mouth, flicking it with her tongue every now and again, before she repeated the process with the next one. Her hand still pumped slowly along my cock, but when she was done she licked her way to the top again, using more of her tongue this time, and took my tip into her mouth. Out of nowhere, she slammed most of me into her mouth, and I felt the back of her throat hitting my tip. I moaned loudly, as she slowly moved her mouth back up, which left her saliva covering my cock. She worked the top of my dick with her mouth, swirling her tongue around my tip and sucking using her plump lips. Her hand worked its way up and down the base of my shaft, using the saliva as lube. Her hand fell to my balls and fondled them squeezing slightly. I felt like I could cum right then and there, but I held out for just another minute before she stopped herself.

She climbed onto me again, and planted a kiss on my lips. I looked at her and asked, “What’s next? Should I go down on you?” She simply shook her head and pushed aside the crotch of her panties, revealing the dark lips that dripped with juices. She looked at me almost pleadingly before she positioned herself above my cock.

“Well, I sure as hell won’t stop you,” I replied. She slowly started to lower herself onto me, her eyes rolling and her mouth agape, releasing a sigh once I completely filled her entire pussy. Her walls were soaked, waiting for me, and she slowly gyrated her hips as she lowered herself, massaging my cock with every inch of her pussy lowering onto me. She sat there panting for just a minute before she leaned to my ear again.

“While I was away I learned many things, including that I love cock. Everything about them. I love to fuck them, suck them, and watch them cum most of all. Sucking a cock gets me all hot and bothered. Do you know how many cocks I sucked in the stalls of bars and had to go home, only to fuck myself with my yenibosna escort vibrator until I came three or four times to the thought of me doing it again? All I want after I suck you off is you inside me as quickly as possible. The other thing I learned is I love cum. I am crazy for it. The texture, the smell, and the taste of it makes me even more wet. When you are about to cum let me know.” With that being said, she moved her hips up before slamming back down on me releasing another moan. Her pussy started to tighten as she repeated the motion a couple times, and then she screamed a moan before she relaxed for a moment.

“Did you already cum?” I asked her.

“I told you,” she responded, “I love cocks.” She continued her motion and my focus shifted to her bouncing tits. There were no tan lines, leaving me to assume she had a lot of outdoor sex to keep the tan even. Her nipples stuck out of her perky breasts and I took one in one hand while my mouth moved toward the other one. My mouth latched to the bud, and my tongue flicked around it. I bit down softly and tugged at it gently, receiving a moan of appreciation amongst the already growing volume of grunts and whimpers. My mouth hopped from one to the other for a couple minutes, squeezing and pinching the other with my hand. The other free hand I had wandered around her back for awhile until I brought it to her stomach and slowly dragged it down to her pussy. I felt through the fold until I found it, her clit. I slowly applied pressure to it, being rewarded with even louder high pitched moans as she bucked her hips in a wild manner. The pleasure seemed to have gotten to her finally, as every stroke wasn’t calculated but instead crazy and intense.

She fell onto me after she came for the fifth time, I believe. I picked her up and placed her on the couch. I took hold of her thong and ripped it off of her. Now she had me craving her pussy. I knelt down to her level, parted her legs, and slammed myself into her. She whimpered again and I felt her body convulse. I pulled her legs up so her feet rested on the seat and her knees were bent. This allowed me to penetrate her even farther, causing her moans to become louder once again. At this point she was practically screaming in ecstasy. Using her knees as handles I pumped myself in as hard as I could before slowly leaving, and I watched as her pussy lips latched to my dick, as if they were begging me to stay. Her juices were all over my lap and I noticed a drop falling from my balls. For some reason this was the tipping point for me.

“Miranda, I’m gonna cum,” I had to shout over her moans. She pulled away from me instantly and pulled me to a standing position. She started jerking me off, using her juices as lube. She fell to her knees and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

“Oh, baby, cum please!” she shouted. “I want it, give me your cum!” I released my cum, white streaks flew across her face, on her tits, and into her mouth. Her mouth latched to my cock, sucking up the rest of the cum and I felt her swallow it. When I was done, she cleaned my cock, with her tongue, of the rest of the cum as well as her juices. She then took the cum off her face with her finger, sucking it to get the cum in her mouth. She lifted her tits to her mouth and licked the cum off them as well. Before she swallowed all of that she showed me what she had on her tongue, then gulped it down.

“Leo, I want more,” zeytinburnu escort she pleaded.


I handed Miranda the margarita she requested (watermelon), and sat next to her with my coke and rum. Both of us were still fully nude. She took a sip of her drink and turned toward me.

“Leo, when will he be here?” she whined. “It’s been 15 minutes already!”

“He said he would be here soon,” I replied. “If you’re that impatient go masturbate!” She looked to contemplate the idea for a moment, then she got all excited and jumped up. She came back out with a pink dildo. “What’s with all the fuss?”

“This is my newest toy, fresh out of the box!” she almost squealed from excitement. She also had a bottle of lube which she slathered on it. She pressed a button toward the base of the pink dick, which glowed with a white power symbol, and the whole thing started vibrating. She pushed it again and I could hear a different pattern of vibration. She clicked it till it vibrated like a heartbeat, two rapid burst with a pause then another two.

“The lady at the store showed me that this was the best setting!” she said excitedly.

“Wait the lady at the store used one on you?” I inquired.

“Don’t be silly, she masturbated in front of me dummy,” she replied. I guess she was done talking at that point because she sat next to me and spread her legs. She pointed the synthetic cock at herself and slowly pushed it into her wet folds. It was a pretty sizeable, so she had to go slowly, but once it was in she didn’t dare hold back, pumping it in and out of her pussy rapidly. Her moans were loud. She stopped pumping for a second, and pulled it out completely.

“Leo I need your help,” she panted.

“With what?” I ask.

“I want you to put it in my butt,” she said. “Don’t worry it’s well lubricated.” She winked at me. It was a weird request, surely she could see I was fully erect again. Why didn’t she ask me just to put myself inside her? I obeyed, however, and as she bent over the coffee table on her knees, I put the tip of the toy in between her cheeks. I slowly pushed it into her and pulled it out a little at a time for her to get used to it. About half way through, though, she must have gotten impatient because she slammed herself into the rest of the toy, and fully engulfed the whole thing with her ass. Her pushing herself into it also caused my hand to slip, and I pressed the button accidentally. The vibration pattern changed to one with a long vibration followed by stillness then a quick one and repeat. She seemed to really enjoy this one because her moans became louder and she started to say, “Oh gaw… Fuck yessssss.”

I started to stroke myself to the sight. Everything was inside her firm ass except the base where the button was, and she was bucking her back half like she wanted there to be more of it. After a couple minutes of watching this I heard her pant, “Leo, please… my pussy. Fuck my pussy.” I started to comply when I heard my front door open. I looked behind us to see my friend Sal walk through the door. I looked back at Miranda and it seems she didn’t notice. I turned back to Sal and gestured him to come to me but quietly.

“Leo, PLEASE, god my pussy is aching! Fuck me, hurry!”

“Ok, Miranda, just a second, hold on,” I responded. I looked back at Sal and he already had his clothes off! I gestured toward Miranda’s pussy and he wasted no time. He was already on his knees and pushing himself into her.

“Finally Leo, OH fUCk…That feels sooo… FUCK!” Miranda shouted. I slowly walked around to her head and put my cock in front of her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, looking very confused. She whipped her head around and Sal grinned at her. She looked back at me. “It’s about time.” She then went to work on my shaft with her mouth.

~The End For Now~

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