Punky’s Diary, Jan 07

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Punky’s Diary – a Friend’s Experiences, collected by Selbryth.

January 15, 2007

Hey, it’s me, Punky again!

From the last time it was me and this cute girl Stevie from work. Well, we spent Christmas together, totally humping our brains out over the vacation, but then she had this family thing where her uncle wasn’t feeling well over on the East Coast and she left.

Then she found another job and we sorta split up.

Had to.

I mean, we did some hot-chat online and stuff, but, long-story-short, she found someone else, and so there I was, alone again.

Which, what the fuck, is normal for me.

So anyhow, I dyed my hair jet-black again, let it grow, and then ordered a bunch of new dildos and vibrators from this online place. I’m back at work doing the normal shit, but the afterhours stuff—well, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

And so I did. I did it a lot.

I mean, okay seriously? I had no freaking idea I’d been that pent up. My dildos came in FedEx and it was this huge box, that was sorta embarrassing to sign for, but nobody knew what it was. I took it home, opened it, and about four hours later I was just coming back to consciousness because I’d tried out four of the things and they’d all melted my brains totally out.

Especially the double one—double-fucked and melted.

But enough about my anal fixations and shit.

Anyway, I sorta expected my insides to explode (just not so fucking much), and so I’d laid down a towel to soak up anything that came out. The towel was totally dripping. I picked it up and stuff was just dripping in a puddle on the floor. I guess that’s Stevie’s fault, really. At least I blame her because she’s not around, but…I really got into squirting while I was with her, and now it was happening just about every time.

So I clean up and throw the towel in the bathtub so I can rinse it out when I shower (which I wasn’t planning on doing because I sorta liked the smell I had all over me), and so I come back out and flip on the television and there’s this commercial about yoga or something. You know, one of those cheap late night commercials where the lighting and the video quality is totally fucked up?

But I was watching these people looking all calm and happy and smiling and shit so I wrote the number down. I mean, I’m thinking I really need a change, you know? Get some culture and crap and do something spiritual.

Next day I call the number and get the address and I go down (since it’s Saturday), and a guy and a chick come out to greet me and they’re wearing these loose cotton clothes and look all East Indian and stuff, so I’m thinking Way Fucking Cool, and sign up for classes.

And the first one was like right now, so they take me back to the dressing room and I get cool looking clothes like they do (of course my hair is totally Gothic and stuff, but what the fuck, right?), but I put my street clothes in a locker and I’m totally naked except for these duds, and then I’m following them out to the main Meditation Chamber.

Which had like elephant looking statues with humanish faces and this other one with like fifty arms and stuff. It smells like the 60s or something because there’s incense burning and it’s all quiet.

Then this other girl comes up grinning and she sits me down and shows me how to sit. You know, that cross-legged thing. I loved it because it made my back straighten and it felt really good, but though some of the other new people (you could tell because their clothes still had creases and were starchy like mine were), were having problems getting their legs crossed like you’re supposed to, I didn’t have any problem.


Because sometimes I sit like this when I’m, uh…doing other stuff, is why, you know? Instead of having one foot over on top of the opposite thigh though, my way is where one foot is actually under you, and if you’re a chick you know where under me I mean.

So I get settled in and then we all close our eyes—there’s about 50 people there—and about half are doing the Full Lotus position—both feet crossed and on top of the thigh—and half were doing the Half Lotus like I was—one foot over, one under.

So then we’re all breathing in and out real slow and the teacher’s telling us about where to focus our thoughts and to not have thoughts or some such shit like that, and then this weird thought just pops into my head.

God, that chick was so totally hot!

This was referring to the girl who’d helped me sit.

Cute! So cute! What a sweet face! But so totally hot! Cute hands and feet and…she would look so hot naked!

So since I wanted to have some class and not get all wrapped up in shit like I normally do, I tried to blank my mind out like they were telling us to do.

Cute yoga-lady without any clothes on at all. No underwear, nothing. All natural and pretty and with her eyes closed, meditating! And I would just…

Then I hear something weird. We’re all breathing in unison, in and out real slow, but I hear a different kind of breath. Like really fast. Like a chick…well, çanakkale escort gasping softly!

So even though you’re not supposed to, I opened one eye just a slit and glanced around. I’m still breathing so I’d fit in, but I turn my head a little bit and see her—the yoga-lady! And she is so totally darling and adorable and cuter than shit. I almost expected her to see me looking and come over and slap me or something—not that she’s supposed to be doing a violent thing in a meditation place—but when I see her, she’s not looking at me, but at this other yoga-chick.

And I’m going WTF, you know?

And not only that, but as I’m peeking, her mouth (the first yoga-girl) falls open and her eyes go blank and I figure she’s in some meditational upper realm or some shit so she is allowed to have her eyes open, but her mouth falls open like I say and she moans.

She’s the fucking one moaning.

And there’s just no doubt what kind of moan it is. I mean a woman just doesn’t make that kind of sound for no reason unless she’s mental or something.

So, since she’s staring all starry eyed at this other girl I can open my eye a little more and turn my head more (though I still had only one eye open) and now I see that she’s rocking ever so slightly back and forth where she’s sitting.

And of course I know that movement pretty freakin’ well by this time. I look a little more and her pants are baggy like everyone’s but you can see that she’s got one foot under and one over, and she’s well, you know what she was doing.

And I’m thinking, Fucking Great. I try to get away from the sexy stuff and here I am caught in the middle of it.

Well, not actually caught; I’m not involved so whatever.

I mean okay, the chick she was looking at was blonde and tall and slim and really beautiful and all that and I couldn’t blame her or anybody else from wanting to do some pussy-to-heel-sliding while looking at her (she really was gorgeous!), but…

Then another gasping sound from the other side of me and I turn and see another yoga-girl, except this one’s got her hand inside the front of her shirt and from the way her shirt was moving, she really had a tit-massage going on for herself. But across from her yet this other chick is eyeing her up and as I’m sitting there I notice that this one is slipping a hand down in her lap. A second or so after that she gets this face like Oh my god! and her lips hang and her shoulders are rising because she’s breathing so deep.

I mean breathing’s a part of all this—supposedly—but gasping and moaning?

So I close my eye again and try to think of something else. I figure if these people want to waste their time and not have any class ‘n shit, then fine. That’s for them. I take a breath and then decided I can do better, and so I grab my other foot and pull it up and over so I’ll be in the F.L. (full lotus) position.

And so I’m sitting there with these soft gasps and groans going off around me and I just try to ignore it and go on with blanking my mind out.

Except now my ears are Huge like that one scene with Peewee Herman where his ear is like totally oversized and he’s going “Huh? Huh?” (fucking funny shit) and everything’s dead-silent except for these sexy sounds floating around me. And now it seems like there’s more of them coming from different places.

And especially, right directly next to me!

I’m really wanting to look, you know? But I’m determined to have at least a little bit of class and not.

Then there’s another soft moan and I finally turn and look and I’m going to just put this girl in her place and tell her to fucking get a room or something, but it’s me she’s looking at!

—Well, my feet because they’re both bottom’s-up in my lap and her big, brown eyes are all over them.

So I wriggle my toes to see if she’s really looking or is just blanked out and staring into nir-fucking-vana or something, but she’s looking. She moans again, and I’m looking directly at her now and she doesn’t even notice, and then I see that’s she’s riding her foot just like that other chick. Just back and forth and side to side slowly. She gasps again and now I’m getting turned-on by it. It’s like the whole room was filling with female sex energy or something. I mean there were guys there too—like four of them—and the rest were all ladies.

Then more ooo’s and aaa’s and I say fuck it and give in. I’m not about to jump anyone, but it’s just way too much. I finally bring my other foot down under me—H.L. (half lotus)—and I scoot up on top of it and get my heel lodged up against my cunt and, well, I start sliding.

Hey, it’s not my fault, right?

So I’m sliding and grinding and I peek with one eye at the girl who’s got the foot-hots for me and she has her yoga-shirt opened up now and she’s mooshing her boobs up and riding her heel like I am. She’s still staring at my other foot though (the visible one) and I’m thinking You’d just so totally flip out if I just, well….

So I turn toward her and she looks up at me scared and horny all at once, and I straighten çeşme escort my one leg out and put my foot right in her lap. She reaches for it, raises it, and then I see her lips pursing and I close my eyes.

I couldn’t help gasping when she kissed my foot, but it wasn’t my fault! ‘Course it would’a been worse if the whole place hadn’t been erupting with ladies gasping and moaning all over the frickin place (like that time I was in that library) but then I gasp again and I open my eyes and it’s like half an hour later.

So I guess the yoga thing works, really; like being taken away to some distant planet or something. Okay I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be, but it just seemed that way.

But now I look around and women all over the place not only have their tops open and are doing the heel-squishy thing (like I was still doing), but they’re totally naked now. I mean butt-ass naked; completely bare. And they’re not riding their heels while they’re looking at one another—they’re outright fucking on the mats all around me: sixty-nine (lots), mutual finger-fucking, single finger-fucking (that’s what I wanted to be doing to the girl next to me), clit-diddling, and a few still simply masturbating as they watched each other or the others.

The guys were naked too and looking around while they jerked on their cocks. It wasn’t actually something I wanted to see that early in the day, but there were so few of them it was easy to ignore.

Me though: I was sitting up with both legs stretched out wide and I was leaning back against someone. It was a chick I knew because I could feel her boobs pressed up against my back. And my back was bare so I could feel it really good.

Actually all of me was bare and though that was a little puzzling, I have to say it felt really nice to be leaning back against someone while she reached around and massaged my boobs for me.

But down at my other end two ladies—the original one and another one now—straddled my feet and were humping up and down. They had their pussies sliding down around my big-toes and that was pretty incredible. I tried to remember stuff from when I’d had that time-slip go by and I remembered being undressed and stuff, but that was about it.

Then, like it always happens, I’m cumming and shivering all over and my tits are getting mashed and the girls on my feet really start riding hard and the whole thing is out of control, and then one of the hands on my boobs moves down to my pussy and a finger touches my clit and it’s like I’m being hit by lightening or something. Things sorta fade in and out of focus and then the woman behind me scoots backward and I’m laying flat on my back and then there’s this beautiful bush lowering down on my face and I reach up and grab her sides and guide her down.

So then I’m in sixty-nine with a total stranger and it’s…actually really pretty good. I mean, whoever she was really knew how to eat pussy! My feet are still being ridden hard, and then the girl on my face lifts off and another crotch comes down, but before my view is fuzzed out, I see the girl who’d been on my face because she’s now getting down on her front right between my legs. She goes back to eating me and then I’m slurping on this new pussy.

Then and only then do I realize that the lady between my legs is my supervisor from work! I mean I hadn’t seen her sitting in meditation when I came in, but there she was, cute blonde hair and all!

It was a like a freaking conspiracy or something.

After awhile time snaps back to normal for a moment and I’m now on my front eating some other girl out. Blonde bush, really cute. She’s groaning and everything and then she raises her head to look down at me and she smiles and wouldn’t’ya know it? Yah, my supervisor!

She reaches down with both hands and caresses my face real gentle and loving and then she lays back and I get back to what I was doing. I mean, aside from her being my boss and all that, her pussy was just wonderful I have to say. Her clit’s so hard I can just suck on it back and forth.

Back behind me someone’s humping my buns. There’s no dick in me thank god, but I can feel a slimy slit slipping back and forth against my cheeks; left one, then the right, and back and forth. Sorta like being painted Behind that my legs are free so to take a little strain off my lower back I bend my knees up. My feet are in the air, and about two seconds later two pairs of hands grab my feet and start massaging them and stuff.

It felt nice of course, but then mouths were there, kissing the balls of my feet and that felt even nicer.

Things went on like that for I don’t know how long. Must’ve been at least two hours. My supervisor and me wound up off by ourselves just doing sixty-nine non-stop, but by the time that whole yoga-sex thing finally faded away, there were like 50 naked bodies laying around in various positions and directions, chests heaving to catch their breath, soft murmuring talk and little bursts of that relieved kind of laughter that sometimes happens after you cum, and well, it was like a tornado diyarbakır escort had passed through and left all this wreckage.

And that’s the way I felt—wrecked. I hadn’t cum that much since before Stevie and when I sat up I still felt woozy and had to lean back against the wall. Then my supervisor touched my hand and I looked over.

“…none of this happened, okay?” she whispered, and I nodded. Of course it never happened. I mean there’s some things we girls have to just keep to ourselves so the guys don’t just write us off like “Oh yah, she’s just a fucking lesbian….”

It’s like a silent agreement.

But I had to admit, Morgan (my supervisor), even being in her forties, was beautiful. Of course I’d never seen so much of her before, but she’s one of those ladies that never have to worry about being in a bikini is what I’m saying. So I’m looking into her big beautiful eyes, looking at her full lips, then back into her eyes, then down to her boobs and then her eyes, and then at her muff. I suddenly couldn’t resist her anymore.

“But this didn’t happen either, okay?” I said, and then I just muff-dived her. She let out this cute little surprised yelp and then she spread her legs nice and wide and I got around proper and really started going for it. I think I ate her cunt for over half an hour, even though lots of the other folk were cleaning up and getting dressed. I was still there, feet wagging happily in the air behind me, licking my supervisor’s incredibly tasty snatch.

Then someone was tapping my shoulder and I stopped and was about to yell at whoever it was. I hoped it was the leader of this yoga-hippy-commune so I could give him a piece of my mind.

The nerve of them putting me in a situation where I’d be sucking my boss’s clit like some no-class slut!

But it was Morgan. I just smiled up at her, then felt a pussy hair on my nose and plucked it off.

“Punky,” she said to me. “I’m…uh…free the rest of the day. Would you like to…”

“—Come to your place and continue all this in private?” I asked. “Yes m’am I surely would!” She caressed my cheek gently with a fingertip and then I sat back on my knees and was going to grab my clothes when I realized they weren’t anywhere around.

Plus the meditation outfit wasn’t really mine so what the fuck.

I just knelt there for a moment though, looking at Morgan. I just never knew how beautiful she was before. I mean her face I knew was beautiful, and she wore skirts a lot so I knew she had pretty calves and ankles, and her hands were always gorgeous, but totally naked?

She’s fucking amazing!

So then she reaches out and I take her hand and we both stand and pad off toward the lockers holding hands and walking real slow. There’s still clothes scattered all over the meditation chamber and now there’s a couple of workers picking stuff up and mopping goo off the mats, but Morgan and I just waltzed around them and finally made it to the lockers.

A bunch of ladies were still in there, kissing and groping each other. I couldn’t really blame them though. Two or three hours just isn’t enough once the juices really start flowing.

So to speak.

But Morgan went to her locker and I went to mine and got dressed, and then I met her in the lobby.

“Will you be attending next Saturday’s session?” the receptionist asked Morgan as we headed for the front doors.

“That all depends,” she answered.

“Uh, she might be a little busy,” I said, and then Morgan turned to me, slid a finger caressingly under my chin, and we left.

I followed her new BMW in my little ’97 Sentra and we got to her place and I actually parked in her garage alongside her. I’d never been there before and it was a two car garage, but I would’ve thought there’d be her husband’s car there or something. You know, like in the movies where the husband comes home to find the two women in bed and he gets pissed and stuff happens, and then Mr. Monk has to sort out everything.

We went up the stairs, and it’s this palatial place and I’m thinking shit, I have to be a supervisor one day! But Morgan starts taking her clothes off right from the moment we get in the front door, and she just leaves everything where she drops it; shoes first, then skirt, blouse. I was so stunned to see her padding barefoot and naked in front of me across that mirror-like floor that when she turned and saw that I still have everything on and I’m just staring, she gets this disappointed look on her face.

“You’re not going to be shy or anything, are you?” she asks, and just to prove it, I strip all the way down right then and there. All my stuff’s in a pile. Then I take her hand and we stroll out to the deck out back and climb down into the pool.

And that’s how the rest of my weekend with my supervisor went. Dips in the pool once in a while, some pizza, lots and lots of pussy eating, some stuff with dildos, and that Sunday night as we cuddled there on the sofa recovering from about four hours of mutual pussy munching (which began as mutual toe sucking!), watching the sun go down over the pool, the only thing I could think was how different Morgan was. She’d come off as sort of the rich bitch boss thing at first, and though she was sort of a control freak in a way and was actually really good at girl-girl stuff, she was really…how should I say?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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