My Freshman Year Ch. 05

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Natalya is so beautiful. I often find myself just starring at her. Just watching her do normal things like getting ready to go to class, doing her hair, or getting dressed are a special treat for me. I wonder if she knows just how sexy she is to me. I was watching her get ready for class. She was late and running around, grabbing things and shoving them in her bag. I was glad that I didn’t have to go to class until later that afternoon because I could sit back and watch her.

Even in her flurry of movement, she was exquisite, moving with a kind of grace that amazed me. Her hair was flying as she moved about. She was leaping around in a t-shirt and panties. Her voice was breathy as she spoke to me. She put on some jeans and cute little baby tee, then stopped and looked at me. She was asking me something, but I had gotten a little lost.

“Why are you just looking at me? Help me look for my keys!”

“They’re right by your foot.” I said, laughing. But she didn’t think it was so funny.

“You think I’m funny? I have to be in class in five minutes!”

“Sorry. I just like watching you.”

She softened a bit at that. “Well thank you, sweetie. I gotta go.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran out.

That night Nat and I went out to a party with a few of our friends. Nat was, as always the center of attention. She was being her wonderful, charming self, and everyone was sucking it up. I stood with my friends Kristy and Lillian. Kristy was saying something about something, but I wasn’t listening. Nat happened to look my way through her group of fans and I caught her eye. She smiled and went back to conversation. Of course, this did not go unnoticed.

“You look Gaziantep Fetiş Escort at her like a lion looks at a gazelle or something,” Lillian said, nudging Kristy who agrees.

“What can I say, she’s one hot gazelle.”

“Well, maybe you should wipe the drool off you face because it’s disgusting,” She joked.

By this time, Natalya was making her way over to us.

“Speak of the devil. Nat we were just talking about how Shanise looks at you,” said Kristy.

“And how is that?” asked Natalya.

“Like a hungry wolf. I mean, down girl!”

I didn’t care about the teasing, because I knew that when we left, Natalya would be holding my hand. I just looked at Natalya, thinking that I could indeed spend my life with her and be completely happy. She grabbed my hands wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Well…I like the way she looks at me. I like to look at her too.”

Both Kristy and Lillian gave us a healthy ‘awwwww’ and we started talking about something silly. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride to have such a wonderful girl in my arms.

The party ended and after grabbing something to eat from IHOP, we all said our goodbyes. On the way home, I couldn’t help but feel Natalya’s eyes on me. I glanced over at her, “What?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just thinking how great you are.” She grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

We got home, and Natalya undressing, getting ready for her shower. I was through with watching. I needed to touch her. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, breathing her in. I could smell her perfume and shampoo. Her skin was so soft as I ran my hands across her stomach. She leaned her head back on my shoulder as I kissed and licked her neck. I could hear breathing a little harder and smiled. I brought my hands around to cup and massage her breasts. She moaned and pushed her ass into my crotch. She felt the strapon I had put on when we came in. Her hand went to her clit, but I wanted this to be slow. I brushed it away and whispered, “Not yet, baby.”

She groaned and said “I want you now.”

I almost lost control. It’s always hard for me to resist her. But, I had a plan and I intended to play it out. She was grinding hard into me, and the base of the dildo was pressing into me. I turned her around and kissed her. She tasted so good. I absolutely love kissing her. I broke the kiss so I could pick her up. She gasped as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked to the bed and put her down gently. Slowly I began to unbutton my shirt and pants, enjoying the look of lust on her face. When I got my clothes of, I lay gently on top of her, kissing her passionately. I worked my way down her body stopping at those beautiful breasts, and making sure to stop at that cute little navel. When I got to her mound, I could smell her, and it made my mouth water. I just barely kissed her lips and she screamed out my name, telling me to stop teasing her. By now, it was just as hard for me as it was for her. I dove in, sucking her lips into my mouth, but I want to taste her better. The moment I put my tongue in her, I felt her clamp down on it. I replaced my tongue with a finger while the other hand pinched and pulled her nipples. I could feel she was on the edge, so I flicked her clit with my tongue before sucking it hard into my mouth. Then I held on, because she started bucking and shaking uncontrollably. She wrapped her legs around my head and I couldn’t hear her scream anymore. I was hungry, lapping all her juices.

When she came down, I was sitting next to her. She always looked wonderful after an orgasm. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, pulling me in for a kiss. Her hand went down my back, and when she grazed past the strap of my harness, she giggled and pulled me on top of her. She gave me a kiss that made me dizzy and said, “I want you in me.” Then, she flipped me over and straddled my hips, the dildo underneath her. I love it when she gets like that, taking what she wants. I was willing to do whatever she wanted.

When she lowered herself on the dick, I couldn’t stop the moan that came from my lips. I watched it disappear, inch by inch into her. She just sat on it, leaning in to kiss me. When I started moving my hips, she gasped and bit her lip, sitting up to ride me harder. I held on to her hips to steady us into a rhythm. She was meeting me trust for thrust. Again, I was struck with how beautiful she is, her eyed thrown back, eyes closed, biting her lip. How did I get this girl to want me?

I flipped her over so I was on top. She opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. I know she could see how much I loved her, because I saw the same thing in hers. We went on like that for what seemed like forever. Then, I came, and she came right behind me.

I pushed her hair out of her face and looked into her eyes. “I love you,” I said.

“I love you, too.” She said giving me a soft kiss.

After she fell asleep, I just watched her. I must have done something right, because this woman made me so happy. I fell asleep and dreamed of her, just as I would for many nights to come.

I hope you enjoyed this installment. As always, feedback is very welcome.

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