Savita, My Dream Maid

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Big Tits

At home we had a maid coming in daily to do the house work. She had been around for many years. Her name was Savita and she was a slim woman with small breasts and a nice figure. She must have been in her forties with 2 sons and a daughter, but she looked much younger to me. I was afraid to make any moves. But it seemed fate had other plans for me.

Her daughter Sunita, would occasionally come in her place and I found her interesting too.

Savita was quite friendly to me, although in front of my mom, she was careful to keep some distance. Otherwise she would uninhibitedly brush against me while going about her work. Her sari pallu would be askew, displaying her blouse or bra strap.

Occasionally she would not be wearing a bra and the outline of her nipple would be visible. I looked forward to her daily visits and she probably knew that I was enjoying.

A few times she walked in on me while I was changing and caught me in my underwear. I would not lock the bathroom door in my room and once she pushed open the door while I was bathing. She just saw my bum as I felt a little shy to turn around. She just smiled and then closed the door… my mom was calling for her!

I sometimes would wonder what would have happened otherwise. She was also a crotch watcher and many times I found her staring at my crotch.. I wore thin pajamas at home and probably the outline of my cock could be seen sometimes.

Sunita on the other hand would not look at me. She would come wearing a skirt for work and occasionally I saw her underwear while she was wiping the floor. She wore shorts type of panties below her skirt.

One day my mom was away and while Savita was working in the kitchen, I was in the bathroom trying to shave my armpits. As usual, the the door was not locked.

Suddenly she pushed opened the door to come in and smiled when she saw what I was doing.

“Ah, so the little boy has become a big man now?” she said. “Need any help with that?”

I said yes so she took the razor from me and slowly started to shave my armpits. She finished and then wet her hands and rubbed the area gently.

“Is that all or is there any other place you want done?” she asked with a smile.

Like an idiot, I just gaped at her — “Where else do you mean?”

“Don’t you keep yourself clean down there?” she pointed between my legs. I turned red and just nodded.

“Let me see how well you do it” she said and started unbuttoning my pajamas. My erect cock almost sort of sprang out at this point and I turned away from her.

At this point the bell rang and she went to open the door. It was my neighbor asking her to come for work. Savita then finished her work and left saying with a smile.

Next day, I could not wait for my parents to leave! Savita arrived as usual at 10.00 am and started on her work rounds. She acted as if nothing had happened the previous day. As usual after washing the clothes, she would hang it in the corridor using a stick. I stood behind her and asked her if she wanted help.

“Do you think you can hang the clothes with this stick?” she asked. “It is not easy”

“I dont’ need the stick, I can lift you and you can hang them” I laughed.

“You naughty boy! You are becoming worse by the day. Anyway, you can’t lift me, you are too weak” she said.

I had to now take the challenge and before she could move, I bent down and holding her around the waist, I lifted her. Now her lower back was in my face and her bum against my stomach.

“You badmash, let me down!” she said.

She was still having the stick in one hand and wet cloth in another. I thought she would beat me with it, but she did not try to escape my hold. After a minute I let her slide down. She must have felt my cock and my hands sort of brushed against her chest. I thought she would get angry, but she just laughed it off, and gave me a little slap.

“Go away, let me do my work, I have so many clothes to dry”

I was emboldened now and lifted her again, this time from her legs and she did not protest. She finished drying the rest of the clothes.

This time when she slid down, her sari came up a little, displaying her thighs. While working, if my mom was not around, she usually tucked her sari up displaying her legs. Now that I had lifted her from the legs, her sari rode up and I could see her thighs in the mirror on the wall. She caught me staring and gave me a nice slap on the hand.

“You are getting too bold now and I have to teach you a lesson” she said, pulling her sari down. Her pallu was askew and the top of her breasts were visible over her white cotton blouse. I realized today she was not wearing a bra.. my mom was out of town, so it looked like she was feeling bold enough to do that.

She turned around to face me and my eyes dropped to the top of her breasts. She did nothing to cover up though. Instead she pushed against me and forced me into the corridor wall. She was the same height as me and her breasts brushed on my chest and my cock against her stomach. She gently bumped Keçiören Escort her face against mine and for a minute we stayed like that.

I tried putting my hands around her but she pushed off to complete her work.

After that day, I became more bold and took liberties with her like putting my hand on her shoulders, lifting her to dry the clothes. She seemed to enjoy it and did not discourage me.

I was due to go back to another city in a few days and once after she came out with the wet clothes to dry, I stood in front of her.

“Let me go babu, I have to finish the work before your mom comes home.”

“She will come back only in the afternoon. I am off tomorrow and I want something from you” I said.

“What do u want?” she said

I knew it was now or never. “Can I ask you a favour?”


“Uh.. can I, uh, see you there”, I pointed to her breasts.


“I think they are very beautiful”

She pushed against me and went to the corridor to dry the clothes. As usual I helped her to dry and lifted her at the end to put the small clothes. This time though I lifted her from the front, her breasts were over my face when I raised her and my hands were on her legs, below her bums.

She hung the last cloth and looked down at me.

“Put me down Babu” she said.

As she slid down, her sari started to rise. My hands slid up and finally I could see her yellow panties in the mirror. At the same time, her breast came to my face and I pushed my face into them. It was like facing into a warm soft pillow.

She did not say or do anything as I rubbed my face against her blouse. Her nipple was visible and I tried to take it in my mouth

“Nooo, the blouse will become wet!” she protested

At the same time, at the back side, my hands were on her buttocks and I started to squeeze them through the panties. I became bolder as she did not protest and my hands slid inside her panties and stroked her soft bum. It was like rubbing warm butter.

She realized what was happening, by now her legs were on the ground and she tried to turn around. It just resulted in my hands continuing inside her panties till it reached the front…. suddenly she went silent as my hands came to rest on her soft pubic mound.

She was clean shaven and it was unbelievably soft and warm. Now her bum was against my hard cock and my hand was on her pussy. She tried to pull out of my clutch, but I did not let go. Instead I squeezed her more tightly.

“Please let me” I begged her

“Shee, what are you doing, babu?” she gasped as I continued to stroke her pussy.

My fingers inched downwards and soon I was at her hole. It was wet and slippery and for a minute I did not know what to do. Where does it go? I wondered.

Her legs were closed tight, so I could not explore more. By now she had recovered and she pushed me away. I thought she was angry and was suddenly afraid.. did I go too far?

I followed her into the hall and tried to say sorry…she did not say anything. Instead she took a bucket of water and started to wipe the floor. I sat on the bed quietly. She came into the room to wipe and I stood up.

“Sorry, Savita, please don’t mind. I could not help myself.” I pleaded.

She did not say a word. I went towards her to put my arms around her to say sorry. She misunderstood and tried to get up from the floor. It ended up in her hand and the bucket going into my crotch. Suddenly I felt like I had been hit by a bus!

As my crotch exploded in paid, I felt dizzy and started to fall back onto the bed. I must have blacked out for a min. when I came too, I realized, someone had pulled my pajamas down and was fondling my cock!

I looked down and saw Savita gently fondling my cock. It was getting a little hard and the pain was going away. She looked up and smiled.

“Are you ok now? I got scared for a minute” she said.

I kept quiet and I realized my cock had began to harden. I tried to hide my erection.

But she held me saying “Don’t feel shy, I have seen many like you in this state. Nothing to feel shy about. But look, it is so hairy and smelly here.”

She helped me out of my pajamas and took me inside the bathroom. She took my cock in her hands.

” First you pee and see if it comes. It means everything is ok.”

I found I could pee without any problems. Then with deft strokes she took my razor and shaved my cock and my balls. Then she opened the tap and pulled me towards it. Under the flowing water, she started to pull my foreskin back. I had never tried this before — in fact I thought it could not be done. But she pulled it all the way back and slowly cleaned the area. It felt really good and I gave a sort of sigh.

She laughed and said “Ah, feels nice does it. Let see if the tank has any water”

I was wondering what she meant when she stared to roll my foreskin up and down. I got a massive erection and it would not go down. Within minutes, I was ejaculating Etimesgut Escort in her hands and feeling all weak in my legs.

“Very good, my master. The tank seems to be full! Enough for now. We will try something else later.”

She then soaped me all over and gave me a bath with warm water.

Later she made me lie on the bed and rubbed powder all over me. I lay back feeling all warm and glowing. She then stood at the side and removed her pallu and unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra underneath and her breasts could be seen partially covered by the cloth.

“Is this what you wanted that time?” she asked teasingly.

I got up and touched her soft mounds. It felt like soft rubber! I put my face in between them and took a deep breath of her body smell.

She slowly sat next to me on the bed. I put my hands on her soft breasts and squeezed them gently. Her nipples were erect. I sucked on them and she gave a soft moan.

I then put my hand on her thigh and started pushing her sari up. I had never seen a woman there before, only had touched her and I was very curious. But she held my hand and took it back to her breast.

“You should not do that” she said. I then tried to pull her down on me.

“Wait, there’s time for all that. Now that you are really clean, I am going to empty your tank again.”

She started licking my erect cock and took it in her mouth. She then started sucking it and rode it out in and out of her mouth. I felt myself coming again and try to pull out as I did not want to come in her mouth – I was afraid she would scold me. But she would not let me go and I spurted inside her.

I thought, ok now I had it, she is going to puke now. But she just swallowed it all and smiled.

“It’s nice and salty” she said.

She fondled my cock for some more time before it settled for the day. I realized that my sex class was over when she got up and started to dress.

She gave me a kiss on my cheeks and left saying “Do well and I will reward you when you come back the next time.”

I went back the next day with more memories to last out the days.

At the end of six months, I was back home for about 15 days of holidays. Unfortunately, my aunt in the village fell sick, so my mom had to go to take care of her. That left me alone at home during the day.. sort of the best situation!

There was enough food for me and my father in the fridge… so I spent the days waiting for Savita to come and try some stunts with her. The first one or two days were quiet, she came along with her daughter and I did not say anything to her.

On the 3rd day, she came alone. As usual she did the utensils and then come to do the clothes. When she came out of the bath to dry them, I went to her as usual and this time just put my arms around her. She had tucked up her sari as usual and her smooth legs were visible.

“Shall I lift you?” I said. She did not say anything, so I lifted her from her legs and held her as she dried the clothes in her hand. I then let her slide back and as usual the sari rode up and I could see some blue panties in the mirror.

“You badmash, I thought by now you would have changed! Don’t you have any girlfriends in your city to do all this? You are doing this to a married woman! ” she asked.

” You are my only girl” I said, my hands were now on her bums and caressing her through her panties. Slowly my hands were inside and squeezing her smooth bums. Meanwhile my erection was pushing against her cunt.

” Wait, wait” she said. “Let me give you a bath like last time”

So we went inside the bath and I took off my clothes. She proceeded to give me a bath, soaping me all over except my cock.

“You are not washing that?” I asked

“By now you must have learnt how to clean yourself there?” She said.

I think she was feeling a bit shy to touch me. She gently put some soap and then put water. The bath was over very soon. I came out and sat on the bed while she proceeded to dry my hair. She was standing close to me and her sari was still tucked up.

I used the opportunity to put my face into her blouse and at the same time I caressed her thighs. She kept rubbing my hair and was silent.

I felt bold enough to push my hands higher and soon it was on her panties. In a swift motion, I pulled down her panties all the way down.

“Wait, they will tear, what are you doing?” She slapped me on my shoulder.

My hands were now exploring her legs and I managed to gently pry her legs apart.

This time, my finger found her warm pubes and went down her camel toe till I reached the hole. It was wet and slipper and suddenly my finger went inside… at last, I learnt how to do that!

” shee, no no, Babu, I am a married woman and you should not do this” she protested but made no move to pull away.

” Please just teach me, I am learning, so it is ok to do this” I said, as if that justified it!

I pulled her onto me and she fell on the bed on Demetevler Escort me. This time I went ahead and kissed her on the lips.

My fingers were exploring her pussy and it started to become very wet and slippery. I did that for a few minutes till I could feel her pussy twitch.. I think she was having an orgasm or something.

She lay on the bed with her eyes closed and mouth open and not saying a word. I pulled her properly on the bed and mounted her, pushing her sari up till I could finally see her pussy lips. My finger continued to go in and out. Now was the time to put the real thing in, I thought.

I pulled my finger out and mounted her. She spread her legs and I tried to poke my cock at her pussy. It was not as simple as I thought and my cock would not go in. After a minute of this, I asked her to help me.

She put her hand down and slowly guided my cock into her pussy. As it went in, I could feel the foreskin roll back and the smooth velvety feeling of her pussy. I was in heaven! It was an unbelievable feeling, I never thought it would feel so good. I slowly moved in and out of her and we did this silently for a few minutes till I came and ejaculated inside her. Her pussy was now twitching and I could feel it on my cock.

Wow, I thought, I did it finally, I lost my virginity and it looks like she is getting an orgasm too.

I lay on her enjoying the bliss of my first fuck, till my cock softened and slowly her pussy pushed it out. After a few minutes, she got up and got dressed. I continued to lie on the bed, I was in a dreamy haze and did not feel like talking.

She went off to the kitchen and I could hear her washing the utensils. After some time she came with the broom and started to clean the room. I was still lying naked on the bed and she laughed.

“Do you want the neighbors to see you like this through the window? Shall I open the curtains?” She said

I pulled at her sari as she passed me and she stopped.

“Now what do you want?”

“Just a hug “

She raised her eyes and sighed.. ok!

She put her arms around me and hugged me.

Me being me, the devil was waking up again, I pulled her back onto the bed on me.

“No babu, I have to finish the work and go. Stop troubling me!”

“So that was trouble for you? You mean you did not like it” I asked

“Keep quiet you shameless!”

Meanwhile my hands were already on her bum and sliding up her sari. She struggled for a minute and then she felt my erection.. it was now poking into her stomach.

“Again!, are you a bull or what?”

“Right now this bull wants the cow” I said.

By this time my hands were already into her panties. I rolled her over on the bed and put my hand into her panties.

This time the heat of her pussy could be felt. As my finger inched into her cunt, I could feel a sticky fluid… it was my own cum! She was leaking my cum. I wondered whether she was aware.

I kept it up for sometime till she started to become wetter and wetter. I climbed on top of her and spread her legs apart. I could see her pussy, it did look like my cum was leaking out…

I pointed my dick at her and tried to enter her. Once again I found, I could not get my cock in. It kept bunching up against her cunt.

She took pity on me and her hand guided my cock into her. As it slid in, I could feel my foreskin roll back. Once again it was the bliss of her warm and soft, wet pussy on my cock. This time I did better and my cock did not come out. I kept fucking her for about 5 min and then came inside her.

I lay on top and could feel her pussy twitch against my cock. Once again she seemed to be having an orgasm. I did not know if this was normal or she was highly sex starved!

Finally she pushed me off!

“I have to go.. I am getting late”

“You better take a bath and go, I told her. You are leaking down there”

“Oh no!” she exclaimed

She ran to the bathroom and soon I could her the water being filled in the bucket. I pushed the door open, she was completely nude and waiting for the bucket to fill. I put my arms around her and kissed her on the neck.

” Babu, let me take bath now”

” Let me give you a bath this time”

I started pouring the warm water over her body, then I proceeded to soap her all over, including between her legs. She was still leaking cum and it took some amount of water before it stopped. She giggled while I felt inside her to clean her.

“Shee Babu, what are you doing?”

“So what, if you can bathe me, then why can’t I?”

She too started to bathe me. She soaped me all over. Then she gently soaped my cock and my balls, pulling my foreskin back. It still would not roll back easily.

Finally it had to end. She got dressed, gave me a hug and left for the day. I collapsed into bed and slept for 5 hours!

I was at home for another two weeks during which we fucked like rabbits every day. I have never known a more sex hungry woman than her in my life till today!

She would come at 9 am and the first thing we would do is fuck on the bed in the hall. Then she would do the house work, cook food for me. While drying the clothes, I would go and rub against her or try to lift her as usual. That would be the trigger. We would fall on the bed in the bedroom and fuck once again. She would then wash herself and me and leave for the next house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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