On the Bi-Cycle

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Interrupting the stories I’m working on because I’ve got a bad case of remembering and writer’s block. You may be seeing more old unpublished stories if this doesn’t clear up soon. This is an old story of a hookup years ago through one of the apps and then the follow-up encounters we had. I’m bi and while I love women I find that I have a terrible weakness for pure raw hedonism with men. I fell off the wagon here and paid a price.

It had been a long while since the last man sex I’d had and I was feeling the urge. Badly. I had never been much of a cocksucker and mentioned in the profile I wanted somebody to teach me. That brought out the hunters offering to teach me.

My natural caution was weakend and I started chatting with a guy only a couple of miles away. He said the right things and when I expressed interest he sent me his address.

I knew where it was and like an automaton drove there and parked. The car color he mentioned in the message was there and I walked with a pounding heart up the driveway.

JR looked just like his picture. A bear with a mostly shaved head and tats but a friendly smile. He grinned wide at the open door and ushered me in. It was obvious he was turned on. Lightly touching me and motioning up his stairs.

Walking into the bedroom he didn’t restrain himself. One hand went to my ass and the other to my bulge. “You’re fucking hot” he whispered and I grabbed his crotch in response. Excited he unbuttoned his pants and tugged them down. A hard average sized cock popped up and I grasped it and stroked as he gasped.

It was perfect size to give head. I bent down and took it between my lips as he groaned. Hard myself at the thought of what I was doing. I went as deep as I could. Taking him just to where my gag kicked in and bobbed there. JR was groaning and grabbing my head. I kept at it until he raised my head up. “Lets get on the bed.”

I stood and he unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my underwear down to my ankles before grasping our cock together. I was noticeably bigger in length and girth but that was ok with me. I didn’t need or want anything huge penetrating either orifice at this point.

He moved and lay on his back on the bed and I hobbled over to lay my cheek on his belly, his cock in my mouth and I sucked.

“Twist your hand like this” he corkscrewed his hand on his cock and I copied him, taking his cock back in my mouth at the tip. Sucking the head and working my tongue. He began to moan again and suddenly I felt myself coming and jumped up to shoot on his belly spontaneously which delighted him no end. He rubbed it in and I went back to my task.

I could hear him groan as I twisted, my hand at his balls, the crown in my mouth and his hand jacking himself. Then there was another huge groan from him and I tasted it. Salty and thick, it ran across my tongue and stuck to the inside of my mouth. I sucked it to get it all and swallowed as best I could with a perverse sense of pride.

“Ahh fuck, I’m light headed” he said. “That was fucking fantastic.”

I was surprised how salty it was and continued to taste it while swallowing multiple times. As I dressed we talked and I could tell he was excited whereas the guilt came over me. I was a cocksucker. Confirmed by a mouthful of his cum and another experience added. I tasted him in my mouth the rest of the day and night.

We texted later through the app and it got pretty filthy as we talked about availability. It looked like the next weekend was the most likely. I told him that I wanted to video it. To do it all and admitted I liked to be controlled and used. He questioned me and got quite excited at the possibilities.

It became a little less likely when I got a sinus infection and had to get antibiotics that made me nauseous but we planned for the next weekend. I found myself walking to his door video camera in hand and this time he couldn’t restrain himself and went into a full clinch before ushering me upstairs.

I came expecting to give him a quick blowjob but he tugged at my clothes and soon I stood there wearing nothing. Hands on hips he rotated me against the bed and pushed down so I was bent over it as he rubbed my exposed flesh.

We had talked about just having him rub himself on the outside but I looked back to see him pop the top on the lube and then I felt the fingers. Probing and pulling, slicking up my asshole and then a finger popped in and unerringly went to my gland.

“Ahwah” was the unintelligible response from me as he rubbed and anointed. The head rubbed all over between my cheeks. “Turn on the video, it’s the red button.” I begged. Even if this was just for show it would be hot to watch him rub his cock over my crease in a simulation of being fucked.

JR rubbed the lube in with his cock and the thumb in my ass rubbed the knob. The bottle squirted more on and I felt him remove his thumb only to have his hardness replace it at the entrance. I wasn’t going to complain because it felt great but was surprised adana escort when I felt him push.

The entrance was somewhat easy as he fisted himself and I felt myself flair. The inner ring was another story and I grasped at the sheets with a loud “Ughhh” when he hit sphincter. It clenched and burned with him against it.

“Just wait a minute. Breathe and it will stop” he cajoled from behind me and I felt the burning start to subside and then he slid deeper with nothing in the way.

“Aghhhh” but this time it wasn’t from pain. It was feeling of full penetration and his hips hit my ass and there was a good tingle inside. I was getting fucked in the first time in years and I focused on the shaft traveling in and out of the inner ring.

He handed me the camera and I wondered what my face looked like as I got fucked. The screen rotated around and I stared at my visage. Grimacing and growling a I was jarred by each thrust. “Fuck me JR. Fuck my slutty ass.” Seeing it turned me on no end and still turns me on when I watch it. He pounded me for several minutes then as I rocked forward face on the video display.

I could see him behind me grasping my hips for leverage and pounding in and out while I made faces I didnâ??t know I made.

JR pulled out and rolled me on my back. He pulled me towards him and I pulled my legs back to rotate my hole up for him. I wanted to see it. His cock going back in my ass. I moved the camera and held it up before moving it to the side. My entire crotch was exposed that way and I could watch as he moved between my legs and fingered me before using his cock again.

It slipped right in and he went to the balls easily. I was seeing myself getting ass-fucked and my cock got fat and chubby against my belly as he pumped my knees back, ass exposed for maximum penetration. His hand came up lightly at my throat as his cocked pumped in and out. I was such a slut.

“AAAAh keep fucking me up the ass” I whispered in a growl.

“Take that cock” he replied and removed the hand from my neck to grasp my almost hard cock.

He started pumping it and I didn’t last more than 30 seconds. Moaning as the streams of cum bubbled from the tip and covered his fist and my stomach.

“That felt fucking great to have you come on my cock like that. Could feel your hole contracting.”

“Did you cum?” I asked not wanting to leave him high and dry.

“No, it’s alright”

“Go clean up and I’ll suck you off.”

He disappeared into the bathroom and there was the sound of running water. A couple minutes later he came back out with his cock pointing the way. Reaching into a drawer he pulled out a knobby prostate massager.

“Turn on your side. This has a remote and I’m going to control it while you practice your cocksucking.”

I rolled into a fetal position exposing my used ass to him and he just thumbed it wide and I felt the rubbery knob. It started buzzing and he slowly slipped it in until it was firmly in my crease.

“Now get on your knees cocksucker. Let’s test whether you’ve improved.

“Remember what you told me in that chat?”


“That when you took me all the way to the root you wanted me to give you a dollar. So then you’d be a whore.”

“Yeah, still want it to. You can decide when you want to pay for my ass. When it’s good enough.”

“Oh it’s fucking good enough now. I think I’m going to pimp your ass out to a friend though. Two buck whore. We’ll spitroast you and he’s got a big cock. Not as big as yours but longer. I’ll keep a buck and you’ll get one. Cum in both ends and leave you sloppy.”

He stood there and I put him as deep as I could. Fighting and pulling out when the gag reflex was too great. I pursed my lips and sucked and he groaned and grabbed the top of my head. He had the camera screen pointing at me.

“Oh yeah, you’re turning into a good little cocksucker. I’m going to cum on your face.” I pulled off of him for a second.

“Do it. Cum on my slutty cocksucking face.”

And he did. The warmth of it was so much more noticeable outside as cascaded over my lips in a big spurt. I opened and sucked it off the head only to get more pulses as JR grunted in satisfaction.

“Youâ??re a fucking hot little cocksucker. Lick it off and swallow it.”

My tongue licked my upper lip and got a big glob and I could see him filming it. I opened my mouth for the camera and swallowed it all.

We talked about it afterwards. I was surprised to get fucked like that. “Switched it up on you didn’t I. Next time you’re going to clean out and I’m going to eat that tight ass of yours. You’re gonna feel my whiskers between your cheeks. I’m gonna take a Cialis too so I’m really hard. You’re gonna get two loads up your ass to take home.”

I left and watched the video. It was the nasty porn I had hoped for and I was the star of it. Taking it up the ass two different ways and then sucking him off until he shot on my face. It gave me another hard afyon escort on.

I got busy then and couldn’t make it over. Finally I texted him. “I need to suck some cock but only have a half hour. You up for it.”

“Bring it on.”

So on the way home from work I stopped and fifteen minutes later found myself on my knees bobbing up and down as his cock tested the back of my throat. I had been practicing and found that on the edge of a gag I produced huge quantities of stringy spit. Spit that now covered him like a pornstar blowjob.

I still couldn’t take him all the way but I could take him much further.

“Take it slut” he said as I felt his balls contract and a load slip over my tongue. I dutifully swallowed, gargled some mouthwash and left.

The next week I got a text on Tuesday. “Balls need draining. Come by at 5:30 so I can use your mouth.”

Part of me didn’t want to be told what to do but I found myself walking to his door at 5:28. JR opened the door with a grin. “Love a reliable cock slut. Go up to my room and take off your clothes. I’ll be up in a minute.”

I stripped and stood there not knowing what to do until I heard his footsteps on the stairs. He tossed a leather collar to me. “Lay on the bed with your head at the edge. When you can take me to the root you get to wear this but not before. You been practicing on not gagging?”

“Yeah, it’s better.” I had been trying to minimize my gag reflex by using a toothbrush and a small dildo I had. I had gotten farther recently.

“You see what the collar says on it? I turned it in my hands. It was burnished dark brown leather about an inch wide with a thick metal ring near the clasp. “JR’s cock whore” was stamped on it.

“That’s right. You’re no longer going to be a cock slut when you wear this. I’m going to give your cut. You’ll be my two dollar whore. Now get on the bed and earn it.”

I lay down and opened my mouth. I could see him move forward and suddenly the light was blocked as his balls dropped to my lips and nose pressed against his earthy smelling taint.

“Lick my balls slut. Get that juice flowing so I can paint your mouth.”

I tongued them thoroughly as the sack rubbed against my lower face and he moved forward so my tongue moved behind his balls.

“Thatâ??s right slut. Lick my taint. If you take the collar you’re going to lick ass too . Whores need to do what their customers want.”

He moved back and I could see again. His cock and balls poised over my forehead. “If you want to go that next step open your mouth wide and put your head back.”

I laid my head back and opened and the head entered as I tightened my lips around it. As it slid back I felt the gag begin and fought it. Fists clenched breathing heavily through my nose as his balls rubbed against it.

I could feel the stringy spit accumulating and he pulled back a moment before sliding back in. “You’ve been practicing slut. Just need to take another inch. Give me a suck if you’re ready for more.”

I pursed my lips and sucked on the head which made him groan. Then the shaft moved forward and I felt the rising panic as the reflex began to activate. “Breath! He roared” and I did my best with the heavy snorts coming through my nose.

He gave me no respite by pulling out but instead left the hot shaft embedded in my mouth. “Just a little more” and I knew it to be true because his balls lightly touched my face.

It was a small movement but suddenly I felt my lips flare as the intersection of his cock and body. “You did it my little whore” he said and removed himself. He held up a dollar bill in my line of sight. Written on it in blue ballpoint it said. “blowjob” and the date.

“This is yours. Keep it in your wallet from now on.” He tossed it on the bed next to me and picked up the collar. I felt it wrap around my neck, tighten and the clasp be set. JR grabbed a leather leash from behind him and clipped to the ring.

“Get on your knees now. It’s time to earn your pay.”

I knelt there. Heels on ass with the leash tugging me upright. “Turn your head a little towards the camera.” As I rotated I saw the cell phone held off the to side at my head height as he inserted his cock hard against my inside cheek. The selfie screen showed the bulge of the knob forcing the flesh out, my distended jaw around the shaft and my collared neck complete with inscription.

“That’s fucking hot” he said and tossed the phone on the bed before grabbing my head with both hands.

My mouth was his receptacle. A warm fleshy sheath to extract cum from balls and he used it that way. The leash was coiled around his hand and would tug together with his hands and I did my best to withstand it. The angle wasn’t as good but a couple thrusts managed to bounce my nose off his stomach as I fought to not gag and sucked as best I could.

He didn’t last long. I think the setup had him on edge to begin with. “Uhhhh, take it you little whore!” he screamed and I felt the lumpy alanya escort spurts explode from his cock and cling to my mouth flesh. It must have been five or six spurts before he finally pulled out and rubbed the remains on my lips.

“Get up but I don’t want you to swallow.” I expected it to be over but JT wiped what must have been a blob of cum from my lips. I opened like a little bird expecting to be fed the remnants but he pushed me back over the bed with knees back. The wet fingertip used that vestigial moisture to go up to the knuckle before pulling out. His other hand went next to my head.

“Spit some of it out on my hand.”

By this time the cum had combined with saliva and I really wanted to swallow but did as he asked. “Need to cum up your ass next time but this will have to hold you” and he deposited those remnants up my hole. He moved forward next and I felt his soft cock rubbing the crease and the ring.

“Don’t want to send my boy off without getting off but I’m only good for one. Hold your legs back”

He ground against my ass holding his cock and occasionally having a finger penetrate while the other hand jacked me. I might have lasted a minute before spilling over my belly and his hand with a groan.

None stayed there as he swiped it up and had me suck it off his fingers. “I want you to be more verbal from now on. You obviously love cock and cum. Tell me about it. Now get dressed and I’ll text you soon.”

And he did. Mostly it was for a quick BJ but then I had an open morning on a weekend.

I slid down my jeans. My bare ass feeling the open air as JR gasped. “Fuck, I’m going to eat that ass until you’re begging to get fucked.” He palmed my cheeks and dug his fingers into the crease where my thigh met the crack just inches from my hole.

“Hold that thought. I need to go clean out and then I’ll be back to take you up on that.”

The douche attachment in the shower worked well. The water ran clean and I dried off and put the jock back on. JR was waiting for me with his cock pointed out at a forty-five degree angle.

“Get on the bed baby. Like you said you wanted to get fucked.”

I crawled on the bed. Spreading my knees and leaning over so my shoulders met the mattress. His weight made the bed move and he thumbed my cheeks wide.

“Ahhh” I felt his breath on my hole just before his tongue swiped at the center. Lots of saliva flooded the flesh as I squirmed for several minutes. When he finally stopped the area between my cheeks was wet with spit and the hole had been penetrated by that muscular flesh. I heard the lube bottle open and squirt into my crease above the hole before a finger rubbed it in.

“Uhhhh” I moaned as I felt the finger penetrate several inches. It moved around in and out. Reaching deep into me.

“You want some poppers?”

He knew I hadn’t done them before but I didn’t think I needed them. JR wasn’t hugely thick. Probably only an inch and half wide and I had taken dildos that big before.

“Nah just open me up some. Give me another finger” and I grunted a little as he did. He worked more lube in and I finally felt him smoothly sliding in and out with two fingers.

“Come on. Sodomize me. Fuck me up the ass. I’m going to turn on the video.” The camcorder came on with it’s normal warble and I extended it, the view screen rotated so I could see my face, eyes half-lidded with lust. An erotic selfie as I turned on the record button and could see him behind me.

Then I felt him. The firm flesh pushed against my pucker and I pushed out to welcome him. There was brief moment when I thought I might need the poppers. He was right on the edge of the ring and he stopped as the outer ring spread around him. I tried to hold the camera steady then. My face showed that feeling that begins when things larger than a finger penetrate.

“Don’t want to hurt you baby but I need to get in. Gonna let you do it. Just a half inch I bet and I’ll be through and in and the muscle will start relaxing. Else I can give you a popper and you’ll open up like a flower.”

I steeled myself. Biting my lip as I pressed back and felt the burning of first penetration but it moved and in just a little bit the resistance ended as he slipped in and used the opportunity to go all the way until his groin met my ass.

“Ahh, sweet tight ass slut.” He gave my ass a slap and pulled most the way out before bottoming out again. “Made for fucking. You tell me when to start cause I not stopping until I cum somewhere on in your body.”

I could see myself grimacing a little and breathing hard but I really wanted it. “Go on. Fuck me. Take me like a bitch who owes you money.”

With another smack on the ass he did. Fast. My head bobbed on camera with every thrust and slowly my ass loosened some around him which allowed for greater speed. “Gonna pop soon. Gonna do it on your face. Get over here.”

I flipped around in a supplicants position and he used about three strokes to drop a hot load on my forehead, cheek, and chin.

“Goddamn you got a hot ass but I love jizzing on that pretty boy face. Hand me that camera for a closeup.”

He rubbed his leaking cock all over my face and smeared it around some. That’s going to look fucking great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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