My First Lesbian Experience

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I didn’t want to be friends with Nicole at first.

We’re both tall blondes in our 30’s, only she’s a little bit taller, a little bit blonder, and a little bit thinner. I was jealous. I work hard going to the gym and eating right to maintain my status as an 8 while she’s a effortless 9.5 on the attractiveness scale.

I only asked her to coffee because she was new to our law office and looked like a lost sheep. But, only about halfway through tall lattes at Starbucks, I decided I liked her.

As it turns out, she came to our little law firm in New Mexico from New York city where she worked as a model and studied to be a paralegal. When she got too old for the camera, she decided to come with her boyfriend to the southwest and landed a job at our office. Before I had been sure she had gotten the job on her looks alone, but after speaking to her, realized she was more than a pretty face. She did know her stuff when it came to the law and could maybe even become a lawyer herself one day. We didn’t instantly start hanging out all the time. After all, it was hard to give up being the hottest girl in the office, and I didn’t like being around somebody that made me feel unattractive. Still, every time I went to her to vent about my boss or some type of research I had to do, I found her more than willing to listen and be sympathetic.

As the months went by I started to care less about her looks and more about her and we eventually became close friends going out for coffee and exchanging inside work jokes. In fact we became so close one of our more obnoxious co-workers started a joke that we were lesbian lovers. A notion we howled about for weeks saying “as if!”

One night my husband was away on business, so I invited Nicole to my house watch a movie. I knew she was upset about the break up with her boyfriend, and since my husband wouldn’t be there to make things awkward by unwittingly gawking at her, I decided to be hospitable. “I’ll have the vino and ice cream ready” I remember reassuring her on the phone.” A few hours later she was sitting on my couch venting, movie completely forgotten.

“He was a total bastard.” she said shaking her head, her perfect features set in a frown. “He never told me I was pretty, never cared about me, and never even thought about how things effected me. Do you know he bought a car without even consulting me?”

“Relationships are hard.” I answered. “especially with men.” I shook my head.

She talked for awhile longer about how Tony had clearly not wanted her for a long term relationship. How he went looking for houses but didn’t consult her about them, and how he hated her pets and make it known even though she had two dogs and a cat. About 30 minutes later I asked “What is it about jerks that attract women in droves?”

There was silence for a moment. “We should just live together.” she said softly. The words were something we would normally say to each other, but the look she gave me after she said it was overwhelming. It was a look of admiration and almost lust. In fact, Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort I had seen men look at me the same way when they were in love. My husband gave me that look before we were married and I started to wonder if she had feelings for me.

There was an awkward silence. When it became unbearable I hurried to fill it and pretend nothing was out of the ordinary. “Men suck” I told her. “I think I got the last good one.” I said referencing my husband.

She flushed and looked away in embarrassment and we talked a little more. She drank another glass of wine, and I let her continue to listen to her vent.

She then started twirling her light blonde hair and looked at me deeply. “I thought it was so funny when that guy thought we were lesbians.” she said and let that hang in the air.

“He was just a stupid intern.” I told her awkwardly wondering where this was going.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” she pressed on. I guessed the wine was getting to her “I never asked you that.”

If I hadn’t had the wine in me also, I’m sure I would have felt flustered but instead decided to go with the truth. “I’ve been propositioned.” I decided to reveal. “I was in college and thought about it, but didn’t want the awkwardness after.” She looked dejected so I added “I did feel a woman’s breast once—but that’s a long story.”

“Oh.” she said simply. I guess I didn’t give her the answer she was looking for.

“How about you? Any lesbian experiences?” I asked.

“Well I was a New York fashion model.” she told me. “I ate a few snatches while high on coke.”

I didn’t know quite how to proceed. Was she hitting on me? Did she want me? I felt a tingling in my pussy at the thought. I had never really thought of being with a woman in any serious way, but I was curious and was fairly sure my husband wouldn’t be too upset about my making out with a girlfriend not that we had ever discussed such a thing. She looked so beautiful sitting there. Perfect.

She must have picked up on the fact I was getting turned on because she put down her wine glass and looked at me biting her lip “Come on, show me that new coverlet you were talking about in the bedroom.” she directed. “It’ll be fun.”

I was unsure about what I wanted to happen but followed her down the hall.

When we got to the bedroom, she ignored the bed covering entirely and flopped down on the mattress. Before giving it much thought I lay down beside her. She then gently touched my arm, pulled closer to me then took me by surprise by placing her lips on mine.

I was amazed how soft her lips were, and how nice it was to kiss someone without facial hair. She moved in closer and I felt the softness of her body and her curves. I found I loved putting my hands on her waste. The indention there was almost like it was meant for my arms to go around.

She took the lead and put her hand on one of my breasts through my blouse. I was surprised how sensitive they were when touched gently by a woman. My husband generally grabs them somewhat roughly with calloused hands and by contrast her manicured soft hands created an entirely different sensation.

She slowly unbuttoned my top, and undressed me muttering things like “beautiful.” and “gorgeous.” kissing each bit of flesh as it was revealed. She kissed my shoulders, my chest, and my stomach. When my bra was off, she felt my nipples with her fingers, and then moved her mouth to began softly sucking and rolling her tongue around them causing my pussy to throb. “Such beautiful titties.” she told me, suckling each breasts and bestowing feather kisses on my nipples.

Oh God, I was cheating on my husband with a woman and loving it. As her gentle mouth suckled gently on my tits I started to massage my pussy, and closed my eyes to enjoy it.

I noticed her hand had migrated down to her pussy as well. That she was getting off on what she was doing which turned me on even more.

After several more moments of enjoying her beautiful mouth, I moved down to kiss her and cup her breasts, nervous but excited to put my mouth on them. I then took off her bra, and bit my lips in anticipation.

She helped me by taking off her bra to reveal large breasts with little hoops of gold through the nipples. She had never told me she had her nipples pierced and I felt a jolt of pleasure from the looks of them. I had always found the look of pierced nipples arousing, but would have never have the courage to get mine done myself. I wasn’t sure what to do, but Nicole was heaving with expectation, so I guessed the piercings were ok to play with.

I took one of her large breasts in my mouth and rolled the jewelry around with my tongue as I did it. I put my hand on her other breasts and moved the hoop up and down her nipple as I circled my tongue around the other. I then switched, and pressed both her boobs together so I could easily have access to both. “These are so beautiful” I whispered to her. “Perfect tits” I told her and then teased the nipples lightly with my tongue as she had done to mine.

Nicole moaned softly and we changed positions so that we faced one anothers chest and could play with each others tits. We both kept one hand on our pussies, and the other massaging each others breasts while our mouths sucked contentedly.

I had never known it was possible to get such pleasure of titty sucking, and felt naughty and super turned on by by sucking and being sucked. We sucked for about an hour, alternating sucking and being sucked until Nicole took off her pink flower silk underwear, and I did the same with my white cotton pair. Finally, we faced each other and kissed as I boldly put my hands between her legs.

I rubbed her pussy and felt that it was soaking wet, much like mine. She then put her hand on my pussy and expertly massaged it, so much better than my husband ever did. She knew just where to put her hand to make it feel good, and I responded with moans knowing that if she did go down on me it would be the experience of a lifetime.

I suppose because Nicole was more experienced, she started kissing down my body until she got to my pussy. I lay my head back on the bed and grabbed my nipples as she placed feather kisses all around my slit.

I moaned loudly and then felt her tongue dart out and tease my clit, and then she started to suck it. Oh God, it felt so good. I bucked my pelvis against her mouth and she excitedly sucked harder. I was so horny I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

When I didn’t think I could hold out much longer, Nicole put her fingers on my clit and started to massage it, and while she expertly teased my clit she boldly stuck her tongue in my hole.

It only took a few moments of tongue fucking me while her fingers went wild on my clit for me to cum, and when I did it was like a lightning rod went through me. I came so hard my body felt numb and limp, and I couldn’t think.

Nicole held me. She touched my stomach and told me how soft my skin was, and continued to caress me until I had recuperated enough to realize where I was and what I was doing.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for my first taste of pussy, but I decided we had gone this far so I might as well do it.

I ventured down passed her belly button piercing stopping to kiss it and then ventured between her legs, not shocked to find she had a hood piercing as well. A gold barbell that matched her other jewelry “Oooh, what a pretty pussy” I said kissing the delicate skin around her vagina much like she had done to me, finding I enjoyed the slightly acidic aroma. As I gingerly touched her vaginal lips with my fingers, I found it was smooth as velvet as she had only a small landing strip above her piercing and the rest was waxed clean.

After a few moments, Nicole began to moan, and I began to tease her clit and the surrounding area with my tongue. I then placed a french kiss on her clit and slid the jewelry around the hole with my tongue hoping it felt good. Evidently, it did and Nicole thrust her hips further in my direction, and I began to suck on her clit as she allowed her hips to buck in my direction.

I sucked on her clit for a while while she moaned, and found myself massaging my own clit again while I went down on her. The more I sucked her and fondled her pussy lips with my other hand, the more I was turned on.

I watched Nicole play with her tits as she thrust harder and harder towards my face. Sensing she was close, I took my right hand and began furiously rubbing right above her ring and stuck two of the fingers from my left hand in her hole.

She came in a large burst like I did, convulsing for a moment and went limp.

I went back up to lay beside her, and she said “Oh God that was good.”

She spent the night that night. We spooned and hugged for most of the night, and even talked a little about what had happened.

When she left the next morning, we had a long, lingering kiss.

It was a little awkward at work the next day, but it’s been a few months and Nicole hasn’t said anything about it but we haven’t been hanging out much either. I’m glad it happened as it gave me a new perspective on sex, but I’m not sure loosing a friend was worth it.

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