My Older Neighbor Ch. 02

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From an unbelievably dead-ass sleep I awoke to Irene moving around. She was trying to get comfortable with that plaster cast getting in the way.

“You okay?” I asked her in the near total darkness. She was in need of another pain reliever. “Here. You stay here let me get you something.” I told her as I turned on the light and got out of bed. The house was cold. My feet got chilly as I dashed to the kitchen for her prescription and a glass of water.

She was sitting up a bit in bed, with one perfect, big, full breast in full view as I returned to her. She was watching the sway of my penis as I climbed onto the bed, and smiled a bit. After her eyes returned to mine she said, “Yummy.” She took her pill and we snuggled up together, me spooned up behind her, her gorgeous big breast filling my hand. She wrapped her arm around mine and pulled me in tight. My cock gently moved in between her nice round cheeks. She was wet!

No wonder. It was now 4:10 AM and we had fucked most of the night away. After fucking like crazy and splashing cum all over her sexy body, I spent quite a while enjoying the delicious sensations of her luscious pussy. She came for me in such a rush, that I was a bit surprised. I was down on her for a while, as she lay there moaning and enjoying it, and when I moved to slip a finger in her, one was all that was needed I noticed, she came within a minute at the most. I was licking her clit and she pushed me back

“No! Oh sweetie, no. Too sensitive!” she hissed at me. I ignored and sucked even harder. She pushed me away laughing. “No, no really! Waaaay too sensitive.” I moved up and kissed her tummy, sliding my hands up either side and gripping her tightly between them. Her hands pulled my hair and pressed y face into the smoothness of her tummy. “You are so great in bed!” she whispered. “My sister was so right …”

I looked up into her eyes. “What did she say?” I asked her. Irene said nothing, but I pressed. What was she right about?”

“She told me that you would fuck my brains out, like a young stud should.” She told me laughing. “I have no brains now. All gone. Good riddance!” She was still giggling. “If I could just stay here and let you fuck me like that, I would die a happy woman.”

“C’mere then.” I said getting up onto my knees.

Her laughing stopped as she noticed the intense look in sakarya escort my eyes. “No, no sweetie. I am so done at the moment Jake.” I must have looked as if I was going to devour her. She looked almost afraid. I was moving to roll her over. “Are you going to …?” she asked alarmed. “Have mercy,” she cried in a voice that sounded like she was half-kidding, “I’m an invalid.”

We found a comfy spot for her cast as she got onto her knees. “What have I done?” she asked jokingly. Her smiling eyes faded when she turned around and saw the burning, serious look in my eyes, and the intensity of my erection. “Go easy sweetie. It’s been a long time.” Her bottom was gorgeous; full and round. It had a perfect inverted heart shape. Her curvy waist flared into the sexiest butt I’ve ever seen in person.

She quietly settled her face into the pillow and waited for the onslaught, she knew was coming. I leaned down and kissed her bottom, stroking it with my hands. Her pussy was gorgeous and swollen and wet through. I licked it, sucking her clit and thrusting my tongue into her tight pussy. She moaned loudly. After fucking her with my tongue for a minute, I replaced it with my thumb. “Mmmmmm baby! God, that is so good!” I wasn’t sure what she would think of it, but threw all caution aside and leaned down and licked her sexy asshole. She jumped a bit but didn’t protest. I kept on licking and thrusting my tongue into her bottom a bit, as my thumb fucked her tight hole and my index finger thrummed her clit. “Ooooo Jake! I never …” she whispered as her hips began to move.

“You have the sexiest bottom, Irene.” I told her, between licks. “Gorgeous hips.” Her good hand scooted back and found my cock. She squeezed it kind of hard, stress-testing its erectness.

“Gimme that sweet cock, baby.” She squeezed and released again and again. “Jake, honey! That cock is magic!”

I rearranged myself behind her quickly and jammed it in without fanfare. She ‘ooofed’ a bit but took it beautifully! I grabbed those perfect hips and held tight as I began to ram it deep in her.

“Oh, baby!” she gasped. “Easy! Easy! That’s too deep. Your cock is too long!” She tried to move away a bit, but I just pulled her back. I jammed it in like a fucker, which I was. I was a total fucker; nothing but hard cock and raging desire!

“No sweetie,” samsun escort I told her. “Take that fucking cock! You are the most incredible fuck ever! Take it baby. Take it all!” She was panting and gasping, ‘oofs’ and ‘mmphs’ pouring out of her with every thrust. “Fucking incredible! You are the hottest fuck ever!! Why you made me wait this long for this luscious pussy … . This is your fault. Take this! And this! And this!” I panted with the exertion of hammering her this hard. “This is months of waiting and wanting finally getting it’s own!”

She held on for dear life as I leaned down and grabbed big handfuls of her tits with one hand and her hair with the other. I pulled her head back to whisper in her ear. “You love it don’t you?” I asked. She merely nodded and panted. She was being severely fucked now. “No tell me. You love getting fucked don’t you?” She nodded again. “Say it!” I bellowed. “Tell me you love it!”

“I do!” she cried loudly, screaming it to me. “I love it!!” I noticed the tears pouring down her face. “You are fantastic sweetie!” she sobbed. “I love it! And you!!” She was genuinely crying. “I love you sweetie!” she cried at the top of the house. I pulled her mouth to me and shoved my tongue into her mouth. We French-kissed like insane people for a moment. “Fuck me!” She howled “I’m so afraid!” I was taken aback at this last admission. ‘Afraid’, I thought? Of what, I wondered. I became keenly aware that my mind had split into two trains of thought. I was fucking to beat the band, at the same time wondering what she had meant. My ‘fucking brain’ beat out the other, at least for now, and I pounded her until I came deep in her pussy, flooding her with pent up cream, that had waited months for this moment.

She collapsed completely onto the bed in a heap after I released her hair. I toppled over shortly thereafter, dragging the covers over us as I went. Sleep followed within moments.

It was still dark when I woke at my usual time of 7:30. The curtains were mostly closed and the storm clouds were still thick in the air. I leaned over and kissed Irene on the mouth softly. She stirred just a bit with an Mmmm sound. I got up, and ran a tub for her. I figured, correctly, that she would want a soak after a night of amazing sex.

I got her up and watched her stroll nude to the bathroom. ‘Beautiful’ urfa escort I thought to myself, as I watched her hips and bottom move. Once she was soaking I went to start coffee. My cell phone went. It was Susan, Irene’s sister.

“Have you seen Irene?’ she asked, sounding panicked. “I’ve been trying to get her but she doesn’t pick up.” I assured her that Irene was fine. “Well, where is she? I really want to speak with her. How do you know she’s safe?”

“Well, …” I stammered and hemmed and hawed a bit. “She’s here. Her house was cold and there was no one to look after her …”

“She’s with you?” There was a long pause. Can I speak with her?” I was feeling caught. I was caught; standing in the kitchen with my dick hanging out, this woman’s sister nude in my tub, washing off my cum … “She’s in the tub.” I finally managed.

“Can you give her the phone?” Susan asked. Sure. I said and headed for the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and told Irene that her sister was on the phone. Irene looked at me, then at the phone held out to her, then back to me. We could both clearly hear, “Reeny, you there?” Irene’s eyes moved back to the phone and she reached to take it.

“Hi Sooz, how you doing?”

“You’re in the tub?” I heard through the handset, even from where I was standing.


“With Jake standing right there?” There was now a very long pause. ‘Busted!!’ was the thought that must have occurred to Irene and me at exactly the same moment. Irene’s eyes slowly closed.

“Yes.” Was all she said. All was silent for a moment as this news sank in on the other side.

“Reeny! You fucking slut!” I heard Susan laugh through the handset. “I love it!! Did you fuck him?” Irene simply made a casual ‘Mm hm’ kind of noise. “Wow sweetie! You are awesome!! You’ve been home, what, 8 hours? And with a broken arm!! You go sister!!” Irene’s eyes remained closed, but a faint smile appeared at the corners of her sexy lips. “What’s he wearing? Or do I even need to ask?” I heard.

Irene took a deep breath and let it out in a big sigh. “Not … a … fucking … thing!” She said with a flourish. I heard Susan make an approving moaning sound. I began to blush with the thought that Irene probably told Susan a lot about me.

“I’m very jealous sweetie! Call me later?” They hung up. Irene held her face in her hands.

“I am sooooooooo busted!” she giggled. She finally looked up to see me standing there with another raging hard on. “More?” she asked with a big grin on her face. I moved to straddle her in the tub and fed her my cock. Her mouth was heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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