Ode to The Aquarius King: Revenge

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Double Penetration

She sat there naked with her legs crossed as she watched him dangle and as he did the memory of the sweet torture she endured at the hands of her Aquarius King played back in her head. Tonight was the night of her revenge. Tonight he would go from being her king to being her bitch.

There he was the man she dubbed her Aquarius King, her sexy Haitian Dream, her living Hershey’s bar. His dark chocolate skin glistened in the moonlight as he dangled with his feet barely touching the floor and his mouth gagged as she stuffed her bra in his mouth. Tonight he was gonna pay for what he did to her.

She looked him up and down as she seductively walked around him. His eyes met hers as she stood in front of him that’s when she noticed he was hard as steel. She didn’t give him permission to be hard so she slapped him clear across his. She told him that as her bitch he would do exactly as she said when she said it and getting hard without permission wasn’t allowed.

That’s when he scoffed at her which pissed her off. So at that point she decided to let the games begin. She walked over to the table she had setup and grabbed her belt and the small bucket of ice filled water.

She was gonna teach him a lesson that he’d soon never forget. You see she’s a southern girl who grew up with a Grandfather who believed that the best time to spank a child who was acting a damn fool was when they were fresh out of the tub. She decided to use that principle here. With that she doused him in with the ice cold water and watched as he and his body tried to adjust to the shock of it. She took the belt to his back and ass as he adjusted. His screams were muffled by her bra as she relentlessly took her belt to his backside.

She had the same wickedly evil intentions for him as he did for her. Tonight was about his punishment and her sweet revenge. She looked at his sore backside and decided he hadn’t suffered enough pain for her liking. So, she took her belt erzincan escort to his chest, legs, dick and especially his balls. Hearing his muffled screams was music to her ears. She wanted him to learn why you don’t use hot sauce on her pussy and think you’ll get away with it. She smiled wickedly as a few tears rolled down his cheeks.

She cupped his chin so she could see the look of pain in his eyes. When she saw it, she grabbed his balls and twisted them causing him to cry out she laughed when he did. She told him he was now her official bitch as she kept twisting his balls.

His soft sobs were orgasmic to her. She knew then she had his full attention. She told him his punishment/her revenge was far from over, as she put on her massive 12″ strap-on, took her bra out of his mouth and let him out of his binds. She ordered him to be on his knees because as her bitch he was gonna suck her “dick”. She rammed her strap-on into his mouth and began fucking it with reckless abandonment.

Hearing him gag was like tasting the sweetest honey. She looked down at him and flashed her devilish grin as she fucked his pretty mouth. Once she was satisfied with his dick sucking skills she pushed him away and ordered him on his back. That does when he decided to be defiant and told her he wasn’t gonna do it. At that point she raised an eyebrow and slapped him again. She told him she was in charge and with that she pinned him to the floor.

She took off her strap-on and then ordered him to eat her pussy. He took in her womanly scent then attacked her pussy with all his strength. She was in heaven as his tongue spelled out the alphabet both in plain text and cursive. She told him to stop which caused him to groan in protest but she didn’t care. He was gonna eat her ass and he was gonna do it right then and there.

His mouth attacked her ass with the same powerful force he used on her pussy. She smothered his face with her ass erzurum escort when caused him to become hard. She chuckled to herself as she looked at his hard on. Once she was satisfied with the oral pleasure she got from him she stood up and commanded him to crawl over to the table she had setup because that’s where she was going to fuck his brains out.

He obeyed his queen and crawled over to the table. She decided to reward him a little so she kissed him passionately, grabbed his dick with her right hand and began pumping it. She sucked on his neck as she pumped his dick it was a sweet experience that he didn’t want to end. Being the cum loving woman that she was, she dropped to her knees and started sucking him off.

No matter how much punishment she gave him it will always remain that he was her king and she will still be his queen. He didn’t want her to stop but alas she stopped and protested he did. She stood up and shook her head at him before slapping him once again. She told it that playtime was over for him and that it was time to get down to the business at hand. With that said she ordered him to bend over the table and so he did as he was told.

He was borderline scared as hell as to what she was going to do to him because once he bent over the table she handcuffed his hands together, stuffed her bra back into his mouth and blindfolded him. All he could do was lay there and listen to the sounds of things rustling around then complete silence his body tensed up with fear at that moment. That’s when he heard her wickedly evil laugh. He knew then that he was in for some real trouble. She stood behind him marveling at his tight ass while stroking her 12″ strap-on. His ass was a beautiful dark chocolate color.

This was it this was the moment of truth for her. She took a small bottle lube off the table then put a little on her fingers and his tight asshole. Once his ass was well lubricated to her liking she bursa escort crammed two fingers in his ass. His shriek was masked by her bra. She thrust her fingers in and out of his for several minutes in an attempt to loosen him up a little. She positioned her body directly behind his and with one hand on his waist and the other one his shoulder his queen closed her eyes and pushed her strap-on into his backside.

His eyes went from screwed shut to wide open as she invaded him even though all he could see was darkness. He tried bucking back to get her to stop but she stood her ground and began fucking him. He was tight and thus this invasion was painful to him but she didn’t care, because all she could think about was the pain from the hot sauce mixing with her pussy juices setting her pussy on fire and those shots with the whip.

He was gonna pay and pay dearly. That’s when she amped up her assault on his ass. The memory of sweet pain lit a fire inside of her and she was gonna let it out. She tightened her grip on him and banged his ass with every ounce of strength she had in her. His screams only fueled her to go faster and harder.

She took her bra out of mouth again because she wanted to hear him screaming just like he heard her. After hearing him scream out that he was her own little bitch for several minutes she got inspired. She took of his blindfold then grabbed the 8″ dildo beside him and told him to suck it while she finished off his ass. Reluctantly he did what he was told to do. She pounded him nonstop for what seemed like ages. She was soon close to cumming as was her king and he let her know he was gonna cum.

Once he did, she took her hand off his waist, grabbed his shaft, pumped his dick and listened to him scream as he blew his hot sticky load everywhere. Since she wanted to cum on his face she pulled out of his ass, ordered him on his back and smothered his face with her sopping wet pussy until she released her sweet juices.

Once she came down from her orgasm she removed his handcuffs and laid in her king’s arms spent and satisfied with her conquest. As they laid there together she looked into his sultry brown eyes and with an evil smile she asked him who’s the bitch now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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