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Hey friends! This is my first erotica submission. Just think of it as every last one of you readers breaking my erotica virginity. I would adore comments, positive, negative, and everything in between. If you like it, tell your friends! If you don’t, tell them anyway!

* * * * *

What a lucky kid. I thought as my son bustled through the door of our entryway. He was laden with bags of luggage, grumbling about how he had married an overpacker. His wife followed him carrying two suitcases, her blonde hair falling in her face. The pair bustled up the stairs into the spare bedroom.

I walked out to their Lexus and saw they had gotten most of the bags in. There were just two left. A brown suitcase in one hand and a black gym bag over one arm and I was in.

Rachel was coming down the stairs just as I entered the door. Her black knit top accentuated her thin arms and her not-so-thin breasts. It was a good top. It was tight in all the right places, showing off her flat tummy and breasts. She was probably a C cup, but it looked so much bigger against her stomach. And those tight jeans… what I would do to squeeze her cute bottom.

Stop it, you dirty old man. She is your daughter in law. I shook off the naughty thoughts and carried the bags in the doorway.

“You didn’t have to get those.” She said, blushing. “But thanks.”

“Well, this way we all made a trip. It’s fair.” I moved toward the stairwell. “There’s bottled water and stuff in the fridge. Help yourself. I’m making dinner in a little bit. Nothing fancy, just some chicken, but I figured you guys would be hungry from your drive.”

“Thanks. I think I’ll take you up on that water. I’m parched.” She moved into the kitchen and I moved up the stairs and into the spare room. My son was on his cell phone. He waved at me absently as he talked. I set the bags on the floor among the others as he finished the call.

He let out a sigh as he looked over the overwhelming pile of bags in the small room.

“Well, I guess I’ll unpack a bit. Though I suspect over half of this stuff is stuff we could have left in storage. Rachel wouldn’t let me put a stitch of clothing in storage.” He crinkled his nose and raised his voice, imitating his wife. “But sweetie! I want options when it comes to clothes.”

I laughed. “Trouble in paradise?”

He smiled. “Nah. I love her, just don’t love carrying her suitcases.”

“Just think! You get to carry them all back out in a few weeks.”

He flopped backward on the bed and held his head. He was still a young man, fresh out of college. One step away from the dream life. Married his college sweetheart, got a good job fresh out of college, bought a house in suburbia. Dan and Rachel were both teachers; he was English, she was instrumental music. They lucked out and found a school district hiring both. They would be working in the same building. And to top things off, their new house would have a white picket fence. No one could paint a more crystalline, perfect future. They would more than likely have two kids, who would also be adorable.

They had put the down payment on their house. It was a fixer-upper and was close to finished. The lease had run out on their apartment, and in the interim, they would be staying here.

“Dad… thanks for letting us stay. You’re a life saver.”

“It’s not a problem, Dan. Really. There’s plenty of room.” I grinned. “So sort out your stuff and I’ll show Rachel her room.” I teased him. I made my way out of the room and closed the door.

* * *

Mmmm… water. I thought as I grabbed one from the fridge. I also saw several nice looking Fiji apples. I know James had said he was cooking dinner, but I was so hungry, and an apple certainly wouldn’t ruin my appetite.

I sat down with my water, the apple, and a home décor magazine I had picked up from a gas station for the two hour drive. I had some of the house planned out in my head already, but I was clueless when it came to the bedroom. I thought about a nice green. Green was Dan’s favorite color and my favorite after pink. Maybe even something wild like alternating a green and another green a few shades lighter in a checkerboard pattern. Or I could just paint the damn thing green.

I flipped absently through the country kitchens, the modern looking living rooms, the tips for do-it-yourselfers. I looked up as Dan’s dad entered the kitchen.

“Well don’t you just look like the fall of mankind herself?” He smiled. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bowl of marinating chicken and pulled the plastic wrap off. He poked the chicken with a fork as he spoke. “Getting ideas for the house?”

“Yeah. It’ll be fun! It sounds crazy, but it’s something that’s ours. We can have it however we want it.”

“That isn’t crazy. I know when Vi and I moved into our first house, her first order of business was to paint a wall red because we had lived in so many buyer-beige apartments that she was so tickled she could finally paint.”

“Well, luckily we were adana escort both savers by nature and only went through one apartment before we had enough for a down payment.”

I heard Dan coming down the stairs. He looked tired from all the events of the day. He entered the kitchen and gave me a peck on the cheek and walked to his dad.

“Need any help?”

“You know you can’t cook to save your life.”

“It was the polite thing to ask.” He and his father smiled the same smile. Age had taken some of the smoothness from James’ face and just a bit of the brown from his hair, but otherwise they looked very similar. Dan was fairer and had his mother’s nose, but their eyes were strikingly similar. Dan was a bit pudgy, having spent most of the last four years studying. His father had recently gotten into running and had lost a bit of weight, but was still larger than his son by frame alone.

Dan’s parents had been divorced since he was fifteen. I didn’t know why exactly. They seemed to get along as much as they needed to for the wedding, which was good. His mother was an absolute doll and loved me to death.

James put the chicken in the oven on a cookie sheet. He pulled off the oven mitts and sat at the table across from me, next to Dan.

“You kids going to make a trip out to the house today?”

“Yeah, we are going to prime the bathroom that’s done and the living room. We might be able to do the office if they’ve fixed the electrical up there.” Dan said.

“Sounds ambitious.” James mentioned as Dan picked up a newspaper. He laid it flat on the table and turned to the comics. “You know, son of mine. Some people read newspapers for the news.”

“Not me.” He said, looking at the page. He reached across the table, picked up my apple and took a big bite. He set it back down where it had been and wiped some of the juice from his chin. I smiled internally, the scene reminiscent of the first time he had performed oral sex on me. It had even been at our kitchen table at the apartment.

Dan caught my smile. He looked at me strangely and then caught on. I moved my bare foot across the floor and it made contact with his leg. He blushed and looked down at his paper. I moved it up his leg as I chatted coolly with him and his father. I loved how he pretended he didn’t notice because his father was right next to him. This was deliciously naughty. I moved it up further up his leg, into the leg of his shorts.

My heart stopped. Dan wasn’t wearing shorts. He was wearing blue jeans. His father was wearing shorts.

* * *

I didn’t know what to do. One moment, I was poking fun at my son, the next she was playing footsie with me. I was bewildered a moment at why a twenty-two year old blonde was rubbing her bare foot on my ankle and foot until I realized that she must think she was doing it to Dan. I was ready to make some wisecrack that would make everything uncomfortable for a few minutes, but then would stop this torture, as exquisite as it was. But the moment her foot started moving up my leg, that wisecrack disappeared completely.

Maybe she won’t notice. Things like this happen in pornos all the time… It could happen to me. God it feels so nice to be touched again…

Her foot slid up on to my thigh. And we were all acting as if nothing was going on. My penis betrayed me by becoming hard.

This is so incredibly wrong.

Her foot slid under the hem of my knee length khaki shorts. It moved to the outside of my leg. I guess it would have been moving to his inner thigh. She would have to realize very soon that she had the wrong leg.

Rachel’s brown eyes grew wide and her foot darted back to the floor. She got up quickly and clumsily, clearly embarrassed.

Dan looked up. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

She opened her mouth but didn’t speak a moment as if she had forgotten what she was going to say.

“I think we need to go to the house now or we will be there all night.”

“Rachel,” he said puzzled by her unusual lack of manners, “dad already has started making dinner. It would be rude to leave before we’ve eaten.” He seemed to be scolding her.

She calmed a bit. “Right. I’m going to go up and unpack some stuff.”

“Okay, I’ll come up and get you when the chicken is ready.” Dan said, smiling at her. Rachel left quickly. “What was all that about?”

I shrugged.

* * *

Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! What was I going to do? This was a blunder I would never live down. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die, and I hadn’t even had to share an awkward meal with Dan’s dad yet! Staying here was going to be horrible. I lay down on the neatly made bed.

Why didn’t he stop me? Or even look at me strangely? I knew the answer. He was a lonely old man and will take what he could get. I went through the suitcases, putting piles of clothes into a dresser.

It’s temporary. It’s not the end of the world. You will be fine. Just pretend it never happened. It isn’t a big deal. Dan appeared afyon escort in the doorway some minutes later.

“It’s chicken, babe.” He said, wrapping an arm around my waist. “You okay? You kinda left very suddenly. Didn’t even finish your apple.”

“Yeah… I don’t know. Just felt a need to get it all done.”

“Well, don’t unpack too much. It’s only a few weeks.”

The next few hours passed mostly uneventfully. We had a surprisingly normal supper with James. It looked as though he decided to mutually ignore the embarrassing event. Dan and I went to the house and primed a bit. Once we were thoroughly covered in paint, we decided it was quitting time, as it was almost midnight. We went up to the second floor bathroom, took off our paint clothes and climbed in the shower together. I liked Dan’s body. It was a little soft, a little hairy and a little too white. But it was mine to play with, and that is what made it so nice.

And I liked his penis. I really did. It may not be particularly long, but damn was it thick. I had to open my mouth wide when I gave him oral, which I enjoyed doing and did frequently. The definition of the penis’s head was distinct, and his balls were not oval, they were perfectly round and the size of golf balls. It gave his member a cartoonish quality.

We scrubbed the paint off of our arms, legs and faces. We helped one another get the paint off. Once it was all off, Dan leaned in for a kiss. I pulled myself close to him and we kissed. I felt his naked hips pressed against mine. I was so turned on. He moved his hand to my breast and then down over my belly button and onto my pubic area and started rubbing my clitoris. I moaned a little, breaking our kiss.

“Honey… I hate to say this because believe me, I really want to do exactly what you want to do right now. But don’t you think our first time in our new house should be in our bed?”

“But babe… then it will be the first night since we’ve been married that we haven’t fucked like the horny little bunnies we are.” He smiled his winning smile. I considered it. “But you’re right, Rach. Plus, I think it would be much naughtier to do it at my dad’s house.”

“You are so naughty! I’m in!” We finished in the shower and shut off the water. We left our paint clothes in a heap and changed into our street clothes.

The drive back to his father’s house made us both tired. By the time we arrived there, we both trudged up the stairs and snuggled in for sleep.

* * *

I was settled in for some late night television. The living room TV was on some stand up comedian’s routine. I relaxed and listened as I flipped through a Reader’s Digest. The kids had come home hours ago, so when I heard someone come down the stairs, I was surprised.

It was Rachel. She looked startled to see me for a moment, then said a hello. She went to the kitchen a moment and returned with a glass of tap water. She sat on the chair couch next to me and set her water down on the coffee table.

“Insomnia?” I asked, closing the magazine.

“Sort of. I always seem to wake up at 2 am. Just a habit.”

“The room okay?”

“Oh yes. It’s perfect.”

“Plenty of… leg room?” I smiled, teasing her. Her face blushed deeply. “About earlier…”

“I am so sorry. I mean, clearly, I thought it was Dan’s leg, which doesn’t matter because it’s inappropriate anyway…”

“Shhhh… Rachel. It’s okay. I know what it’s like. Back in the stone age, I was a newlywed too. It’s me who should be apologizing. I knew it wasn’t meant for me, but I was thinking with my dick and let you continue. You made an honest mistake. I made an inappropriate choice.”

“So we’re even?”

“In my eyes it never happened. Now. Dan. If you are going to tell him, I say we just laugh it off. I don’t even think you need to tell him.”

“Let’s go with the second choice. I’m mortified enough.”

“Alright. We wont speak of it after tonight. But as long as we are talking about it… I know this makes me a dirty old man, but I enjoyed it.”

“Well, I mean, it was meant to be sexy, so in a way I’m glad. I won’t lie, after I got over the initial embarrassment, the thought kind of turned me on too. I mean, it’s so taboo.”

“I think we need to get it out of our system.” I ran my fingers through her soft hair. Something inside me wanted this girl, even though it was wrong, or perhaps because it was wrong. I leaned in and kissed my son’s wife, shocked with myself, with my own brazenness. I felt her lips go through the string of emotions: shock, apprehension, fear, curiosity, and then pleasure. She began to kiss me back, which made my cock jump at the thought of her young body. I thought about all the things I wanted to do sexually for years now. I thought about doing them to her. My penis became immediately hard.

I kissed my way down her breasts and put my fingers under the lovely black shirt of hers. With 4 fingers inside the shirt and my thumb on the outside, I dragged them over her tight alanya escort stomach and slid the shirt up over her breasts. Her body was amazing, so smooth and tight and young. I relished the feeling of her slender waist and her firm breasts.

I undid her jeans and slid them down. She was in matching purple lace panties and bra. She was a vision, even better than any swimsuit model I had seen, every porn video I had watched and every woman I had ever pictured naked.

I tugged her panties down a bit and ran my tongue over her slit. She was wet. Oh God. This old man could even make her wet. She wants this. She actually wants it.

* * *

When he started to kiss me, panic bells went off in my head. These sorts of things were taboo for a reason. I thought of Dan and how much it would kill him if he walked in and saw this. I thought of what kind of women screw dirty old men. And then he was undressing me, and I stopped thinking.

He knew my body, it seemed. He knew where to drag his fingers as he pulled my shirt off. He knew just how firmly to touch me. It was a naughty, horrible thing to do, but I was committed. I was going to do it.

When he put his tongue on my pussy, I could have cum right then and there. The situation had made me hotter than I ever would have dreamed.

I grasped his hair and pulled him up to my level. I made a quick, animal task of unzipping his khaki shorts and yanking them to the floor. I pulled his briefs down. He was rock hard. Once he was sitting back on the couch, I kicked off my lacy panties Dan had bought me, which were already at my knees. Kneeling with legs on either side of his, I rubbed my soaking wet slit against the underbelly of his cock. His hips were squirming already.

I lay down on the couch and he moved on top of me. He positioned the head right at the mouth of my swollen pussy lips. He leaned in, but didn’t enter me. Instead he whispered.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes.” It was all I could do not to scream “Fuck me!” at the top of my lungs.

This was not like married sex in any way. It was two beings satisfying one another’s genitals and their fantasy. It was not about love. It was not about intimacy. It was about sheer fucking. He slid his cockhead into me, my hole accommodating to his dick. He was as thick as Dan, almost exactly, I could feel. But he was longer. Longer by a good inch and a half. Nothing had ever been that deep inside me. But here he was, sliding it into me and it was good.

He increased the intensity of his strokes. He was pushing into me harder and harder until his balls hit my ass. He gained speed and was fucking me faster than I would have imagined an old man could go.

I hadn’t noticed, but I was moaning. He cupped his hand over my mouth. This turned me on. It made me so much more aroused to think of Dan hearing my moans that were being inflicted by his own father. I slammed my hips into him, doubling the force at which his cock was pushing into my inner walls.

Between breaths he started speaking. “Rachel… Sweetie… It’s been… so long… I’m going to cum…” And then he stopped speaking and held his cock in me hard. His eyes bulged and his breathing nearly stopped except for a gasp.

“Not in me! Don’t cum inside me!” I whispered urgently. I tried to push him off of me. He was cumming. I felt it inside me in warm spurts, Hitting the back of my vagina. My cunt contracted in a ripping orgasm.

“Oh fuck. Oh yes. Oh god.” He said as he collapsed onto me.

* * *

There is nothing in the world better than tight, young cunt. It was so warm. So smooth. An amazing fuck.

I just fucked my daughter in law. I couldn’t fathom the sudden turn of events. I had just fucked her and fucked her hard. So much energy. It was as if her youth transferred into me through our genitalia.

When we finally got up and put our clothes back on, we were both dumbfounded. She put her clothes on quickly and efficiently.

“Dan definitely doesn’t hear about this.” She said.

“Nope. He doesn’t.”

* * *

I needed a shower. I needed to get this adulterous sweat off of me, and scrub my pussy, where, until tonight, no man except Dan had gone. I would use the upstairs shower and crawl back into my husband’s bed a slut. I crept up the stairs to be met by a very tired looking Dan at the top.

“Hey sweetie. I woke up and you weren’t there.”

“Yeah, I was getting some water.” I said. It was partially true anyway.

“Well, now that you are hydrated, let’s do what we talked about earlier.”


“Yeah. Remember, in the shower? We said we were going to be naughty and fuck in Dad’s house. God. These walls probably haven’t seen a fuck in ages.”

Oh god. He is going to put his dick in me and know immediately. There is still cum in there. His father’s cum is in me and now he wants in me.

“Come on! I am SO horny babe! Just a quickie.” He pulled me by the hand to the spare bedroom. He picked me up and tossed me playfully onto the bed. He was in his underwear already. He slept that way. I had collapsed in my clothes. He pulled them off of me with little ceremony. As he pulled down my panties, I was in dread. This was the moment of truth. He started rubbing my cunt.

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