My Goth Girlfriend

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As my fingers run through the short dark brown hair on my head, I wonder just how I ended up here; sitting at my desk naked, next to my best friend of the last 20 years after having sex for the first time with her. I look down at Krissie and smile, twisting a lock of her jet-black hair in my fingers. My thoughts floating back over the last few months, trying to place just where our relationship had changed from what it had been to this right here.

I really should explain just what is going on before I get too far into this. My name is Chris, a simple boring name for a simple boring geek. Yeah, I admit that I am a geek; it is easier than denying it. I have tried to dress cool, but really, I fall back to a select few styles of clothing. Jeans, some type of anime theme T-shirt, or an anime style over shirt and a plain T-shirt under it. I am on the skinny end, which I really do not care about that much; it is easier than being a fat nerd and get picked on even worst. Moreover, yes, true to form, I do wear geek glasses, black horn rimmed ones, but I think they are cool; and my opinion is the only one that matters. In general, though, I am just an average guy. I have not had that much luck with girls, until recently that is.

Krissie, damn, now here is someone that I NEVER thought I would end up sleeping with. As I said a bit ago, I have known Krissie for 20 years. We grew up together, played soccer as kids together on the same team, granted she was a lot better than I was. Our parents are best friends as well, making our families so close that our dad’s tore the fence splitting our backyards apart up the summer of our 6th birthday; just so that Krissie and I would have more room to play. The six of us have taken joint family vacations together many times. As we got older, our time together moved from spending it all the time playing games outside to being inside or sitting around on the back patio for long talks and laughs.

Krissie had always been the prettiest girl growing up. Krissie has the type of smile that can light a room up; it is just so infectious that no matter the mood you are in. Once you see her smile, you are unable to do anything but smile. Her naturally black hair always seemed to shine a bit in the light, no matter what time it was. I always have loved Krissie’s hair, damn, I could spend hours just looking at it and touching it. I know it sounds weird, but that is the truth man. As we got older, Krissie developed just as most other girls do. She developed a very nice set of breasts, perfect bounce to them as she ran yet they sat just right on her chest. Her legs and ass though is her best feature in my opinion. Long sculpted legs that she has always been proud of, which run right up to an ass to die for. But then again as she puts it, playing soccer almost year round for 15 years will do that to a person.

She always has been a little disappointed in that I quit playing soccer with her when we were eight. While she was improving every game, my soccer skills just were not there. It just was not fun any more for me. Now granted I still play occasionally in our backyard with Krissie, but nothing competitive. I found that my strengths lied in different areas. Instead of playing sports, I found a love for music and have been playing trumpet and sax in bands for a long time. Music has and probably still will be one of my biggest passions. Ska, blues, and jazz music run in my veins along with my blood. Krissie just cannot seem to understand, but she does love to hear me play, just as I love to watch her play.

With most guys though, Krissie would not get a second look. That is probably the hardest thing for her. Guys just see the Goth look that she wears daily, and make assumptions on the type of person that she is. Yeah, granted Krissie likes black make-up, and the majority of her clothes are black or on a darker color scheme, but these just make her a more beautiful person. Especially when she wears her favorite plaid mini skirt and a pair of black thigh high stockings, she pulls the evil yet innocent schoolgirl look off so damn well.

And now you know the basic back story of us, a boy and a girl, semi outcasts by the majority of our peers and yet still have a bit of popularity due to our activities during high school. Things changed a slight amount once we both started college, we found out that not everyone is a stuck up bitch like the popular circles in high school were. Even with this learned knowledge, our friendship did not wane. Too many years and too many more years to come were destined for us, we have stuck together to this point and no matter what, and we will see the rest of it through together.

Now though, I think I can say that last sentence with much more earnest. I think I love this girl, this beautiful girl who I have known my entire life. The one person I do not think I ever would have developed feelings for. Yet, I know I have finally, to be precise, I think I always have had feelings for Krissie. I just was too Gaziantep Oral Escort damn chicken to make a move on them.

That is the long distant past. I am not writing this for that, I am writing this now to tell you of how I ended up here, sitting at my desk with Krissie lying in my bed. And believe me, it is a story that is interesting to say the least.

About three months ago, I got a call on my cell from Krissie, asking me to pick her up at a party she was at. One of the girls on our school’s soccer team had thrown it for the team and a bunch of other people. I had always told Krissie that if she needed a ride, to call me, no matter what. Hanging up my phone, I slipped the book I had been reading back into the bookshelf. As I walked out my front door, I grabbed my car keys off the hook and ran to my car. Knowing Krissie, she probably had drunk a little too much and did not feel safe to drive, or else a drunken frat boy was bothering her. I knew I had to get to the house reasonably quickly before something happened. Knowing the location pretty well from having been there numerous times the one time I dated one of the other girls on the team and just odd and end functions for the soccer team, I soon found myself parked in front of the house. Loud music poured out of the soccer house and into the street, bodies strewn all over the front yard and on top of the parked cars in the driveway and in the street. Shaking my head lightly, I laughed and ran into the house, stepping over a few couples as I made my way in, letting my eyes roam the packed rooms looking for Krissie’s unmistakable blue bangs and black hair.

After a few minutes of futile searching, I finally spotted Candace, one of Krissie’s teammates and pulled her aside. I asked if she knew where Krissie was, which lead into an unprovoked tirade by Candace. Until this time, I had not known that her entire team had hated Krissie. Candace let me know that everyone hated Krissie, not just for her ability, but for the way she dressed as well; that she was not normal for dressing how she does. Candace, in her drunken state finally told me that Krissie had ran out into the back yard after she had been told all of these things. Feeling a level of anger that was foreign to me, I pushed Candace away from me just as she seemed to start hitting on me. Looking her in the eyes, I told her just how disgusted I was with her and walked away, the din of her voice as she told me off quickly drowned out by the roar of the party.

As I finally made it out to the backyard, I found the target of my quest. Sitting alone on one of those plastic patio chairs, Krissie’s shoulders heaved as she cried. I called out her name and sprinted over to her, the look on Krissie’s face just about killed me. The total destruction of what she was laid evident in her eyes as she looked at me. Her heart broken by those that she had thought were her friends cloaked her heavily around the shoulders. My heart went out to my best friend as my arms slid around her waist, holding onto her as she collapsed into me. Her arms slid tightly around my neck, a desperate grasp to a lifeline as she drowned in her sorrow, soaking the shoulder of my shirt in tears.

Taking Krissie home was the easiest part of the night. Once I got her home, I walked her to her bedroom and made sure she was ok before I went home. Seeing Krissie lying in bed, curled up under the blankets covering her bed, I finally walk out of the house and locked the door behind me. Walking the short distance across our backyards, I shook my head lightly and pushed the images of Krissie from my head. Seeing her wearing that knee length black skirt and that red tight fitting top had just emphasized her best features and had made me incredibly hard.

As I made my way into my bedroom, I stripped down and fell into my bed. My thoughts traveled back over everything that Krissie and I had been through in our lives up to this point. And each time she entered my mind eye, a feeling welled up in my body that I can only describe as one of pure devotion and love for this goth girl that slept no more than 35 feet from me. Slowly I finally felt my body slip into the awaited and much needed sleep that my tired body craved.

During the course of the night, or maybe I should say early morning, I felt the side of my bed sink down, and a warm body press against my back. With a slow effort, I rolled over and looked into Krissie’s half-closed eyes, a smile played across her lips as she snuggled close to my body. The smell of her shampoo and lotion overwhelmed me as her arms moved around my neck. “Sorry Chris, I just needed a safe place to sleep. Too many things going on in my head right now with what happened at the house,” Krissie whispered softly. The black eyeliner she usually wore had been washed off, along with the rest of her make up. Just an innocent and scared girl lying next to me, what else could I say to her?

My arms moved around Krissie’s waist gently, holding onto her. With my eyes locked with hers, I laughed softly and whispered, “No Krissie, I’m sorry but you can’t stay here tonight. Back home for you.” Thank goodness she knows my humor better than I do. All I had gotten for that little comment was a punch in the hip.

Lying in bed with Krissie soon became a tad difficult as her sexy body rubbed slowly up and down against mine as her breathing slipped into a slow and easy rhythm of slumber. With my hands on Krissie’s back, I held her tightly against me and soon joined her, her sleep easy for the first time tonight.

As the sun poured through the blinds covering the window in my room, I found myself woken up by the soft and warm feel of Krissie’s mouth working slowly up and down my cock. I moaned deeply as I watched her soft lips work up and down the length of my cock. With a long, slow sucking motion, Krissie slid the entire length into her mouth; humming, sucking, and licking my shaft. An uncontrollable moan escaped my lips as Krissie coaxed me on, taking me fully into her mouth and then into her throat lightly.

With each dip of her head, Krissie swallowed lightly and applied more pressure to my dick as it slid into her mouth. With a sudden and fast jerk of my hips, I moaned and began to cum, my eyes locked with her dark blue eyes as I felt her mouth suck the hot spurts of cum down and swallowed each easily.

Once Krissie had cleaned my dick clean, her mouth slipped off of it. As the warm air from Krissie’s mouth mingled with the cooler air blowing from the central air, a moan escaped my lips, bringing my mind back to earth and what had just happen. As my hand slipped into Krissie’s beautiful hair, she slipped up my body and lay down with me, resting her head on my chest.

As we cuddled together, I felt Krissie’s hand slowly stroking my chest while my hands worked along her lower back gently. Begrudgingly, I broke the silence, my eyes looking down at her, “Krissie, umm, what was that for? I mean it was it was amazing, I absolutely loved it, but why?”

Laughing softly, Krissie kissed me gently, her dark blue eyes gazing into mine. “Because Chris, you are so special to me, and I wanted to thank you for rescuing me last night. And the reason why I am here right now is because I needed a comforting person next to me. Those things that the girls said to me hurt me too much. You have never yet, and I know you never will.”

Krissie smiled lightly as she brushed her hand across my cheek and snuggled next to me closer. Her arms held onto me tightly, as if I was a lifeline to keep her from drowning in the sorrow of her hurt. We did not talk much the rest of the morning, instead just laid there together holding onto each other. Nothing said, but then again nothing was needed to be said. Around one, Krissie kissed me once more then got out of bed and dressed quickly, telling me she had to go home sometime soon. I nodded and watched her walk out of my bedroom, knowing that our friendship had ascended to a new level.

The next few weeks went by in a blur for the both of us with the end of the school year looming and finals that needed to be taken, and yet every night found Krissie curled up in bed with me. There never was a repeat of the first night, only the presence of a warm body next to mine. I think that with these nightly visits, I truly fell in love with Krissie, enjoying the sight of waking up in the morning to her lying on top of me, her raven dark hair spread across my chest.

Whenever Krissie would look at me, I could see a smile start in her eyes that would spread down and through her entire body. My only guess is that just as I was falling in love with her, she was falling for me. Everything that we did together was improved by these mutual feelings, and just the constant closeness was enough to satisfy.

With the end of the school year, Krissie had told her coach about everything that happened, and effectively quick the soccer team, her coach pleaded with her, but to no avail. The abuse and scorn from the rest of the team had hurt her far too much and nothing would have been able to undo that. We had sat together on my back porch, holding each other on the porch swing, just talking and enjoying one of our first real moments of relaxation after two hectic weeks of studying and exams. With my fingers playing in her hair, Krissie stared up into my eyes; a playful smile dancing on her black lipstick covered lips.

“Mmm Chris, do you have any plans for tonight?” Krissie asked. I could tell that she had something planed, a devious and yet sincere look on her beautiful face betrayed partially what she had in mind. Not wishing to guess at what she had in mind and allow her to finish with this little game, I shrugged and answered.

“Not much really hun, just relaxing and resting. Then wait in expectation of your nightly visit,” I laugh softly as I said this, making Krissie smile more. Her body pressed tightly against mine as she listened. I shivered lightly as her fingers slid under my shirt, scratching my chest gently.

“Good, then you will be able to get yourself all dressed up for a dinner date then with me, right?” Krissie asked in a soft voice, almost timid and scared to ask. I looked down into her eyes, staring deeply into them, unsure just what she had asked, and not able to know what to answer. The silence seemed to affect Krissie quickly; a look of fear and terror ran through her face, instantly bringing her to her feet. I could tell that from the way her shoulders were slumped she would begin to cry instantly. Seeing this, I sprang to my feet and grabbed a hold of Krissie tightly, crushing her body against mine. I whispered gently in her ear as I stroked her back, “I’m sorry Krissie; of course I will meet you for dinner tonight. I just did not know what to say. It just startled me when you asked.”

Lifting her face from my chest, Krissie smiled and wiped away the tears that had streaked her cheeks. With her arms moved around my neck, Krissie kissed me slowly, her body pressed against mine as we kissed. This kiss had been different than any other up until this point; this was the kiss of two people who showed each other their love and devotion for each other. Our lips pressed tightly, parting on their own, allowing our tongues to seek each other out in a slow dance. I felt her tongue slip over mine, stroking it gently as she kissed me a little harder. Her body pressed tightly into mine as Krissie slowly broke the kiss first, smiling up into my eyes. A giggle bubbled over her lips as she pushed away from me, and yet her hand slipped into mine, giving it a gentle squeeze, I moved a little closer to her.

“So what time should I expect you over tonight?” I asked as I brought her hand up to my lips, kissing it gently. My eyes never left hers as I waited for her answer.

As she pulled away from me, Krissie looked into my eyes and laughed more. With a quick spin she began to sprint across the back yard, her long legs moving gracefully as her hair flowed back and forth across her back. Once she reached her back door, she turned and looked at me, laughing as I stood there watching her. As the door opened, she called over to me. “Expect me over at 7:30 dear. And make sure to dress up for me all right?” All I could do was nod in response and watch the door close behind her.

As the hours ticked by, I busied myself cleaning up the house a bit, setting up for dinner before I decided to take a shower and get dressed. What I decided to wear wasn’t all that impressive, just a dark blue button down shirt that Krissie had bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago and a pair of dark blue jeans. As I said, my fashion style is not the greatest, but I do not care at all. As 7:30 rolled around, I said a quick thank you that both of my parents have moved to third shift and would not be home until the early morning.

As I watched the clock tick to 7:30, I heard the front door open. As I walked into the living room, I saw Krissie standing in the doorway. With that first look at her, I knew for a fact that I loved her more than anything else did in the world. She absolutely took my breath away. Instead of her normal dress, Krissie had instead went with a full-length black dress. It resembled the one that she had worn to our senior prom, and it still looked amazing on her. Her makeup for tonight was like always, dark eye shadow, which contrasted perfectly with her eyes, and a faint amount of black lipstick.

Looking at me, Krissie held out a baking dish for me to grab. Taking it quickly, I watched Krissie walk into the kitchen, crooking a finger at me to follow. I smiled as her hips swayed lightly, I am not sure if it was intentional or a subconscious thing on her part.

As I stepped into the kitchen, I saw Krissie standing against the stove waiting for me. As I walked over to her, I let my eyes trail up and down her long beautiful body; drinking in her amazing beauty. As I stood there, Krissie pointed towards the counter and softly said, “Put the dish over there Chris and then come here.”

With a smile I did as she ordered, finding myself standing in front of the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. As my eyes roamed across her face, I slowly let my hands move to Krissie’s hips, slowly stroking them through the soft material of the dress she wore. Giggling lightly, Krissie pushed me away and walked out of the kitchen. “Come here lover, I have a better idea for us right now than eating,” Krissie said with a smile as she walked backwards towards the hallway. I followed Krissie, letting my eyes follow her, running my eyes up and down her body slowly.

Krissie stopped in front of my bedroom and leaned against the door jam, her hands resting on her sexy hips as she turned into my room, swaying them lightly as she walked towards my bed. Standing at the foot of my bed, Krissie looked over her shoulder at me, the dark black of her eyeliner contrasted with her natural eye color more, making her eyes sparkle as she laughed at me. “Get your ass in here Chris and unzip my dress,” Krissie said as she laughed.

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