Rehab Assignment

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The Rehab Center at the hospital was connected to the Assisted Living Facility. They shared the same kitchens and community rooms.

I was miserable, forty-two years old, my leg broken in four places, pins and screws everywhere.

Since I lived alone, they recommended two weeks in the rehab facility. I had my meals, and therapy three times a day, but that was it, I couldn’t sit up in a wheelchair yet, and even in bed. I could only bend upward so much.

The nurses were nice, but busy. Most patients were far worse off than me. During visitors’ hours, friends would stop by, but that was mostly 7 to 9 at night. The rest of the time, an occasional volunteer would stop by with magazines and such.

The third day, my door opened but I couldn’t see from my back. “Hello?” the soft voice questioned.

“I’m awake,” I called, happy to hear a voice.

She approached, smoothly, like she was gliding. “Hello, Mr. Brown?” she asked. She had a gentle smile, bright teeth (too bright to be her own), red hair teased high in the seventies fashion. Green eyes, made even bigger by her thick glasses. A lime green pants-suit also from the seventies completed the package. And, oh, by the way, she had to be seventy, herself.

“No, sorry, he got sent home, the other day.”

“Oh?” She squinted at her paper. “These people, by the time they assign us to someone, they’re gone already! Boy, that makes me mad!”

She was mad, and I had to smile. Her anger would never amount to confrontation, she was too much of a lady! But, it seemed the best she could do.

“Yeah, well, I’m sure they’ll assign you to somebody.”

“Yes, I suppose.” She was about to leave and stopped. “I swiped a deck of cards from the Rec Room for Mr. Brown, would you like them?”

“Thanks, but on my back, it’s hard to play.”

“Well, I’m so sorry to bother you.”

“No bother, it breaks the monotony.” I heard her shuffle off, then shuffle back. “Excuse me?”


“I’m kıbrıs escort sorry, but my name is Rose Taylor. I live and volunteer here, or at least try to.”

“Hi, Rose.”

She smiled. “The thing is, if I go back there, it could be days before I get another assignment. And I was thinking… if I could read for you? A book, or newspaper? I mean… I don’t want to bother you, but…”

I was going crazy lying here staring at the ceiling. Rose seemed well-intentioned, and even though we had nothing in common, I liked her. “Okay.”

“Really?” She was so excited. She pulled up a chair, took out today’s paper. She’s read an article, then we’d discuss it. Lunch came, and the nurses brought a lunch for her, since she was in the living facility anyway, and they knew her.

She left for dinner, knowing visiting hours were coming. She gave me a warm smile and pat on my hand as she left. “Tomorrow again?”

“I have therapy at 7AM, any time after that is fine.”

“Okay, Honey, you have a good night.”

At 8AM, she was back. They had cranked me up some more, almost sitting. She seemed surprised. “Oh, I guess you can read for yourself now.”

“But who would I discuss the articles with?”

she smiled broadly. She wore an identical pant-suit, this one in bright red. I thought, this woman was a real babe back in the day, I bet.

At dinner time, she said, “I guess you must be getting tired of me.”

“Why would you say that, Rose?”

“Well, I know you’re just being nice to me. I mean, I’m old enough to be your mother. I must be boring the heck out of you.”

“Not at all. For one, you’re much prettier than my mom ever was. All dressed up every day, just for me! Of course, if you’re ready to move on…”

“Not a chance, Mister! Harry, do you stay up late?”

“Yeah, I can’t sleep in here. Luckily I have the room to myself, I stay up watching TV, just to do something.”

“Would konya escort you mind some company, you know, after Visitor’s hours?” she asked, too shyly and quietly. Her face seemed different, more edgy.

“Oh, sure, Rose. If they let you come over.”

She almost whispered, “I’ll see you later, Honey.”

After evening meds, the nurses are busy with paperwork. Occasional glows from TVs are the only lights from rooms. It was this kind of light that Rose slipped into, still dressed in red. “Hi,” she whispered.

She leaned down and kissed my cheek. I don’t know why, but I instantly felt the sexual tension. She had cologne on, just enough, and her eyes seemed more made up. They darted everywhere.

She smiled as she came and sat by the bed, holding my hand. Continuing to whisper, she said, “I hope dinner was good, we had meatloaf, your favorite. I thought of you the whole time.”

I nodded, “U, thanks, Rose, you look nice tonight,” not sure what to say.

She seemed pleased. Now she had both hands holding my big mitt. “Anything good on TV? Oh, Leno, this is a rerun. I watch all the time.”

Something very different was going on, and we were suddenly long-time friends. I looked at her in the glow of the TV, and her eyes were bright with excitement. There was more going on than I knew. But I had a feeling I’d find out, soon.

She turned and stared at me, smiling but not speaking. I met her gaze. I was curious but it was her game.

“Harry?” She asked, gripping my hand tighter. “I hope you won’t think poorly of me, but I wanted to… to let you know, that if I can do anything, anything, to make you more…, relaxed, I want you to know I’m here to help.”

I was anything but relaxed now. “Um, thanks Rose, you’ve been great, I really appreciate it, the reading and our chats…”

Her head was shaking. “No, Honey, I mean… ” Her eyes were aimed right at my crotch. Rose looked back into my kuşadası escort eyes. “You’re a young man with needs, Baby.”

I felt my cock tingle. It had been a while and the thought of sex, the vibes in the room went right to my root.

“I know I’m not your type, but if you close your eyes…”


“No one cares, Harry. The other wing, Assisted Living, is like Peyton Place sometimes.”

She had slid off her glasses, making her seem blind, like hiding behind a secret. “I just prefer younger men, men who need me, I like to help men during troubled times, like now. Can I help you, Harry?”

Her hand was under my blanket now and she leaned closer and it moved across my belly, then down. I was half-hard when she reached it, and she wrapped her hand around it.

I watched in amazement as she lowered the sheet. “Shhhh, that’s right, Rosie will take care of everything, baby.”

I looked down at it, pointing toward Leno, and watched her red hair move over it and it was gone! She took it in one move, slurping saliva around it, making sexual noises that said she’d done this numerous times before. My head rolled back and Rose was right: If I closed my eyes, she could have been any woman.

She jerked as she sucked, really working me over, in a hurry and so was I. The slurping was louder and her rhythm was faster. I heard myself grunt as she worked me over, faster.

“Oh Rose,” came out as I let loose, shooting into her hungry mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed, all of it! This woman was trooper! She stayed on me until I was flaccid, drawing every last drop, then tucking me back in and patted my crotch.

She rose up to kiss my cheek. In my excitement, i grabbed her and kissed her firmly on the lips, forcing my tongue. I wanted to thank her for the glorious BJ. She seemed surprised, but kissed me back just as firmly.

She broke the kiss, smiling softly at me. “Did I do okay?”

“You were fantastic, Rose, unbelievable!”

“I’m glad, Baby. Any night you want me, just let me know, okay? It’s my way of helping as best I can.”

She came back every day after that, with 3 or 4 nightly visits a week. Many months later, I paid her a visit. But that’s another story.

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