Piss Holding, Gay and Lesbian

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Kissing Penis

Roger and I (Phil) had been together a few months when we both discovered we loved peeing games. Although Roge has a slight physique, he has a wonderful cock that I love so much, playing with it, when it is deep inside me or peeing so hard on me. I am tall and always smiling, I am so happy with Roge.

Although nervous at first, we avoided being caught until one, as we thought then, terrible day. Roge had his cock out and was peeing on me, while I was fully clothed, peeing on my face and shirt, when two girls came along the rarely used, and partly over grown path. They gasped in surprise, and headed away quickly We were both worried sick as we knew them by sight, and they were often on the high street of the small conservative town where we live. Would they report us, or spread gossip about us?

One day, when shopping in our town, our hearts sank. The two girls who had seen our piss play were walking towards us. They seemed amused and full of contempt for us, they swept past. Then our blood ran cold. The smaller girl, with long red hair and a cute babyface shouted :

“Oh, it’s you two is it?”

She turned to her tall, dark haired and flatter chested friend.

“Tell them what a mess they have made of our flat, Liz “

At this Liz replied “Yeah , Max, we keep having to mop the piss up, you turned us on so much. You two owe us a coffee each.”

Next thing we were in the café, a nice quiet, corner, drinking coffee and discussing the peeing fetish that we all now knew we shared.

The girls were not interested in men sexually, as we boys weren’t in women, but with peeing games it felt different, the desperation and release a wonderful experience we could all share.

“Sorry that we ran off, it was just too hot a scene for us at that moment. It’s really got into our heads,” Max gaziantep escort laughed.

“Somehow we felt we needed to come to terms with what we saw, we needed to drink from that same fountain.”

“So we pissed and drank together from each others’ fountains” laughed Liz.

We decided on a holding game, where all four of us would walk together in the countryside, taking plenty of bottled water, to fill our bladders. One by one three of us would eventually lose control and piss in our pants and slacks. Each defeat would feel delicious for the one letting go and the others would enjoy watching. The winner would then piss all over the other three.

We chose a quiet, warm Sunday, and Roge drove us all in his campervan to a forest walk, with plenty of minor walk ways off it. Clean clothes were ready for each of us in the van.

There was a slight chance we could be caught, but this only added to the excitement.

We had already drunk water on the drive to the forest, and as we set off on the dry soil pathway, we kept taking more water. I was beginning to feel a slight need to pee, and I was pretty sure the others did too. For the moment I could control it OK.

On and on we walked, as we chatting happily together. Liz tall and blonde, had a white top on with light coloured slacks, almost as though she wanted to be seen if she pissed herself. Max, red haired and a little shorter, also had a white top on but black trousers, as we guys did. We were all breathing quite deeply, chatting, but with an edge of tense excitement. I could clearly see the bulge in Roge’s slacks, and I saw him looking at mine. For a moment I wished it was just us two, so we could lie down, piss into each other’s mouths and onto our smooth chests, then hold each other’s warm, wet bodies, but the situation hatay escort with the four of us was incredibly exciting.

We all were flushed in the face, the girls’ nipples sticking strongly out, forcing the white material to bold points. There was lots of desperate breathing now, crossing of legs, and “oh God’s.”

Suddenly Roge gave a desperate groan, I said it was OK, let it go, I knew instinctively he just had to. It came with a rush, and a huge gasp of pleasure from him. His pants and trousers could not hold it, it poured down his legs, the dry mud becoming a puddle of piss and earth.

I kissed him passionately, he was crying with relief and pleasure. The two girls held each other, kissing manically, reassuring each other to let go when there was no holding, and not to worry. To lose seemed as much fun as winning.

We walked on, Roge a bit uncomfortable with wet trousers and pants. The two girls and I were wriggling, fighting on our own delicious battles to hold. Roge can usually last longer than me, maybe the whole atmosphere of suspense and excitement go to him; although I think at that moment he just wanted to be watched peeing himself when fully clothed.

I was getting desperate and felt myself getting hot and my breath coming in gasps I wanted and needed to pee; but I also wanted to prolong the delicious feeling of holding. Rage teased me, saying “go on, wet for us” and other unhelpful things. I threatened to spank him over my knee next time we were alone together. This did not seem to put him off, saying he was looking forward to it!

Max also seemed to be very close, her eyes misty with tears of emotion.

“Liz, I don’t think I can hold, kiss me baby,” Liz obliged, but then stepped back sensing her lover was about to gush. Liz stared at Max with a mixture hatay escort of cold cruelty and total love. Max gave a scream and the telltale patch appeared and grew at her crotch and down her trousers. Soon the piss was pouring onto the ground, her look of despair replaced by one of bliss.

Liz had a wild look of lust, as soon as the flow ebbed she hugged and French kissed Max with lesbian frenzy.

It was strange, but as after Roge let go, the walk started again. Now it was between Liz and I. A little rashly I felt sure I was going to win, Liz was holding her crotch with one hand and gripping Max with the other, her face red , showing tension, concentration and pain. The problem was I was also absolutely at the edge, the piss a powerful force, which I could barely hold

I imagined the piss running down her legs, and relaxed a little, only to feel a little urine escape. I fought to regain control, but I wanted e everyone to see me piss right now. The desire for this took over my brain, I let go with a cry of pure bliss, enjoying my defeat. The flow felt warm and smelled rich as it soon escaped my pants, soaking my trousers, socks, shoes and the ground.

Roge and I held each other as I shook with emotion.

Liz gave a commanding look, and we all lay down in front of her, fully clothed and wet from our own piss. Liz described in lurid detail what she was going to do to us; her words seemed to be mainly for Max, whose face coloured : there was an almost telepathic sexuality between them. Liz seemed almost cruel, but her aim seemed to be to heighten Max’s sexual pleasure.

Liz pulled down her trousers, then pants. Soon a fountain of piss was directed at each of us in turn, on chests, faces, and in our mouths as we obediently opened them for her.

The piss was then directed at the almost pointingly hard nipples of Max. The piss lovingly caressed them. Her ginger hair then turned a darker red as it was washed in urine.

Soon the girls were swapping piss from mouth to mouth, while I took Roge’s hard cock lovingly into my mouth………..

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