My Shaven Haven

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Note – All characters in this story are fictitious and are above the age of 18.

* * * * *

In high school my classmates considered me fairly normal. In saying that, I’m not a boring nerd but I was the same as most people. I got on well with everyone and I consider myself fun to be with. But I knew different. There are 2 things about myself, which I know that if they were revealed, I would certainly be turned into an outcast.

The first was my interest in girls. Maybe now I should describe myself. I have what some might call a classic figure. Straight blonde hair that flowed down too my shoulders and a roundish sort of face with full pouting lips. My breasts are perhaps my favourite part of my body. Maybe not quite as big as I’d like at 32 D but I’m sure they’re the object of many of my male classmate’s wet dream. My flat and supple torso then runs onto my long thin legs. I’m proud of my body, I just wish girls would notice as well as boys.

My second secret is a fetish. I discovered water sports while masturbating a few years ago. As usual I was dreaming of forbidden love: other girls. Some from school, my older sister and then of course Britney and other stars. It was late at night but the light was on in my room, as I lay naked on my bed with legs spread apart. I always like to start slowly by just opening my outer lips and tickling my clit. This always gets me going and in the end I can’t help myself and I just plunge in. This particular night I had gone to bed on a full bladder and to this day I cant remember why. But anyway there I was with two finger of my left hand frigging away at my pussy and 1 finger of my right hand wedged in my ass.

Juice was cascading onto my hand and I could feel an orgasm building. I added a third finger to my pussy and used my thumb to rub my swollen clit. My ass got a second finger and I started humping up and down of my hands.

Images started flashing before my eyes. Changing for PE seeing those breasts that were stretching, urging to be released from their leather prisons. Walking in on my sister in the bath, seeing her magnificent tits and her bald pussy. Secretly looking at porn sites on the PC down stairs. Looking in wonder at the dirty images on the screen.

All these memories started to get faster and more vivid. My fingers were moving like pistons in and out of both my holes. I realised that I was shouting obscenities and moaning and screaming in between. With 1 final grunt my cunt exploded with cum. 2 minuets later I came back to earth and found my fingers how I’d left them. With a plop, I pulled out of my ass; the fingers now coated with brown stains. I started idly pulling and my nipples and cupping my tits, sending shudders down my body.

I happened to look down at my pussy and saw that my legs were covered with liquid and were shining in the light. I rubbed a clean finger over it and sniffed. Piss! I had been so out of it that I had pissed all over myself and at first Gaziantep Anal Escort I was disgusted with myself. But, the more I thought about it; I realised that it had caused one of the most intense orgasms of my life! I drifted off into sleep with my hand still in my cunt.

My Mum aroused me using her usual technique: banging on the door and screaming at me to get up. I listened for her footsteps going back down stairs and I rolled out of bed and the sheet came with me. It had stuck fast to my legs. I groaned as the memories of last night came back to me. I smiled to myself and wrenched myself free. I stumbled out of my room, still naked toward the shower room. I had been caught several times by my parents doing this, but they didn’t mind. Although today was different. My legs were covered in dried girl-cum and piss. My pussy was open, red and sore and 2 of my fingers were covered with shit stains. There would have been more then an eyebrow raised if either my Mum or Dad had seen me that morning.

The rest as they say, is history. I started masturbating twice a day and when the situation allowed, I pissed over myself during the process. The biggest thrill, was getting caught, so I did it in daring placed, in class, in the school toilets, in the cinema, on the kitchen table at home and lastly in my front garden in broad day light.

This takes us back to the present. A new girl joined our class a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think much of her though. She was pretty, with black hair and nice tits. I noticed her after PE one afternoon during one of my treasured class showers. As I ogled all the naked bodies in front of me, our eyes met for a split second, she had caught me staring! I suddenly found a very interesting crack in the floor to study. My mind was spinning. What would this girl do? Spread it round the school? No. She has no proof. No one would believe the new girl! I risked a glance up at her. The girl’s face was blank but she seemed deep in thought.

15 minuets later and girls were filing out of the gym to begin the walk or bus journey home. She was waiting when I came out and she motioned me to walk with her. I nearly pissed myself! What did she want? To outlay her demands? Blackmail? No her face didn’t show it.

Curious now I walked along side her. She started talking but didn’t look at me. Instead it was her turn to find something fascinating on the ground.

“I saw you staring at everyone.” She looked like she hadn’t planed far enough ahead to think of what to say next.

She was from Merseyside. Not exactly from the centre of Anfield but defiantly from somewhere near Liverpool. A bit geordie but not quite. After a dreadful silence, I decided upon defensive rather than denial.

“So?” I said with a slight crack in my voice.

“There’s no need to get angry.” she said as she looked at me properly for the first time and I realised that I had sounded a bit more aggressive then I intended to be.

She stopped us both and we had to get out of the way for the people walking behind us.

“I think we should introduce ourselves before we go any further. I’m Sarah she said and smiled.

It hit me that I didn’t even know her name! “I’m Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca.” I said a bit to quickly and I attempted to return the smile.

We started walking again and she adopted a more pleasant tone of voice and made her question seem rather casual.

“So Becca, do you like girls?”

Was she insane? I looked around quickly but we were suddenly alone and apparently on her road.

“Well, um, I er, might be a ummm curious.”

She smiled at my flummoxing. We were at her house and she invited me in. Her room was nice and spacious but it was obvious they’d just moved in as the walls were blank and crying out for posters and there were boxes stacked everywhere. She’d managed to get her TV and PC set up though. We sat on her bed and were hit by another tedious silence. “So, you’re a lesbian aren’t you?” asked Sarah.

“Yes OK I am. You know my uncle can get you a great deal on a loudspeaker.” I tried to say this a bit of sincerity but I ended up blurting it out.

Sarah smiled and said “don’t be silly! I wanted to tell you that I’m bi as well”

Well, I nearly fainted! It was just such a relief. I thought she would be about to exile me but it turned out she played for my team! I felt like laughing but I managed to contain myself. I just grinned instead.

“Wow that is so cool!” Is all I managed to say.

She didn’t reply but that proved more than enough as she planted a soft kiss on my lips. I could do nothing but stare at her. I was in a pleasant form of shock. Was this happening? Was I about to have sex with this beautiful scoucer? I’m sure I’m about to find out.

Sarah asked whether I wanted to do this and again, all I could do was nod. With that, she cupped my breasts with her small hand and squeezed gently. I moaned and snapped out of what seemed to be a trance and started to return the favour. I kissed her as I was fondling her smaller tits. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she accepted it greedily.

She moved quickly and soon had my white school blouse opened to reveal my Wonder-Bra. We were still kissing so I broke us up to start work on her blouse. I unbuttoned slower because my hands were trembling so much. Sarah noticed this.

“Relax OK? Just enjoy it.” And with that took off her skirt.

She had on a white, translucent thong. I finally finished her blouse and practically dove for her naked tits underneath. She must have ‘forgotten’ to put it on after her shower. While I sucked on my first ever nipple she removed my rather conservative panties. (I do have lots of sexy underwear but today wasn’t a day I happened to be wearing any.)

As Ali G would say, I keep a ‘shaven haven’ and Sarah instantly fell in love and made a dive for it but I felt that I needed to she her pussy. I unsnapped my Wonder-Bra and let my 32 D’s drop out Sarah took a liking to these as well and took her turn of nipple sucking.

It was the most magical moment I had ever experienced. She took as much of my whole breast in her mouth as she could, and then let it slip out until she reached my nipple. She flicked it with her tongue and bit gently until I screamed with pleasure. She then remembered that I was now, completely naked and reluctantly left my tits and travelled down to my love-hole. I was sitting on her bed and she was squatting on the floor. I spread my legs to allow her easy access.

With two fingers, she spread my outer lips and started massaging my clit. I knew what was coming next. I had done it to myself so many times before. But this experience was 1000 times better. She flicked my clit with a well-manicured fingernail. I found myself shouting at her. “Ohh please! Suck it please! I needa cum bad!”

She responded by shoving 3 fingers into my fuck-tunnel and used her tongue on my pulsating clit. While going in and out with her fingers she lightly licked and then sucked on my clit. After about ten seconds of moaning and shouting with pleasure I couldn’t take any more. My legs shot together with amazing force and locked her face and hand in my cunt. I started bucking wildly and my teeth clenched together.

“O fuck yeah! Fuck my pussy slut bitch! Oh oh ohhhhhhhh” I shot into orbit and everything went white. When I came back down again which must have been about 10 seconds later Sarah was now sitting on the bed beside me, grinning from ear to ear and licking my pussy juice off her fingers. I smiled back and licked the rest off her cheeks.

I told her to lay back on the bed and she did so silently. I went to remove her thong but it was hardly recognisable. Soaking wet, it had turned into a flannel. I rolled them down and saw her beautiful pussy, which was visibly leaking juice. It wasn’t completely bald as mine is, but it was obviously trimmed so that they only hair was a faint line just above her slit. Very sexy.

I hadn’t done this before so I just tried to copy what Sarah had done. With no problem at all, I entered her fuck hole with two fingers and then added a third. I didn’t go for her clit straight away. Instead I worked on assaulting her fanny. After two minuets of this she begged me to eat her but I pretended not to hear her.

“Come on eat me! Please!” she begged. But then got more aggressive. “Lick my fucking fadge you slag”

I submitted and slowed my fingers down and lowered my head onto her clitoris. The effects were instantaneous. She immediately exploded and her girl-cum went all over my face and in my hair but mostly in my mouth. It tasted nearly the same as my own which is of corse delicious! I frigged her for another ten seconds and then with drew my fingers with a wet ‘plop’ noise.

Sarah was still in a world of her own when I looked down upon her. She was breathing heavily and her round tits were rising up and down. I smiled. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship…

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